First name: Ruth
Last name: boakye
Age: 28
Location: ghana
On websites:
Report: she is a 28y old she works as shop keeper
First name: Elizabeth Liz
Last name: Pelaelo
Aka: Elizabeth Keabetswe Nakhabenyane
Age: 25
Location: Botswana
Phone: 26774074542
Email:, &
On websites:
Report: I believe that I am a victim of K1 VISA Fraud (however not filed because I came to my senses) Met on Facebook and she wanted to marry within 45 days of talking. I was lots older and she was 24 years old in Botswana Africa and has a 3 year old son who she claimed she has no idea was the father. She claimed to Love me like no other man she ever met. She asked for money and I sent it many times and was just feeling great because she was beautiful and young. she lured me into sexual conversations and would claim she was so in love with me that she wanted to get married ASAP.
First name: colleen
Last name: burlison
Age: 38
Location: Bradyvilee N
Address: 331 Bradyville Hill RD
On websites: unkown
Report: she keep asking fo money i sent her bus money to visit but she stated she lost the mony
First name: Irina
Last name: Borodina
Aka: Angel
Age: 28
Location: Novosibirsk Russia
Phone: unknown7-968-475-1877
Report: The emails received match the ones listed almost verbatim a girl from Russia and lived in Australia etc
First name: Regina
Last name: Aquah
Age: 39
Location: Ghana , Swedru , Accra
Phone: 233542441144
Email: ,
Report: This woman looks identical to janessa brazil , her Skype name is regina.aquah3 , she begs for money and also wants to come and live with me..
First name: Sandra
Last name: Cox
Aka: Cox Sandra
Age: 30
Location: Cheshire,Connecticut
Phone: 3019094613
On websites: Facebook
Report: She friends older males and then wants a relationship and then asks would you care if she contacts her attorney and they in turn from an IP address in California I tracked it to near san Jose the number she using is a land line outside of Washington D.C. the address there is 4900 third st NW Hyattsville So please be ware if you need more info such as the will the ip addresses and the emails from her attorney my alternate email is she also claims she is living with her uncle who's name is William Slonski who may or may not know what she is doing
First name: irina
Last name: Mihailova
Aka: irishkabestforyou
Age: 24
Location: ukranie severodonetsk
Email: irishkabestforyou@gmail,com
On websites:
Report: she said she love me and she`ll be married with me send the money for tickets, visa,and trips to kive at the end say she is different person that real Irina is on drugs and the money is for send her to hospital to rehabilitation from drugs and thanks for the money I don`t know if is true
First name: Esther
Last name: Darko
Aka: Slag
Age: 29
Location: Accra/ Ghana
Address: Lives with satin
Phone: unknown+233578348628
On websites: Afro scammers, hang outs , Skype what's app . Many more
Report: Please be very careful if you meet this evil woman and her pimp ( uncle ) Daniel quaino they are truly are the most evil scum to have walked on gods earth
First name: Natalya
Last name: Kulalaeva
Aka: Natalya Matveeva
Age: 32
Location: Kazan Russia
Address: 35 Ostrovsky Apt 12 Kazan Russia 420111
Phone: 79177185465
Report: Contacted me through email, claimed to have received my address through a dating agency. After a couple of weeks of emails, she said she wanted to visit me. After a couple more weeks, she requested $1500 for travel expenses.
First name: Aklade
Last name: Bless
Age: Aprox 33 yrs
Location: Accra Ghana
Email: Dont know
On websites: Whatsapp,viber app
Report: I was supposed to be getting payment from a lawsuit I won against a woman named Sara Andoh.This woman Aklade was helping me through the bank over in Accra to release the funds into my account.her and the bank manager named Sammy Kpogo.i spent almost 2500 dollars getting this money from which Sara herself said was in the account for me.they need to be allrehanded.Aklade and the bank manager rerouted the fundsand now i lost my car over this