First name: Erica
Last name: Granly
Age: 36
Location: Says she is stuck in Turkey
On websites: friendfinder, POF and other sites
Report: Starts with a story that her parents were killed in a crash. She then says she has given all her money to her old boyfriend 'richard'. She is stranded in Turkey as she has bought a container load of antiques and the authorities want money from her to release the goods. She lives in Melbourne. She has friends who will collect money through Western Union and who have National Australian Bank accounts.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Kalmykova
Age: 33
Location: Russia Rybinsk
Address: Rapova 2 152903
Phone: 78635896324
On websites: zoosk
Report: online romance scammer
First name: Kelly
Last name: Roberts
Aka: Svetlana, Nataliya, Estrella, Nataliia, Alla, Viktoriya, Svitlana, Elena Mirzoeva, Yulia, Elizabeth, Cassandra Holli, Rebecca, Valentina, Valechka, Olusya, Olunya, Alice Spook
Age: 30
Location: Kotovsk, Russia; Buzuluk, Russia; Texas City, Texas, USA; Barra de Santo Antonio, Brazil
On websites: Tatamatch, Oasis, Ruby Dating
First name: Silva
Last name: Abraham
Aka: Anastasiya, Olesia, Mary Desmond, Olivia, Sophia Pace, Diane, Zita Wudu, Ellaa Washburn, Naza Stephens, Lyudmila, Alla, Darya, Alexandra, Nataliia, Inna, Stasya, Nancy Drew, Nikki, Tammy Woods, Carie Pearce, Amanda, Juliett Ubil, Joyce Blessing, Aslanian, Isabella, Marlin Gifty, Charlotte, Mimi Maria, Melissa, Mary Mac, Chloe, Amber, Carie, Nikki, Jane, Sonia Brian, Kelly Adams, Hawa Mohammed, Karen
Age: 30
Location: Dakabantang, Sedhiou, Senegal; Abakan, Russia; Gdakowo, Poland; Dakar, Senegal; New Delhi, India; Beaufort, South Carolina, USA; Yonago, Japan; Zaragoza, Spain; Lome, Togo; Singrauli, India; Anchorage, Alaska, USA; Crookston, Minnesota, USA; Zurich, Switzerland; Illinois, USA; Azerbaijan; Tennessee, USA; Alabama, USA; Dallas, Texas, USA; Washington, D.C., USA; New YorkCity, NY, USA; Berlin, Germany; New Jersey, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Accra, Ghana; England; Alalon, Senegal; Baboucar Toumbou, Senegal; Ogu, Nigeria; Plettenberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany; Yishun New Town, Singapore; Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Phone: 18434666113, 3363600714, 7042721244, 3179697146, 7046882722, 4106007247
On websites: Tagged, Ilikeyou, Lovelama, Facebook, Instagram, Eskimi
First name: Zita
Last name: Wudu
Aka: Vivian, Grace Fred, Olivia Watson, Nancy Serenar, Galina Grigoreva, Alexandra Ivanova, Sara Timothy, Grace Bae, Christa, Cathrine, Kelly Adams, Sonia Brian, Isabella Cross White, Merlisa, Hawa Mohammed, Jessica Bongo, Clara Benson, Ann Pima, Zarrina, Jeanette, Ella Loveth, Florence George, Alisa Pena
Age: 32
Location: Singrauli, India; Boudi Senetie, Senegal; Dakar, Senegal; Landvoort, Noord-Holland, Netherlands; Dakabantang, Sedhiou, Senegal; Iraq; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Georgia, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; New York City, NY, USA; Tottori, Japan; Wichita, Kansas, USA; Jahana, Japan; London Colney, United Kingdom; Dusseldorf, Germany; Bellevue, Washington, USA; Ghent, Belgium
Phone: 19014799135
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, alisapena444
On websites: Tagged, Tatamatch, Germanydatingnet, Devoted Singles, Sugardaddyforme, Mingle 2, Dateolicious
First name: Rose
Last name: Merymo
Age: 30
Location: Brazil
Report: Hi I'm writing to let you know received email from RoseMerymo on Sunday 5th April 2020 21:4O pm BST uk time report scammers fake dateing site Pretty Mandy Waiting For You They keep sending mailing list I'm not members of this site RoseMerymo.
First name: Alena
Age: 30
Location: Russia
Report: Hello!... how's your day? I hope you are a decent man? It would be nice to know each other better. you are alone? Would you like to get to know each other closer? If you are interested in communication, then in the next letter I will send you some of my photos! Also I hope to see your photo! Hope to get your early reply and talk to you to I hope you have a wonderful day. bye bye :)
First name: Rubba
Last name: Campbell
Aka: Laura
Age: 38
Location: Ghana Accua
On websites:
Report: Was contacted by Rubba on email and then went over to Hangouts after a few weeks she said she had to go to Ghana for her Job. After getting there she said that they had given her a hotel room to share with a Male and needed money to find some where else so I sent 300 pound then she need food and then medication. The money was sent to In the end I paid for a company to search and that came back that the passport was fake and that she had never flown in or out of Ghana in the last 3 years.
First name: Sabrina
Last name: Perou
Aka: Caroline Merveille
Age: 35
Location: France, Paris
Phone: +337569923756
On websites: Skype and Hangout
Report: This scammer is almost masterfully disguising its identity. And it was a lot of persuasion to get the last recipient disclosed. And with Sabrina Perou the spider was found on the web.
First name: Abigail
Last name: Armah
Aka: Abby, Susanna
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
On websites: Asian dating
Report: I have been speaking to Abigail for about 6 months I did give her money by western union on 2 occasions I became skeptical after this and stopped! She uses the name Susanna as her mother and that her mother owns a store and her father died! I should have known! Be wary of Abigail Armah