First name: Sandra
Last name: Ballancy
Aka: Gifty Aryee
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 233547997185
Email: ;
Report: This lady claimed to be Gifty Aryee to me she is already listed as Sandra Ballancy. She has a son Robert who loves WWE. (pictures were sent..) She claimed to be a hair Stylist going to school for nursing. When she started asking for money I got suspicious.
First name: Lisa
Last name: Williams
Age: 29
Location: New York city
On websites: Wink app
Report: Claims to be in the USA, but has a poor grasp of English and Americana, and also is clearly in a different time Zone
First name: Susan
Last name: Powel
Age: 30
Location: Los Angeles California
On websites: Wink app
Report: She has 7-8 profiles with the same picture on the app
First name: Alice
Last name: Torres
Age: 34
Location: Osu Ghana
Phone: 233556006911
Email: Alice.
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Alice says she is porn star janessa Brazil hiding in Ghana and can't go back to usa because she owes money to pornhub, the pictures she has sent looks like janessa Brazil but lot older she is very convincing and takes your wallet before you realize.
First name: Angelina
Last name: Robles
Aka: Ang Rob, RobAng, Angelina Heather Robles
Age: 49
Location: Riverside California
On websites: facebook
Report: 1. she initiated the contact 2. Met on FACEBOOK in lesbian group that is who she targets. Then moved to hangouts 3. corresponded for 4-5 months 4. She had been kicked out of a group but I did not know. Always online in evening 5. She first requested Bitcoin then Walmart to Walmart. The money was needed for her contractor business then an airbnb, then rent for her daughter Michelle in France. This was all during the beginning of the covid outbreak. 6, The money who picked up the Walmart transfer was Sean Cahill in Riverside California 3 times $1200, $1500, $1500
First name: Sharon
Aka: shashawill54
Age: 33
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: +1 872 256 8405
On websites:
Report: Fake Name: Sharon Email: Phone: +1 872 256 8405
First name: Lilly
Last name: Perla
Aka: Bunny
Age: 35
Location: Kansas City
Address: 8001 NW 106th St
Phone: 8164694315
On websites: Plenty of Fish, Facebook, Tinder
Report: She's a fraud. She's pretty but after a few conversations she ask for money for bills, kids, life.
First name: Irina
Last name: Temnikova
Age: 31
Location: Russia, Irkutsk, Moty
Address: Veselaya street 15, Moty, Irkutsk Oblast, 666025, Russia.
Report: Contacted me with a series of letters. Sends from first email address. Receives from second address. Ask her questions and she does not answer: she appears to be a bot.
First name: Ira
Last name: Shatkovska
Age: 35
Location: Ukriane
Phone: 380676283527; 380676270027
Report: This woman is already on your list, but not the email she used You missed one of the email addresses
First name: Juila
Last name: Wells
Aka: Alisa, Ekaterina, Olga, Ludmila, Elena, Snezhana, Irina, Oksana, Daniia, Kristina, Eugenia, Veronica, Emilia, Mary, Abbigail Ampea, Janet Owusu, Laura Williams, Jasmin Caramay, Karyn
Age: 30
Location: Cameroon; Accra, Ghana; Nova Milanese, Italy; Kostroma, Russia; Santa Rosa, Philippines
Phone: 237670813324, 639178700791
On websites: Tagged
Report: Information used in romance scams.