Name: Judith Geddings
Age: 37
Name: Elena Hueanu
Age: 35
Name: Tope Olaleye
Age: 28
Name: Sarah Jones
Age: 31
Name: Ekaterina Veinbergh
Age: 32
Name: Victoria
Age: 31
Name: Ramell Kayson
Age: 31
Name: Larisa Serdechna
Age: 26
Name: Alina
Age: 31
Name: Anne Castillo
Age: 31
Name: Ksenia
Age: 29
Name: Ksenia
Age: 31
Name: Olga Sazanova
Age: 28
Name: Olga Pegeneeva
Age: 27
Name: Ksenia
Age: 24


First name: Mirasol
Last name: Catanpatan
Aka: Mimie larrobis
Age: 37
Location: Carcar Cebu
Phone: 9953125201
On websites: International cupid, Facebook
Report: Changed her name again this time it's mi mie delafuente new numbers also 9912930235 +36300764856
First name: Elena Viacheslavovna
Last name: Mironova
Age: 47
Location: Kazakhstan, Astana
Email: Report: Just another romance scammer that tries to get some money out of me. She contacted me on October 20, 2023 pretending she's looking for a man for a long term relationship and marriage. After a few email exchanges she acted
First name: Elena
Last name: Burdniko
Age: 47
Location: Kazakhstan, Astana
Email: Report: Just another romance scammer that tries to get some money out of me. She contacted me on October 20, 2023 pretending she's looking for a man for a long term relationship and marriage. After a few email exchanges she acted
First name: Jessica
Last name: Smith
Age: 27
Location: Los Angeles California
Email: , , ,
On websites: tophy , instagram , google Chat
Report: Jessica found my profile in Tophy - Match, Chat, Dating, here we talked for just a couple of days, she said that I was interested in her and offered to continue communicating in Google chat and gave me her email, she was interested in how I live, if I have apartment, she said that she was renting an apartment with a friend and she needed $200 money to pay the rent and pay the bill otherwise her friend would evict her. Soon after, realized she had diabetes and a dead mother ?Okay, that?s it, I have type 2 diabetes. I never wanted to tell you about this, so don't worry too much. I have been diagnosed with diabetes since I was 18 years old. Mom was always there for me before she passed away, taking on medical expenses. Since she passed away I have to do it myself, most of the money I make from the cleaning services I provide to random clients goes towards treatment rather than treatment. even enough that I sometimes have to borrow to meet since I can no longer live a normal life without medication. So I guess I need to tell you about it so you know, baby. I can understand if you don't want me anymore because of this I hate myself too for this disease ?????? it breaks me every time I think about it. But now it?s part of my life that I have to live with.? Then she reported that she had diabetes, and therefore she did not have enough money to live. We cheated for no more than 4 months, during which time she lured money out under various pretexts. Need money for medicine payment of bills otherwise she will be evicted, money has run out for travel, a birthday gift, I broke my phone and now I can?t communicate with you often. It all ended with her finally saying that she wanted to move house and needed money for paperwork and travel. To which I agreed, but said that it would not be soro, in the end, after a few months, she came up with a story that she wants to fine at work for
First name: Vera
Age: 30
Report: I'm Vera. Like any girl, I want to have a family. My goal is to meet my man. Maybe online. Age doesn?t matter to me! I?m not young anymore either. I also consider myself a beautiful and well-behaved girl. Also, I always cook well and keep everything clean! If you want a girl like me, we can try to start a relationship. I dream of finding myself an interesting, confident person who also has goals in life. One who wants to achieve his goals and develop. If your goal is just to have fun or you?re a pervert, just don?t answer that message, it won?t make any sense. I have a great job and a good income. If you think I?m not honest, or you think I?m gonna prove to you that I?m honest. I?m waiting for a photo and some information about you
First name: Sveta
Last name: Candy
Aka: Svetlana Zulavoorhe
Age: 32
Report: f Just now discovered your personal email and simply Hi Scott I hope this message finds you in good health Hi Scott Hendey ! I hope this message finds you in good health. I extend my apologies for reaching out once more, but I am eager to discern whether you maintain an ongoing interest in our communication. I have sent an email to you, and the lack of a response has piqued my curiosity about its delivery to your inbox. I recognize that several factors may have contributed to your absence of reply. It?s plausible that my nationality or current location differed from your expectations, or it?s possible that something I mentioned in my prior email may have inadvertently caused discomfort. If indeed such is the case, I genuinely express my regrets. I would greatly appreciate your input on whether the possibility of conversing with me still holds your interest. I want to emphasize that I will fully understand if your inclination has lessened. Should I not receive a response, I shall not bother further, honoring your choice. I am grateful for the time you?ve dedicated to our correspondence, and I earnestly request your forgiveness if my prior attempts have been intrusive. With best regards, Svetlana.
First name: natalia
Age: 28
Location: kanystan
Report: if you type this in you will see photos of her she a fake scammer if you search saarak you will see her photos in this counrty in kanaystan i want both reported to police both scammers
First name: Balzhan
Last name: Khalina
Age: 35
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: She claimed to have airline tickets but unaware of money needed to travel to USA with. Then claimed she was assaulted and was taken to hospital for treatment but needed money to pay medical bills. She claimed to be an English translator for students who only spoke Russian. She needed $2000 dollars for medical bills.
First name: Abby
Last name: Aibike
Age: 45
Location: Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.
Report: She love romance scammer Hey, how's it going Hey there! I'm excited that you've chosen the time to go through my message! Digital romance is a fresh journey for me, and I've always been fascinated about the likelihood of connecting with someone in this distinctive manner. Contacting to a complete person is by no means an common happening, so I hope this unforeseen message provokes delight instead of nervousness. My interest in getting to know you is genuine, and I would be happy if you share the similar sentiment. Allow me to unveil myself: I'm Aibike, though my dear chums typically tenderly term me Abby. I am at 166 cm and come in at 61 kg. I'm 45 years old, hailing from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. If the concept of building a bond with a gal my age stimulates you, I'd be truly thrilled to discover more about you. I'm keeping this letter brief, comprehending that establishing a relationship with someone from a remote area demands some perseverance. However, if you're up for it, I'm eager to uncover our mutual story in the epistles to come. Would that be something you'd relish? I hope my message has attracted your curiosity, and I'm impatiently looking forward to receiving from you ? perhaps along with a photograph or two of yourself. With friendly regards, 374807157_2912.jpg
First name: Anhielina
Last name: Senkina
Aka: Anna Ilina
Age: 30
Location: Kyev
Phone: 380931755475
First name: Stanislava
Last name: Peikova
Age: 41
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
On websites: goldenbride
Report: She pretends to be looking for love.
First name: Kilmova
Last name: Viktornova
Aka: Anna
Age: 31
Location: Russia
On websites: Pof
Report: Dating scammer from Russia/Kazakhstan
First name: Owen
Last name: Parks
Aka: Angel
Age: 34
Location: Santa Monica
On websites: Whatsapp, Instagram
Report: Owen sent me profile of a **** star and took over 3000 in one years time she said would meet me but never did
First name: Louise
Last name: Short
Aka: Lulu, Louise Packard, Louise mutt, Louise cox
Age: 38
Location: Reno NV
Address: 815 Kiley parkway
Phone: 7757419933, 7757419932,7757419984
On websites: Facebook, instagram, MySpace, all of them as fake
Report: Please help with Reporting this one.. where do I even begin? First of all she doesn?t live in Denmark, she in Reno and funny how them pics on her page are from way way back like 2014, huh it?s because she found them online back then, and stole them and has used them ever cents and there is no new ones because that?s not her? but Facebook does not care. Yeah she?s had the account for 10 years but that means she scammed people for 10 years and it?s about time they put it into it. She is a black widow to the fullest. Her name is Louise hence why the page is called Lulus. Funny when the fake page name is Veronica, why would Veronica put Lulu?s ?? Exactly ..She will **** you in and spit you out and take everything of yours without even a second thought, she will take your dog that is no joke!she has zero empathy or remorse for any of the horrible things she?s done. she goes out bangs them in the first date then gets married really fast takes the Dude for everything he?s got, and takes a hike. she will cheat lie with everything in her power to make her look good to the public, and make you look like the worst person on earth, until she satisfied . I think she?s on marriage 4 by now and this narcissist will do exactly what the playbook calls for she will gaslight you she will ghost you she will ruin your life. She will tell your friends and family you were abusive you were this you were that and she will **** them all in until they all despise you and she will sit here on her pedestal posting away like she?s the perfect innocent person, but just like any narcissist, there?s only one side of the story to them and I?m like no it?s gone far enough. It?s time to let everyone know who this narcissistic, bipolar, ****** really is and what she?s really done. Don?t even let me get started about her only fans page that has her daughter in the pictures, because she?s nothing like what she posts about trust me far far from it ! She has about 10 different fake profiles Every time I try to tell Facebook and report it she tells Facebook I?m harassing her and they delete my profiles it?s absolutely terrible Please help !!!!
First name: Lena
Age: 33
Location: Kiev, Ucrania
Report: Typical travel scammer
First name: Layla
Last name: James
Aka: Gabriella Malkova, Melissa Ann Hevner
Age: 29
Location: US
On websites: Adventist Dating, Google Hangouts und anderen Dating Plattformen
Report: Wollte auf Google Hangouts wechseln. Was ja schon mal seltsam ist. Wer nutzt das schon. Dann chattete sie mit mir und schickte mir ungewohnlich Attraktive Vollbusige Bilder und spielte mir vor an mir Interesse zu haben. Ab und zu wurde sie argerlich als ich ihr kein Geld geben wollte. aber tat dann schnell wieder so als ware sie einem nicht bose. Ich wurde schon bei den ersten Bildern misstrauisch und jagte sie durch reversed Picture Search. Dann kam raus es sind Bilder von 2 unterschiedlichen Stars. Einem Pornostar und einer anderen Person des offentlichen Lebens... Joa. hab mich dann bald ihrer entledigt
First name: Tiffany
Last name: Bastow
Aka: thegenuine.gisele
Age: 37
Location: U.S.A. Texas
Phone: 3463063390
On websites: Instagram, Facebook
Report: Just looking for information
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Dont know
Age: 40
Location: Donestk
Email: ,
On websites: Eurocupid
Report: Could be removed from Eurocupid but I am she or he will be at it again. Profile said she was from poland but claimed that was a mistake. Claims to not have access to a phone because of war, claims to have been a teacher but not working because of war, lives with family in Donetsk but knows ****** all about the place or what is actually going on there. Hello I'm writing you for Ukraine. The name of the place where do i live now. calls Yurievka. Its Donetsk region. I live close to the sea of Azov. I'm not working now becuase of war but i'm trying to find new job. I have lost it because of war. I hope that our relationship will grow at something big and wonderful. I understand that better way come to know about each other - it is correspondence. I am waiting letter from you, where you will describe all your thoughts and feelings. I want to understand you and want be understood by you. You really inspire me big sympathy and I am with pleasure will open my soul for you. Please, write to me, I don't know about you anything. For me it is very interesting. I understand that some times very difficult to talk about yourself. In relationships between people I appreciate mostly trust. I am very wounding person and I feel immediately lie and not sincerity. Sometimes it helps to me , sometimes it disturb. So, I think that I am grown up enough to know what good and bad features of character I have. So, I can say that I am rather a kind person, very gentle, romantic, but at the same time I am down-to-earth person. I love music, literature, paiting. My weight is 54 kg . height 169 sm. I'm speaking English and French. Kiss anastasia.
First name: Kate
Last name: Parker
Age: 27
Location: Tampa Florida
On websites: ChatIb, Instagram, Facebook
Report: Met Kate Parker on a chat room and it went well for a couple of months and then she started asking me for money to buy jewelry and help her with her supposed sister in paying off her college tuition. She claims to be a sergeant in the marine corps.
First name: Susan
Last name: Silver
Aka: FoxySweetLover
Age: 31
Location: Los Angeles
On websites: AFF
Report: Hey ??, thanks for the reply and the awesome pictures. I must comment that you're definitely handsome, mature and cool. How are you? It is always good to hear about you. I tried to maintain anonymity on the site, you can't tell what's on with internet creeps these days. I like a simple and decent guy, I look forward to meeting you. Well presently I'm with the CSF(Children Support Forum) team on a mission to Liberia and we are returning next week. I hope this is enough time for us to know each other better and see if we can work. I will be taking my time to talk with you over here. Things are going well for us out here and I hope we can meet up then when I get back. I enjoy swimming, watching sports (football often), movies, dancing mostly salsa, playing video games, reading magazines and novels. I have passed through a lot being in a relationship and wouldn't allow the past to ruin me again, I believe failure teaches success and building my future with the experience I had. I believe inside looks would determine if people are compatible, though attraction is part of it but the most important thing that does it all is personality traits. I am seeking a man that likes *** and he is understanding, honest and calm. I don't know what you still like to know but I'd be glad if you ask. Your turn? Take good care of yourself and be safe.
First name: Mign
Last name: Finehr
Age: 40
Location: Ukraine and Russia
Email: and
Report: Greetings my great mate!I 'd like to get acquainted with you. I found yourmail address through a dating service. I am convinced you find enjoyable my pictures. First of all I want to tell you some facts about me. I am actually forty yr old. I 'm Cancer according to the sign. I have never been married and I have not got any children. I live in France. I will be so happy to watch your photographs. I do hope that you will be very glad to become a friend of mine. I think you will find time to become acquainted with each other a little bit more. What country do you live in? How old are you? If you are interested Please write ONLY to my private mailbox: I will look forward to a reaction zestfully from you.
First name: Laura
Last name: Junely
Age: 35
Location: Illinois
Report: Person immediately says they come to you when it is time to meet. Says she is laid off from work. After a week of chatting will ask for money to buy food. A few days later, it's money for medications for granny. Then a few days after that she asks for more money. The PayPal accounts that she gives you are all in Asia.
First name: Venera
Last name: Yeleussinova
Age: 33
Location: Kostanay region, 110600, Kazakhstan.
Address: Adilet street 5, poselok(village) Torgai, Z hangeldy district,
Report: Emailed me blind, said she got my details from a dating web-site (I am not any). Wants serious relationship with man from the West, **** photo's, swears genuine, claims to be a hospital surgeon but forgets she is sometimes a shop assistant. Can obtain travel visa without problem, got money for international travel to visit me but needs extra cash. Keeps using the term 'your country' which she can easily get a visa for - although I never gave my country away. Many holes in her story.
First name: Aiperi
Last name: Omurbekova
Age: 29
Location: Kyrgyzstan
Report: Approached me blind, said she got my contact details from an Eastern European dating web-site - which I am not on. Scammer who claims to be a hospital surgeon, no parents, lives alone, glamourus photo's, looking for serious relationship, wants to move to the West, can get travel and residence Visa - no problem. I secured copy of her Passport and and photo's.
First name: Alexa
Last name: Bybliko
Age: 27
Location: Yoshkar-Ola
On websites: badoo
Report: Hallo XXXXXXXXXXXXXX! Ich sehr gefreut, dass du mir geantwortet hast und ich mochte dich besser kennenlernen. Wie geht es dir? Ich habe sehr gute Stimmung, dass wir weitermachen konnen und mochte auch mehr uber mich erzahlen. Ich bin geboren und aufgewachsen in Samara! Im Moment Lebe ich auch, in Samara! Und wie du bereits bemerkt haben, ist diese Stadt in Russland. Ich Schreibe dir alles auf einmal ehrlich und direkt. Mein name ist Tatyana. Ich wurde 20 Mai 1988 Jahr geboren. Und im Moment bin ich 32 Jahre alt. Ich habe keinen Mann, ich war nie verheiratet, ich habe keine Kinder. Sag mir bitte, und du bist single? Was suchst du, aus dem Internet, suchst du einer ernsthaften Beziehung? Ich Suche nicht nur einen Brieffreund, ich bin interessiert, eine ernsthafte Beziehung aufzubauen. Ich Suche Mann au?erhalb meine Lande, Weil ich nicht in der Lage, einen solcher Mann in meinem Land zu finden. Ich hatte keine guten Beziehungen in meinemLand. Viele Manner in meinem Land sind nicht ernsthaft. Ich bin nicht interessiert flirten oder einfache Kommunikation zu machen. Ich hoffe wirklich, dass du mich ernst meinst. Ich hoffe sehr, dass unsere Ziele ubereinstimmen, und wir konnen mit dir ernsthafte Beziehung aufbauen. Ja, zwischen uns gibt es einen Abstand, aber ich denke, es kann uns nicht daran hindern, einander kennen zu lernen. Ich schicke dir mein Foto, und ich hoffe, dass ich in der nachsten Brief auch Fotos von dir bekommen kann. Ich werde gespannt auf deinen Brief und hoffe, bald werde ich es bekommen. Tatyana Guten Tag XXXXXXXXXXXX! Deine Antwort hat mich sehr gefreut, weil wir unsere Bekanntschaft fortsetzen konnen. Ich hoffe, du hast genauso gute Laune wie ich. Es ist sehr schon und wichtig fur mich, dass du mir geantwortet hast, Weil es meine erste Bekanntschaft seit langer Zeit ist. Und naturlich ist dies meine erste Bekanntschaft uber das Internet. Ich hatte viel Zeit, um uber die Entfernung nachzudenken, weil ich in Russland bin. Aber fur jedes Problem kann immer eine Losung gefunden werden. Ich mochte weiter uber mich selbst sprechen. Meine gro? 167 cm, Gewicht 55 kg. Meine Ausbildung ist Kinderarztin. Aber leider konnte ich keinen Arbeit in meiner Stadt in der Spezialitat finden, und deshalb arbeite ich jetzt als Masseurin. Ich mochte dir sagen, dass ich dir mit von der Arbeit schreiben, wie zu Hause ich habe keinen Computer und ich habe kein Internet. Ich arbeite von Montag - Freitag. Und am Samstag und Sonntag habe ich Wochenende. Leider kann ich dir in diesen Tagen nicht schreiben. Ich fahre normalerweise in diesen Tagen zu meinen Eltern zum Landhaus, wo meine Eltern im Moment leben. Erzahl mir bitte, wie du Freizeit verbringst? Ich verbringe meine freie Zeit verschieden, am Wochenende, ich Liebe Spaziergange im Park und der Natur. Ich gehe auch gerne entlang der Promenade. Meine Hobby, das Kochen. 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Stellt sich heraus, dass unser treffen nicht stattfinden wird? Ich habe keine Moglichkeit mehr, zu dir zu kommen, da ich keine Optionen mehr habe, wo ich das Geld nehmen kann... Ich will nicht aufgeben. Ich will endlich bei dir sein. Aber was kann ich tun, wenn du so weit Weg von mir bist. Ich habe sehr von unserem treffen getraumt, und schon 1000 mal stellte ich mir vor, wie du mich am Flughafen treffen wurdest. Und es tut so weh zu erkennen, dass ich trotz all meiner Gefuhle nichts andern kann. Leider muss ich wieder arbeiten. Deine Tatyana.
First name: Janice
Last name: Parker
Age: 57
Location: Australia, Geelong
On websites: eharmony
Report: I person named Jan befriended me on a dating site and quickly moved the conversation to emails, using the name Janice Parker. She contacted me every day, which raised my suspicions. She also seemed too perfect to be true. Unlike most scammers, her English was very good. She claimed to be an interior designer working in Geelong. She said she was born in Perth, but moved to Canada with her mother when her parents separated. She eventually returned to Australia with her husband in 2019 but lost him to Covid.after a while, she moved the conversation to Google Chat but took umbrage when she noticed my name on Google Chat was Nick instead of Nicholas and blocked me. In her last email, she claimed that my sentence ? You talk so much sense? was not written English and that she didn?t think I was who I claimed to be. Coming from a scammer, this was bizarre! I think maybe she realised that she wasn?t going to be able to scam me and made a quick exit. I later noticed that the dating web site had blocked her, so I suspect that another person reported her. This has very strong similarities to the New Zealand case I was just reading about on your site.
First name: Linda
Last name: Evans
Age: 32
Location: United States
On websites: Hangouts chat
Report: Where is the ******* $150 gift card you promised? Steam card ,Aplple card or eBay Ain't a scammer big head Watch your back manI 'm gonna gun you down
First name: Akmaral
Age: 36
Location: Kazakstan
Report: known scammer, there is another report about her in this site
First name: Daria
Aka: Dasha
Age: 27
Location: Russia
Address: la Republique d'Oudmourtie, village de Garga, 10 rue Klubnaya, index 427895.
Report: ****o, darling . How are you doing? I decided to check my mail today and was happy to see your letter. I gave up everything and wrote to you. I am very glad to receive your answer and to know that you are also interested in our getting to know each other. Thank you for your interest! But I don't have any information about you yet, and I would like to know more about you. My name is Daria, but my friends often call me Dasha. I'm 27 years old, my date of birth is February 10, 1996, and I'm from Russia. My height is 173 cm (5.7 ft) and weight is 61 kg (135lb). I have no children and I have never been married. I am Aquarius by zodiac sign, and many people say that I am quite a typical representative of this sign. I am attracted to innovation, unusual ideas and deep conversations. I would like to know more about you. What is the name of your city? How old are you? Tell me about yourself, your interests and hobbies. How do you usually spend your free time? I'm always interested in new things, so I'd love to hear about your hobbies. Also, if you have a passion for traveling and exploring new cultures, it would be great to hear about your adventures or places you dream of visiting in the future. I hope I'm not asking too many questions. It's just really important for me to get to know you better, as our communication is really meaningful to me. Please could you send me a picture of yourself? I am also attaching my picture to this email. Tell me how you feel about me visually? Do you think I'm cute? I look forward to your response and more stories about you. I'll be checking my mail often, hoping for your letter. You intrigue me.... Best wishes, Dasha. P.S. If there's anything else you want to tell me about yourself or would like to know about me, I'd love to hear! Hi. Dear stranger, I want to know how much you interested in finding and acquaintance with new and wonderful woman? I'm hope to your like my pic. I'm also search person with which my life is quiet and remarkable. I am very cheerful, kind and positive girl. But I still have alone and very tired of such life. acquaintanceship on the Internet I use for the first time and therefore I immediately apologize if I write something wrong. I am 27 yo. I'm only looking for a serious relationship, I need a man who will be older than me. So I come to a dating agency and found you email. In fact actually, I'm look for real man for a serious friendship and even wedding in future. The most important is my purpose - I wish to look a lover for my lonely life! I very hope that you are it's a person. Iwill be happy if we will find our common interests and our meeting is most wonderful moment in our future life. I do not know how much you are interested in continuing our dialogue therefore more detail I talk about myself later! I'll wait for your answer! Hello, darling Salim. How are you? Thank you for writing me, I appreciate your time. I like communicating with you. I wanted to reply earlier, but I have problems with my internet. My internet is very bad, I have to go away from home to a higher place to check my email. I walk around with my laptop and catch cell phone service, if you see it from the outside it might seem strange. Today I woke up early, at 5:00 am, and after a light breakfast I fed my animals. At this time I thought about what I would write to you. I want to gradually tell you about myself, I'll start with the basics. I live in a small Russian village called
First name: Yanni
Last name: Serrano
Aka: Yanni Liang
Age: 37
Location: Shenzen China
Phone: +8613267395033
Email: yanni Liang
On websites: Russian-dating
Report: i also fell for this yanni recently and lost 1600 euros. she told me exactly the same story as my predecessor wrote. Nurse from the Philippines, works as a caregiver in Shenzhen and takes care of an old lady there. would like to marry me and come to switzerland, the visa costs 1600 euros and is managed by the travel agency