First name: Anita
Last name: Addoz
Aka: Whitneycute01
Age: 31
Location: born in France living in Africa
On websites: Catholic
Report: I've noticed the same foto on this sight...we've just started chatting, something didn't sit right with me,so I found your sight and low and behold she was on it but listed at a younger age.Mucho Thanks
First name: alisa
Last name: larry
Age: 23
Location: Ghana
Report: she stole my 10.7 m $
First name: haris issaka
Last name: ganiyu
Age: 36-37
Location: accra ghana
Email: nowonline03
Report: she says she needs money for visa and flight ticket
First name: marina
Last name: sozonova
Age: 28
Location: cheboksary
Address: stret vinokurova 15
Report: chiesto soldi per passaporto e visto (da me dati 350 euro wester union) poi 900 per per il viaggio,mi sono rifiutato e non si e fatta piu' sentire. Luca ( Italy)
First name: Julia
Last name: Federowa
Aka: Natasia Karpova
Age: 27
Location: Olha, Lenina street 9, flat 37 (near Irkutsk)
Address: Kamanina 12-192; 127572 Moscow, Russia
Report: I saw her pic here, I thought i should inform you all. I got few messages from her claiming that she will be coming to the US for work. We had corresponed for awhile & the last message that she needed money for the plane ticket. She even attached a photo of her passport. Of course, I didn't reply back to her. I almost flet sorry for her, but it was too good to be true. I don't know ow to attach her photo here, but I will send it to this web site.
First name: Ayish
Last name: razak
Age: 30
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Report: this lady had me really bout to believe her She told me her name was Caroline Crekit ,she had a boy [4 yrs old] she was in England at first then the next letter she was in lagos Nigeria,she told me the same age as she told others but she had a job there as a import cars but if send her$500 with what she got save & that she come here. she wanted me to for her money I have to cash some check here for her& she was born in Floida.I told her [like alot of ladys ,that was from us,tthat the embbassey will pay their way back to the state ,but when they get back ,they'll have to pay them back]but she wrote back ,she never had the money to go to the embbasseylollllllllllllllllshe never wrote no more . she use s differnt E-mail with me
First name: Marina
Last name: Kushakova
Age: 19
Location: Pskov, Russia
Email: I don't know
On websites:
Report: I am not a member of the site listed but I was browsing listings of girls and came across this one. I typed the city she lived in in Google Maps and came across the report on this web site. One of the aliases, Alena, matches the one on this site. The web site is not listed on sites she is on so I decided to send this so you can do your own investigating. On the site she is 19, in your scam report she is 27. I don't know if these two are one in the same, but there were some coincidences. Her SN on the site is: Alena4815 Let me know if she is or isn't will ya? She's kinda cute. Hope the one I found isn't the scammer. lol
First name: melodie
Last name: Spencer
Aka: dara bayo rebecca thompson
Age: 30
Location: nigeria
On websites:
Report: chated twice said she was self employed stuck in nigeria needed funds for ticket home claims to live in victoria in australia and is in nigeria onj business
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Kovalenko
Age: 23
Location: Poltava Ukraine
Report: Svetlana got killed in car accident few weeks ago. There were 5 people in a car. She was sitting in the front. I'm her cousine. Please do not blame her. You can send me email I would tell you more details.
First name: Olga
Aka: Olya
Age: 27, 28
Location: Kirousk, Ukraine
On websites: R Brides
Report: I have the same photos as you see here! So sweet, so deadly! Wants money for insurance on Visa. R U Kidding?? So madly in love after a few letters!