First name: Elma Zafirah
Last name: Wajid
Age: 27 year
Location: Dakar (Senegal)
On websites:
Report: She is mailing me and she was talking about 3000 million dollars.She is forcing me to help about the rupees to collect from bank.I'm sending the mail also Assalamu'alaikum, I hope this mail will find you in good health. How are you and how also is your job, i hope fine insha Allah. I received your response here on my email and want to say thank you for your message as i am very happy to start communication with you, with a dream and hope of having friendship with you because i am seeking for a true friend that is loving, caring, honest, truthful. Someone that i can confide in and share my life and situation with. I am Miss Elma Zafirah Wajid, born on the 18th of November 1988, with a height of 5'8
First name: oksana
Last name: chernova
Age: 40
Location: Budennovsk
On websites: match affinity . com
Report: Usual scam, writes to you and says she wants to visit you but needs money for visa - that is as far as I got!!
First name: Elena
Age: 27
Location: Russia
On websites: ???
Report: Just another woman or girl asking for money to get her to your place and she uses that she is a dentist and will come for a six month visa and work while you get to know each other and to see if a relationship cons out of it, man they find me all the time and you have to be aware to tell them no money and with her , Elena she says that you told her you would help even when you say no, wow how they push!!
First name: ekaterina
Last name: krasnowa
Aka: dashka
Age: 24-25-30th april!
Location: russia-loskutovo
Address: lenina street 10=zip 636526
Phone: not known
Report: have been contacted directly by above on a direct email -have many pictures-ongoing chat by email -no request for money as yet
First name: Anna
Last name: Badger
Aka: Ann angel
Age: 34-36
Location: Accra ghana
Address: 456 east legon
Email: Love honest
On websites: Tingo
Report: She as scammed me for ?10.000 and she is scamming people still she needs to be stopped false marraige certificate prostitute blackmail money laundering scams etc
First name: ANNA
Age: 27
Location: Lugansk
On websites: Agency Lugansk
Report: Have received same email and request for friendship and promises . I firmly believe it is an agency mass emailing scam. Have received several similar emails with sent and received letters of introduction. Do your self s favour, do not reply, you will most likely end up with numourous scammers seeking similar friendship requests .
First name: Sandra
Last name: Taylor
Aka: Gifty Dorsu
Age: 36
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 190 Accra north Ghana
Phone: +233501135807
On websites: Match,com Zorpia
Report: two nights ago i was on 14/4//2016 and i came across another 4 profiles she is running on that site at the same time,they are sherrybae,clarksylvia,caqtus,and viclady0010 the photos are unmistakeable and yesterday i got an email from Zorpia about 2 lady's who liked me guess what they were both Sandra using the names emilybrook0510 and winheartkonadu,again the photo's are unmistakeably Sandra Taylor...
First name: Mary
Last name: Greg
Age: not sure she says she owns the hospital says she h
Location: Nigeria
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: she goes to all kinds of dating sights to get new men she's not looking to date she needs you to set up a bank account so she can put money in it she says she has breast cancer and 5 million dollars after her begging for 3 yrs i open a account well not one of her checks cleared owe 300.00 for over draft fees her attorney said he did not know why so she use him to Bannister he fraud any attorney uses that last name is no good
First name: Pretty Girl
Last name: Serwaah Ibra
Age: about 37
Location: Italy
On websites: skype
Report: This woman is also known as Mary Asamoah, ghana. She is now contacting me again with this new name. I have not contacted her so I do not know her email
First name: Larisa
Last name: Marushenko
Age: 27
Location: Ukraine, Antratsit
Address: Krasnoznamennaya Str. 10 zip code 9100
On websites:
Report: This woman pretend that she is working in a bureau. of course its the same woman who wrote the first letter, and i have use your method to look after sign of scammers. She did not answer my question and write same again. Now she is a school teacher , last time she was a nurse. Of course living with her grandma, it seems like all parents in Ukraine is dead .