Name: Marina
Age: 25
Name: Tatyana Timanino
Age: 28
Name: Elena Yamsmchikova
Age: 28
Name: Leslie Zink
Age: 30
Name: Marina Lazutina
Age: 25
Name: Selya
Age: 28
Name: Olga Platonova
Age: 30
Name: Clara Jones
Age: 27
Name: Redoo
Age: 27
Name: Anastasia Sakeeva
Age: 34
Name: Gina Tema Rougui
Age: 32
Name: Monica Williams
Age: 27
Name: Caroline
Age: 30
Name: Francoise
Age: 32
Name: Alice Amosu
Age: 29


First name: akmaral
Age: 36
Location: Almaty, Kazaguistan
Report: known scammer, there is another about her in this site
First name: Namthip
Last name: Dathong
Age: 25
Location: Chonburi
Address: 235/417 the trust condo (south pattaya) moo.11 sukumvit road Nongproe banglamung chonburi 20150
Phone: 0988285322
On websites: Thaifriendly, Facebook
Report: I met her trough thaifriendly, she almost immediately ask for money and she can send nudes for it, when I?m in Thailand she will meet and pay me back. More to come. I paid several ladies to get their information Copy of chats I have.
First name: Aida
Age: 34
Location: Ukraine
Report: My Comments: scammer uses email as a front for catfishing to gather information and lure me into getting acquainted. I believe this scammer behind the girl's picture is just a facade to get me into thinking this is real and not fake. Once this happens, then this scammer will ask for my personal and banking information. I won't give anything to this scammer. I'm not naive to fall for this. I'm reporting this scam. Letter 1: Hello, how do you do? Welcome, I'll be happy to meet you! I am single, not kids... I need sensitive person;) glorious girl is writing to you) I am looking a serious relationship. And where are you from?
First name: Abby Dawn
Last name: Shivner
Age: 28
Location: Littleton
On websites: SnapChat
Report: Have been talking with some with the Name: Abby Dawn Shivner she has scammed out of $100+ wish I found this site before hand, would of saved me some money. I have a picture of the ID they claim to have, as well as all the photo I have seen of her match up perfectly to ones used ll over the internet. I have the SnapChat username they are using right now....
First name: angeliinaone1990
Last name: chistiokova
Aka: marina bulak
Age: 33
Location: divnogorsk
Address: kedrovaya maison 10 pledgor
On websites: dating site , russia , siberia ,
Report: Angelina from Divnogorsk , contacted me in december 2021, she introduce herself , tears , pictures , said to be doctor but document seem a fake , i sent pass port copy to Consul of Russia in France who said picture not real. She ask me money very quickly ans i send , she came back again I sent , then for visa , she ask 500 eubeing short and dlew to volgograd , so WU told me time day when she collect money. Then she is using in database 14230 the name of her friend , Marina BUlak owneress of a flat for sale in Divnogorsk , street shkolnaya n?8 , apt 10 3.2, 56 sq meters . She tried to came to france with visa and 2900eu sent , but being garant of Marina bulak , she been stopped at airport for debts unpaid , 3470... I paid , but suddenly found that the notary was asking 3700 again for drawing papers of sale , flat sold for 42000eu , but this time I asked proof of the bill done by notary , she says impossible before paying , being french and no idiotic I ask her to get a letter of amount to give my bank for transfer, due to war . She said impossible and escape , it's I suppose alll lies. I have prepared a letter for police to send asap. She ask this time 3000 to close chapter get money from bank and return me 10 000eu which is all the moneyey given so far . She want to come to france , visite , she has air ticket , I paid for , her visa due to arrest last time would be at airport , Moscow , waiting , stamped for travel , in custom's zone . What can I do ? coming and using names on mortgage papers , to make search , go to police , of fax police first now ? I wait her mail because I sat fire I want the notary paper,if sale not done from her story , she cannot repay me , Marina her friend she use the name has no revenue , i want my money back now around 7000 and if 3000 sent for so called sale and payment by bank it will be 10 000. please do tell me the procedure . Thank you dor your site . pictures available in numbers .
First name: Rodelyn
Last name: Alza canon
Aka: Lyn cee, Rhoda Lynn , Lyn canon
Age: 29
Location: Aranda hinigaran Philippines
Address: Australian bush 2 Aranda Hinigaran negros occidental Philippines 6106
Phone: +63 954 049 2569 +63 927 202 1277
On websites: Filipino Cupid, date in Asia , Filipino kisses .asian date, asian kisses
Report: I?ll try and make a Long story short. Im 41 year old man living in Dallas Texas . 15 months ago I met a 28 year old girl named RODELYN ALZA CANON address is Purok Australian bush 2 Aranda , Hinigaran , negros occidental. The first time we talked was in December on Filipino Cupid she initiated contact were supposed to talk again the next day but odette happened and I didn?t hear from her?for a week or so because of the electricity and cell phone signal wasn?t restored yet . When she called me she showed me their house which was just about completely destroyed . So I wanted to help and sent money to rebuild the house and replace the roof also was sending allowance every couple of weeks of course for the entire family?s daily needs because I thought we planned on meeting and possibly getting married . Skip ahead a few months and we were on the phone like usual several hours a day and I heard moaning in the background like someone having ***. So I questioned her about it snd she denied so I started to record our conversations . Not only did I hear her clearly having *** just about every day but most the time she was moaning her ?nephews ? name (CLARENCE Carl Gicos ? but also she had *** with others also like a couple man and woman that were doing door to door sales and another with a guy selling fish another With a teacher . I have her 12 year old son recorded calling her a ***** when he walked in in her servicing someone with her mouth as she does daily . Anytime I would confront her about this she would throw a huge fit cut herself with a knife hang a noose around her neck and threaten me with her suicide and her scamming mom Angelita Alza canon faked a heart attack over me confronting rodelyn about this . I have I?m guessing 100 hours of audio and 40-50 hours of screen recording video if this ****** . Anyways ive finally cut off communication with her and am going to file charges on her because it?s pretty evident this was a scam from the beginning . What?s getting me is that her entire family her mom her son her ccousin Myra her cousin venas her twin sister jidelyn even several teachers at Aranda elementary which I donated a 24k peso flat screen to the 6 grade class but All these people know that she was scamming me snd they all went along with it to lie to me So 15 months wasted snd around 600k pesos to these phony scamming dirtbags her ?nephew? which is by my guess her children?s father Clarence Carl Gicos and some dirt bag ryen that lives his life with a towel wrapped around his face all of thec20 or so people I?ve met through video chat are all in on it audio clip of her and her nephew doing stuff that you just don?t do with people In your immediate family just wanted to put this out there so maybe I can save the next guy they go after some time and money . Thanks for letting me share . Austin Gaston
First name: Baianur
Last name: Kuvanova
Age: 28
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Address: Taldy-Bulak Chui 721327
Phone: +996550737719
Report: It is a tipical scammer, even she is allready reported in other countries as a scammer
First name: Rodelyn Alza
Last name: Canon
Aka: Rhoda Lyn , Lyn
Age: 28
Location: Aranda Hinigaran Philippines
Address: Australian Bush 2 Aranda Hinigaran negros occidental Philippines 6106
Phone: +63 954 049 2569 +63 927 202 1277
On websites: Filipino Cupid , dateinasia , asiandate,Asian kisses ,Filipino kisses
Report: Long story short met her on Filipino Cupid she used typhoon odette and her destroyed house to lure me in and gave me all the sob story?s of how poor they are can?t eat dad died moms sick sons father abandoned her when she was 16 and she hasn?t had a partner since, can?t work because she has to take care of her sick mother who?s never really sick from what I could tell . I paid to rebuild the house after the storm then sent money weekly orcas needed to take care of her and son and family since we planned on getting married we talked video call daily sometimes 12 hours straight or more . I began to notice she would hide her face a lot and I heard what I thought to be *** noises so I started recording all of our conversations I have I?m guessing 100 plus hours of audio and 30 plus hours of screen recordings of video chat we?ll sure enough when I went back to listen to the recordings you can clearly hear her having sec with multiple males snd females mainly Ryan which is her boyfriend or husband although she showed me an I?d that says single but I caught her in so many lies you can?t believe a word she says . She will fake cry as good as any actress in Hollywood and when confronted about hearing her having *** or performing ****** acts with her mouth just about every conversation she will fake cry and threaten me with her suicide even cutting herself hanging a noise snd wrapping it around her neck and standing on a table her mother even one time said they will teach me a lesson with her collapsing and faking a heart attack due to rodelyn being so upstart met that I would dare question her about such a thing when she hasn?t been touched in 12 years which her mother did fake collapse and they tried to blame it on me but I had the recording to prove otherwise . This girl is a **** a liar s goid liar and actress and her entire family all her friends even teachers at the elementary school in Aranda helped to facilitate this scam even volunteering me to donate a $500 flat screen tv to the school . 14 months and 600,000 pesos if finally stopped trying to give her the benefit of the doubt sbd called her out on everything snd left the situation . Stay clear of this evil woman at all cost she talks a good game but she is only there to steal your money and lie to you
First name: Wendy
Last name: Silva
Aka: Kira
Age: 35
Location: USA, Rhode Iceland
Report: Approached me saying I am like her dad
First name: Linda
Last name: Jefferson
Aka: Melissa
Age: 28
Location: Atlanta, GA, US
On websites: Google Chat, Instagram
Report: She started texting me on Instagram and asked me to join her on Google Chat and asked me for some money
First name: Mirasol
Last name: Catanpatan
Aka: Mimie larrobis
Age: 37
Location: Philiphines
Address: Carcar Cebu
Phone: +6399532125201
On websites: International Cupid
Report: Gets into Online relationships after s while the sympathy stories and begging letters start all while she still cheats with both men and women back in the philiphines
First name: Alina
Last name: Pinazarova
Age: 30
Location: Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.
Address: Chui Ave 115a, 720000
Phone: +99677804165
Email: Alina
On websites: Outlook
Report: Known since late December 2022 and the exchange of e-mails have culminated in the following. I don't even know how or what to tell you. I feel so bad. I thought all our dreams would soon come true. I was wrong. I thought I could come to you. I could see you in the real world. Spend my holiday with you and make all our dreams come true! I went to the visa centre. I found out the cost of the trip. I was shocked when I found out the total cost of the trip and the procedure. Colin, the cost of this trip is very expensive for me. Now I don't know what to do and how can I fly to you? I am very frustrated. I have found out what I need to do and what documents I need to travel to you. I also found out the approximate cost of it all. The total cost of coming to you is 930 Euro! Colin, I had no idea that the cost of travelling to you would be so high! I have to pay ?98 for a biometric passport, buy airfare to and from your country for ?497. I have to pay a visa fee of 85 Euros. Pay for medical insurance 140 Euros. Pay for the visa application centre service ?110. To me this is a lot of money! But for you, Colin, I am willing to do anything! But I can't handle these expenses alone. Forgive me, Colin. I don't have that much money. Out of all that, I can only afford to pay 300 euros. But I have no idea where I can get another 630 euros? I have no thoughts at the moment. Only pain and disappointment... More than anything, I want to be with you. All I ask of you is that you don't leave me. I don't want to be alone. I want to be with you. You're very precious to me. When I met you, I knew you were the right man. You're the man who won my heart. I don't want to lose you. Forgive me! It'll probably take me a long time to raise that much money. Colin, promise you won't leave me? I think there's always a way out! We'll definitely find a solution to our meeting. Really? I believe we will find a way out of our situation. You do? Colin, let's look for it together. The main thing is to have patience and hope. I hope you'll understand and support me.
First name: Alexandra
Last name: Noble
Aka: Alexa
Age: 55
Location: Poole
Report: I initiated contact after going to her website,
First name: Aryra
Last name: Alice
Aka: Ye Xin
Age: 35
Location: New York, USA
Phone: +1 978-212-9235, +1 (516) 500-7332
Report: Starts with SMS messages wanting to be friends. Long story but tries to discover financial info, and when one does not divulge she terminates contact.
First name: Maria
Last name: Keto
Aka: Mariia Nechytailo,
Age: 33
Location: Kiev Ukraine
Report: My dear Colin I couldn't find $600, unfortunately my neighbor doesn't have that much money and she can't lend me that money. I am an orphan and I have no relatives here, even if there is someone, I can't find out about it in any way. I have a chance to change my life for the better and get away from the war, I don't want to lose it so easily. I'm sorry for this request, but I don't have anyone else. You're the only person who can help me. I really hope for your help, I promise that I will refund you $600 as soon as I arrive and receive $12,000 at the embassy. But first I need to come to the capital of your country. Colin, I really hope for your help! Every day I am on the verge of death from explosions, and now there is a chance to leave and fight for my life. I really need help! Please tell me, can you help me? There are fast money transfer offices and terminals in Kyiv - Remitly, Western Union and Moneygram. As far as I understand, this is now one of the only ways of international transfers within Ukraine. I called these offices and there are several working branches in Kyiv. I looked on the Internet what information is needed for a money transfer. You need to provide my full name Mariia Nechytailo, which you can see in my passport and the country and the city in which I will receive money - Ukraine, Kyiv. I will attach my passport to this letter. If you can still help me, then please indicate the amount of receipt in dollars, because my national currency is worth little in wartime. Border guards take money only in foreign currency. I only need $600 and then I will be able to leave this war. I understand that this is a large sum, but I promise you that I will give you this money by any means. Please try to help me, I have no one else to turn to. I'll be waiting for your answer. Your Mariia
First name: Sandra
Last name: Williams
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
Email: Is
On websites: Hang out
Report: This woman scams me out of $40000
First name: emilia
Last name: robb
Aka: emilia janne rob,janne emilia robb
Age: 27
Location: U.S.A.,KY,CO.,MO.
Phone: 8594290409
On websites: google chat,facebook,instagram
Report: After i reported her to u and you posted her i kept feeding her little bits of money ,it kept going she changd numbers had a so called hacker show up on my phone using her old number on whatsapp and making me pay him to keep her phone on so i could text her then she was coming to me again and her ex drug dealing boyfriends hoodlems robbed her chaised her the opposite direction shescaped to her aunts in mo. but they destroyed her car, now the heaad **** wants 500 down to let me come get her and another 500 in pymnts ,i also tied all the pics to another acct on FB and Insta gram,i wanted to update u on her
First name: gulnara
Age: 33
Location: Almaty, Kazaguistan
Report: Known scammer, there is another report in this site
First name: Christina
Last name: Clark
Aka: Unknown
Age: 22-45
Location: Lagos Nigeria
Report: This is an obvious scam for catfishing using fake profiles and photo and I'm reporting this to are you? I am so glad to hear from you..Its my first time trying out the internet dating thing and i believe in open honesty.So,Thanks for your prompt are some picture to jog your memories. Regards Christina
First name: Linda
Last name: Scott
Age: 40
Location: Huntington Beach, CA, United States
On websites: adultfriendfinder, google chat, twitter
Report: She wants money for lingerie I have some ordered from a friend of mine who I buy stuffs from darling , so you pay to her for me so that she can send to them ***
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Chernets
Aka: Nadya Grosman
Age: 26
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
On websites: loveme, ladadate, victoriyaclub, findbride, golden-bride, anastasiadate
Report: I contacted her first through We corresponded for about 8 months. She immediately or magically
First name: Feng
Last name: Wei
Aka: Lina
Age: 33
Location: Hongkong, California
Phone: +855716836671
On websites: coinbigone
Report: Seems to be part of the rampant
First name: Oksana
Age: 36
Location: Ukraina
Report: I recevi an e-mail from, here is: Good day! I would really like to, So that we could become friends! Think, we have so much to talk about! I'm Oksana. I'm 36 years. I'm a very positive person And I love talking to nice people! I was born in Ukraina In a city of what country you live? Very much looking forward to the I look forward to hearing from you. Always open for a dialogue For you always online, my private mail:
First name: Kseniya
Last name: Budina
Aka: Ksusha
Age: 36
Location: Russia, Kolomna
Address: Gagarina House: 60 Apartment: 4 Index 140407
Phone: 89677531159
Report: This lady contacted me in the middle of December, telling me already in the second letter that she had plans to visit my country and wanted to spend a romantic time together with me. Her style of writing letters consisted of repeating me questions, and then answering them, showing her ability to build up real communication. Her care and interest for my wellbeing knew no limits. Attached to each of her letters were tons of photos. After a period of email exchanges with growing feelings for me, she explained her plans for how to go to my country. The problem was that despite all her efforts to collect enough money for the travel, she still needed 356 EURO. I was the only one that could help her. With my help all our dreams would come true. Understanding that I was not willing to send her this sum, she explained that she had got a loan from a bank, and now all I needed to do was to send her 160 EURO, a small sum compared to all the luck and happiness she promised me..
First name: Mirasol [mimie]
Last name: Catanpatan
Aka: Larrobis
Age: 37
Location: Philiphines
Address: Bohol carcar
Phone: +639953125201
On websites: International Cupid, Facebook
Report: She will love bomb you then he sympathy story's start until you are sending her western union
First name: alymkan
Last name: azhikanova
Age: 31
Location: kygrzstan
Report: I was contacted by an individual using the name Alymkan on 12/14/2022 who stated that
First name: Grace
Last name: Frimpong
Aka: Ghana
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
On websites: Hangouts, Facebook, Twitter
Report: Scamed for gold and 5.5 million dollers and 25kg of gold to be beneficiary to grace frimpong age 33 from America lives in Ghana
First name: Patricia
Last name: asamoah
Aka: Patty/Patti/Patricia
Age: young
Location: Ghana
On websites: facebook, aol, hotmail, other chat rooms
Report: This person will try to get to know you, act like they love you and will take care of you. THEN they will make you pay tons of money and involve people like
First name: Kelly
Last name: Rosenberg
Age: 29
Location: United Kingdom
On websites: Ugly dating, Snapchat and Instagram
Report: She asks you for dating ID from a company called GSHP and this company will take all your money in return for a useless dating ID.
First name: Daria Daryna
Last name: Opanitsyna
Age: 22
Location: In Ukraine, Bila Tserkva, or Zolotukhy, or Volodarka
Address: Bila Tserkva, or Zolotukhy, or Volodarka
Phone: +380982175518
On websites: Tinder, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook, tinder
Report: Initial contact on Tinder. Will exchange mobile number +380982175518. Will request you contact on App called WhatsApp then later request you switch to Telegram ( similar to WhatsApp). Will video call you, it looks like recorded video because she speaks then say