First name: Olga
Last name: SEMENOVA
Aka: Anna
Age: 32
Location: Russie - Kazan
Address: 42032 Kazan
Report: Elle est tombée très rapidement amoureuse de moi sans même me connaitre et m'a demandé après 15 jours de Dial de l'argent pour payer son agence de voyage pour venir me voir. Lorsque je lui ai dit que c'était trop rapide, dès le lendemain je n'ai plus reçu de ses nouvelles.
First name: Kira
Last name: Malejko
Age: 23
Location: Ukraine
On websites: russian dating
Report: This person after writing me 2 letters loves me.Kinda funny I suppose because I wrote back and said I know you are a scammer. Also the IP address comes from California while claims to be from Ukraine.
First name: sharon
Last name: cole
Aka: sharon_cole81
Age: 30
Location: nigeria
Address: :..23401
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: wanted $450 for a plane ticket to come and see me wanted the money sent to western union in the NAME:..FIDEL STEVEN ADDRESS:17 BANK ROAD CITY:.OGBA AGUDA STATE:.LAGOS ZIP-CODE:..23401 COUNTRY:.NIGERIA
First name: Irina
Last name: Miheeva
Aka: Valia or Valentina
Age: 25 is said...
Location: Russia, in city Cheboksary
Report: I did get several mails from this girl. She don't seem to bee abel toread all my answers. And never answered any questions. She do have alot of pics to send.
First name: rose
Last name: alexadrandre
Age: 25
Location: lagos
On websites: Love Happens
Report: Ref ID picture. This can be found on the website Love Happens and she claims to come from Egypt.
First name: Marina
Last name: Sozonova
Age: 28
Location: russia Cheboksary
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Eshmekova
Age: 26
Location: Yoshkar ola
Address: Marksa Street 38-14
On websites: Freenet
Report: She`s a nice young woman and wants to marry you right away. I played with her until she told me I should send Money via Western Union
First name: sharon
Last name: james
Age: ?
Location: ?
Email: sharon
Report: possing looking for money for homeless children sending nude picks
First name: zhanna
Last name: Galimyanowa
Age: 27
Location: russia,minusinsk, and Moscow
Address: 662610 Russia Minusinsk vavilova st. House 12 flat4
On websites: Horney
Report: typical visa, air line ticket scam!!
First name: zyann
Last name: cruz
Aka: cyrelforu
Age: 28
Location: phillippines
On websites:
Report: She has just changed her nickname and is at it again on She has also posted new pictures of herself. She now goes by the name cyrelforu.