First name: tara
Last name: butler
Age: 30
Location: accra kasoa ghana
Phone: 513-392-9963
On websites: Plenty of fish .com
Report: Had a funny feeling about this person, didnt send any money or loose anything. Just wanted to report it.
First name: Rose
Last name: donkor
Aka: no
Age: 30
Location: Kumasi - Ghana
Address: no
Phone: no
On websites: no
Report: Me gustaria me informaran sobre la persona arriba indicada tienen alguna informacion. Gracias.
First name: Sandra
Last name: rose
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria USA citison
On websites: chat gmail google+
Report: Sandra is making my husbands mind crazy he can not stop to give her money. please sombody help me to stop all this, I love my husband .... and I dont w ant to loose him, she is dammage my family .....
First name: Diana
Last name: Thompson
Aka: sweatangle
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
Address: Ac
Email: Sweet Angel
On websites: all of the net
Report: This lady pretend that she a nice young lady only she sells her picture to other to scamm people and she is a crook a scammer and don't trust this *****
First name: Anna
Last name: Lubnina
Aka: Anna Sergeevna
Age: 28
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Address: Ulitsa Arbuzova, House 12, Flat 6
On websites: Cams.Com
Report: Anna will ask for letters, money for rent, money for food, jewelry and eventually money for a visa.
First name: Kelly
Last name: Rothman
Age: 29
Location: Georgia Tbilisi 0105
Address: 24 Gogebashvili St
Phone: 995 557905304 cell
On websites: Christian Mingle
Report: talked via email for about a month. She wanted me to send a money gram to a Johnson Arina at Metro BI Agency, Nutsubidze Plato, Mikro II, 6 Kopulsi, Tbilisi, Georgia 0183, email, phone 995557690330, In talking to her agent he stated he would only accept cash. I told Kelly I was not comfortable with that so she wanted me to send her a money gram. Told her I was not comfortable with that either and asked her to go through the embassy in Tbilisi or a reputable agency. She refused and has been sending inappropriate emails ever since. I have pictures of her if it would help (or I think it is her).
First name: juliet
Last name: marshall
Age: 29
Location: kentucky, usa
On websites: LDSPALS.COM
Report: SHE was asking me about if i want to go where she were, and she told me she was in Preston. but her profile says she lives in kentucky, usa
First name: Ladylyn
Last name: Betriolo
Aka: shimamaemadriaga
Age: 24
Location: Tabuk, Kalinga-Apayao, Philippines
Phone: +639075654107
On websites: facebook
Report: She always pose that she was living in malaysia before and she has a tourist visa and would be vising back so you should lend her $500 she will show at the airport to enable her cross nd she will refund back as soon as she enters the country ones you send she will delete you from her list and no longer pick your calls....
First name: Anna /Rebecca
Last name: Uspenskaja/Stern
Age: ?
On websites: our email box
Report: Van: Rebecca Stern [] Verzonden: donderdag 14 maart 2013 14:19 Onderwerp: Hallo Hoffe du hast dies schnell erhalten, ich bin nach Bristol, UK verreist und habe meine Tasche verloren samt Reispass und kreditkarte. Die botschaft ist bereit, mich ohne meinen Pass fliegen zu lassen. Ich muss nur noch f?r mein ticket und die hotelrechnungen zahlen. Leider habe ich kein Geld dabei, meine kredit karte k?nnte helfen aber die ist auch in der Tasche. Ich habe schon kontakt mit meiner Bank aufgenommen, aber sie brauchen mehr zeit, um mir eine neue zu schicken. Ich wollte dich fragen ob du mir ein bisschen Geld so schnell wie m?glich leihen kannst. Ich gebe es dir zur?ck sobald ich da bin. Ich muss unbedingt den n?chsten Flug bekommen. Ich warte auf deine Antwort. Gr??e, Anna Uspenskaja Home&Flat
First name: fatima
Last name: musah
Age: 33
Location: accra ghana
Address: 145 medinda high ave also
Phone: 11233263576922
Email: fati.musah2000@ also talk txt .com
On websites: miumeet, google+ yahooims& yahoo
Report: First wanted cash ,then in love,and requesting food money and bill monies and plane fare
First name: Mercy
Last name: Obeng
Age: 30
Location: Koforidua Ghana
Phone: 002332771757777
On websites: Unknown
Report: Looking for money for Internet bills and phone bills and wants money For plane ticket, just about caught but not quite thanks too a good Brother on law ...
First name: Vasilisa Sergeevna
Last name: Kisileva
Age: 27
Location: Velikiy Novgorod, Russia
Address: Russia, Velikiy Novgorod, Ul. Moskovskaya 23a
On websites: Russiancupid
Report: 1. She contact to me 2. with Simple Message through the dating site, Russiancupid. 3. 10 days (from 4th of March) 4. She asked Travel expenses such as Flight ticket, International Passport & VISA Fee And sending me nice photo such as model works.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Honey
Aka: Ekaterina
Age: 28 (April 3, 1984)
Location: Livny, Oryol Blast
Address: K. Marska street 22a-22, Livny, Oryol Blast
Report: Ekaterina has been writing me the same emails with the name Tatyana Honey
First name: mary
Last name: daniels
Aka: bola badmus
Age: 28
Location: lagos nigeria
On websites: zoosk,
Report: she has contacted through email and photo. with fake phone number the area code is from texas. she claims her parents died from auto accident and she is a ****** and 28 years old, and wants to come to the us.
First name: Emma
Last name: William
Aka: 32
Age: 32
Address: 300 ST JOHNS STREET
Phone: 00447031941633
On websites: russiancupid
Report: rencontrer via russian-cupid
First name: alice
Last name: johnson
Age: 31
Location: nigeria lagos
On websites: yes
Report: she had to take the sum of 800000dolars from me on june 2012 on the fact that she is to give a land which she did not do
First name: Valentina
Last name: Sokolova
Age: 43
Location: Ukraine, Zaparoschye
Address: Gagarina street 3
On websites: all
Report: She pretends to agree to a meeting and ask you to send money for apartment 12 days. I lost 515 Euro on an useless airticket to KIEV and ..... forAN APRTMENT WHICH DON'T EXCIST. LETTER hello my **, How are you? How is your mood today? Honey,yes you can buy the ticket.......) My sweety you shouldn't worry on the apartment ,the realtor my friend of mother and it helps us with the apartment but it is necessary to pay quickly ))))))))))) Honey,here all information as it is possible to transfer money: Money Gram will be cheaper to use. I have called at their office here, in my city and I talked with the manager, she said that for transferring money ,here you will need to find Money Gram at your place, go there and give them the following info about me: My first name -Valentina, my last name- Sokolova, Country -Ukraine, City- Zaporozhye My address- str. Gagarina 3, Zip code:69000, After making a transfer you will receive mts number (it will consist of numbers) and you will have to give it to me too as I won't be abe to pick your money without knowing it. I will be able to get your transfer in 15-30 minuter after you made it. So, everything seems not very complicated. You know, I love you more and more with each new day!! I think it is crazy how I never thought that I would wake up one morning and have fallen in love. Every day I write to you and every day I think of you and it makes me happier and happier knowing that I can spend the rest of my life with you. I know I will never have to worry about losing you because I know that you will never leave me. I will know it for sure when I look in your eyes. I love you. Love is like the wind; I can't see it, but I feel it. I don?t see you and touch you, but I know that I love you and I feel your love as well. It's so real. I never thought that I could ever love anyone as much as I love you. You are my one and only. One day, when we are old and gray, sitting on our porch in our rocking chairs, we'll be able to think back to all the fun we've had. We can think of how we stayed with each other through thick and thin. We can think of all the fights we've had, and how we always got back together. Our fights are what make us grow stronger and, if I could change one thing about our relationship it would be that we would never get old; that way I could spend eternity with you. I love you. You are my heart, my soul, and my life. LETTER My darling **, How are you today? Honey, as for the flat. I have met with realtor and she gave me different photos of appartments she has. So, I am sending you the one which I liked more. It will cost 40$ per night. But there is such a rule to pay beforehand for all days you are going to stay there. Only in such case we will be able to book this flat. You can count the whole price for all days. You will send money to me and I will sign contract with realtor and pay for all days. What do you think? We have a real spring weather today. It is not very warm of course, but sun is shining brightly and I am very glad that we have lived through winter as it is always very complicated for me. You are my soul, my heart, my guardian angel. I am leaving to see granny today. So, will write back in Monday Have a great weekend , Love you, yours Valentina Love always,Valentina
First name: Darya
Last name: Filippova
Age: 30
Location: RUSSIA, Cheboksary
On websites: all
Report: She want to meet me and is asking for financial support to passport, visa and airticket. I live in Netherlands. She pretends to be in Russia but her e-mails are delivered from south of Netherlands. She has cheated me for 375 Euro.
First name: Anna
Last name: Lubnina
Aka: Brenda
Age: 26
Location: Novosibirsk
Address: Ulitsa Arbuzova, House 12, Flat 6
On websites:
Report: Will ask for money, letters, gifts and fees to pay visa.
First name: stark
Last name: debbie
Aka: pufflove2012,arthur_rose36,lindasemma
Age: 30
Location: Manchester,united states
On websites: netlog,tagged
Report: I have seen this pic of the same person many many tines on this site i believe her to be from africa, same pic but many different names like mary or rowena
First name: Matilda
Last name: Arhin
Location: Ghana Africa
Address: PO box OK 189 kasoa Ghana/West Africa
Email: above
On websites: cheeter sights/yahoo/hotmail
Report: she plays on your emotions and constantly asks for money...doesn't care is you are married or what she is doing to your life...when you tell her to get lost she keeps stalking you and won't let go..
First name: georgin
Last name: richard
Aka: richard georgin, richard mc georgin
Age: 34
Location: accra ghana
Address: 3rd street airport road 3
Phone: 233 24 547 3741
Email: georginrichard98
On websites: facebook
Report: This person tried to get me to send her money to get her documents in order so she could travel to america. She then tried to get money to get gold reeleased from a security company so she could get fifty kilos of gold to bring with her to invest in our country. When that didnt work she tried to get money to have her internet service hooked up at home.
First name: Mary
Last name: Daniels
Aka: unknow n
Age: 28
Location: Ikeja, Lagos,Nigeria
Address: unknown23401 ,Lagos Nigeria
Phone: unknown 9726520291
On websites: zoosk
Report: On March4recived email from mary daniels over a week we had several emails exchanged,she asked for money wanted 500.00 to start that went on for a couple of days on 3/6/2013 sent western union MTCN:091-767-1869 money transfer To MIDE BADMUS 23401,LAGOS NIGERIA TRANSFER was for 60 dollars she got very upset still in contact still asking for money as of3/9/2013 have photos,emails she sent....she is contacting now should I tell her will send more or what should I do NEED HELP PLEASE
First name: Yunus
Last name: Salis
Aka: Britna Whyties
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 14 Rose Lane
On websites: Cherry Blossoms
Report: Ran into her on CB;
First name: Wendy Love
Last name: toah
Age: 38
Location: accra ghanna
On websites:
Report: name was mchww, beautiful brunett parents Alexander toah, Janet akai
First name: Nafisah
Last name: Seidu
Aka: joyce50745
Age: 31
Location: Winneba Ghana
Address: AB5/8
Phone: 233 208 158430
On websites:
Report: Communicates for awhile via e-mails, text and messenger (nafisahseidu) before asking for money for bills and rent. Also mentions a male called Morris Seidu at 233 241 649982. Uses pictures from **** sites at beautifulteenmodels and naughtybabes. I have evidence of her scams if needed.
First name: Linda
Last name: Sam
Age: 31
Address: AK56/2 akomah street P..O..BOX..NK183.
Phone: 233 248182689
On websites:
Report: Communicates for awhile before asking for money for illnesses, to visit mother etc. Uses pictures of **** star called Peaches from and I have evidence of her activities if necessary.
First name: Iuliya Vitalevna
Last name: Kurzeneva
Aka: Julia
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Address: Nizhny Novgorod region village Markinska Lenin Street 56 square 2
On websites: unknow
Report: Contact on She initiate the contact. She talk to you for a month then start to send you picture. Tell you that she has little friends and no family. She then initiate the stage when she will be coming to you. And at the last minute on the day of the travel she will be asking for money for an security check. 100$ then she will try an other flight then realise that for the visa to be valid she need a minimum of cash to travel. So had she told you she had sell everything she ask to this money. She'll be sending you mail once a day trying to tell you that she is dying in the street. That she cannot go back to her friends... She stop asking after a month.
First name: Bonnie
Last name: wright
Age: 74
Location: Rock hill, south carolina
Phone: 803 984 6847
On websites: Unknown
Report: She wanted to scam me telling me she is too old but want love and she asked me for some money to pay her bills
First name: Safi
Last name: Yildirim
Age: Around 34
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Email: and
Report: She is a scammer. Try to lure money from you. Beware.
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