First name: Rinalyn
Last name: Cabrera
Age: 28
Location: Manila Philipinnes
Address: 25 Kingfisher St Pasay City Philipinnes 01637
On websites: Filipino Cupid
Report: Hi, I want to report this person for soliciting money. I initiated contact with her on the Filipino Cupid website. She replied and immediately wanted to communicate via personal email. I only spoke to her over a period of a few days, however she continued to send me further emails asking for money even though I did not reply to these. The first strange thing I noticed was that she told me she was 28 years old, even though her Filipino Cupid profile says she is 30 ! She then quickly started asking me for a Christmas present, I thought she was joking at first, and replied in kind, but she immediately made it very clear she was serious, and asked for cash and sent me her address so I could send funds through Western Union. I did not send any money and stopped replying to her. She then sent several further emails asking for money and offering to send me naked pictures of herself, none of which I replied to. She then sent a final email saying I could make it up to her by sending a
First name: theresa
Last name: trump
Age: 26
Location: new york
Phone: (646) 481-3157
On websites: yahoo/ facebook
Report: I was contacted by this individual on Dec. 10th 2011 on a singles chat called scout. She asked me to create an account on yahoo so we could chat privately.She claimed she lost both of her parents father of a car accident and her mother of an illness shortly after her father died. She said she lived in an apartment with her aunt in new York. I looked on facebook to see if she was on there and I found the same girl with another pic for her proflie. I friended her and sent a message to see if it was the same person. They replied and said yes it is the same person. I then thought it was a real person so I continued having chats with her. I also asked her for an address and phone #i got a newyork area code phone #. I never called it because she said that i wouldnt be able to hear her voice so i never called. She sent me long emails with attached photos and said we will be together soon, wanting to build a house and get married and have children. She would ask how much I make,if I got my new PC from Christmas fully functioning yet. I thought it was fishy from the beginning and gave her the benefit of the doubt. She never asked for money but I believe that soon she would. I chatted newyears Eve till 3 am with her and that morning I had suspicions so I looked her up and I found the exact profile listed on this site. She really knew how to make me feel good about myself and say all the right things. Thanks to having this site available to the public.
First name: lydia
Last name: amonia
Age: 30
Location: ghana city kumasi
Phone: 011233547013106
Email: lydia amonia @
On websites: verry oftin
Report: sent her money for her passport visa airline ticket n even her other pappers need to come to the usa comes up with trubble on geting on flyt to come in even has trubble when trying to redo her ticket needmore cash n tells you to send westernunion or money gram telles you she cant get it that its not there in when you call to check on the cash it tells you she recived it took close to 4000 from me even her ticket look laget but seam not to be verry good at what she dose has her mother helping her also her uncle n freads i think shes working with evelyn adu on scaming every one her pics shoe her n her dad n mum even her n her frend to gather siting down to .
First name: Irina
Age: 25
Location: Astrachan
On websites: ?
Report: I`ve got funny mails with very sexy pics out of the blue and I guess this chick is a scammer ! Her mails are written in German language and last not least she was writing to come into Germany (my country) to get paid in her new job as dental assistent with very good salary . Last information came from Moskow where she went to get her flight but she was running out of money and asked for small amount to help her otherwise our ideas to be together with very hot sex actions in all variations would end . I`ve tried to pull out of her more information like passport and visa numbers etc. etc. but until today there was no reply any further . . . As far as I remember there were sent to me few weeks ago very similar mails in English language and I think that this other person was the same sender or something like an organisation from Russia . I`ve not sent any amount of money but I`ll write to both a fake Western-Union Number to collect zero money , maybe the authorities could catch those bitches , both I hope ! Regards from Germany Carlo
First name: Sandra
Last name: Smith
Age: 30
Location: England London
On websites:,,,, productobuscado.c, preciobuscado.c
Report: she uses the next user in the pages of 1TPVP62CASH vehicle purchases. Leave the following message: Hello, i just view your advert on is it still for sale? Please reply to me ( Await your response in Ingls. When you respond to mail it asks use PayPal to make the payment but then insists that you give the bank account details, says for you to stay calm gives an address in London. her or the perpetrators of this fraud use private IP on their computers so that they can not be traced
First name: alicia
Last name: graham
Age: 30
Location: North caroline, USA
On websites: TAGGED
Report: THIS SCAMMER STARTED SENDING ME HER E-MAIL ADDRESS. sHE CHATTED WITH ME usuallly after midnight, typicla time of scammers from Africa.
First name: Jenalyn
Last name: Garcia
Age: 31
Location: Shenzhen
On websites:
Report: She had contacted me through Filipino Cupid website and I tried to get her visa and air ticket to Canada. I spend about $5,000 and found out that it was a scam. Her name is Janelyn Garcia with Yuzixy Hual Travels. On this web site I foud out Yuzixy Hual Travel is a scam. I want my money back. I hope someone can give me any information about this agency and Janelyn Garcia.
First name: Elizabeth
Last name: Opare
Aka: Dorothy Mensah
Age: 30 - Dec. 31, 1982 Bd
Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Address: Hno 20012 P.O. Box 18 Kumasi, Ghana, 00233
Phone: +233241118869
Report: For the past week I have exchanging e-mails with Dorothy Mensah, as she claimed to be. she called me in one of her e-mails
First name: mihaela
Last name: danila
Age: 30
Location: bucharest, romania
Address: uvasila parvan
On websites: lavalife and others
Report: met on a date web sight lavalife and we communicated for some time we discussed her comming ot united states and she told me she had enough money to do it but would send letter to assume her expences while in states this appeared to be a very little request so i dd it a week later she told me had to have papers trans. to english and get a visitor visa then it started said needed a couple hundred to by ticket had gone up in cost so was short but had sold a coat and other clothes but still was short a few days later contacted me and said she needed 300 more which i sent as it was a small amount and then said had checked and had to clear at customs and needed 3200 dollers i told her no and she said only way to solve problem was me to come and get her i think its a scam and stold her so and contact came to end
First name: Mary
Last name: Kissi
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: loyal
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: I have been scammed bad by this women. Wish I would have checked here first.
First name: Mariya Andreiva
Age: 25-26
Location: Russia, Ekaterinburg
Address: 620014
On websites: adultfriendfinder
Report: Sono sicuro che tornera a voi questa somma di denaro appena ricevo primo stipendio nel vostro paese, ma prima ho bisogno di volare dalla Russia.
First name: Enchill
Last name: Abrhmms
Aka: Grace Anderson
Age: 35 claims to be
Location: Togo - Lome
Address: 447 kodjovikope st
Phone: +233263187272
On websites: ashley maddison
Report: When writing a report, please ensure your cover the following items: Who initiated contact? I did through Ashly Maddison How was the contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? To: grgr14 (her Handle) Date: Tuesday December 11, 2012 at 7:20pm How long did you correspond for? until Jan 2 - when the request for Money started Did you notice anything strange in the correspondence? Poor English- All the usual trickery - scamming stuff How was the money request done and for how much? On Line During Skype Conversation - for I phone 4 - $ 650 US In whose name(s) was the money requested? Grace Anderson How much was requested, how many times did you receive a request for money? Once - but did not allow - tryed to get me to do on line immediatly. How did your story end? Put email adress (and Scammer?) into Google came up with your website Stop Scammers uses skype - very cunning grace.anderson35 as skype name
First name: Roza
Last name: Vysokina
Age: 37
Location: Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine); Krivoy Rog (Ukraine)
Address: 50000 Dnipropetrovsk city Krivoy Rog
On websites: mamba,loveplanet and other
Report: This moshenik who cheats visa and tickets. She uses a lot of pictures of strangers. I sent her the money for tickets and visa to Turkey of $ 500, but it does not prieala. She tricked me.
First name: Cumisha
Last name: Jones
Aka: Hamida Sumaila, Hamida Nash, Jamila Sumaila
Age: 33
Location: Ghana, Accra
Phone: +233543129765
On websites: (Where are you now)
Report: Hi Guys,......I was contacted about 6 days ago by while I was on said her name was Hamida Sumaila, 33 yrs old, and lived in Accra, Ghana with her mother, Jamila, although her profile on Wayn said London. She had a degree in accounting from a Californian University, and had lived with a guy in Ottawa, Canada for 5 yrs later recanted to 2 years, but I said nothing. She is a really smooth operator, thinking very fast, but also pauses as if thinking on chat.......I suspected early something was wrong, after sending her $90 supposedly for a government form to allow her to work in accounting with the government, my one and only mistake!.......she knew Western Union really well and thanked me for the money. Very small things she slipped up on and professing love for me after just 3 days sent up a red flag........well to cut a long story short....over the 6 days I knew her she asked first for the $90, then $150 for a cellphone, roughly $500 for a laptop for her birthday and culminating on the 6th evening with $750 for an operation for her mother after she had an accident that evening and broke her leg. Needless to say she only got the initial $90. I managed to talk my way out of the others except for the last one. I called the hospital but was given the runaround, so I gave up and told her my bank account was frozen due to a payroll mix-up, which I think she swallowed. I said I would talk to accounts at the hospital the next day (01/02/2913) to try to sort something out ......and that's up to date. She said she would contact me in the morning.........I have all the chat logs and some 12 pictures she sent me, I knew it was her when I saw her pictures on your site but only one of the pictures I have was on your site......but that was enough. So I have 11 new pictures for
First name: pemella
Last name: Nyarkoh
Age: 32
Location: ghana
Address: Pamela nyark Pamella Nyarko: Accra Ghana Pamella Nyarko: 00233
Phone: 0242525196
On websites:,adultfriendfider,cupid
Report: Pamella Nyarko: My internt has been disconnected so i chat on phone and i dont have money to go to the hospital and now my condition is getting worse, darling send me 5000 euros so i can use for my hospital bill and 1000o euros for me to come to you. i need the money now love. pemella
First name: khelan
Last name: willsome
Age: 30
Location: kumasi
Phone: 00233546930601
On websites: all sites
Report: she is a very good scammer claimes she wants to come and marry you then provides fake air line tickets and fake passports but says she is short of airfare
First name: Irene
Last name: Wyane
Age: 31
Location: Tema ghana
Address: BOX 44, Offical town Tema Ghana
On websites:
Report: Im a single woman looking for honest man to love but want webcam for us to talk
First name: Olga
Last name: Lavka
Age: 27
Location: Yasinuvata, Ukraine
Phone: 00380664423595
On websites: Absolute Agency
Report: I have been scammed by a girl who apparently was from Ukraine. We have chatted on Skype for over a month and have talked on the phone almost every day during this month. It was she who initiated the contact when I was registered on the dating site she sent me a short message with her skype name I accepted to add her to my skype and we started to communicate there. After I sent her 3500 USD to create international passport and tourist visa to Norway and put 1120 Euro in her bank account as a guarantee for the authorities since she reportedly will go on tourist travel. the rest of the money I sent her to buy gifts and stuff. The day she should leaving to me she called me and said that she had canceled the flight because she had borrowed 2000 USD to her parents and that they had promised to pay her back just before her trip, but now they are not able to borrow the money from the bank as it was planned and pay back the Money to her. After this when I was convinced that she had cheated me and will never come to me. I accused her for cheating me so she removed me from her Skype and closed up her phone and now she don't answer me at all. I hoped to get help from the Norwegian police to catch her. This became apparent to been impossible and Norwegian authorities can not do anything for me at all. Although she had her Ukrainian phone number and sent her emails with an IP address based in Ukraine, but I strongly suspect that she actually operated from Moscow. The major part of the money I sent to Moscow since she claimed that her uncle worked there and since she lived in a village so she had no chance to get the money, but her uncle could help her and recieve the Money to her. when he receives the money so she can get money from the wife of the uncle who lives in the same village as her. She had sent me many photos and a copy of her Ukrainian and international Passport and also a copy of the paperes she got from the travel agency that should arrange her trip With thier address and phone number. I even had talked to this travel agency and they certified all these things. Now they stopped to answer also as it probabley was a male cooparator that claimed to be the manager of that travel agency. She even gave me her fathers phone number, which is also closed up now. 1.Her full name: Olga Lavka 2.Photos are attached 3.I don't have her full address, but the village was Yainuvata in Donetsk Oblast in Ukraine. Her phone no. 00380664423595 her fathers phone no. 00380675601644 4.Adress of the travel agency: Lenina 40, Avdeevka (A neighbour village) phone no. 00380919171632 5.Her email address:, her Skype name: olga.blondy27 6.I have send her 200 $ to Ukraine and she said that the Money will be picked up by a friend of her. The friends name was Vita Kyzliuk she claimed that the money would be picked up in Donetsk, but now I talked to Western Union and they said that the money had been picked up in Kiev. 7.The rest of the moeny 3300 $ I have sent to her
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Katsuba
Age: 27
Location: Engels, Saratov Oblast, Russia
Address: Street Marshal Vasilevsky, 45/1, Engels, Saratov Oblast, Russia
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: Letter 1 Good day! I am very happy you have answered on my small msg ;) I'll tell you more about me in next letters because now I want to know what you think! Do not do hasty conclusions, read my letter up to the end I actually good and tender, simply the life forces to be cautious and rough because of many deceit and evil. I really very much like you and your profile ;) Nobody not knows result of our correspondence, but I hope we with you will be a great friends. I am student and I study at university as the economist. But more about it in the next letter. Before to begin dialogue, I want to tell at once, that money for a life I earn dancing a striptease. If it contradicts yours morally and ethical principles and do you think need stop our dialogue you can save your time and can not read my letter further. I am very legible in people. I very well understand in people. I do not want to brag of it, but it so. Though to me not many years, but I had difficult life and I had to mature early. Simply should from whom wait for protection and hope only on myself. But it has learned me to be pleased to each instant of a life and not despond and not complain on destiny. In fact we creators of the destiny. You agree with me? And I also want to tell you, that if my intimate photos are necessary for you only and I am not interest to you as the person, not necessary to write me that more. Many tried to receive by deceit my photos. Said, that love me, made many compliments, promised many money, but if not like me as person I will not send such photos. I not against such photos, I even very much would want to send it. I like it, when me admire, it raises me. But I would not want that forced me. I hope to see your letter asap. It would be very interesting me to hear more about you! Tell more about youself, about the country, about the city where you live. It is very interesting to me. What do you think of all that I have written. It is very important for me. Do not forget me, write as soon as possible. The best regards to you! Kate.
First name: patience
Last name: ammoah
Aka: opare addo
Age: 29
Location: kumasi ghanna
Address: 00233
Email: pb.addo
On websites: skype
Report: a women sent a request to be friends on skype as patience ammoah she talked about a man broke her heart and she couldnt trust men anymore.she did not use a web cam instead posted a picture of a pretty girl white. said she was looking for someone to spend her life with .we talked , the next day she made contact again, said how nice i was and she would love me unconditinaly. but she wanted me to send her one hundred dollars so she could get a web cam and mic so she could talk to me and see me, sounds crazey to just talk and go that far that quick,her spelling was not always correct ,spoke like ' he break my heart' instead of broke , her skype address says finland, but she says she is in ghanna now ,with her grandmom,she wanted money sent to opare addo kumasi ghanna 00233 but gave no house number ,she expects me to send her money on monday, but since i found this site that wont happen .
First name: Marina
Last name: Marin
Age: 32
Location: Pavlovo Russia
On websites: Cheaters
Report: Hey Jim! I just happened to come across your site. I read what you have as warnings or red flags in regards to meeting a Russian woman from overseas. Somehow, someway, she sent me a
First name: Magdalene
Last name: Botchway
Age: 33
Location: Kumasi
Address: Po Box 316
Phone: 00233268058833
Email: magdelen
On websites: shagaholics
Report: Asks for money for passport and web cam, and says she wants to move to live with me.
First name: Fanuta
Last name: Iancu
Aka: Adriaa
Age: 18 or 19
Location: Romania
Address: Bodoc # 5A Bucharest Romania
Phone: 0040762969264
Email: or
On websites: Skype is Adriaadri76
Report: This Woman will speak with you on a dating website of choice. Then she will hit you up right away for money. She basically begs for money and has no interest in dating or a relationship. Avoid her at all cost.
First name: Irina
Last name: Kaba
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine
Address: Street Makarova 17
On websites:
Report: This bitch stole 4800 from me an lied all the way through until she came up with some story about her stupid parent losing something and she disappeared like a coward. She is a crook and a scammer
First name: ekaterina
Last name: konivets
Age: 29, dob march 15th 1983
Location: kazan, russian federation
Address: house 31, apartment 10 pravdy street
Phone: none
Email: ;
On websites: girlsdateforfree
Report: We started emailing since seeing her on girlsdateforfree at end of October. Letter exchanged each way and convinced she was genuine. I was going to go there but decided to switch it the other way around because i work and that she could come here on a visa for a few months. as soon as i had sent the last of the money via moneygram on four occasions for visa, passport, air fayre then the substinence money for being out of russia which she said would pay back straight away when she got here,,,,,,,,,,,,,she disappeared,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, not heard anything since Dec 19th 2012 Total loss of money 2200.00
First name: Mariya
Last name: Vasilyeva
Age: 24
Location: Cheboksary, Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report: I have been conversing with this woman for the past month. All the letters have been slowly building up to the point where she is now asking me for money so she can come see me (after only one month of emails and no phone conversation). I have a feeling that there is three different people writing the emails just based on how they are written. I have asked her for proof and everytime she gets upset and tells me she hates me and she is tired of me not trusting her then the very next days email I am lovely again???? Also, she hardly answered any important questions. I asked her to take a photo with my name on it and she refused, instead sending me one with
First name: Darya
Last name: Stephens
Age: 29
Location: Kuibyshev, Novosibirsk region
Email: and
Report: She try's to make contact with guy's and she is using many different e-mail addresses she is a famous person in the scamming world WATCH OUT of this person. some texts from her. Howdy, dear! I'm Darya. I am a young cute, buoyant and commited female. People say I'm kind-hearted. I am looking a male whom I could trust and love. If you are aching for something like that, please do not ignore this letter and answer me! I just can't wait to see a letter from you! Sincerely yours, Darya. P.S.: I promise if you will write me back Ill send you some hot pics of me)! Hello, my dear Bart! As always, I am very pleased to receive your new letter. Thank you for what you'll never forget about me. Today I woke up very early again. At work, a lot of things. Chief Accountant ill, now I have to perform a very important job, which I was assigned. How is your weather? I hope that in your country and everything is fine, my dear Bart! I am extremely glad that you came into my life. With your appearance, I began to feel cheerful girl. I see the meaning of life, I realize that not all is lost and it turns out in the world there is still a man who knows how to respect and understand the woman. This man is you Bart! I am very thankful for the fact that you came into my life. More and more I realize that you can see all the qualities of my ideal. During our conversation, I knew you very well. You're smart, beautiful at heart, intelligent and open person. It is a pleasure to chat with you! I see that we are very similar, we have the same outlook on life. Do you agree with me? All employees in the workplace feel the changes in me, and so it is. I began to smile, more care for yourself, visit almost every day gym and swimming pool. I saw the light in this dark and gray world, I realized that I need to live and move on. I am very glad that you said to me on my very first letter. We are very good friends and may have more than just friends. You became for me a very dear person. I know that you will always help me in difficult times and to share my happiness. I believe in you 100! You became my best friend, and I'm proud of it! I am ready to meet with you all my secrets. During our conversation, we really know each other. I think that the past relationship was a mistake for us. You and I are very similar, so we never felt true love. But it was all in the past. Now we need to continue to live and look only forward, not stopping for a step. My dear friend, I have always dreamed of the perfect family. I believe that my dad and my mom is the ideal family. I've never seen that parents swore. My dad loved and loves only her mother. My parents are respected, valued, loved and never cheated each other. I want my future family was exactly the same! I want to feel the support in a man, which I can always rely on. I will give all the warmth of my heart and soul only to one man. Sometimes I close my eyes and see you next to me. My dear friend Bart, I'm glad you're with me and our relationship does not end. Perhaps it is you'll be my man? Now we need to communicate and develop our relations, to see whether we suit each other? But I feel, and I believe in my heart that all is well! What do you think about this, my dear friend, Bart? Please tell me the thought of our friendship? Where do you see your ideal family? Please do not hide anything from me. I want to know your opinion on this. You really are very precious for me man! I do not want to lose you! You make me happy every day! Unfortunately, now I have to finish my letter. But I'll think of you and wait for your answer! In this letter, I will tell you my soul. My real thoughts. Best regards, Your Darya.
First name: fati
Last name: seidu
Age: 33
Location: ghana
On websites: wayn
Report: I just chatted with this person twice and now she wants money so is this person a scam thanks
First name: Sandra
Last name: Wayne
Aka: Becky Smith,Racheal Smiths Amanda Kyle Ciana Leasy
Age: 32
Location: Lagos Ikeja Nigeria
Address: 12 Habib Olalere Street zip 23401
Phone: 14693430310 other 12348129523832
Email: h.betty25
On websites: Amateur Match Zoosk Bebo face space
Report: She contacted me threw Zoosk wanted to email each other right away. Was in love with me right away and wanted money for flight to come see me. New something was wrong and pictures she send look to good. Bought member ship at website to upload picture and found it traced back to Sandra Wayne and play some games with her making her go to western union few days in a row for nothing. She was using profile H.Betty from Zoosk Dating beware of this scum of the earth.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Gluzabel
Age: 36, 37
Location: Maykop
On websites: Zoosk
Report: She asked for travel money to Norway but did not tell the tru again and again.
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