First name: Zuwieratu
Last name: Abubakari
Aka: Felicia Y. Johnson
Age: 34
Location: Ghana, Accra
Report: Creates romance over IM on Yahoo. Very professional and patient. Possible airline ticket fraud.
First name: rose
Last name: appiah
Aka: rankee world
Age: 33
Location: ODA Ghuna west africa
Phone: +233 246402291
Report: contacted via dating site LULU dating.. says she was german citizenship but now in Ghuna Africa.. also known as rankee in rankee world a **** amatuer site.. says she is not for money but asks indirectly .. been about five months so I am unsure.. we talk about many things and such as little things...
First name: Dolly
Last name: Anthony
Age: 28
Location: Asheville Nc
On websites:
Report: ****o Thank you for your reply.. I don't have problem as long as you turn out to be the right one in my life that is what i really need to know, please tell me are you looking for a serious relationship someone you want to have a life with or you just need someone to spend time here with i don't mean to sound this way, i just want you to know am a serious woman and looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with and you should know what you are getting involve in, if you are not ready let me know, i am self employed i buy and sell Artworks, i live in Asheville Nc , i have been alone for a long time without no love partner in my life i stood up after a long time thinking why am i hurting my self this way i need a life so i did try this site cos i believe i can get what am really looking for here someone nice and sincere that way i can have a life again so i did and i came across your profile i think is what am looking for you are looking for too, i like taking walk when am less busy and will love to do so with someone special like you, i like fishing too i think it will be great we do that someday,i have been looking for that special person in my life so i decided now to move on and forget the past keep it away that is why am here on this internet dating, am new in this internet thing and hope to make something good out of it,i will love you to tell me about yourself, hope to read from you again.. Dolly 2:17:23 PM dollyanthony28: No am here 2:18:01 PM dollyanthony28: am a single lady looking fr the lpve of my life 2:18:10 PM dollyanthony28: i never new my dad all i have is my mom 2:18:33 PM dollyanthony28: i love taking a walk when am less busy i love fishing but not deep sea fishing 2:19:07 PM dollyanthony28: am in nigeria at the moment with my fostre mom cos she need a kidney transplant cos she has a renal failure . . . . . 2:20:45 PM dollyanthony28: no 2:20:51 PM dollyanthony28: she still sick 2:21:00 PM dollyanthony28: i love your family how you describe them 2:21:07 PM dollyanthony28: what country are you inn . . . . . 2:39:53 PM dollyanthony28: can you help me sweet 2:40:24 PM dollyanthony28: i need to help my mo for her opertaion and the doctors are asking for money cos the said is the company policy before the opertaion can be done 2:40:47 PM dollyanthony28: but i dont have any one that can help i have asked and search no way can you help me . . . 2:42:55 PM dollyanthony28: so when will you be bale to get it ? 2:43:02 PM dollyanthony28: and ** much can yo help me with 2:43:15 PM dollyanthony28: how much is 47500 . . . . 2:51:06 PM dollyanthony28: judt tell me when you will be online how many hours from now 2:51:10 PM dollyanthony28: ok 2:51:24 PM dollyanthony28: Hon but can you send me some money tomorrow so i can feed here 2:51:27 PM dollyanthony28: ?
First name: nana
Last name: winfrey
Aka: sabrina
Age: 33
Location: ghana
Phone: 233244521916 233244749632 233540613678
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: i was on she liked one of my pic. then we started chatting. she said lets go over to yahoo messenger. so i went to my yahoo mail and talked to her there. then we talked for a couple of days. then she said her birthday was Aug the 7th which was in about a week. she said she had no money for a cake and if i mind sending her a present. i said give me your information. so she did an it is Nana Winfrey Ghana Accra 00233. so later we talked and she was wanting to come to the states. she said her dad was an American and that he died about a yr ago in Denver Co. so we talked more. then how about me helping you get back to the states. so i sent her 350 dollars for her passport and some food. she said she had dual citizenship and that all she needs. then we could get her a ticket to the states. then the next day she said she need to get a visa. i ask why. then she since her passport expired she has to get a visa to. so i said find out how much that cost. she said the next it will cost about 800dollars. i said ok. i got the 800 dollars and sent her. before that she lost and some else started texting me. saying that they were Sabrina and then it became confusion because one said she would get the visa in about two weeks and then said they needed more because of a different visa. then i said this it and changed my number and deleted them off my yahoo messenger
First name: Mariya
Last name: Loginoua
Age: 26
Location: Archangelsk Russia
Address: Abramova 25 Apt.17
Email: archmariya
On websites: Yes
Report: Mariya --claims to be a orphan grow up in several foster homes-. University dental educations.Took train to Moscow to board a flight to Canada . Custom found her undeclared dental hand tools- boarding refused fine imposed----? Had to bribe officials to get papers back---? Riding in a taxi in Moscow involved in car collision ---? Injured leg ---?Hospital stay. Moscow Clinical Hospital No. 83 Orehoviy Bulvar 28 Zip-115682 What is true ????
First name: mery
Last name: rita
Age: 29
Location: kumasi
Phone: 233541157013
On websites: skype
Report: be carefull this girl is dangerouse do not give her any money she is stolen me 200 euro she will tell you a refugee from lybia she live a orphanage ih ghana do not belive her cut the conversation as soon as possible she contct me about skype some times she is on line she show same hot
First name: Mary
Last name: Geddings
Aka: Mary Charity Geddings or Mary Dougles or Jenny Geddings
Age: 39
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Address: jp 45 block 7A Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 54000
Phone: 924 665-01
On websites: yahoo, yahoo messenger
Report: Met on Match.
First name: Melinda
Last name: Rebucas
Aka: Denzmelz Rebucas
Age: 37
Location: Blk. 16 Lot 33, Gallera de Oro Subdivision, Bago Aplaya, Davao Oriental
Phone: 0908-791-7863, 0910-230-9327, +966535638983
On websites: , , https://www.fa
Report: Umutang po si Melinda Rebucas ng gadgets sa akin worth 4,800 pesos noong July 5, 2012 at ayaw na po nyang magbayad. Sa may Saudi Arabia po sya nagtatrabaho, pero yung hipag po nya na si Isadora Dalhog ang tumatanggap ng mga items na tiga-davao po. Kapag sinisingil ko po sya, nagagalit po sya at kung ano-ano pa po ang sinasabi nya. Binabaliktad nya po na may sira ang items at luma daw po at gumagawa sya ng rason para di magbayad. Sinabi ko po sa kanya na kung may sira ay ipadala nya yung item para ma-check at magawa or mapalitan. Pero ayaw nya naman po. Marami na po syang na-scam na online shops at mga customer nya. Marami po syang online shops na ginagamit sa Facebook.
First name: essel
Last name: confort
Aka: many
Age: 31
Location: winebba ghana
Phone: +233245227648
On websites: ?
Report: you have her as eugenia nelson her address for western union at moment is 102 morris st winneba country central region ghana i have pinged her & will continue talking for a while yet to see where it goes she got me for $50 so are lucky says she is teacher at school (volunteer) & attends local LDS church
First name: Lyubov
Last name: Prutskova
Age: 31/ 32?
Location: Russia, Kazan/ Yoshkar-Ola
Address: 420 000
On websites: lyubovprutskova
Report: Hi, about my story see my website Thanks and regards x
First name: Nataliya
Last name: Kasay
Aka: Natalaya
Age: 36
Location: Zaporozhye
Phone: 380676188272
On websites: A Foreign Affair
Report: Nataliya, has been found to be a dating scammer and removed from various websites. I personally dated Nataliya. She skimmed and scammed money for everything. She wanted me to buy her a new Mercedes and pay her house expenses of $2,000 per month. She always wanted lavish gifts on trips I took with her. I caught her lying and broke off the relationship before buying any cars or sending money to support her.
First name: Betty
Last name: Harris
Age: unknown
Email: Betty Harris ;
On websites: craigslist
Report: Thank you for responding to my email and offering to rent your place. I am so happy the room is still available. Please I am for real, you can call me on 386-308-2916 I tried calling your phone but it keeps telling me to contact the service provider which I don't really understand so I said to email again because I really like the place and the location is good for me since I have visited the State before and I am sure my business will work fine there. I am so please with the amount for the rent/deposit. I will be making payment pending my arrival just to be assured I have the place ready before I leave my Mom's house. Please, make sure the place is being secured and reserved for me because I wont be able to come look at the place until my arrival date which I will be moving in but I will attach a copy of my Passport to this email since I wont be able to complete any paper work upon my arrival. If you want any separate Holding Fee to hold the room for me, I really don't mind and I will still consider paying my rent/deposit. Please I will appreciate if we can leave every form of paper work or application form pending when I will be arriving there in person just for the sake of my divorce proceeding for now more reason why I will be attaching a copy of my Passport Data Page to this email just for proper reference if its needed. This past week I got to Florida has been so ethic and have been preoccupied. Base on my divorce proceeding, the divorce lawyer needs record for every expense I incurred. For this reason I will be instructing my issuing client to have my Housing allowance sent to you in Money Orders Asap. Kindly send me your payment details viz-a-viz :Your Full Names as you want it to appear on your the Money Orders, a reachable Contact Address NOT P O BOX and Phone Number so your payment can be put into my payment schedule and be mailed out to you prior to my arrival. I hope I can trust you with my money because I heard so many Roommate and other Landlord sign contract with people over the internet and breach the contract. I heard there are so many fake post on craigslist, this is why I am attaching my passport to assure you this is a genuine rent proposal. I am waiting for a settlement payment approval and confirmation from the joints account I have with my Ex in two days so once you give me the necessary information needed, I will make sure I forwarded it to the issuing client and ensure the payment gets out to you without any form of delay. I hope you can understand. Send me the necessary information so I can ensure the payment gets on its way asap. I plan to leave here as soon as you receive the payment and assure me that the place is ready for me to move in. I really don't mind when you want the rent to start counting because that wont be a problem. I just need to ensure the place has been secured for me before I plan to move in. Hope to read back from you soon. Much Regards Betty Harris Ringing Antiques Connection
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Luo
Age: 24
Location: Cte dIvoire
Phone: +228 9142 84 59
On websites:
Report: Dearest Marta, Thanks for your quick response, I'm delighted and honored writing this letter to you having received your prompt reply which I have first contacted you for a sincere relationship, and I hope and pray that you will be honest to me and bring meaning into my life. Though currently I am seeking asylum in a refugee camp in place called Lome the capital of Republic of Togo in West Africa. With deep sorrow and tears in my eyes I hope my story will not be upsetting or an embarrassment to you because I am constrained to contact you due to the maltreatment I received from my uncles after the death of my parents which has turned my life around for pains and sufferings. I ran out of my country because my Uncles planned to **** me and take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father and mother. I urge you to read this letter carefully to enable you understand my predicaments. My name is Miss. Tatiana Tage Luo, 24 years of age from Cte dIvoire, in western Africa, My Father, Tage Luo, was the Interior Minister of Cte dIvoire, in Laurent Gbagbo government. He attacked by the rebels in the presidential residence where he was holed up with other confidants of Laurent Gbagbo including my mother. Although, I do not know how far you are familiar with events and fragile political situation in Cte dIvoire. My father of blessed memory before his death deposited the sum of (US$5, 520, 000.00) (FIVE Million FIVE Hundred and TWENTY THOUSAND Dollars) in a Bank with my name as the next of kin. However, I shall forward to you all the necessary documents on the confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and investment of the fund. As you will also help me in the investment, because I will like to complete my studies, as i was in my 1st year in the university, when the crisis started. After the transaction you will arrange for my trip joining you over there for you to help me invest the money while i complete my studies. Meanwhile I wanted to escape from Africa to any where in the world but the wife of my uncle hides away my international passport and other valuable traveling documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father's File which contains important documents. So I decided to run to the refugee camp through the help of a sailor where I am presently seeking asylum under the Private charity organization for the Refugee here in Lome, Republic of Togo. I wish to contact you personally because I believe that you will never betray me, if you don't intend staying with me in your country then It will be my pleasure to compensate you with 15% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my investment capital this is the reason why I decided to contact you. Please all communications should be through this email address only for confidential purposes. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above, I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle this transaction sincerely. Awaiting your urgent and positive response. Please do keep this only to your self please, I beg you not to disclose this to anybody until i join you over, once the fund has been transferred. Thank you so much and God bless you. Yours Sincerely Tatiana
First name: Ludmila or Milaaa
Last name: Dirko
Age: 28-29
Location: Ukraine
Phone: 0038994558593
On websites: lovewake or others do not know
Report: She has been a scammer and got from me 1000 euros. I have reported the issue to her country Embasy in my Coutry and also to my embasy to her countru as well as INTERPOL. I will run after my money as principal cos this kind of people create a bad reputation of their country. I have a lots of her photos tha she send me and I will place them here so she will not be able to do it to others. She claims tha she is a Russian-English teacher as ofcourse she lies. I will be going to Ukraine and I will find her personaly and clain with my recipets my money back
First name: Aida
Last name: Bautista
Aka: Naomi Bautista
Age: 29
Location: Makati Philippines
On websites:
Report: She was made up a story that she living alone and she dont have any family and living on the streets no food to eat so she can get money in every foreign people. in the first place she was Using my husband for Financial support and she lied my husband that she is single .. we was found out that she is married and have kids becarefull to this woman
First name: marderline
Last name: loveth
Age: 31
Location: nigeria, bairos
Phone: 4845317093
On websites:, yahoo messanger, skout app for smartphones
Report: marderline initiated contact, we text messaged each other for a week or so . then she told me she was stuck in nigeria on a work trip and needed me to send her 950$ so she could get a flight back home. i was given an address to her home in oklahoma city, OK. i informed her that i could not sen any money at which time she became abusive in her messages and was very insistant on i send her money now. she gave me a plce to send the money to in nigeria. she also sent me pictures of herself to my cell phone and email ..i noticed that she couldnt sell very well for someone who had claimed to be working for unicef and had a masters degree, as time went on i knew i was being or at least trying to be scammed . i continued to talk with her as to slow her down and try to prevent anyone else from being scammed. i didnt fall for it and never sent any money . and am still getting information as she now says she is the UK
First name: Eugenia
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Janet Nelson
Age: 31
Location: Ghana Accra
Phone: +57(2)255-913
On websites: Facebook
Report: Sends **** pictures then asks for money to help pay for passport phones asks about your kids asks for money to buy food stuff for sick mum who becomes gran sometimes. Tells you her Dadis dead. Keeps asking for money and tells you she loves you
First name: Sivia
Last name: Blalock
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria, Lagos
On websites:
Report: Same as usual, we met on a dating site, she claimed to be in love with me and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me.. She needed just a little money to help with the ticket. Even claimed to be Australian by birth....
First name: Julia
Last name: Likarouskaya
Aka: Elena Ivanova
Age: 30
Location: Samarskaya Oblast Russia
Address: 11 Chehova Street
Report: i have been chatting with this girl and i started to raise questions as soon as she asked for money she has a heap of photos that she has sent me, she will not answer questions i put to her and she is persistant about sending money to her to assis her in coming to Australia to meet me, i checked into the cost of a plane ticket which she claims to have brought already and they cost more than she said she had and she claims to be a kinda teacher her photos are a perfect match for the one you have listed on your sight as Julia Likarouskaya
First name: tatyana
Last name: starigiana
Aka: galina grubinuk
Age: 29
Location: donestk,ukraine
On websites: just hook up
Report: I met this girl through just hook up,been writung through private emails,very smart,but many red flagsneeded money for internet cost,sent her 100,now she wants to come and live with me,all pics she sent me are exact as posted member on this site ,i would say she is back,i have read letters sent to others,exact copies of mine,just words added like my name
First name: shriley
Last name: Robinson
Aka: wordsfromtheheart20
Age: 29
Location: Nigeria
Report: Her name is Shirley megan Robinson shes 29 she know how to said her words where you will send her money , she get mean if she doesn't get her way . I sent her over 2500 for plane ticket ,food ,travel insurance, the money never stop being ask , so it a scam
First name: Fawzia
Last name: Mamudu
Aka: Ruth Quarcoo
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
On websites: ihookup
Report: Good morning, I hope I have not over looked anything, but Madeline Rusk Is another aka for Fawzia Mamudu, when she was scamming in Nigeria. Thank You
First name: Susan
Last name: Willson
Age: 25
Location: TN/UK/SA
On websites: ICQ, Yahoo, MSN
Report: (1.) Susan contacted me on (2.) ICQ then we moved to Yahoo chat. (3.) Aug 3 2012 and still talking. (4.) seems interested in cyber ***, and seem to have pre-written scripts for it. other than that she seemed to be talking to me. (5.) this is your typical my fathers legacy is ******* in a security company within 2 boxes and will you help me to have the items released which contains $10.2M. And would you contact the company via email at and pay $300.00 via western union. ** Note** I sent a email requesting references and am still waiting for a reply this has all the same numbers as found in the database with the four line bellow always being the same. Boxes Description : 2 TRUNK BOXES Deposit Certification#: 405576 Details Deposit#: GSC-0576-PIG45 Sort/Clearance Code: GSC/576-45/MP5633 Certification#: 405576 susanwillson50: The information given to us corresponds with the details,we have on our system.. Depositor: Miss SUSAN WILLSON Boxes Description : 2 TRUNK BOXES Deposit Certification#: 405576 Details Deposit#: GSC-0576-PIG45 Sort/Clearance Code: GSC/576-45/MP5633 Certification#: 405576 COMPANY'S INFORMATION COMPANY'S NAME : AIICOS GUARANTY TRUST SECURITY COMPANY LIMITED CONTACT ADDRESS CONTACT : MR. ANDREW (6.) Ms Anderson with the AIICOS GUARANTY TRUST SECURITY COMPANY LIMITED is requesting $300 via western union. I know this is a scam so I'm not and haven't sent anything other than using an alias email address. (7.) I'm still stringing this abuser along or she thinks she is string me along acting like she doesn't know what this is all about.
First name: Alena
Last name: Popova
Age: 21
Location: Lugansk Ukraine
On websites:
Report: I had met Alena over a site back in 2005 and in 2006 I went and met up with her and a lady friend of her's that went by the name Julia. Julia did the translations for us, Julia was suppose to be her english teacher at the university. I spent ten days with them and we shopped and played at a lake on the outside of lugansk, bowling, dancing..etc.. After this she was always coming up with a sick relative or some thing of this sort..she had her friend Julia contact me when she was suppose to have been in the hospital needing money... I offered to send it through a missionary i met there while on vacation and Julia got upset and I have never heard from them since... I had on a monthly base helped her with the on going internet survice payment sent to her via western union in lugansk under her name.. So it does not suprise me to see her on the scam site..but I do honestly believe that she was being pressured into this by this Julia lady...because when I left from my vacation there with them I had handed Alena a little bit of money to pay for internet with and as she took it she quickly put it in her purse and was looking around for Julia who was getting something to drink inside the store at the time..That was the first time anything struck me that something might be i played it safer when she asked for help with medical and offered to use a missionary to see to it that things were right.. So yes please by all means play it safe and be careful of those who seem to want some thing without confirmation..of some sort.. To bad to find her here..Alena was a lot of fun and seemed to be a delightful lady..I got to meet her grandmother and her brother and a few of her friends or at least that was suppose to be who they were. I have the same photo from back then and I have many more from the trip I took with all the people I met..if needed just send a email and i will be happy to forward them. But all together the experience to the Ukriane was GREAT..I loved it there..and I loved the way the people were do not let something like this stop you from going and seeing what is there and meeting those who are with good and honest intentsions... I now am on going to look and see if my last lady friend is on this site as I did not know of this site before today while on face
First name: beneti
Last name: oforiwa
Aka: beneti asare
Age: 32
Location: peoria , arizona
Report: She has scammed several thousands of dollars from me.
First name: Shophia
Last name: Larbie
Age: 32
Location: middletown New York
Email: Shophia larbie @
Report: I was on and this woman Shophia Larbie @ yahoo.Com came on and ask my E mail address. I allways get this but never give it out. Anyway I gave it to her and then I got this feeling and typed in her email address and saw that a woman (larbi Shophia at yahoo .com visites singles sites and now I dont know what to do
First name: daina
Last name: nettey
Age: 31
Location: ghana greater accra
Phone: 00233247570331
On websites: netlog facebook
Report: ~ Now i know her
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Simms
Age: 33
Location: California
On websites:
Report: American ***** Jennifer Simms cheated my 9400usd too ***! I have read this news Jennifer simms is how to cheat my money? so I was very shocked!Because I have been cheated by that American ***** Jennifer Simms cheated my 9400usd by the same way!!! My mailbox is I come from china,in Shandong,JiNan city,my name is Zhang Yi The American ***** Jennifer Simms gave me letter and her pic is the following : Hi,hwo are you my baby? Thanks for the prompt response,i really do appreciate it...Well i am 33 years of age,single never been married,no kids but will love to have someday ,cos i love kids.I must say i did enjoyed stopping by your profile ,i was very pleased when I saw that picture on your profile,it seems you have great qualities that every woman would love.,well i am a sexually active woman,just that its been a while cos after my last boyfriend misbehaved,i have buried myself in my work.My current goal is to establish a good loving relationship,and a sexually active life with just ONE very special man who has a positive outlook on life.A man who is positive, affectionate and open to new ideas, empathetic, warm, generous, caring, considerate, loving, honest, kind-hearten, pleasant, cheerful, friendly and good-nature's with the ability to trust and fun to be with ,not a perfect man but a beautiful man on the inside and outside, to me Looks are not important - its the person inside that matters. perhaps get married to the right man and move on with life. Hopefully, start living fully again as a couple ! I believe that being in love, loving someone and being loved are all part of what God created for us to achieve happiness here on earth. So, while I can do well on my own, I feel that i will do much better with a kind loving man by my side day and night. life is much richer and better if you have someone special to share it with , you can fill it with the best things money can buy and busy work and really good projects but at the end of the day it's nice to have someone to love.I have been here for a couple of weeks now,but due to the crisis that happened in the united kingdom,i am putting everything on hold for now,till Wednesday and await a message from the company we are working for,tell me do you live alone?do you want children,please i need you to be open to me,ARE YOU VERY SERIOUS,BECAUSE I FOUND YOU IRRESISTIBLE,I DON'T WANT TO MAKE MISTAKE ANYMORE IN MY LIFE .Well i hope to hear from you again soon.. Now I am staying in UK form America. Tell you a good news.this is a lateer which my lawyer gave you. How do you do today? How was your Weekend? the company as the beneficiary to the claim of funds of a client(Ms Jennifer Simms) of our firm.The firm representing Ms Jennifer is at the stage of providing you with the necessary document verifying you,as proof to License you as the beneficiary to the claim of funds in a financial institution.It's called a Beneficiary License. Firstly,there are protocols which you will have to follow through due to the law of the country involving such amount of funds being transferred and certain documentations you would be in possession-that the financial institution will send to you-which will enable you as the sole beneficiary and authority of the funds.There will be a Levy to be paid for the approval of the documents,and that is holding up further activities on the firm's part.The Levy is 9,400USD (Nine Thousand Four Hundred United State Dollars).As soon as the Levy is paid,the Beneficiary License to the claim of funds15,000,000 USD(Fifteen Million United State Dollars)-will be sent to you along with other necessary documents.As soon as you are issued the Beneficiary License,the financial institution will verify with you to ensure that you are aware of an incoming transfer from them and provide you with further instructions on how to make the funds readily and easily accessible to you.We will be expecting further communication from you as soon as you can.Have a nice day. If you think I am a trustworthy girl and want to marry me,plz remit me 9400usd immediately. About me Jennifer Simms 150 Romford Road, London , E15 4LD , England 0044-70-4571-4721 Jenny
First name: Elena
Last name: Eremenko
Age: 28
Location: Chandrovo,Russia
On websites:
Report: This women will send you letters every day.She will tell you that she has no phone or home internet.She writes you from internet cafe.She will ask you for money to get her passport,she will tell you she wants to meet you,that she loves you and wants to marry you and live with you.When you send her some money she will stop writing to you.
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Morozova
Age: 42
Location: Bakal, Russia
Report: Contacted me on a dating site. Claims to be a teacher. After about 10 letters, fell in 'love' and wanted to visit. Wanted money for the trip to moscow, flight money and visa (800). I sent this. She 'arrived' in Moscow and everything was set for her to fly into London. She was denied a visa. Didn't have enough funds to prove she could live in this country. Wanted me to send her 2,730 to show to the embassy staff. I refused to do this. After a few desperate emails she has gone quiet.
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