First name: gargmercy
Last name: mercy
Age: 24
Location: dakar senegal
Phone: 00221777342389
On websites: g
Report: ...dis is a serious issue...dis is too much n im sooo scared cos i posted ma pictures as well
First name: alberta
Last name: botchwey
Aka: lauren hodson
Age: 32
Location: ghana
Address: west africa spinx road mallam street
Phone: +233542150573
Email: unknow
On websites: yahoo mate one
Report: she is part of the scam and useis the names lauren hodson and comforet mensah
First name: Amo
Last name: Berke
Age: 28
Location: Suhum
Phone: 00233273613454
On websites: Badoo
Report: Classic story, send me money to ship my families gold out, you'll get a share
First name: DeeAnn
Last name: Lorri
Age: unknown
Location: Vulcan Road, Homewood, Birmingham, AL, USA
On websites:
Report: The scammer first start to talk to me through a date website called She asked for my email and I thought it would be ok. So she started to send me email telling me that she's also christian and that she wants to find a guy for a serious relationship. Since now she didn't ask for money yet. She's only trying to
First name: Favour
Last name: Agurma
Age: 22
Location: Liberia
On websites: facebook
First name: shela
Last name: rea
Aka: Ketty Moore
Age: 25
Location: Libia
Phone: +233267315174
On websites: skype
Report: This girl contacted me trough skype. Told me she was originaly from Australia, went to libia and is now on nigeria.
First name: Carolina
Last name: Jacobs / Perkins
Aka: olumide williams
Age: 41yrs, D.O.B 24/02/1971
Location: Nigeria , Lagos
Address: 20 Olaoye street, Ikorodu
On websites: tagged and possibly else where
Report: I was on this dating site called tagged. First contact was with this woman called CAROLINA JACOBS OR PERKINS DEPENDING ON BIRTH NAME OR HER MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME, on the site she initiated the contact and then our converstaion struck up. She soon dropped of the site tagged and said she was only interested in me. She informed me she was looking for someone to built trust and a life with a woman for a committed relationship. I was looking for a woman to build a life with and she was attractive and we hit it of. Build a relationship on trust, honesty, and she said she could never build anything with her woman based on lies. She really wanted to know how serious i was for this before she would venture further in changing things. Unfortunately yes i was sucked right in and believed her and started to feel for her. Seems i was falling for a woman i had never meet, something i have never done before and certainly not online. I got many photos of her and every picture was the same person, and pics of her daughter. At times she said she only had a certain amount of photos cause of the being away from home and they were in the computer in her emails. She informed me she lived in Kansas but from Oslo Norway, has a B1 visa, is a fashion designer and had gone to Lagos Africa for work. The first request for money was she had not been paid yet and needed food, she asked for 200 USD but i could not do that at the time so i sent 50 USD via Western Union. I dont have much money and told her all the time this but she said see what you can do, i am not rich and struggle in my own life. She said we need to do things together to show the committment, and that she never wanteda rich woman, just one who will love her and care for her. We expressed so much of our dreams and desires, wants and likes etc. She was finishing up in Africa and because she had now found the one she was looking for to have a happy life with, we chatted for hours and conversed much personnell and intimate details, that she would relocate and come to where i resided. First up she only had enough money for part the flight as she had a cheque for her desings and that she had finished work and the cheque was only able to be cashed here, but she was paid so much USD cash,. The second request for money was to obtain the flight ticket and to show how i was committed to the relationship i could assist, fair call i thought and so i helped with the rest and sent the money, $700 USD and had to require a loan to do so as i never had the money and told her this is what i had to do. I was to send the money to this name
First name: elena
Last name: apelsinka
Age: 32
Location: lugansk
On websites: lavaplace, tagged, match com, adult singles, etc.
Report: she asked me if I could send her money: (375 dollars) the cost to pay Passport and meet each other later.
First name: Lisa
Last name: J
Age: 32
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites:
Report: Darling, I have sent you the luggage today through,Century Express Delivery Services...this is their website: when the site opens,you would see the link,trace luggage.then click trace luggage and when it opens you type in your tracking number and automatically your page would open then you can trace your luggage. Your tracking number:stzulkifli_67098750 You would received the luggage in Three days from today.that is on Monday.The luggage must get to you. tell me when you receive the luggage. THESE ARE THE ITEMS I PUT IN THE LUGGAGE FOR YOU 1. MY FAMILY PICTURES 2. MY CLOTHES AND SHOES 3. ONE LAP TOP 4. ONE DIGITAL CAMERA 5. ONE I-PHONE {APPLE PHONE} 6. ONE GOLD WRIST WATCH AND ONE GOLD NECKLINES 7. AND 25,000 DOLLARS.PLEASE NOTE==I INSERTED THE 25,000 DOLLARS INSIDE THE CARTON THAT CONTAINS THE DIGITAL CAMERA I WRAPPED IT VERY WELL WITH THREE PLASTIC.THIS IS MY ACCUMULATED YEARLY ANNUAL LEAVE MONEY THEY PAID ME THIS TIME.I WANTED TO SEND IT THROUGH WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM BUT THE COST OF SENDING IT FROM LONDON HERE IS VERY HIGH,SO I DECIDED TO INSERT IT INSIDE THE LUGGAGE.OUT OF THIS 25,000 DOLLARS,RENT A CAR AND BOOK HOTEL AND USE 5,000 DOLLARS FOR YOUR PRIVATE NEEDS.TRY RENT VERY NICE CAR AND BOOK A HOTEL WE GOING TO STAY FOR TWO WEEKS IN INDONESIA.THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU TILL I ARRIVE THERE, YOURS LISA
First name: euguene
Last name: nelson
Aka: abagail forson,abby forson
Age: 32
Location: koforidua, ghana
Address: po box kf 2634
Phone: 233253820308,233232924870,233261783530,233541039833,233242954443
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: This woman contacted me first from idateing4you website. We had some webcam to webcam conversations. She got me for $400.00 dollars. She told me her mother was ill with appendix (spelling?) and needed surgery, so I sent her money for that. We texted on phone many times. She changed her number a few times. We spoke for several months. She sent me various pics of her. Her stories never made much sense. I started my own investgating and found sites that led me to josie ann miller and josie model. She says her mothers name is Gloria Tetteh and that she lives with her. She always asks for money for some reason or another, but I refuse to send her anymore. I keep telling her that I am aware of what she and her clan is doing and she keeps saying that she has changed her ways. I keep telling her that she is a scammer and a pig. She wont contact me any longer. This scum of the earth pig needs to be thrown in jail for life as well as her little scammer team. I could have sent my money to children who could have really used it. I wish that the Ghana police or FBI would do something about these scammers. I would do my part in order to help stop these scum of the earth pigs.
First name: Irina
Last name: danilova
Aka: Yulia lapteva
Age: 27
Location: city of perm, russia
Address: apartment 29, 64 ulitsa lenninunknown
On websites: Flirt on
Report: This person is contacting men and after a few e-mails asking for money to come and visit them in their country. She is asking for 500 gbp's
First name: Kelis
Last name: Smith
Age: 31
Location: London, UK
Report: I have received the same type of scam letters from Kelis Smith (AKA- and could never reach her or the Royal ??? bank or anyone else.
First name: Amy
Age: unknown
Location: united states carterville illinois
On websites:
Report: I answered an add on craigslist southern illinois and was asked to verify my idenity for 0ne dollar with my debit card when i did two websites began taking money from my banking account and 109 dollars a month from these two sites I did not give them permission to do this nor do i visit these sites
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Lenchik
Age: 31
Location: Sumy, Ukraine
On websites: Russian/Ukrainian
Report: I deleted her cell phone, skype, hoe address and no longer send emails to her. I have known her for about a year and have talked many times on skype/phone and have seen her on cam. I also had a bunch of pictures of her at the beach. She will constantly give sad stories of her ffather needing surgery, her flat needing new heating, having no groceries, being tired ect ect. She says she is not after money, but will constantly hint about her problems ect. I sent much money, around 2 grand through the year I knew her. The first was for the visa trip into Kiev and her hotel ect, She is supposedly educated but works at a grocery store. Unfortunately I never researched about the visa and her trip was a waste of my money. Visitor visas are not going to happen and she should have told me this before I sent the money as it is her country. I helped her with groceries and even sent other nice things on special holidays. She will constantly try and get you to send her money. I told her I was done with her and a month later she emails me and says she misses me, only in time for her birthday and Christmas being around the corner. She has a nephew, sister who is divorced, a crippled father and supposedly her mother died years ago. A man named Kevin who met his wife in Ukraine through business he had in Kiev, told me to never go to Sumy or send money. I didn't listen and I am here to tell anyone,
First name: Oksana
Last name: Kuznetsova
Age: 29
Location: RUSIa
On websites: si
Report: I am very pleased that you responded to my letter, because I'm the first time in my life met a man on the Internet. I can not even find the words, because for me this is the first and it's so unusual. I would very much like to get acquainted with you closer and get to know you better. Who does not want to tell you a lot about myself. And so I begin. My name is Galina, I am 29 years old, my birthday is November 28, 1983, my height 176 centimeters, my weight is 54 kilograms. I just want to tell you that no where was not married and I have no children. Now I'm looking for the man she loved. I have a university degree and consider myself to be formed and intellectually-developed girl who is always ready to help and find the closest approach to the problem of people in this particular situation, but also it is - not always one! I - a sincere and open person, and never hide anything from your family and your loved one! I hate lies and liars, I hope that you do this to support? I few people I trust, trust to me is very important, especially in relationships. I work at school, I have been teaching for the junior classes from first through fifth grades. I love my job, it's a good chance to communicate with children. Children are our future, right? That's why I want to meet my love - to create a family. Maybe it's you - my love? I live with my parents and older brother in a separate apartment in one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of Russia - a city of Kazan! You have probably heard of Kazan? I appreciate my parents and am proud of them, I try to support and help is always and in everything! This is actually the most important and valuable that we have in life, we must appreciate and respect their parents. I think you agree with me? At leisure I am engaged in the development of creativity, I love to draw, just like visiting a fitness club - to keep yourself in good physical shape. It is equally important for me to go to the pool. I love jogging in the morning in the days off from work. And so, I introduced you a little bit with myself and my hobby and if you have any inquiries, you can ask me and I am happy to answer them. I hope you understand what I am writing to you? If you have not understood something of what I wrote you, I apologize to you, because my English is not perfect. From the beginning, I studied foreign languages ??at school and then at the university and even in special courses of foreign languages. I try my best to speak English better. I would very much like to know more about you and your life ... Unless of course, you have the desire, could you tell me about you directly? It's very interesting to me. I believe that we should not be that either hide from each other, you need to say more about us, to be fair to every one of us and time will tell what will come of all this ... I hope you liked my letter, I told about myself, and I hope to continue our correspondence and familiarity with each other. Best regards, Galina second 'm so glad to receive your letter today. This means that I'm interested in you. It's very nice to me! Now, I am confident that we can get to know each other better. I want to tell you about another reason that made me write to you ... As you know I am 29 years old and I have no family. In fact, I really want to have their happy family, a loving husband and children. But it is not actually find a good husband in Russia, at least in my city. I had a friend, but we broke up years ago ... I loved him very much, and I thought he was my love of it is my destiny, but it was not so ... It's hard to say all these things. But I feel that I need to tell you everything that you knew better than me ... And so in the beginning, all was well with my friend, we were the happiest couple in the world. He was 30 years old, but he still lived with their parents. So we decided to live separately from their parents and migrated to the rented apartment. At a time when we were together it did not work, he always promised me that he would find work and will earn and support his family. Our city is difficult to find a job but if you can try to find a job. It all depends on desire. So when we started living together, I still paid all of our thinking, I bought food, paid for the apartment went to work, in short did everything that has to do a loving man! One day I hurried home, cooked dinner, after been cleaning the house, and my guy just packed up and went for a walk with his friends and even helped me in anything. I loved it, and I want to say that I was hoping he would finally find a job and we will have enough money to have children and live like all other normal people. I started to get tired of all this, but reached the limit when one day I came home a little earlier than usual, I found the guy for what is a whore! I could not believe it ... I still do not understand how he could cause me such pain ... He probably does not like me at all. My heart was broken for a long time! It was the worst day of my life! Now I do not let anyone or as close to not make another mistake in the past! I want to be happy. And I will not allow it ruin my life. For a while he came to me after all this, saying that he loves me and wants to be with me. But I think the only thing he wants is a home, ready meal and a lot of free time or anything in return, he does not want to give. I told him I was sorry, but I do not want to be with someone who does not love me. So I do not want to deal with men from Russia. Russian men do not respect women, they may not appreciate what they're doing that for some men to abuse alcohol or drugs. You probably know about it? I am telling you all this to you because I want to be honest with you! I do not want any misunderstanding and mistrust. I do not trust men because of what happened with me, but I would try to built the relationship with you. As you look at it? We will not talk much about the sad, now I'm going to tell you about my hobbies and interests. I like a lot of things. My favorite color is blue. I love reading stories of love. I am very romantic girl, you're probably already noticed. I listen to different music. It does not matter to me. But music should be beautiful. I love listening to retro music such as:
First name: Hannah
Last name: Orduro
Aka: Emelia Ansah
Age: 35
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: emeliaansah
On websites: filipino friend finder
Report: Goes by Emelia Ansah nurse 35 years old old mother brother that's a cop in Ghana 2 sisters. looking for love a husband but will need money for paperwork visas and passport and plane ticket asking for 1800 be on the watch for her very convincing very pretty
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Sotnicova
Age: 32
Location: Ukraine
On websites: Mate1
Report: Contact serious purposes, marriage, long-term friendship ... she says call Tatyana, Tanya or Tayana..She is very pretty and young, actually looks younger than the age that claims.She initially contacted me, that was me on Mate1, so far I have not asked for money, but leery of it because gives no accurate data, where I can usually tell who's who! It says your house or job data, send me photos you normally would not do with alguin knowing you wear one week, but even if the purpose is serious. I have pictures of her, but I do not know where and how, send them. This report will do more than anything, to keep other men pair potential fraud, I do not do it, but others maybe, and it is better
First name: Kristina
Last name: ShanE
Age: 24
Location: Nigeria
Report: Wanting money for passport to come back to the states.
First name: Vicky
Last name: Smith
Age: 35
Location: Some where in Africa
On websites: craig's list
Report: I have 2 jpgs but I don't know where to post them here. She says she is 36, doing missionary work and returning soon to Delaware. Please let me know where I can send he pics.
First name: Anna
Last name: Gizatullina
Aka: Elena
Age: 30?
Location: Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Dalniy, Russia
Address: Apartment 7, 16, Aleksandrov Street, Dalniy, Nizhniy Novgorod region, Russia
On websites: girls date for free
Report: she contacted me on girls date for free, gave me an email contact with a message and I replied by email, that is how we communicate. She did not ask me for anything yet, but is listed on your web site, was not 100% if she had an identical twin but she sent in the last email the same picture that is listed on your site to me. she has talked in the past to me as thought it is a group type letter ment for more then 1 person.I confronted her in regards to the information on the site but she is denying any knowledge. Giving me suggestive hints to wards meeting ect.this is more of an update to a person on your site, she has yet to ask me for something but she denys your information on your website yet sent me a picture off your website. bingo.........:)
First name: kim
Last name: rhodes
Aka: janet mark
Age: 35
Location: malaysia selangor
Address: 10 usj2 rd
Phone: +60129040630
On websites: mate 1
Report: claims to be daughter of wealthy contractor from malaysia,mother and father were killed in car accident in Sydney 2 years ago,father malaysian mother australian brought up in tasmania and sydney,has bogus barrister email .she claims her father left her $2,700,000 plus properties in malaysia and australia she gets barrister to tell you he needs $3500 in taxes to release money ,she claims to own a shop selling kids clothes and toys she hacks into your ip address and gains information about other woman you may be talking to then poses as fraud investigator telling you there group of investigators are helping you catch other scammers when you give her email address to them to check all the others are scammers but kim is a true and honest person only her you can trust i gave them my sisters email to check they told me she is a notorious scammer what a joke !guys get all the nude photos you can she will do anything you ask her to do and i mean anything this girl makes out to be a good christian girl but is really a 2 bit slut be careful shes good !!!!
First name: Fawzia
Last name: Mamudu
Aka: Abigail Klutse
Age: 33
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: +233240533434
On websites: Mature Dating and Silver Cupid
Report: Promises straight away she loves you and within 3 days of course its her birthday then some thing else then some thing else. Very Clever and believable girl she had me thinking she really did care, im heart broken actually that i found her on this site, but relieved at the same time as i found out before she took me for more than the 250 she did get.
First name: Anita
Last name: Brown
Aka: sammer2744
Age: 33
Location: Ghana, Accra
Phone: 233543512840
On websites:
Report: Contacts members looking for love. She says she was born & raised in Alabama and is currently working with in Ghana. She uses poor English & grammar and pretended to be very familiar with locations that do not actually exist in the Alabama home-town she claims. She solicited large donations for, but instructs to send the money directly to herself via Western Union and specifically said NOT to send the money to the charity through their web-site. She even stated that Western Union will advise not to send her large amounts of money, so to break-up the
First name: SWEENY
Last name: JOSEPH
Age: 23
Address: 10-11 RUE YUFF DAKAR CITY
Phone: +221773695773
On websites: Facebook
Report: Miss Sweeny Joseph, 23 years old woman from Somalia, parents killed by rebels during a civil war in Somalia. Manage to escape to the refugee camp in Dakar, Senegal. Late father (Dr. Alex Joseph ) left a inheritance $5.7 million US dollars, deposited in Barclays bank of London, England and Miss. Sweeny is the only next of kin. Due a number of reasons don't have access of funds, needs of foreign assistant to prepare a claim for the Bank and act as the beneficiary on her behalf. The funds will be transferred to an assistant's account. She asked for money to travel to Mexico taking a medal gold given to her from her father. Then she gets arrested at the airport for smuggling and needs money to be bailed out. But she never was in jail because she was deceiving from there to get more money.
First name: mary
Last name: lamptey
Age: 33
Location: accra, ghana
Report: photos she is using were obtained by hacking the yahoo account of a friend of mine, which has caused a great deal of embarrasment.
First name: Ashley
Last name: Williams
Age: 24
Location: Omaha, NE
On websites: craigslist, facebook -
Report: Repeatedly posts craigslist on casual encounters with variations of the same ad. Uses fake pictures easily found on the internet. Tries to collect home address information. Has a fake facebook profile with no local friends that was recently created.
First name: sandra
Last name: smith
Age: 30
Location: accra gahna west africa
Address: 28th febuary road
On websites: my life
Report: asks for $ 3k $$ in order to be brought to us.
First name: rita
Last name: donald
Age: 47
Location: South Africa
Email: Rita Donald ;
On websites:
Report: she is using the same photo as already put on this site
First name: kseniya
Last name: keynih
Age: 29
Location: 77 koroleva9 Tomsk Russia
Email: kseniya
Report: I sent copy of photo's sent , plus copy of her visa that she emailed and the Australian Embassy identified it to be a fake , they also have no record of her aplying for a visa to Australia to study contrary to her undertaking that she needs $240 to pay for visa and needs it within 7 days . she has sent numerous photo's but some don't match as the same person . she said she wants to marry me and have a child , she said she will repay the money once in Australia . she is very vague when questioned and i sent her a copy of the Australian embassy report on her and she has given a very ordinary response , pleading for the money . The photo's are proffesionaly taken , she said she has a friend as a photographer . she has been corresponding for 3 months now , pleading she is not a scammer and that she is genuine . she stated she was going to her parents for 10 days and would write when returned , in the meantime send money to Western union and email her once in . Australian embassy has no record of her applying to come to Australia , despite the long winded explanation she gave that she has only 7 days left otherwise she won't be granted a visa . she has not explained how or which university she has enrolled , you can't get an education visa if your not enrolled in a university in Australia . The current photo you have of her is only one of 15 that she has sent me .
First name: mihaela
Last name: danila
Age: 30
Location: bucharest romania
Address: vasila parvan
On websites: lavlife
Report: is a dateing contact wants to contact on yahoo messinger and use vidio calles seems to be very honest and soon starts wanting to come to states says has plenty of money to come and is a R N there said got visa for visa and that airline tickets gone up in cost and needs 200 dollers and aletter to give to customs that she wiill have houseing and food here in states then shortly asks for 300 more due to increase in ticket cost and had sold clothes and things to come then said found out needs 3200 in cash to get on a plane ---- i told her no way it appears she very versed in the process and thinks she can keep asking once you are on hook on telling her no she stoped any contact ---
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