First name: cristina
Last name: noroc
Age: 26
Location: moldova chisnau
On websites:
Report: unfortunately I sent her a lot of money
First name: Michelle
Age: 29
Location: USA
Report: Hi Here my email address
First name: Anna
Last name: Ischenko
Aka: Ulyana, Alina, Svetlana, Ekaterina, Anastasiya, Alla, Jane Sandre, Tetiana, Marry Mevannisa, Timmly, Anabel Doris, Florine Melgar, Lyion
Age: 30
Location: Volgograd, Russia; Chicago, USA; Nigeria; Alpirsbach, Germany; Marshall, Texas, USA; Dakar, Senegal; California City, California, USA
Phone: 9034713643
First name: Jess
Aka: wendrewi
Age: 30
Report: Unknown email from this person keeps email every day to my email address can't be inorge i write to you report this strange Unknown person don't know this person
First name: Christina
Age: unknown
Location: Keiv urakine
On websites:
Report: Hi Report this email from Christina pretend aka from yesterday afternoon on march 25th 2020 the same person email again this morning 03:58 on 26th march 2020 Pass this seriously on
First name: Liza
Age: 32
Report: Hi I'm report this person Lisa aka Email from this person this morning on March 26th 2020 o7:41am GMT uk time also running fake dateing site send you links website girls this is scammers
First name: MARINA
Last name: LYSAKOVA
Aka: Marishka
Age: 31
Location: Ukraine/ Odessa
Address: 65033 Central Airport St.11,APT35 ODS Ukraine
Phone: +380685534798
On websites:
Report: I met her on the site ,,she hit me up after the girl I was communicating with,disappeared,off the site,and this happens a lot, and so it began like this several years ago and it all seemed normal and nice,and after getting to know her better we made a plan to where I would travel to Odessa,Ukraine and meet her and have a wonderful time. I had never been to the Ukraine and so,I was a little nervous about going there,it was during the time of the protests and bombs going off in the city and the US travel alert was ever present and I wanted to provide the address of where I would be staying at an apartment that she had arranged and was never given,the address,so I booked another apartment at the 12th floor Apartments for a lot less and better and safer accomodations,with everything I might need, and when I arrived at the airport in Odessa,I was looking for her and someone yealed out my name,I had never met this girl and she was very excited to see me Irina Pavliuk, is her name and manages the apartment the Marina had set up for me to stay in,I told her that I had a different apartment and wanted to go there,but she insisted I go to the one that was resereved ,if you will. I figured I sould go to the other one if I wanted.Once there she wanted 900.00 and I told her I could not afford this one and would like to go to the other one so she dropped it to 700.00,so now I had two apartments.Marina never showed up at the airport or visited me at the apartment she had reserved and only wanted to chat on the site,,so after two days of this,I went out with another friend off the site and spent all of my time there with her,Marina got wind of this, from Irina, and did not want to see me,thinking I rented the other apartment to see other women there which not the case,I had come to be with her only. So lots of miscommunication and Im told that Marina got sick and was in the hospital,Psych ward, and I would not be able to see her or even go there to see her after several years of communicating with her getting to know her and im sure you get this as it happens all the time men going there,to be and I had no idea of the problem with the banks or currency as the USD was rising everyday, Mariina had never once mentioned this to me and being my first time there I had no idea. So, Mariina, diappears off the site,and a year goes buy and I continue to email her,and she comes back on the site and we pick up where we left off,my first mistake,thinking that she is for real and not someone that would try to scam me,for money. it was the marrige scam at its finest and i'm still hoping for things to change for the better, meanwhile,before we picked up where we left of,I returned to Odessa two times to be with another girl on the site,and it was another year before I would return to be with Marina and meet her for the first time. I stayed in a different apartment in the same building on the 8th floor and it seemed good for the first couple of days. her friend, Partner,Irina,would be her translator and constant companion, charging 25/hr for her services, it was the same way aw when I visited the other friend off the site,another scammer as well, going out to the, Selfie Cafe with Marina and the translator,being way over charged for meals that should have been no more than 1 to perhaps 200.00 tops. The money ran out quick and I had to get funds sent western union,so I had enough to go out with them,but the constant comment was from Marina,
First name: Jenny
Age: 30
Report: Report this person immediately