First name: Becky
Last name: Smith
Age: 39
Location: Malaysia
Report: She will make up any lie or excuse just to get money and she will always get you to send out to another person name.
First name: Linda
Last name: Boatemaa
Aka: Linda love
Age: 35
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: +233279745676
On websites: Hangouts and WhatsApp
Report: Trying to say she got kidnapped and needs money to pay to the police force for getting her released
First name: Emily
Last name: Andrew
Aka: Johnson Lee
Age: 34
Location: Bardstown, KY, Oklahoma City, Ok, Bakersfield, CA
Phone: 336-525-6989
Report: Well back in April she was coming to live with me but we needed to split $70 eye mask bad but it's not that bad I was to pay 40 and she was to pay 30 I don't think I quite half but and then should we get a bus ticket well backtrack that's when supposedly she was in Kentucky and then the next thing you know she's telling me she's in Oklahoma hedge needed 40 bucks for the bus ticket like a dummy I give into my heart give it to her then she cares what I learned says host Cricket on the bus because she had to update or ID so I give her that too and then she couldn't get on the bus because well she had to have a traveling profile I guess you think she's a rockstar movie star or something and we should have a few pictures back and forth little on the risky side considering adults well then next thing I know she's telling me I ruined her life and she's going to plaster the pictures all over the internet all I know is she's an eagle fish watch your back
First name: Janice
Last name: Mathias
Aka: Jan Mathias
Age: 30
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: fb, hangouts, whatsapp, viber
Report: She initiated contact on Facebook six months ago, right away she told me she love me , she cared about me, then she takes you to another social site which would be hangouts. There she tells me all these things she wants to marry me, and live with me , but she needs money , most of the time she would ask for iTunes cards $25 $ 50 she would ask for. She had a lot of problems there was always something wrong in her life . So I notice she would pray on that always chaos. mothers in the hospital she needs rent money she needs to pay light and gas. She says she was living in Ukraine but lived in Syracuse New York and I found a lot of Facebook profiles of her too many. I helped her with some iTunes cards $100 $15 here $25 . She sent me a lot of pictures of her but different ages different times . So I knew she was scamming . She still tries to get money from me but no more so watch out for this one. I don?t know if she?s on
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Kudlay
Age: 28
Location: Ucrania, Kharkov
Phone: 380662941059
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: Pide dinero para comida, telefono, para su madre que esta enferma
First name: Susan
Last name: Lewis
Aka: Cutesussy1
Age: 35
Location: London UK
On websites: Victoria Milan
Report: Susan Lewis, uses pressure techniques and wants you to stay in touch with her throughout the day and if you are away or care not to answer she starts question you, claims she left London and move to FLorida. Susan Lewis asked me to send her $450 US Dollars - after which I went quiet and I am now not answering her.
First name: Elveline
Last name: Michael
Age: 33
Location: uS, Midland, Texas and also Lybia
Address: 907 Indiana Blvd, Midland , Texas, 79701
Report: She claimed to be a US soldier fighting terrorism in Libya. She claimed to send her jewelry and personal items plus gold stolen from terrorists. She needed to me to pay prior to arrival for the package, then I will cash a check and send the money to her so she lives the military to marry me She used a Stonetex Delivery Service, located in Northern Cyprus. In their web page they list a rep in Texas US with a phone number. This guy always answer almost 24 hours from Maryland. If I try to call main office in N. Cyprus no one answers
First name: Kendall Marie
Last name: Andersen
Aka: Lacey Brooks, Kristine Brooks, Kendall Johnson
Age: 29
Location: Sacramento, California
On websites:
Report: Kendall initiated contact. in Australia, All correspondence only via email/social apps, non traceable number and social media apps with untraceable addresses. Nearly every msg sent to you will have pics of her in various nude poses. Solo porn star. Webcam solo, Escort, Nightclub Stripper/Lapdancer. Incident went for 15 months, email then changed to Hangouts app, asked to have a few drinks, that there would be a cost to her agency, then asked to pay her agencies contract out, and you can?t meet until money received other end, all money sent via MoneyGram, WesternUnion,Remitly, Promises of refunds once paid, fake Bank Certificates,Contracts,Money was sent to Philippines, over 12-15month=$70kusd. Kendall is a professional scammer, from approx 2011 started in the U.K. then Australia and still very active today, on most dating sites and also has her own Webcam and sites. You will never meet her in person, and she travels all over this USA with offers of love and marriage proposals, wanted by many, the outcome is that she is as good at het scamming job as you are at yours!
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Ivashchenko
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine Vinnitsa
Phone: +380 96 9370629
On websites: travelgirls
Report: we agreed to meet us in Italy. I booked her ticket and two days before departure she asked me money for taxi to go from Vinnitsa to Kiev. I send her 190 ? as she asked. The days of departure she worte to me a message with WhatsApp where she sayed that custom police took her passport and she couldn't fly. I asked to her to take a picture and show to me that she was in airport, but of course she never did it
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Mellias
Age: 41
Location: Ru?land, Balashow
On websites:
Report: one sentences at the website and want to have your e-mail adress to write. the big her company will pay her money later in the year. So she asked for 320 ? to visit your country....
First name: Cristina
Last name: Elena Palade Cristina
Age: 31
Location: Romainia Galtia
Phone: 0040745683219
Email: Elena_99no
On websites: Viber
Report: She dit get a New nummer. He old nummer is 0040752928341. The new nummer. 0040745683219.
First name: Lovley
Last name: Samira
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
On websites: Hangout
Report: Shes alway looking for cash and giving out porn. Wants you to send her money to come to live with you as your wife.
First name: Jessica
Last name: Cole
Aka: Clara
Age: 37
Location: London UK
On websites: Older Dating UK
Report: she initiated contact. olderdatinguk about one week she said she was in Malaysia and asked which airport would be best to land at to meet me, even though she lived in London? We never got to the money stage as I went on holiday.
First name: Joyce
Last name: Owusu
Age: 31
Location: Kumasi Ghana
Phone: +233 57 504 0135
On websites: WhatsApp
Report: This one was a very cool customer who came on at first was all very nice and really alarm bells should have been ringing straight away she first after a few days told me she was going to Ghana from Hodges in Alabama to sign letters at a barristers to get her fathers inheritance. She then contacted me again supposedly from Ghana to say she was going to the Barristers to sign the documents involved and needed a man to act as a trustee so she could get the inheritance as a woman on her own supposedly can not inherit without a trustee in Ghana. Iwas after this Emailed four documents by this supposed Barrister with will papers and one for me to sign as trustee{which I never signed or returned any of the documents which I felt were not genuine.I was then Emailed by this Barrister Named Herbert Opuku and a picture of him which I believe is copied from the real Bernard Opuku I was then requested to transfer money to this guy in America to the tune of ?6250 which I never did , but then found out that my emails had been hacked and somehow my Paypal and other accounts my Email and Paswords were no longer accepted, and I can't seem to get a phone number to contact Paypal or my Bank to put a block on everything they had hacked my computer and deleted my passwords and presumably entered their own. I still have all the documents Emailed to me , and as the computer would not let me copy and paste the photos or Emails I photographed my screen on every picture sent and also every Email. I also tonight used a phone tracker site and establisheed that her phone is in Ghana. At first she sent some pictures of herself which were very nice and tastfull then came the photos which were what you might expect from a porno magazine.
First name: Lindsey
Last name: Pelas
Age: 28
Location: USA Dallas
Phone: 12149601917
Email: Lindsey_Pelas_lpp
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Scammer Has assumed a famous person identity
First name: Victoria
Last name: Apanasenko
Aka: Vika
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Phone: +380930664436
On websites:
Report: I talked on a site called Dream Singles with a persone who pretended to be Apanasenko Vika for a very long time. How much I did not ask to confirm that she is real, at least with an ordinary photo or video chat, I constantly heard some excuses. The person who pretended to be Apanasenko Vika for my requests to meet always agreed, but when it came to the case, she constantly invented something and the meeting did not take place. But I still came to Kiev, once again in a couple of days there was a ridiculous reason for not meeting me ... And lo and behold, I went to a restaurant in Kiev, and Apanasenko Vika was sitting there and not one ... Did such a coincidence could will happen ?!))) I sat down at a nearby table and constantly looked at Apanasenko Vika and we repeatedly met with a look, but apparently, she didn?t recognize me at all and probably thought that I was an ordinary stranger who liked her very much. I went to the site and started writing a chat to her and again a new miracle, she began to answer me))) But that Apanasenko Vika who sat 5 meters away from me continued to communicate with her friends and could not just sit on the site now and communicate with me. Here you have all the communication on the site Dream Singles from Victoria Apanasenko. It is clear that I approached her and tried to talk, but she didn?t have a clue who I was, but it was obvious that she understood what was the matter. In fact, Apanasenko Vika cooperates with one of the marriage agencies, receives money every month so that, thanks to her profile, the agency can deceive men by talking on her behalf. Apanasenko Vika is an 80th level swindler. She should receive a criminal punishment for all this!)?
First name: kelly
Last name: Laura
Aka: Shun Edward Garrett
Age: 66
Location: Indianapolis
On websites: Instagram
Report: gets followers on Instagram, when it contacts you says she is 32 from Brazil with a deceased American mother and a sick 66 y/o father who happens to have travelled from Orlando to Indy and returning tonight to FL. Asked for money for iPhone data to do a video link. but when suggested to do a direct data payment insists on it being either MoneyGram or WU. This is where it falls apart in that when asked for 'fathers' details comes back with the following Name . Shun Edward Garrett Zip code, 46202, North Dexter St indpls. and when asked for her phone did not get an answer, and equally wen asked later for her zip comes back with 46202 which is not a FL zip. and asks for the cash again. either at a store or bank.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Mazeina
Age: 43
Location: 153012 ivanovo
On websites: russian woman website
Report: take 36000 Money from mi not pay back say sce come sweden talk nice good all time but not real talk
First name: Vivian
Last name: Brown
Age: 42
Location: US Tulsa; Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Address: 4207 S. Yale Ave., Tulsa, OK 74135
Phone: +1 918-742-5533
On websites: Datelink Networks
Report: Online dating contact. Was supposedly in the US during first contacts. Ran an antique store in Tulsa, OK. Made business trip to Malaysia, then claimed had trouble with duty. Scammed money to help pay duty and get shipment arranged. Stayed in contact for two months after and then disappeared.
First name: Elena
Age: 38
Location: Ucrania ( Jarkov )
On websites: foreing ladies
Report: No conozco el apellido , solo se que tiene 38 anos y que no tiene hijos.-
First name: Deena
Last name: Bennett
Age: 21
Location: USA
On websites: Instagram
Report: Sends unsolicited IG messages to invest... Has a home page with investment amounts and returns, guaranteed in 30 minutes using PayPal/cash apps. Has supposed testimonials posted in IG home page. In contacts frequently gives incorrect return amounts.
First name: Mary
Last name: Lawson
Age: 36
Location: accra, ghana
Report: met this woman online talked me into helping her come to usa. tickets travel money .passport never ends. turns out she has an online site and is pretty famous at it. but I know without a doult it was her and her mom was in on the trying to convince me they were traveling with cant hide all the tattoos she has.
First name: Susana
Last name: Ofori
Aka: melissa, melissa xoxo, gina, jennifer, samira
Age: 39
Location: accra, ghana
Phone: 233245429123, 4125306849, 233247492651
On websites: match and zoosk
Report: i've paid for passports visa's plane tickets several times.suppost to have made it to amsterdam but it all was a lie. suppose to have 5.6 millon in gold traveling with her. if you see it let me know i have the ownership papers on it. she has a man helping with this she calls him her uncle. i think its actually her husband. i know ive lost alot of money with her . i hope to help someone else from losing.beautiful woman knows how to perform on camera.
First name: Nancy
Last name: Furnell
Aka: Maya Taylor
Age: 32
Location: Appleby Westmoreland United Kingdom
Address: 44 CAE NEWYDD
Report: Nancy.,AKA Maya purports to be an associate of interpol and is offering to recover funds which have been scammed from me via dating sites.She is asking me for fees of ?500 to be sent to her personal bank account by bank transfer in order for this work to be carried out plus copies of the receipts of payments made to scammers by me through western Union and moneygram. She says she has trained as a nurse but is part of this international interpol which does not ring true with me so I think it is a scam as she originally contacted me through hangouts seeing a relationship or a date.I asked if she could travel and she said she would come to Cardiff to meet me but needed the ?168 train fare from me as she did not have the funds.I refused saying I had b lost money doing that sort of thing which then l;ed to the current situation where she said she could help me recover the funds as she was involved in crime fighting with interpol.Your comments would be appreciated
First name: Ruth Emma
Last name: Cofie
Aka: Priscilla, Sharon Mills, Mercy
Age: 33
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 26 680 5805
On websites: linked in, Facebook, Reddit, Rondevo
Report: I jlimed a dating website, Rondevo, and she contacted me with her name on the site being her email address. I decided to give it a try and sent an email introducing myself and she asked me to join her on hangouts. I loved her pics amd her demeanor and chatted with her for several days before any talk of money came up. She needed money to pay her internet and she had borrowed from someone that she needed to pay back. I thought she was a scammer at that point and and told her so. she wouldn't do the simplest things I asked of her to prove who she was so I uninstalled hangouts and itbwas quiet for 3 or 4 days and them she contacted me back on email and had a picture of herself holding a sign with my name and the date. I thought it could be a photoshoped pic but didn't know how to tell so I ended up going back on hangouts and sending 100 to cover her bill. She was going to fly home to me when school was out but then she needed 390 for exam fees then it was 700 for 1/2 of the flight home and them 200 for paying her landlord the rent so she could lead I continually asked for a picture of her travel reservations and she promised to give me one but never did. She told me when she woyld be getting to the airport here in town and I drove down snd waited for 90 minutes until she sent me a note saying ahe flew into a different airport here in town and was picked up by a friend of her mother's and would see me the next day. I was pretty angry and pointed out that the other airport in town did not handle international flights ans that I was certain she was still in Ghana and she saidd she would give me the address to pick her up the next morning and I would be apologizing . the next morning we exchanged pleasantries and she woukd get me the address after breakfast and it never came so I tols her I had discovered that every pic she had sent was stolen from other sites and that I knew she never even bought a plane ticket. She responded that she loved me and she is a black woman and was worried I wouldn't be interested if I knew so she sent picture after picture of a porn star. shee wanted me to forgive her and to go back to loving each other and I could feel the whole scam stsrtimg over again so I said I was done and good luck and that id be uninstalling hamgouts again
First name: Ann
Last name: Willias
Aka: Abul Basar
Age: 38
Location: United Kingdom
Address: 1 Basinghall Avenue, CZ32 88A, United Kingdom
Phone: +44703189586
Report: I am Dr,Ann Williams, born and brought up in 1 Basinghall Avenue, London, CZ32 88A/ United Kingdom, into a family of three, I am age 38 single with one daughter schooling in united kingdom , again Have a Palestinian root too, from my grand parents.
First name: Nicoleta
Last name: Neagu
Aka: Florentina. Alice. Alice Swift
Age: 28
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Address: Str lacramioarei nr 4 bloc 9c scara 4 et parter ap 48 interfon 48 sector 3
Phone: +40 (786) 868 284, +40 (761) 180 526
On websites: Livejasmine, freecamgirls, Camgirks
Report: This woman scammed me out of thousands of dollars using WhatsApp and FaceTime. We met on under the name Aliceswift. She truly tricked me into thinking she was going to come to America and live with me. I also sent her 2 laptops and an iPhone. She always says her mother or brother are sick and she is going to get kicked out for not having rent.
First name: Laura
Last name: Okewal
Aka: Aneesa
Age: 33
Location: USA, Oregon, Iceland
Report: I found out her photos from site and I write report about her. She told me in chat that her photos have been captured in USA from her Facebook site and there now a new Facebook site with name Cole Rosaline and there is also many of her photos there. I asked her that have she used name Cole Rosaline and she told me that name is totally unknown and scammers have done identity theft and stolen her photos. She said that she have never been in Nigeria Lagos and at FB site there is location Nigeria Lacos. Now there is possibility that she is innocent to all scam cases and scammers have only used her photos to betray people. So never send money to those Nigerian scammers what have stolen her photos. And don?t believe stories what scammers tell.
First name: Anzhelika
Last name: Astabatsyan
Age: 31
Location: Velsk, Russia
Address: Fefilova, house 3, apartment 17, Velsk, Arhangelsk region, Russia, 165150
Report: This person initiated the contact through e-mail. My son corresponded with her from April 9, 2019 to April 24, 2019. It seemed strange that she couldn't Skype or make phone calls. She requested $700 to verify to her embassy that she was a citizen in good financial standing. No money was sent to this person. My son told her he did not trust her and could not send any money.
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Prosviryakowa
Age: 28
Location: Russia, Engels
Address: Poltawskaya 13 ,Stadt Engels 413116
Report: She wants to visit me after About 6 - 7 mails! Points out that she wants to be with me in Germany, creating a Family. She wrote that she is already in Moscow, Needs 300,- ? for the Douane (Zoll) to Show, then she could take the flight to Germany to meet me!(for 200,- ? she can stay 10 days here!?!, she days).