First name: Esther
Last name: Johnson
Age: 23
Location: Texas
On websites:
Report: This girl state on her Profile she is in Texas USA but she then tells you she is in Africa on business, and is stuck there and needs money so she can do her businesss and ome to you in your country.
First name: Elena
Last name: Levischeva
Age: 26
Location: Ukraine Kremennaya
Report: Today this lady use this email: And some times she also has a profile on
First name: Elana
Last name: Sheshina
Age: 26
Location: Russia - Zima & Chita
Address: Irkutsk, home 19 - flat 2.
Report: She has contacted me three times on Adult Match Maker in Australia, hasnt asked for money yet. I have asked her how she got my email address as it wasnt published & why she hasnt showed up on Viewing History, awaiting a reply.....& also asked for nude photos
First name: Vicki
Last name: Hogue
Aka: sweetsummer54
Age: 53
Location: USA ,Vandergrift
Address: 330 Beech Street
Phone: 724-568-1057, 724-980-4461
On websites:
Report: Gold-Digger after Money. Uses people for lifestlye. Beware!
First name: elena
Age: 27
Location: ukraine
Report: this lady came from no where some how got my email her name is elena did a search on this one came out of the ukraine i can see this a translation scam you can see it on top of her letter its been translated you can see for yourself i have pics here too
First name: sheryl
Last name: rotter
Age: 28
Location: lagos, nigeria
Report: Didn't take long for her to ask for money to get out of Africa . Says she's a model . White female pictures
First name: Viktoriya
Last name: vikka
Age: 26
Location: Irkutsk Rusia moscow
Report: no
First name: svetlana
Last name: narkomova
Age: 27
Location: Katazova 82 apartm.54
Address: Volzhsk
On websites: Global-Date
Report: I´m not shure but this woman have the same address as 3 known scammers. She has not asked for money, yet.Claims to be living on this address..
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Surkova
Age: 29
Location: Russia Sosnovoborsk
Address: Lenina street 12-23
Report: she had searched for visa for my money,but no one on the authoritys knows abou her or any searching for visa,she also wanted 600 euro for ticket to sweden
First name: sychyova
Last name: yuliya
Age: 27
Location: bordeaux (france)
Address: prospectus musi dgalila 29 flat 44 423808 naberzhnye chelny
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Report: money and aeroport france