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First name: Loyce
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Report: I must say a very big thank you for this very wonderful site, i have been a victim of this loyce agurma of which she told me thesame story of how she lost her father in a civil war and her mother in an aircrash that happend so time ago in my country Nigeria. And i felt very sorry for her, the worst of it is that she has someone who know's if he is a reverend father that works with her. I pray that the good lord may forgive them. Thats' not all she sent me a mail Aug 23 last year telling me that she has finanlly transfered her funds with the help of a parraguay guy and that she is happily marriad and she told me that she left a written bank draft with the new rev father named rev steven marker that i should make contact with him and became a victim of him tell me to send #24,000 for him to get my cheque transfered and i did after which i knew it was all fake because he later ask me to send another #300,000 that he finding difficult in sending my cheque. Thu i have been research about her till i found out today
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Report: Ich habe die Frau kennen gelernt als StellaYaa Amoako aber dann habe ich Info bekommen da? sie auch andere Name bei Facebook benutzt. Ich habe das ?berpr?ft, die Name Lauten: LANA BROOKE MARION LONA BROKE STELLA YAA AMOAKO Als Lana Brooke hat die auch ?ber 40 Internet Seiten mit Nack-Fotos und Videos Ich bin nicht sicher aber habe geh?rt da? sie auch die Name KELLY BATES Benutzt Ich habe auch Fotos als beweis
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Report: Scammed me for a $100. Then she knew she was not going to get anymore out of me and re posted on I caught her red handed on the second post and then reported it to
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Report: i have been in an online relationship with this woman since november of 2012. she had never asked for money up until february maybe. she never really asked for it cause i offered to pay for her visa,passport and her medical. so i guess im mostly at fault. i paid for her plane ticket to come here and gave her money from time to time to pay for credits on her phone and cab rides to do all this stuff.i really didnt want to believe that she was a scammer but had to draw the line when she got to the airport and got a call from her and what was suppose to be an immigration official saying that she needed to show bank statement with her having a minimum of eight thousand dollars in order to travel.part of me for some reason still believes that she is sincere and honest but everywhere i research tells me different.i am still in contact with her and she dont know that i think she is a scammer.she says that she is trying to get the money from friends and family and her former boss and she has 4500 gathered to date. im thinking that she will soon ask for the remainder of the money. the sad thing is i will probaly end up giving it to her. she is the scammer but im the one with the mental problem for allowing this to continue
First name: Abigail
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Report: Started conversation and didn;t ask for money, but setting up by saying she is paying for Translator 1st picture already on your site, but sent one additional picture that is newer.
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Report: Me gustaria me informaran sobre la persona arriba indicada tienen alguna informacion. Gracias.
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First name: Anna /Rebecca
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First name: Tatyana
Last name: Honey
Aka: Ekaterina
Age: 28 (April 3, 1984)
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