First name: Olga
Age: 32
Location: Ukraine
Report: Hello, my potential future husband!:)))) This is me, Olga!!!! Please do not be surprised with my letter, I met you on a dating site in Internet. I did stop my search in Internet that time because I decided to try to establish relations here with a local man. But I promised for myself that it was the last time I looked at any man here in my village! Because he turned to be not serious. So now I am very inspired with a desire to find a good serious man for marriage abroad!!! I am sorry for disturbing you with my letter, I understand you are probably already taken as such a nice man like you are can not stay alone for a long time. But in a case you are still in a search please feel free to write me more about yourself and lets establish a good correspondence which will probably lead to a soon meeting in person and probably a marriage! Well to tell you something about myself, I am 32 years old, I am from Ukraine, I am a nurse at the local hospital, I am a nice friendly cheerful family oriented woman who is going to be a very good passionate wife for the right man! May be you??:)) So, I send this short letter now and hope for your soon answer. I kiss you! Olga.
First name: Paula
Last name: martinez
Aka: cherry / apple jane baylon
Age: 36
Location: manila
On websites: Filipino cupid
Report: still operating different name .. Have two doctored credentials, easily seen requests money for travel etc.
First name: Wazira
Aka: Maria, Lelya, Alsunechka, Anastasiya, Lili, Olena, Tatyana, Ekaterina, Lucy, Lisa, Emilia, Vanessa
Age: 29
Location: Tela, Georgia; Hamburg, Germany
Phone: 12292877552
Report: Information used in dating scams.
First name: Sarah
Age: 32
Location: Augusta Georgia
Phone: 8328627035, 8133208597
Report: She will fall in love with you fast then she wants to be with and spend the rest of her life with you she begins asking for gas money but will never show up
First name: Dasha
Last name: Kuprina
Age: 36
Location: Springfield Virginia USA
On websites: Dream Singles
First name: VICTORIA
Last name: WHITE
Age: 42
Location: mtr manchester
Address: Rochdale
Phone: 07484374847
On websites: free and single, facebook
Report: was speaking to this person for 3 months and then asked and begged for money we started talking in april 2020 and said she lived in Rochdale gtr manchester and that was the reason i spoke to her because she was 30 mins drive away after speaking for a week she told me she was in new york on lockdown with her two 13yr old girls and was staying in a apartment in manhatton usa the times of the emails seemed ok and she said she was waiting for the lockdown to end so she could finish her buisness in new york and return to rochdale and she said that she was self secure drove a range rover and a mini convertable that she sent photo off her standing at the back and inside the reg plate could only see part of it K155 then after lockdown she was going to return home on the 12th july but then she said she had lost her debit card in the mean time she had told me where she lived so i went to the house as i had already checked it out on the internet she told me it was a 3bed house but was a 2bed bungaloo asked the person who lived there about her and he told me he had never heard of her but had a card sent there a bout 3 years ago with that name on it this is when alarm bells started ringing we had several emails where she became very nasty about it then admited that it was not her house and then said she lived in oldham any way on the 12th july she messaged me saying she had been denied boarding as she had covid and after 3 weeks she had not got new debit card and asked for money this is when i asked for proof of identity ie passport ect and full address in oldham she again got very nasty calling me selfish and not caring for her and the girls
First name: Laura
Last name: Andris
Age: 29
Location: Tampa, FL
On websites: Tinder
Report: The user is called Laura on Tinder, age 29. She is using pictures from a US celeb called Lena The Plug. I got her onto Google Hangouts and discovered she is actually in Nigeria. I scanned 2 photos she uses on Tinder which I can forward. This would have been leading to scamming for money had i not done the research.
First name: Anna
Last name: Avdeeva
Aka: Ann
Age: 29
Location: Selo Viatskoye Russia
Phone: 836-341-0558
On websites: Connecting Singles
Report: I Searched the email address on another site, found nothing. Decided to search the name and found it on this site. The emails sent to me were about the same as those sent to Robert on this site.
First name: Mary
Last name: Sonna
Aka: Dani daniels
Age: 31
Location: San Diego
Phone: 6193629399
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Deposit froud check into people account and requested for money in gift cards
First name: Janet
Last name: Richard
Aka: Janet Harrison Richard, Janet Recheal Harrison, Racheal Jen
Age: 35/38
Location: Miami Florida USA
Phone: +1(786)4106153
On websites: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
Report: Says that they are Kiwi American, they say they have a daughter who doesn't live with her, that they caught ex boyfriend cheating with best friend, claims parents are deceased and is waiting for a large inheritance from father James Harrison through a fake Dennis Davison Legal Chammber and Associate. They use photos stolen from another persons Instagram account. Initially contacted through dating site has stolen personal information and phone sim card, they are a scam. Also may be use alias Recheal Smith, Janet Recheal Harrison. JenRecheal Harrison on kik.
First name: Anastasiya
Aka: Nastya
Age: 44
Location: Sarapaul
On websites: rusiancupid
Report: Hola y buenas tardes, estuve manteniendo una conversacion con ella, asta, que le comente algo escuetamente, para ver su reaccion, automaticamente, deje de recibir, correos.
First name: Irina
Last name: Zimba
Aka: Irena Zetta
Age: 35
Location: Lugansk
Phone: +972547732834
On websites: Travelgirls
Report: This lady says she is a single mother but actually she is still married. Travel with men in a serious way, pretending she looks for romance and marriage. Only do this to get financial support. Educated and well mannered and nice, but she is really a scam.
First name: Jessica
Last name: Mike
Age: 32
Location: Ghana, Accra
Phone: +233204823712
Report: Received an unsolicited message from an American 31 year old girl living with her widowed mother in Ghana. I am a UK citizen living in NE England aged 65 and recently separated from my wife of 37 years. She asked about me and wanted a relationship with me, I am retired and live alone with my dog. We had several conversations over about 10 days she sent me three photographs of a very pretty girl. I sent her two of me (just my face) she said I was handsome (debateable) and said she would like to come to England and meet me. I said that would be great it is not every day a man is seduced on the internet with a girl less than half my age. She asked me if I owned my own home, which I confirmed. Predictably the next statement was that she was unemployed and didn't have any money, would I pay for her to come over to the UK? I said that wouldn't be a problem and then she said could I send her the money. I said no, I could organise everything from here if I had her passport number she confirmed she has a US passport. She wasn't happy with this until I said that was the only way I would do it and would pick her up at Manchester Airport she agreed, I checked out flights for her and found one that was suitable. She then said she wanted to organise it herself as it would be easier. At this point I blocked her on Messenger that was yesterday, this morning I had a missed call from her on Hangouts which also predictably was, despite my attempts to phone her was the first indication that Hangouts actually was functional. She used American spelling, so I am fairly certain she is American. I did not part with any money or emotions as deep down I suspected the truth and i had the free time too.
First name: Lisa
Last name: Janette
Age: 39
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites: Cdate, Hnagouts, Skype
Report: This lady uses stolen pictures as her profile pics. States she returned back home to complete her studies. States on her profiles that she lives in London but once you get chatting she will tell you she is from Ghana. So far she has tried to get money to pay her internet bill. For a new computer and new phone. She states lives with her mum and her Mums name is Joe. She will confess her Love for you very quickly. She will avoid answering any direct questions about were she live. I even asked to confirm the time were she lives but would not answer the question. If you request to see her on cam she will come out with an excuse as to not paying her bill and the IP are monitering her use. I challenged her as to how can she be messaging me then to which i got the answer she was logged into her neighbours wi-fi when challenged again as to there would be no reason why she could not do a webcam chat this was just ignored. When challenged as to be a scammer and given all the evidence i had collected and that I wanted to see her on Cam to confirm her identity she still point blank refused and said that she did not need to prove that to me and that i should trust her and take her word for it. I gave her the option to provide me with a picture with my name written on a piece of paper so i could read it. Also to provide me with some sort of identification by taking a JPEG of it. All the options i gave her to confirm her identity were either ignored or refused.
First name: Helen
Last name: Erickson
Aka: Mary
Age: 37
Location: Greenville, Mississippi
On websites: Facebook and hangouts
Report: Was asked to set up a cash app account and give her the information about account. I was told she need this to get her inheritance and if I allow her to use mt account she would give me 40% of $250000 if I allow her to use my account. Said to show good faith she would send nude of herself.
First name: Sophia
Last name: Green
Aka: 30
Age: unknown
Location: Kansas and California
On websites: Xatract
Report: Received an unsolicited email on one of my Gmail accounts from her wanting to chat, was first wanting my phone number so can text, when I wouldn't give it out she then wanted to go to Hangouts to chat and exchange pictures. It did not take her very long to want to exchange nudes and sexy texts. I am fully aware that the scammers will then use the photos and text against to to try to extort money from you. The longer I kept putting her off the more demanding she became until she decided to stop communicating with me. She stated she was from Kansas after I told her I was from Missouri, however she had traveled to see her brother in California and became
First name: theresa
Last name: boateng
Aka: joyce bolt
Age: 33
Location: ghana
On websites:
Report: she contacted me through and then we moved to skype. Says her name is Theresa Boateng. That her father passed away and she will be rich. Just needs help with money to pay for her inheritance to come to usa to me. I cannot find any record of her father at all. I suspected this all along...but just saw her photo on the scammers email from your site. We have been talking for several months.
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Agafonova
Age: 49
Location: Ukraine Odessa
Phone: +380631196521
On websites:
Report: Stop Ukrainian women scammers! When I saw the profile of Svetlana Agafonova from Odessa, I thought that this woman is 48 years old and has two children, she is probably seriously looking for a husband. We talked for a long time on one of the dating sites, and then I got access to her personal email. And our communication immediately changed, Svetlana became cold, she answered me once a week, and sometimes less often, and constantly asked me for money. She needed money for the treatment of children, for food, for the purchase of air tickets to come to me. In six months I sent her over $ 11,000, but she never came to me. When I told her that I would no longer send her money, because she was lying to me, she replied that she had never been interested in me, that she was not going to leave Ukraine, and that she was only on a dating site to get additional income. I have never faced such a cynical deception in my life, for the entire time of my communication with Svetlana Agafonova I became poorer by 12,000 dollars, my money passed to a Ukrainian scam. Now Svetlana is on the Dream Single website, her ID is 5231306
First name: Winonna
Last name: Jungman
Age: 33
Location: Houston TX USA
On websites: Hangouts, Instagram
Report: Guys, she's using stolen photos of Canadian adult star
First name: Jeanne
Last name: Bann
Aka: Jeanne_bann
Age: 43
Location: Canada
Phone: +1?(807)?633-1982
Email: Jeanne_bann@gmail
On websites: Instagram and WhatsApp
Report: She?s impersonates differently people , operates different Instagram accounts , she uses her ptsd as an excuse, she?s proposes love and later beg you for money , She pretends to be a good woman and she gets your details and use it to blackmail you, she goes through your contacts and start saying shit to your contacts, she impersonates Alexfcarter, created an Instagram page with his name and use it to say shit to his contacts, try to scam them and blackmail him .Alex was only a good friend of her ,he gave her advice, motivated her daily basis,helps her with her ptsd and she proposed love to him and he refused then she started blackmail and spread wrong information to his contacts, she tried to break his relationship with his wife to be . Jeanne bann is a jobless mother of two , all she does is to steal people?s identity and anyone that doesn?t fall into her trap she uploads the person on male scammers list , she operates close to 15 Instagram accounts with different identities. She uses WhatsApp to contact her prey. Please beware of her , here is her contact +1?(807)?633-1982 , her Instagram username is Jeanne_bann . Her image will be uploaded.
First name: Angelika
Age: 31
Location: Kiev Ukraine
On websites: Dream Marriage
Report: This is a common scam on Dream Marriage, the girl receives a kick back for the money she generates on the site. She writes to you often and gets you to fall in love with her, she chats with you and does everything for dream marriage to ply every penny out of your pocket that is possible. Finally she begins to ask for expensive gifts that of course Dream Singles offer from their own shop. this is nothing but a scam and I have seen it repeatedly.
First name: Natalya
Last name: Nikolaevna Kolesnikova
Aka: Nat
Age: 33
Location: Salk, Russia
Address: 66 Kuznechnaya street, apartment 38, Salsk, Rostov region, Russia, postal code 347630
Phone: +7 914 127 01 271
On websites: rendezous
Report: I stated chatting via email with this person, after responding to a random email from her. She claimed to have found me online on a site called Rendezvous. I have no recollection of this site, nor could I find anything about it online. I noticed that there was a disconnect in our conversation which I assumed was the result of mistranslation or differences in culture. I decided to search her email address and found an email message word for word verbatim sent to someone else. Though I was never asked to send money, knowing that others are receiving identical messages is deception and a scammer on some level.
First name: Amy
Aka: Emma
Age: 22-33
Location: France and Paris
Report: Bored ! Need a Boyfriend am here looking for some great time and make some new friends. If you?re looking as well Hit me up Looking for fun The scammer motive is to make me sign up up this site with full of scammers. The MO is getting your money examples gift cards, Paypal, Bank Accounts, and Money Transfer. It is the main reason to report this.
First name: Amber
Last name: Moore
Age: 31
Location: USA Albany
Phone: (929)369-1303
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Met Amber first on Instagram in 2018 and continued a online relationship for about 2 years. Sent her money twice to help for transportation to come see me. $400 and $200.
First name: Clara
Last name: Rankin
Aka: Lousia Kim
Age: 31
Location: Waynesboro, WV
Address: 1224 Farmside Street
On websites: Google Hangouts
Report: Met on Messenger in 2018 and then moved to Google Hangouts and continued a 2 1/2 year online relationship until about a month ago.
First name: Natalia
Last name: Kolesnik
Aka: Svetlana Yurevna Mayshanova
Age: 33
Location: Shakily City Rostov Region,Russia 346500
Address: Lenina Street House 133, Apartment 59
On websites: Rendez-vous
Report: She contacted me as Svetlana Yurevna Mayshanova out of the blue saying she saw my profile on the Rendez-vous site. I was never on that site before, she sent me the exact letter and photos as the other person that reported her. I started writing to her, within 2 to 3 weeks she wanted to meet and had vacation coming. She got her visa and Covid test but didn't have enough money for plane ticket. She needed 980 dollars so I sent her the money, she sent me photos of passport and plane tickets. Next she wrote that her visa was not approved and needed money to show visa officer that she could support herself for 30 onthe U.S. She wanted 90 dollars a day, that came out to be 2700 dollars. I told her that I could not afford it, so they came up with a guise to have a visa officer from the U.S. embassy in Moscow to call me and reduce it 1500 dollars if I took responsibility for her.I agreed and sent money again like a fool. She sent information about Bank name and account number Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation (PJSC). Then when she was about to board the plane they pulled her aside and supposedly fined 900 dollars for not disclosing a ring she was bringing for me. At that point I told her to stop everything and just returned my money. She promised me she would, next thing I get a photo of her leg in a knee brace and bandaged leg. Supposedly she was hit by a car while going to the bank to send the money back. I wrote back to saying it was all fake and she was scammer. She writes back saying that when she was hit by a car she lost her belongings and the money was not to be found when she got out of the hospital. I also received an email supposedly from her sister Alina that Sveta as she was known to me got worse because she didn't have the money to have second surgery. Supposedly she has two sisters and her parents died after years back from a car accident. I again told her send my money back and she was a lying scammer someday she will get retribution for scamming people. So I just saw one of picture she originally sent me on this site and that is the same one she sent me as Svetlana Yurevna Mayshanova. We need to stop this woman and her cronies from scamming other people.
First name: Anna
Last name: Stavisiuk
Aka: Anna Andreeva, Anna Andreevna
Age: 34
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: Anastsia Date, Victoria Brides, Natasha Club
Report: I have been talking to this woman for 22 months. When I very first met her, her profile said she had no children, however, come to find out she was pregnant and had her daugher in August. I did not find out at all about her daughter until December of last year. She said that she sent me a letter explaining this but i never received it and she said that she thought everything was good and I understood because I never said anything. However, one would think if you never mentioned the child at all, that she would have been a little suspicious and said something. It wasn't until I saw a change in her profile that I asked her about this that time. First it started on Anastasia Date and then moved to Victoria Brides. During the first year of conversation she exchanged email and spent quite a bit of time exchanging emails and photos and videos. Then all of the sudden we had to go back to the paid site as her email was supposedly corrupted. She said that she lost my email so once again i sent a new gift with contacts and we chatted once a again for a very short period of time, until the email was once again corrupted so back to the paid chat once again. About two months ago I found out she had multiple open profiles on at least 5 sites. These ate manned pretty much 24/7. We stated chatting on Victoria Brides, because she said that her profile on the original site was hacked so she moved there and she had no idea who have opened these other sites. Once we started on Victoria Brides, it was request after request after request for different gifts for her and her daughter. It was a never ending request and she always had stories as to why she was requesting. The baby loves kinder or she needs fruit. the baby broke my favorite perfume which was by far the most expensive on the site. I want to go to this special gym because it is for women only and my back needs strengthened to carry the baby. The stories go on and on and on. I have recently been contacted by an anonymous person that has shown me the fraudulent activity this person has been a part of for a very long time. She is literally paid as a model for the corrupters. They ask her what to provide and she does it. If you pay very careful attention to the conversations depending on what time of day you talk to her, the conversations are completely different. The phrases used, choice of words and if you are lucky enough to share a skype call what is said in chat does not match what she tells you in person. I was very lucky to experience it. She will tell you she loves you and wants to get married to you. She will say you are the only one. She even asked for a ring that was provided and we supposedly over skype since it is not safe to travel got engaged. Then I received screen shots from her email to another man this past weekend . On Monday she asked if we could talk and the blame game came out telling me I am a detective, that how can i not trust a woman i intend to marry, and never even let me talk and hung up. I have asked her to talk and tell me the truth about it all but obviously she has no intentions and she was caught in her lies.
First name: Stephanie
Last name: Saib
Aka: Frorettea annie
Age: unknown
Location: Syria,Damscas
Report: She called herself miss staphanie saib from Syria Damascus and she wrote this
First name: Beatrice
Last name: Addae
Age: 38
Location: Ghana
Address: Spintex Road
Phone: +23355249 8939
On websites: Facebook
Report: Beatrice Addae is a scammer as she keeps making demand of money from me almost every week and she kept showing me her pictures and nakedness.. later i met a friend who told me he was charting with the same lady and even show me same pictures and we both realized that we have been victims of fraud
First name: Katie
Last name: Huggins
Aka: Linda Ricci
Age: 34
Location: Syracuse, NY (fake), Perth Australia (real)
On websites: Instagram
Report: The profile katiehuggins4 on Instagram is the real account of a scammer who went by Linda Ricci under the profile riccilinda0 until recently, when I confronted her via DM and she 1) immediately blocked me, and 2) deleted the riccilinda0 profile, which had been largely inactive for about two years (when I finally started calling her out as a scammer and notifying the other guys on her friends list whom she had been scamming). As Linda Ricci, she was scamming multiple guys on Instagram for iTunes gift cards and, I'm embarrassed to say, took me for a lot of money. As Katie Huggins, her profile is private and she declines all follow requests. As Linda Ricci, she claimed to be a single mom living in Syracuse, NY with her daughter Amy.
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