First name: Daryl
Last name: Gernale
Age: 27
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phone: 601-02-907-990 601-146-489-961
On websites:
Report: Daryl Gernale (internet scammer) Subject: involved in internet scams: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia: Daryl Gernale aka: Dharyl Abordo; Lyrad Odoroba, Nathalie Cruz; Gendyke; Mycette Phone numbers: 601-02-907-990 601-146-489-961 Subject current websites: Twitter Fb Fake fb (name: Lyrad Odoroba) Tagged acct Subject sister: Gernale Jenny Home address: Swiss Garden Residences Kuala Lumpur 117 Jalan Pudu 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone​011 60 3-6203 9817 Email​ Website​ Subject family members involved in FB : scamming Mother: Mildred Fobros Gernale Sister Jenny Gernale Friend scam acct Family member Family Darlie Gernale Personal friends of Daryl Gernale : Adeleke Aishah ok my number 019-6954327.pls dont let anybody know. January 10 at 1:35pm Like (FaceBook) Jining Garcia estacio. Contact Info Mobile Phones​ 011 63 906 220 2365 Facebook​ CONVERSATIONS: Daryl Gernale November 29 2012 via mobile Whoever says money cannot buy happiness don't know where to shop.....lolz... Daryl Gernale November 29 2012 via mobile GOD is GOOD all the time...It's back to 5 figures...:-) Daryl Gernale Subscribe April 7, 2011 Share 2 people like this. Myra Fabros Gernale wooww...san galing pera mo??? April 7, 2011 at 9:07pm Daryl Gernale sa western union...hahaha April 7, 2011 at 9:59pm Jean Chan yaman hahaha April 7, 2011 at 11:05pm Judaeohilarion Fabros wow dami mo pera padala mo ako hehehehehe joke lang.... April 7, 2011 at 11:08pm Rosalyn Lheng Acosta share naman April 8, 2011 at 1:22am Rosalyn Lheng Acosta pautang.. April 8, 2011 at 1:22am Darlie Gernale hi ma April 8, 2011 at 5:12am Philip Salt more money more fun ... April 8, 2011 at 6:00am Ikonne Obioha II Maga don pay lol April 8, 2011 at 6:22am Daryl Gernale na so.... April 8, 2011 at 8:36am Philip Salt buleh pay la April 12, 2011 at 1:12am Scammer darly conversation Mildred Gernale SHUTA KA PINAKIALAMAN MO NA NAMAN YAN! December 20, 2011 at 5:38am Like Daryl Gernale Ambisyosang froglet ka MA noh !!!!! December 20, 2011 at 5:39am Like Kite Joaquino wui san k nkatira? Namis kta ah, bisitahin nga kta. Waaaaahahahaha;D December 20, 2011 at 5:43am Like Daryl Gernale Lolest.... December 20, 2011 at 6:07am Like Kite Joaquino ahahaha December 20, 2011 at 6:13am Like Choc Fonia Daryl easy ooo...this one too open far December 20, 2011 at 10:38am Like Grace Salva wow December 20, 2011 at 12:08pm Like Andrew Okolo Burn the notes thats what its made for.. January 8 at 9:20am Like Daryl Gernale ‎:-)....we made it togeda so we supposed to burn am togeda !!!!! January 8 at 9:22am Like Andrew Okolo Na so mami.. January 8 at 9:24am Like PUCTURES: please let me know how to submit
First name: Pumaa
Last name: Faustina
Aka: Khadi. Khadibaye2013
Age: 34
Location: Ghana ,Tema
On websites: Skout
Report: She kept asking me how much money I had sent to the girls from Ghana. I told her I sent nothing. But she still insisted. I finally asked her how much should I send. She said 150$ I asked what the 150$ was for. She said it was to get the scammers. She then said she was working for the Ghana police. She then sent the image of a police identity card. I don't know how to send you an image of that card. Initially she contacted me on Dec 2. About 1 am. I then tried to contact her today then she replied .
First name: Masa
Last name: wodo Adam
Age: 35
Location: Ghana Accra NewTown
Phone: 01123324661
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: We met on AFF, and chatted a few times to get know other. Email next. Then is ask for money to buy web cam. I sent money and she told the the web cam did not work on her computer. She is very religious
First name: eunice
Last name: lamtey
Aka: mary kissi
Age: 32
Location: ghana accra
On websites: met her on mate1 dateing service
Report: In two days wanted cell phone and she was in love with me. Had only talked to three times. Then wanted money for rent. Did not give her any. Then on the front
First name: allesia
Last name: bianchi
Age: 24
Location: Cameroon/yaounde
Phone: 0023794352195
On websites: facebook
Report: i have just reported this name, but i found out she is already posted on your web site on the name of ASHLEY RAMIREZ. The web site where i contact her is she asked for 200 for the air ticket to come in italy, i send her 100 the first time. The second time she asked for another 100 and she asked to send the money to this person: Ntombwen Samuel Akumbon that recived 50. she said he is uncle Sam the brother of her sick grand mother.She sent me by e-mail a copy of the air ticket from Douala to rome confirmed but when i was in Rome at the airport she sent me an SMS telling me to send her 80 because she was stuck at the airport of Douala because of custom charge, but i didn't send her any money because i had the proof of the scammer i had been chatting.
First name: Marina
Aka: Marisha Lemishenko
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine: Mariupol
On websites:
Report: Stunningly beautiful porn star's photos are used for a phony profile on A Foreign Affair ( the same photos have been used before. AFA does not verify posters (or, perhaps, posts phony ads themselves).
First name: Vera
Last name: Maistrenko
Aka: uverunchiki
Age: 25
Location: Lisichansk
Phone: +380.977351866
On websites:
Report: You can find other information (and 30 pics) on I send her money with Western Union and she takes it at Luhansk List of IP:
First name: Eunice
Last name: Lamtey
Aka: Mary Kissi
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites: zoosk
Report: My Uncle is being scammed by this woman!! I have read the e-mails and seen the pictures, she goes by Mary Kissi, Loyal Mary, and Lucky Mary.
First name: Aleksandra
Last name: Shlyapnikowa
Aka: Elena Smirnova,Svetlana Ostanina
Age: 30
Location: Russia,Novocheboksarsk
Email: aleksandrosvetik
On websites: yahoo
Report: gave woman in question money for plane ticket and documents,the day before she was to leave,she said russian customs required her to leave with 3500 dollars,I said I couldn't,and she diaapeared
First name: Darya
Last name: kolegova
Aka: ?
Age: 35
Location: Russia
On websites: some
Report: She is a big scammer and has been known to take money by using an account name with Moneygram! she starts off at 1500 and works down to 400 and then says shes going to buy ticks to come and see you. then gets a problem at the airport! and wants more money.. her account name is
First name: Anna
Last name: Aksenova
Age: 36
Location: Tatarstan
Address: Tatarstan, Elabuga, Zelenaya 18-10, 423600, Russia
On websites: All dating sites.
Report: I was scammed for over 600 by a Anna Maltzeva and Mariya Bodrova, last year. I have since found out that Anna Maltzeva real name is Anna Aksenova. She as been reported to the Head of the Tatarstan Police, the President of Russia, and the FBI, this lady is the leader of the gang, she is Russia's most wanted on-line dating scammer.
First name: Amerlita
Last name: Jurilla
Aka: Amy
Age: 44
Location: Bacolod fillipines, LOa Castelana Fillipines, Manilla Fillipines and Singapore
Phone: +63591415562, +639309072291
On websites: dating
Report: likes to date several men at same time, was in but may be foiund on and likely other sites. She is a freeloader and will use kids to her advantage. We parted at changi airport,m and boardered her flight with next victim I was told. FB Tony Mehorni. She has indian BF of 7 years.Too bad u cant post a pic here.
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Antonwa
Age: 32
Location: Davydovka, Russia
On websites: craigslist
Report: Nadezhda Antonowa, Davydovka, Russia This scammer is very good. It's user name is Nadezhda Antonowa. This person claims to be a dentist, Davydovka, Russia, and wants money sent to her (it) with the help of ''Western Union'':The name of bank: AKIBANKCITY - Voronezh STREET - Stankevicha, 7ZIP - 394006 for ANTONOWA NADEZHDA. She is very patient, uses all your information you write to her to her advantage.She and my brother corresponded for almost 3 months and she waited this long to finally ask him for money. He came to me, I tracked her scam down. This person uses many names, and pictures. FYI:There is no successful beautiful woman that needs rescuing. They are after your money..that is all...they do not care if you are hurt in the process. They use fake legal photos, and fake personal photos. If you are crazy enough to get involved with this, first of all get theoir full name, the city and country, proffession, and google all of that. Hopefully, someone elses will post the scam so that you can see this person is well known. Also google,
First name: Marrian
Last name: Randall
Age: 29
Location: Lago, Nigeria
Phone: 205-378-7904
On websites: google+, facebook, zoosk
Report: She claims to be orphaned living with a grandmother in nigeria her story is full of holes she's getting sloppy. You can catch her no problem just pay attention at first she had 3 facebook accounts, a zoosk id, and gmail. I went along with it I think she got nervous because she logged out and I haven't heard anything. I will try to get more info. on her so watch out she's a maneater.
First name: Kristen
Last name: Edwards
Age: 30
Location: New York, US
On websites: tagged, hi5
Report: My name is KRISTEN EDWARDS, I'm 30 years old but again do not matter on here..single with no hair: brown/ eyes: brown / 5'8
First name: lady
Age: 23
Location: ghana
On websites: cinfino .com dating site
First name: Susan
Last name: Vickery
Aka: Allan
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria, Ikeja
Phone: +2348089701860/ +2348121540832
Report: Was contacted by a person saying first that she was in Chicago, IL!! Then later when I tried to set up a date for a meeting I was informed that she was not there but in fact in Nigeria!! She said she was there visiting family!! Then she wanted me to send her $500.00 so she could renew her passport!! She at first was sending me pictures of a white woman then I found on one of the pictures she sent me a add for!!! I told her that unless she was that model then to never contact me again!!! She then showed me pictures of a young African Girl and told me she was 28 years old!! She says she wanted money to get her passport and food!!!
First name: Mary
Last name: Mensah
Aka: Juliana Baiden
Age: 28
Location: Accra
On websites: Badoo, facebook, Zooks
Report: Claims to be going to nursing school wanted money for tests fees, At first wanted money for up coming birthday party! Said she was 32. Profess her undying love for me and she would come and be with me as soon as she was finished with nursing exam but needed money for visa and travel documents wanted 300.00 for exam fees and another 200.00 for visa! Almost fell for it, something didn't seems right, profile on badoo said she was from Santa Anna NM when question about it she didn't know where it was! Claims to be from Gallup NM on Zooks! Watch out for this person really pretty person in photos if that 's really her! Didn't want to have anything to do with me when I told I didn't have money to send her. goes by Mary Mensah or Mary Garry!
First name: vera
Last name: maistrenko
Age: 24
Location: ukraine lysychansk (lougansk)
Email: verchenok@​
On websites: fdating
Report: Vera is here. I am single nice girl from Ukraine, who feels lonely without a nice man at my side. Do you know this feeling? Are you affectionate person? Do you believe in love? I do and I am here with serious intentions to meet a man to share life with and be happy together. I wish to create nice family. I never was married; I live in Ukraine and work in chemical laboratory. I live with parents and I never travelled to another places in the world. And I am looking forward to know you more. Waiting for your reply soon Vera Hello, ! I am very pleased by your mail! I was expecting it and now I feel little excited dont know what to really write you now.. I hope you will also share with me some things about you as how is your life going and what would you like to change to be really happy; about your dreams and wishes; the way you see your future with your woman; what is important for you. I am interested to know those things about you, ! very nice question about where I would love to wake up.. I wish it will be in some warm island, on the beach)) feelign warm sun on my skin.. woudl so lovely I dont have my own computer and I can use it from work only and here I cant really spend much time, so I hope you will have some patience to wait for my mails to come, if you like our communication to grow. I am single and I am alone now for about a year, I had relations before, but that ended up not really nice, I felt less respect and care to myself.. I will celebrate my 25s birthday on December 28. I never was married before. I live in the town of Lisichansk, which is on the very east of Ukraine and I am working in university as an assistant in chemical laboratory. I live with my parents and I also have 2 years older brother, who lives in bigger city of Luhansk now with his wife. I am here with serious intention to meet a man who I can trust with all of me and who will trust me himself to make him happy for life time. As I said I am alone now for about a year and during that passed year I never met any man who I could consider as nice one for me. Most of them dont really know what they want in love.. and what can give to woman.. I wish to have real loving family, share all good and bad what life gives and try to help each to make our dreams come true! Ok, I dont want to make it too long for the first time I will be waiting for your reply soon and some photos please also Vera Hello, dear ! How is your day going there? Thanks for those complents to me! I also very much like your photos!! You know, I work in chemical laboratory in university, I prepare chemicals for their classes and experiments, once I also was the same student, I was good student so I stayed working here, I work with those chemicals and also arranging some papers, there is always something to do in university :) Just wanted to share with you a little so you have an idea what I do at work here) And what about you? You love your job? I am working till late sometimes and then I am thinking that is not good.. cause if I have husband I wish to come earlier, before him, to prepare him dinner, talk to him. What you like to eat, ? I like very different kinds of food and l enjoy cooking. I can prepare meat and fish and vegetables, I love to bake and I like sweets very much. Sometimes I have such a big wish to have a little chocolate that I am ready to go to the store in the middle of the night to get it)) So if we are together I would cook for you wish a big pleasure, I would wait for you at home and hug you and kiss you softly when you come back home, ask how your day was and try to make you to forget all those things which maybe stressed you and made you tired during all day.., would you like it from your woman? I can say that I am not very talkative person, maybe that is why it seems easier for me to write and express my thoughts while I am sitting here on my own having some time for me and you. But I believe in relations that is always important always share with each other our thoughts and feelings, we need to understand each other, we need to get that close to understand each other without even words, to feel each other deeply What you think? This important for me as I wish to be the one whole with my man! To be his support and care, to be always there for him when he needs me and I expect the same from him. Maybe you and me can fine it together! About talent I have to impress you.. that is justy being myself and let you to fall in love in this myself who I am) I will be thinking about you Have a good day! Vera
First name: Unknown
Last name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Location: Ghana Africa
On websites: Unknown
Report: Ghana scammer asks for money.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Taylor
Aka: unknownSuzzy Benyin
Age: 33
Location: Dwenho Ghana
Address: unknownWineba St. 00233 zip
Phone: unknown+233243688521
On websites: Mate1 Yahoo chat as passion of rose benyin
Report: She clams to be born in US . Move back to Ghana when her father died. Chated On yahoo mesanger. Clam she was in love with be and whanted to be with me. asked for $200.00 to go to Her passport.Then asked for $2000.00 for air fare to US. I never sent any money. I got on your site and found her on here. I am very glad for this site. Thank you She sent me some of the same pics you have posted on this site.
First name: Tina
Last name: Dabah
Age: 24
Location: Dakar Senegal
Address: Refugee Camp senegal
Phone: +221763981407
On websites:
Report: day greetings dear How are you doing today. I hope all is well with you. I wish you the best this year, thank you very much for your reply .. I know this mail will come to you as a surprise, since they have not had a previous correspondence, please bear with me. I'd really like to have a good relationship with you, and I have a special reason why I decided to contact you. I decided to contact you because of the urgency of my situation here, I am Miss Tina Dabah 24 year old girl from Liberia the only daughter of the late Major General Jonathan Desmond Dabah my father was the former deputy minister of national security under the leadership of president Charles Taylor who is now in exile after many innocent soul were killed in my country, Liberia, my father was killed by the government of Charles Taylor, accused my father of coup attempt. I am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment I am receiving from my step mother. She plans to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father. Meanwhile, I wanted to escape to the Europe but she hide away my international passport and other valuable traveling documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my fathers File which contains important documents late. So I decided fled to the refugee camp where I am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations Commission for Refugees here in Dakar, Republic of Senegal, I want to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and helps investment in his country. My late father of blessed memory deposited the sum of (U.S. $ 2.7 m) in one of the leading banks in Europe with my name as next of kin. But meanwhile, you should not let someone who knows about this money since my late father did not disclose to any body rather what they know about the valuable documents. I have informed the bank about my plans to transfer the money to me here in Africa to start a new life, but I know that my late father has an agreement with the bank.that should be up to 30 years old before I direct access money.if then I should not give my partner to appear to me as my trustee for the bank so the bank will transfer my membership account. However, I will send the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me to transfer money to your account, and would like to help me invest the money in your country, and I also like to complete my studies, as I was in my 1st year in college when the crisis started, it is my intention to compensate you with 20% of the total money for your help and the balance shall be my investment capital. This is the reason I decided to contact you. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes save. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In light of the above, we see an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. You can not call me by phone, because I have no phone here in the refugee camp, but there is a church here in the camp. where I can receive calls from their own. if you care to call me, is the priest Reverend phone number here in the camp, please, when you call, tell him you want to talk to the girl Tina Miss Liberia in female 101.then a hostel room, he send for me to answer your call, This is the priest Rev phone number +221763981407 . Please, I am waiting for your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to yourself, please, please do not disclose it to anyone until I come to join you immediately the fund is transferred to your account. Thanks hoping to hear from you
First name: Florence
Last name: Odhiambo
Age: 23
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Address: Ruaka, limuru road, Norhtern Bypass, Junica Heights Apartment A5
Phone: +254715343514
On websites: Tagged, Facebook, Skype
Report: Florence Odhiambo is a real criminal scammer ans he search her victims allover the world. She has her profile in tagged and facebook and also in skype
First name: nileen
Last name: bena
Aka: 24
Age: 24
Location: brisbane and south africa
On websites:
Report: this is known as a female. scamming people on copying everything from internet and posting it through email.
First name: Sherry Helen
Last name: Williams
Age: 32
Location: Lagos, Scotland, and now Brazil
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo, Hotmail
Report: I have written to a Sherry Helen Williams for three years. I have wasted many airline tickets and a great deal of money. She now claims her grandmother in Scotland caused our break-up and she says her grandmother is now passed away. We have started to write again but have sent no money. She is in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I said I would go get her this year. She wants a Blackberry phone so we can communicate with a Sim card. I am very leary of this now that I have read your scam list on her. I only have the one story on the fellow from England.
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Yastrebova
Age: 36 yrs
Location: Syktyvkar, Russia
On websites:
Report: This lady enters and wants people to communicate to her email address - Then she send beautiful pictures, with the ONLY intent to get money from innocent men on
First name: Irina
Age: 29
Location: Russian, Saratov
On websites: unknown, she came to my emailadress
Report: Hello my dear friend !!! Thank you very much to answer my letter. I thought, that you will not write me because I live in other country. I want to tell you, that you unique person and you deserve all the best. I would like to tell about my family more. I do not have children and I never was not married. I think, that the family is a serious act in a life and the big responsibility. I consider, that the family is someone, whom you madly love also which love you. It can be not only your parents, but as also the people, which roads to you which care of you. If you have someone who can make all for you and you can make the same most - you are successful, that you have a family. I think, that a family in this point of sight - one of the most important things in our life and people at whom is not present any families, are always lonely, and nobody cares of them. you agree with me? My family is my mum, my grandmother and my grandfather. I live with mum in apartment in our city. Her name - Galina. She is 54 years old. She works at factory. She is very good, kind and clever woman. My grandmother and my grandfather live in village, it is called Znamenka. Her name - Vera and she is 72 year old. She does not work now, she the pensioner, but she has a lot of work on the house. My grandfather name is Grigori and he is 83 years old. He the pensioner too. Sometimes we together with my grandfather go on fishing. He always learnt me to help another people and to care of them. I badly remember my father. He was the officer Soviet Armies and he has died in Afghanistan in 1987 when I was 3 years old. Mum speaks, that he was very brave and very kind. She very much loved him, and he very much loved my mum. I am proud of the father and he is my hero. Nice tell to me more about your family, about your parents. What your family means to you? It is very important to me. The life of a modern family is uneasy. In it there are manydifficulties and problems, but nevertheless the main thing is love and respect, as two necessary bases for its life. And while in a family arsenal having so strong two weapons, people are capable to go through any household disorders. You agree with me? I hope that a photo which I send today, it is pleasant to you.I wait your letter. Where it? You yet have not answered? I will press it tomorrow. With impatience I wait....... Yours friend Irina.
First name: louise
Last name: mayovu
Aka: janet edward
Age: 29
Location: malaysia
Address: jalan bk5a/2 bandar kinrara 47100 puchong selangar malaysia
On websites: yahoo msssanger
Report: Sbe gives story of parents being dead and is out of work becouse she had just completed nursing school And wanting to come live to where ever u live and talks a good talk but slips up and cant keep a straivht and story and with a little digging isnt hard to check up and expose her story. And constsntly wants money to get a vind to get airfair also has a man that works with that supposbly will handle visa paperwork and this man will email u trying to getmoney also also his email info is saheed jobn and email is
First name: Linda
Last name: Kommlah
Aka: linda komla,
Age: 27
Location: Suth Africa Ghana
Address: (1) 411 wadai street temong section. tembisa, GP Y01926----------(2) 24 McCarthy hill, Osu town--------(3) 1871 kn, kaneshie Accra, greater Accra (GA) 23321--------(4) 23 Independance Avenue Accra, Ghana--------(5) 45 Kolebu road, Accra 23321--------
Phone: 233 572 105 122
On websites:
Report: IMPORTANT: SCAMMING STORY Febuary 2012, Linda Kommlah approached me on the gay and lesbian dating site, called THE PINK SOFA. We formed a friendship over a nine month period. We contacted each other through text messaging and emails. Her email she used was: Her Phone number she used was: 233 572 105 122 Her story was sad. She had lost both parents and was left to care for her sister. She said she was a student at the Accra Ghana university of Journalism and she won a scholarship from South Africa, Tembesia. We agreed we were to get married and she would come to Australia (we courtshiped over the internet for 9 months). I trusted her, there was several occasions where I questioned her honesty and she swore on her parents graves, that she was telling the truth. There was always excuses, I caught her using a porn stars photos. She said she used them because she was worried she would be persecuted as a lesbian in Ghana. Then she sent me pictures of a female I later found on facebook under the name: Aaia?a Ooaaaeeaaa. She said she was white, and she was a Christian who went to church every Sunday. But none of this was true, it wasnt one person but many people working together. She asked me for money for food, rent, food, electric, and to help her sister (Trudy) with medical bills and medication. Lindas medicals, doctors bills, visas, an agent, bank fees, passport and degree parchment. Do Not use Western Union to transfer money. I sent money to Rocklyn Antwi, she posed as one of Linda Kommlahs friends from the uniniversity of Journalism. The day she was supposed to leave and come to Australia, she left me an email she wasnt coming because her sister was dying and she had to go be with her sister in Cape Town. Near the end I was led to believe she was going to repay me and sent pictures of gold nuggets. I then had to pay for them to be cleared through Australia customs. I went on facebook and found Linda Kommlah, and other members of their gang who had been involved. I rang up the Australian High Commision and they checked to see if Linda Kommlah had a passport and visa. She wasn not on the system. and the agent she said she used (Anthony Gillberts) did not exist. And there was no Mr Sam in Accra, who posed as high commissioner in Ghana. Mr Sam and Anthony Gillberts both posed as proffessionals on the phone, and rang me to inform me Lindsa Kommlah was coming to Australia, and that the visa had gone through. I payed for both these so called proffesionals. And gave them my personal details. Including passport, drivers liscence, other identification, and bank statements. She lied to me Was not a lesbian She led me to believe she loved me and couldnt wait to come to Australia. This did not happen over night. I was scammed out of $20, 000 Australian dollars over nine months. I was in denial, and listened to her every word, she preyed on me, as I was lonely and wanted to be loved. She played on my heart. All the photos I have posted were used during the scam and others I have found on facebook and believe they are part of the gang who scammed me. I am destitute, I have to sell my house, and am left with no money to support my family. I have written this story to try and create awareness about what is happening on the internet and in Accra, Ghana.
First name: tina
Last name: marcantel
Aka: ??
Age: 31
Location: nigeria ibadan
On websites:
Report: Complainant details Details of the scammer (business, company, group or individual) Name: tina marcantel / Emts Limited / Etisalat Address 1: nigeria Address 2: ip Address 3: State Oyo City: Ibadan Suburb/Town: Oyo Ibadan State: Australian Capital Territory Postcode: 90213 Email:
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