First name: tatuana
Last name: LEVICHERA
Age: 23
Location: moscow
On websites:
Report: =========================== ================================ =================================== This young woman is well known for fraud And is part of the Russian mafia to scam men seeking The great love. This woman has several names in the web as
First name: Oksana
Last name: Akulenko
Age: 31
Location: Ekaterinburg
Report: I have being in contact with this person and being suspicious I did a search on her name and your page came up with her name and picture on it..she also asked me to send money to her via a friend of hers by the name of Marina Schekotova, who's name I also found in a list of scammers....
First name: Elena
Last name: Laskovaya
Aka: Kseniya Laskovaya
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Report: She operates with different first names
First name: YourAngel
Age: 20
Location: poznan on poland
Email: go to see on
Report: this girl is on her new name is YourAngel and come from poland
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Jurkiv/ Yurkiv
Age: 24
Location: Ukraine 73000 Kherson
On websites: russian ladies
Report: Have met with her 2 times. swritten with her for 1 from august 2005 to January 2008. Send money to support her for 1.5 year each month. She told me she her boss had got mad at her because she had went on holiday with me in Kiev. So she needed money to break the contract with the company she worked for. the last 6 month I can look back and see that she have got sick every time I wasn't able to support her more than with the normal amount I send each month. the first time she got late and didn't picked me up in the airport but first arrived at the hotel. but I had to phone her to findout she had arrived. then she wanted to go to visit me in the Chiristmas 2006 but told me she heven't got the visa because I had send to few money for her so she could staty in Kiev the 3 weeks it takes to get a visa. then we agreed too meet in Odessa, but she never turned up. Then we met in June 2007 and then in august she asked for money to go vist me. She got the money stolen and then asked for money to start at school.
First name: Julia
Last name: Fedorowa
Aka: Oksana Vichka
Age: 25
Location: russia, Osinniki
Address: voevodina street 49, flat 17
Report: She approach me on 2 sites ... and She told me exactly the same things
First name: Susan
Last name: Waites
Age: 32
Location: Alabama - Montgomory
On websites:
Report: She sent pictures and naked to she ask for money for pc ,tickets
First name: Evgeniya
Last name: Medvedeva
Age: circa 27
Location: Russia or Ukraine
Report: why you don't reply to this letter??? **** Hi, my K!!! I've got my visa. So don't worry. Everything is Ok. I didn't have any problems. Some news for you, don't know either good or bad. My good friend is going to give me some money. But the problem is that she can give me only $410 and the ticket costs $710. So I still need $300. The problem is that they will wait only for some days and then they will sell the ticket to another person. The price is very reasonable and I don't thin I will then find something better. I can understand them as it is the way for the to earn money. So they are not going to wait as much as I need it. Dear, just think. Only some days and we will be together. It is the last step before our meeting. Please, do it for us. I love you and need you so. It is so difficult for me to be far from you now when I need your support. I am very confused to ask you about this but that is the only way for me. Send me money to my name (Evgeniya Medvedeva) by Money Gram or Western Union, please. As soon as I get money I will pay for it. But we should do it faster as it could be sold to another person. I am waiting for your soon reply. Miss you badly P.S. do you remember that 30 of November is my birthday? I would be the best present for me if you will help me with the ticket costs... And I will be the best present for you on Christmas!!! We will celebrate it together!!! -- Evgeniya Medvedeva my pics at
First name: Elena
Age: around 26
Location: Ukraine
First name: Helen
Last name: Gold
Age: 25
Report: The Photo of Helen Gold is actually a photo of actress Jessica Alba...