First name: Elle
Last name: Muraeva
Age: 28
Location: Yoshkar Ola
On websites: badoofuck
Report: Here a scammer one from badoofuck.
First name: Anne
Last name: Largo
Age: 27
Location: philipines
On websites: fb
Report: ann largo is a con artist and entice young women to be her freind then her pimp gets to the person she is no on his books
First name: Rebecca
Last name: Boateng
Age: 32
Location: Ghana. Accra
Address: 00233
Phone: 233 55 652 4080
Report: The woman is a very good scammer. She tells sob stories about a sick uncle she can't take care of. Wants to be a nurse and come to United States. Needs passport money. Needs money for school. Needs money for airline flight. A different sob story every week.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Koli
Age: 31
Location: Ukhta (Russia)
Email: ,
On websites: Gmail, Outlook (Hotmail)
Report: Just gave her the push. as she asked for $400 for a plane ticket Documents are on the way. she said see had no access to media sites but found her on the russian equiv of facebook. i suggest anyone who is in doubt about a person from russia try google first.
First name: Harriet
Last name: Denny
Aka: Mary Tetteh
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
On websites: Google Hangouts, Skype
Report: Pretty lady who uses it to her advantage. Said she would send me naked photos and videos if I bought her iTunes gift cards. Also said she need $400 to pay her school tuition in which she needed a western union wire transfer sent to someone else not associated with the school.
First name: mary
Last name: mcdonald
Age: 37
Location: usa and nigeria
On websites: uknown
Report: she stated she is from usa on missions work to Nigeria well I have been encountering some problems she was going to pray before I send any money due to bad fortune she lied she sent the money back. it was a fake mtcn number
First name: Alina
Last name: Fam
Age: 34
Location: Samara Russia
Phone: 78460092571
On websites:
Report: just a heads up , lots of letters , before asking for money , and pictures as well
First name: Valencia
Last name: Pinzhalina
Aka: Valentina
Age: 36
Location: Estonia
Address: Mihkli 28, Parnu
Phone: +372 5785 6011
Report: Contact via E-mail, duration twoo weeks Story in short. Cousin died in Gdansk in a hospital. She had to go to the funeral But she was robbed in Kaliningrad in Russia and some robber stole her bag. money,passport,visa,bank card, and her phone So she asked for 470 euro
First name: Lina
Last name: Rudenko
Age: 35
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
Address: Apartment 3 Mira 6 Kiev 01001
Phone: +38 050 103 50 42
Email: None known
On websites: Jump4love
Report: Lina Rudenko is, by all accounts, an international model and I have found photos on her Facebook page and on pinterest. I sent a friend request on Facebook which was accepted but no reply was received to messages. She has never made a request for money. She would not agree to meet in Kiev but has often suggested going on holiday together in August. My belief is that she is a real person whose identity and photos have been stolen for the purpose of encouraging payment to a website which is equally dubious.
First name: Cathy
Last name: Clark
Age: 34
Location: Greater Accra Ghana
Address: Donsoman
Phone: 6464706096
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Asking for $4180 for payment of security company in Ghana for the storage of 6bars of gold deposited by here late father Donald Clark
First name: Olga
Age: 35
Location: Russia, Yelabuga
On websites: Happypanncake
Report: I contacted what I thought was a girl nearby. In second mail she admittet she was Russia from far away. He swedish was not good so we switched to english. After third mail I was the 8 wonder of the world. After a two weeks of almost daily mail she wanted to come. Asked for ticket money for travelling then to stay here a month. 8000SEK (about 800 EUR) A ticket cost about half that. I stopped all contact and she has not been in contact again. One extra, I just got the first mail again on another mail address. Not a clue how she found that, been using it very rarely. Claims again
First name: Daria
Age: 35
Location: Russia
Report: the new scammer marianna is also daria semenova, i posted some months ago
First name: irina
Age: 32
Location: mother Russia
On websites: outloook
Report: Good morning? or Good evening? I just don?t know what time it is when you read my email. I hope that my message finds you well. I also hope you were not busy when you got my email. I promise not to waste your time.)) If you feel lonely like me now, I am sure you will like my email. I am writing to you coz I think you?re looking for a serious relationship. So do I. Let me introduce myself! My name is Irina! I am 32. I am from Russia. I live in Syktyvkar, old but beautiful city. I hope you are not afraid of communicating with woman thousanhd miles away from you. I think that the distance for those who truly want to be together does not play so big role !! So I am here and looking for a man. I am not a good user of computer and had never talked through the Internet before, but I read a lot about it in various newspapers and magazines. There are so many stories about Russian girls who did find their happiness thanks to the Internet. To tell the truth I am a little bit shy. I always were a shy girl. Today is the day when I decided to write a man first. And I used to think that a man but not a woman should take the first step in the relationship. But this morning I woke up with the thoughts that it would be stupid to wait for a gift from fate. Sometimes you need to take your own destiny in your own hands and arrange your own happiness. Do you agree with me?? So, as you understand, I am a resolute and purposeful woman. My friends find me kind, cheerful and cute, but I do not want to impose their opinion on you. I want you have your own opinion about me and my character. I think it is fair, isn?t it? Of course, it will be difficult for you to understand who I am just reading this email. But you will definitely know me better if you don?t disregard my email today. I also attached my picture to this email so you can see how I look. I hope you will like me. Looking forward to your reply Irina
First name: Mercy
Last name: Apoh
Age: 30
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: Waplog. Fastmeet. Tango
Report: This woman will come at you from several email accounts. She will take your money and say to make plans to meet only to have you send even more money. She is a fake. Tools me she was an only child and had two siblings. These people need to be stopped. The only thing this site is good for us placing your scammers here. Need to have an area for legal My pressuring these fake was peopple.
First name: Tiffany
Last name: Watson
Age: 31
Location: South Carolina, USA
On websites: Twitter
Report: Contacted me on twitter. Promised a pole dance for money. she said she really needed a sugar daddy.
First name: Jones
Last name: Combs
Aka: Amber Taylor
Age: 30
Location: Afghanistan
On websites: Tagged (Dating site)
Report: She pretended to be in love with me we talked for 3 weeks she initiated conversation from dating app tagged. She asked me after third week to send 100$ on amazon gift card so she could boost her internet.She claimed to be in United States Air Force on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan and claimed she had an Apartment in downtown Columbus Ohio.I started getting suspicious because I am former military and I kbow about the internet in a warzone.I did a reverse image search and found her on other scammer sites.She also goes by Jones Combs on hangouts app.
First name: Linda
Last name: Yormie
Aka: Linda
Age: 24
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Phone: +221781150782
Report: She claims to be a refugee in Senegal, have money in an account and asks for support to obtain again if money. Request very personal information and send photographs of her to enter in confidence.
First name: Teri
Last name: Williams
Age: 28
Location: USA, San Antonio tx
Email: Teri.gwilliams
On websites: Skout, hangouts
Report: Contacted me on skout asking for 200 dollar card. When confronted about her pictures being bree Olsen she then said it was herand wanted the 200 dollars I'm still in have blocked her on Facebook and messenger.
First name: Kate
Last name: Sarazinski
Aka: Kate Sarazinski Rubson
Age: 23
Location: Newark, New Jersey
On websites: Kik
Report: She wants you to send iTunes cards. Send her Google play cards to help her purchase airline tickets to come visit you. Wants you to buy her a new. Cell phone.
First name: DARYA
Last name: OSIPOVA
Age: 35
Address: 115035 BALCHUG 2
First name: Nancy Beale
Last name: Lea
Age: 35
Location: Belgium, Ghana, USA
On websites: skype and hangouts
Report: Good morning During 2017 and partly 2018 I was scammed by the above person I believe she is using the pornstar as cover She has been in Accra Ghana with a Vodaphone number 0205557471 A said address to be If you are supposed to send money to here for the moment you have to send it to a bank clerk in Accra called Edward Diawuo supposed to work at an Ecobank office with phone number 0550957265 or 0208442897 She is living by a couple called Suzie and Eric Yeboah with address 36 Stephen Quarshie Crescent, East Legon, Accra have paid money many different Paypal or Skrill addresses during this period will here specify as many as i can find and remember I believe she is now present in the USA, I have no information about her recent locations Here are all the email addresses being used in the fraud Passport N B Lee.jpg
First name: Alina
Last name: Yaman
Age: 34
Location: Kiev UKRAINE
Email: @yamanalina
On websites: FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM & Dream Singals
Report: I had been emailing her for sometime on a few sites. I asked why she is listed on a few other ones and then she would block me. I had a friend contact her useing his site, asking if she would reach out to me and why she removed me. She then blocked him also. Inshort, I outed her and she or whoever is useing the name and photos (because Alina Yaman is a real person) is useing her photos to create profiles.
First name: Iryna
Last name: Tiamo
Age: 28
Location: Russia
Address: Russia, 630075, Novosibirskaya oblast, Novosibirsk, Medkadry str., 7-12
Phone: +7-968-475-1877
Report: I want money, and I still write
First name: Sandra
Last name: Quarcoo
Age: 39
Location: Ghana
Report: 1. She first contacted me on Hangouts saying 2. she saw my profile on a dating website Romance Tale. 3. 3 months and still corresponding. She claims to be in Ghana living with her Grandma. 4. Suspicions really aroused this week when we attempted Facetime but it was silent no sound and got defensive when i asked her to do it in real time with sound so we could talk properly. It was clearly a recorded film and she was talking...looked like a webcam. It lasted about 3 minutes. 5.She is asking for money for a few weeks now to pay for her Graduation after training as a nurse but i now doubt this. 6. She is requesting a transfer be made via paypal
First name: Vida
Last name: Amoah
Aka: Vida Bokoe
Age: 37
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 02233
Phone: 011 233 24 082 0682
On websites: Amatuermatch
Report: I received emails from a woman, Vida Amoah, who contacted me from the dating website Amatuermatch. She resided in Accra, Ghana who I suspect is a dating scammer. Goes by the name of Vida Amoah (email address: who emailed a last will from her mother who was dying with the name of Radiatu Sulley. Fati Idrissu Her attorney who provided the will was named, William Kent. The personal representative of the will was Barrister Solomon Kwesi of Zodiac Chambers, No. 5 Ring Road Central, Accra ? Ghana. Unfortunately, I taken by the fraud and sent money via Western Union in increment so $100 to $250 on 6 different occasions to either Radiatu Sulley, Arthur Kofi, Salifu Osman, Unfortunately, they had threatened black mall with exposing. Gold bars stored at Security Company at Accra 233 57 031 1817 233 27 168 9058 Mr. William Kent ( 233 24082 0682 Vida Amoah ( Witness to the will Douglas Hallberg Address: B13/18 North Kaneshie, Greater Accra - Ghana Vida Amoah, Mr. William Kent
First name: Iryna
Last name: tolkushkina
Aka: simianchuk / drohobytska
Age: 38
Location: Ukraine/ donetsk / Kiev
Address: ILyich 66 index 8300 / index 04071 bottom shaft 17/8
Phone: +38019351459
Report: Iryna sent e-mail to me. I answered it, approximately 30 were exchanged form February-march 29. Everything seemed ok. Iryna wanted to meet, We agreed to meet in the USA were I live. she had traveled to the USA be for was ok.she went to Kiev for interview. she told me that she was running out of money needed money for plane tickets. I sent 1100 USD. A flight schedule was sent to me. then she requested 3000 USD more. for travel required by US Customs to free up her visa. I told her that would not work she needed to find other resources. then she got back to me said her mom gave her $1200 if I could cover the rest she also added that after she arrived she would give the money back. I attempted to send the 1800 western union caught it and froze the delivery. I called, Western Union told me they had her on a hot list. the info they had she will never make it to the plane. she always has some excuse. I retrieved my money 1800 + transfer fee. I thought there was a mistake but when I sent Iryna a note explaining the situation on march 30 I never heard from her again. since then I was looking around on the scam list I thought I found a picture that resembled her among the scam list pretty face with blond hair green eyes. Makes me wonder if the plane tickets were payed for and that's where the other 1200 come from.
First name: Donna
Last name: Diaz
Aka: Emma
Age: 35
Location: Atlanta Georgia
On websites: LinkedIn , hookup , twitter
Report: Contacted by Donna two weeks ago things seem normal things seem like a relationship could start. After a couple days of talking with this person she instructed me that she was leaving Atlanta and going to Cambodia because she was a jewelry dealer. She gave me a big story about making these arrangements for her trip because of the bids and contract that she had out in Cambodia so she said that she took a 19 hour flight to get there. During this time we continued to talk while she was supposedly in Cambodia and she weekend to ask me for money due to the fact that she had no money also due to the fact that she had just gotten a divorce from her abusive husband and he had froze her account supposedly. So at this point she now is in Cambodia stranded trying to work on a deal for jewelry and she asked for money. At this point we had been talking for a while and was pretty confident that she was a real person she had been sending me photos telling me things about her family etc. Today she asked me to send her A substantial amount of money to get her out of Dodge once again I played the role knowing that this was not OK I did not send the money she got into a huge conversation with me asking me all kinds of things saying that she loved me saying that she wanted to take care of me that she would Pay the money back she promised to pay the money back she wanted me to send the money on Amazon gift cards that was what threw out my concern. Once the night ended and we were done talking I googled her email address and somebody had already reported the email address. The photos from the previous report were different than the ones that I received.
First name: Hillary
Last name: Collings
Aka: Sarah Wilson
Age: 30
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 10 Meridan St.
On websites:
Report: Met this woman on After we exchange email addresses, she told me she was in Ghana to settle her late father's estate and that she was from Bronx, New York originally, but moved to Manassas, VA. She wanted me to pay money for her to get her father's gold out of a Safe Keeping account, that's when she stated that she would pay me back once the gold would be release, and that we could then get married and live anywhere wanted to! First of all my suspicion was already heighten, when she told me she wanted to marry me and that she was in love with me in the first email. Then she told me that I could send the monies to an Edward Nyanth, her supposed father Lawyer. This woman is very bad news! Don't get lured into her web of deceit!
First name: Viktoria
Last name: Shestaka
Age: 26
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
On websites: Charmerly, BravoDate, VictoriaHearts, VictoriaBrides
Report: Scammer that operates with same ID 7012656 on all four websites. She is there only to keep asking you for gifts through the site and keep you communicating with her by spending credits.
First name: Sala
Last name: Swallah
Aka: Belinda smith / brandymbroh
Age: 36
Location: Ghana / Acrra
Address: 2000 Kanda Ave. Zip.00233
Phone: 650-308-9878
On websites: Zoosk dating
Report: I was approached by a email that said a zoosk member wanted to meet me and was furnished with a number to text her and then we started messaging and everything seemed real then asked to western union 150$ for internet pay.