First name: Stephine
Last name: Brain
Age: 30
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: After solving a Puzzle in her profile that reveals an email address she responded to me with the following: Hello Alex, Good to hear from you, i believe all is well with you today and you are having a good morning. Am sorry it took me a while to write and am so happy you solved my puzzle and sent me a mail even though it came with few words, am pleased you are interested in me and want to know more about me which interest me.. i will tell you a little about me and my intentions doing this online dating thing which am new to . I was born in King of Prussia ( PA ) and left when i was 4years due to my parents divorce i went with my mom and lived in canada . My mother was a missionary and traveled a lot, i could not live with her due to her travels as a missionary, i left canada to be with my dad in Uk while in uk my mother fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer so i came to King of Prussia to be with her before she passed away after her death i had to go back to london to finish my education living with my dad. 2 year ago my dad was killed in a car accident which left me lonely and bitter at this time my boyfriend and i had gone our separate ways so i voluntary joined the ministry to be a missionary . A few months ago i was deployed from london to Nigeria , Africa. This deployment is due to my soon retirement from missionary work. This is my last project after which am given my retirement package and benefit then i can be on my way back to King of Prussia, london or anywhere i find right to go which depends on what i have (my man), but for now am still here in nigeria and have a period of 1 at most 2 weeks before my retirement will be approved, i really cant say where am heading back to for now but pray for the best and will of God to happen, i will be out of here as soon as am given all benefit and retirement letter. I took after my mother to work with the ministry as a missionary to assist and work with the underprivileged, orphanages and the motherless babies. i organise seminars and lecture to make aware the existence of HIV and AIDS also do i teach how to reduce the spread and eradication of them both, i lecture on self esteem to demoralized persons too. Am so new to this online dating, am trying this with the hope it will bring to me my heart desire. i have been here for a few months and almost through with all i have to do here. I would like to go out with you for tea, brunch, dinner. I dont do coffee and am not against it, i guess we might have a date if things work out fine from here, am ready to relocate to any where my heart leads me for now we can get to know more about each other and see where this takes us, i have traveled a lot with my dad, i went to university in england also took lessons to learn french reason been i had my eyes for france, i can only write french but cant really speak, i understand when you speak the language. I dont want you to see the distance between us as a barrier getting to know each other, I believe we can get to know more about our self i also know it can be hard for the both of us with the distance thing like i said i will be out of here in a week or 2 from now. Its been hard without someone to share with, i have been lonely and alone for a long time and want to move on and be happy, I know the only way to this happiness and joy i crave for is to be fulfilled and to be fulfilled is to be in love, true and sincere love from a sincere heart. Am i asking for too much? i guess not because true love is real and out there i know. Am looking for a man with a sincere heart to give love and receive love, a man to see beyond my looks and outer beauty, a man who will take his time to know me and know all about me, a man who will teach me all i have to know about him to be perfect for him and him perfect for me. I will love this man for the rest of my life and he will love me for the rest of my life. The only fear i have in life is to have a broken home but know i can avoid this taking it slow and get to know this man to grow with him and him with me in life and love. I will like you in your next mail to tell me a little more about yourself, your likes, dislikes even your favorite food and color if you do have.Say 10years from now where do you think you will be or become, if you dont mind me asking what do you do for a living. I will like to chat with you on yahoo IM if it is ok with you, am always alone, lonely and bored when am not busy with the kids or on evangelism before going to bed i can make good use of this time to be with you online chating to know more about each other , who knows how much fun it could be chating. Here is my yahoo IM ID stepbra the same with my yahoo mail. What are looking for in a woman to live the rest of your life with, can you share this with me? I pray this mail finds you well in good health and peace. I wait to hear from you. Warm regards, Steph.
First name: Mensah
Last name: Morrison
Aka: Melissa Harrington
Age: 34
Location: Accra Ghana
Phone: 233-244-268587
On websites:
Report: I have communicated with her for about six weeks and she asks for money for her daughters heart operation.I was going to visit her in west africa thank god who knows what was waiting for me there.
First name: Jessica
Last name: Douglass
Age: 32
Location: Malaysia puchong
On websites:
Report: have been chatting for a month and then sent me pictures of her with her website address on for her porn site by accident. said she was in malaysia in puchong working for a charity helping homeless children, asked for money for flight home to be recovered from the charity once in uk
First name: Anna
Last name: Sofronova
Aka: Mariya
Age: 30
Location: Kharovsk, Russia
On websites:
Report: After email exchanges for more than 2 months I was told
First name: Lydia
Last name: Aminu
Aka: Ghana
Age: 33
Location: Accra-Ghana
Address: Lydia Aminu 00233 Accra
Phone: 00233267340944; 00233263191038;0023326193962;00233260834374
On websites: Badoo u.a.
Report: Die Bilder werden von anderen Frauen und Mnnern aus Ghana benutzt. Geld wird immer abgeholt auf ihren Namen. Man weis nie mit wen man sich gerade schreibt da sie Accounts von mehreren Personen benutzt werden knnen! The images are used by other women and men from Ghana. Money is always collected on their behalf. One knows with whom you just never wrote it because accounts can be used by several people! Gru Raik
First name: Celina
Last name: Sinnathurai
Aka: zinatu amadu
Age: 32
Location: ghana accra
Address: allata street 14
On websites:
Report: same old story. Tells you she loves you, acts like she prays to god to find the right man, asks for money after a couple days. Thats as far as I got before I found her stolen celeb photo on this site.Never actually saw her. She puts footage of Raven Riley's web chat up for her cam chat. She only chats on Yahoo Messenger(she says). Noticed lots of little things that didn't seem quite right. Her voice on the phone sounded like a mans voice. Not even close to what you would think it should sound like from Raven Rivley's awsome hot looks.
First name: nancy
Last name: aliyu
Age: 23
Location: senagal dakar( refuge camp)
On websites:
Report: just last week i received an email on my new social network netlog that i had just joined( here is alink
First name: Nancy
Last name: Bush
Age: 27
Location: NYC or London-probably Nigeria
Address: 1142 east 81st street Brooklynn
Phone: 00447045762766
On websites: Banned from Book of Matches
Report: P1.jpgp2.jpgp3.jpgp4.jpgp5.jpgp6.jpg I'm someone who is craving for sincere love just as you and want all attention from my man open hearted and is shown in your deeds not in your words,for us to accheive a loving lasting relationship,i desire to be loved dearly,tenderly and be treated with much passion and respect,which sometimes u think i'm too demanding.But its pretty much within the woman nature.Nevertheless,if we take some time to think the matter thoroughly,men and women dont differ that much in terms of need,but rather in ways of seeking and processing those needs. To think that you and I divided by rivers and nations with all the confusions,we had only to love one another.I swear i'll give u all my love if you will be there for me without arguement and trying to be logically in all manner when we are dealing with emotions.You did drive me crazy baby,you are smart i'd rather be with u in the casino drinking beer than go shopping.I had an erotic dream and u were in it
First name: carly
Last name: jenifer
Age: 22
Location: Nigeria
On websites: facebook,yahoo messanger
Report: She been acting to start a relationship and ask you tossed her money
First name: morrine
Last name: dahija
Age: 25
Location: Ivory coast, US
On websites: gmail
Report: Hello my dear, How are you today? hope is every well with you. I will be very happy for your response to this email i sent to you this morning . I would like to establish a good relationship with you in a true love, if you don't mind. My name is Morine Dahija 25 years old girl. I am the only daughter of Late Dr Dahija Herve from Ivory coast, my father was one of the member of nationalistic parliament and also minister of transport, my father died together with my Mother during the war in my country Ivory coast. i managed to escape for my dear life and ran into a neighboring Country Senegal and i am residing here as a refugee in UN refugee camp. Meanwhile, I am writing to you now from our Reverend,s computer and will like to know more about you as we further our communications in a true relationship. I will like to know what you do for a living, as you know a journey of thousands miles start with a step and i believe that we have started. Here is my pictures i came here with, and i will like you to send me your pictures as well and more details about yourself. Waiting for your reply soonest! from my heart Morine.
First name: ashly
Last name: eavason
Age: 34
Location: largo nigeria
Address: 23 broad street
Email: ashly evea @face book
On websites: yahoo and facebook
Report: this scum bag is tring to get money for kid in nigeria
First name: Lisa
Last name: Scott
Aka: Abass
Age: 31
Location: Swedru Ghana
Email: lisa
On websites: many
Report: Same old story as old thing as Jonathans!! She is good i will tell you!
First name: Kristina
Last name: Ovchinnikova
Aka: sexyhotblond
Age: 23
Location: Ukraine Simferopol
Address: Simferopol Ukraine
On websites: Alena marriage agency
Report: Between 26/07/11 and 17/10/11 Alena marriage agency have obtained 550 + to read letters from Kristina Ovchinnikova who is on your list of scammers.
First name: sonia
Last name: nyarko
Age: 30
Location: ghana accra
Address: 24th kolleganno st
Email: hermosab1y@gmail,com
On websites:
Report: she is on date sites and will scam you for money. she will tell you she loves you then late will ask you for money for passport and visa then she will ask you for money for a plane ticket . then she will claim to be at the airport and tell you she needs money for declaration fee . where theres no such thing. and after you give her all this money her phone goes out she doesnt return your email you never here from here again
First name: Yuliya
Age: 28
Location: rostov
Report: DE:_Yuliya_ PARA:false Hola, querido! Te encuentras bien? Como usted sabe, tengo una visa y ahora tengo todos los documentos en la mano. Ayer fui a una agencia de viajes con la que he firmado un contrato para viajar a usted. Pero habia un problema. Ahora no puedo calmarme, estoy muy preocupado. Asi que ahora he llegado a los ciber-cafe. Y ahora voy a tratar de explicar mi problema. Me gustaria disponer de agencias de viajes reservas de hotel, seguro de salud, y la emision de boletos, y la transferencia del aeropuerto al hotel. Sin embargo, tuve problemas para que la normativa de llegar a Espana. Desde mi visa es de turista. Gerente de la compania de viajes me dijo que tengo que tener con usted mismo 1.500 para gastos. El dinero que se necesita para tener con usted, y solo si tengo dinero, entonces yo puedo pasar por la aduana. Siento mucho que hablar de ello. Sin embargo, debido a este problema, no puedo comprar un viaje para usted. Como yo no podia dejar pasar la aduana. El problema es que despues de comprar una ronda, que llevara a tan solo 800 euros y pasar por la aduana, necesito otros 700 euros. Realmente necesito su ayuda y consejo. Trate de encontrar el dinero. Pero no fue efectiva. Le pregunte a sus familiares y sus padres. Pero ellos dijeron que no me podian ayudar. Hice un viaje con el dinero de ellos. Pero esto no es suficiente. Siento que tengo que decir al respecto. Para volar a que en Espana, necesito otros 700 euros, y no se que hacer ahora? No se si usted me puede ayudar, es tu decision. El dinero que tengo y cuando nos conocimos, yo te dare los costos de la espalda. Les pido que me lo que hacer en esta situacion. Por desgracia, no pude dar todos los matices de mi vuelo a ti. Pero espero que no cambia sus planes. El costo de los viajes a usted completamente 73 000 rublos. Esto es cerca de 1800 euros. Hable con el gerente, y me dijo que usted puede pagar mediante transferencia bancaria. Voy a pagar la mitad del viaje 900 euros en Moscu. Y si usted me paga, la segunda mitad del viaje, entonces puedo comprar una ronda para usted. Y voy a tener dinero para pasar por la aduana. Te escribire todas las coordenadas de una compania de viajes: Compania de Turismo: Tours-Masters Manager, que trabaja conmigo: Artyom Zakharov Direccion: Moscu, San. Pokrovka, 21 / 1. Codigo Postal: 119361 Telefono: +7 (905) 4276041, +7 (905) 4276431 Skype: tours.masters Correo electronico: Sitio Web: Me advirtio el gerente, que hable con el. Y explica lo que debe hacer. Por favor, escribame. Espero muy pronto para obtener una respuesta de usted. Y muy pronto para ir a vosotros y estar seguros en sus manos. Por favor, perdoname por mi silencio en el telefono. Mama poner mi dinero en las facturas de telefono, y por lo que siempre se pondra en contacto por telefono. Yuliya
First name: Tamicha
Last name: Bells
Age: 31
Location: Richmond CA USA
Address: 214/1207 Melville Sq
Phone: 12623738146
On websites: Christian web sites
Report: Tamicha Bells 13/07/1980 will contact Christian men through internet sites and she talks the Christian talk and very convincing and after a short period of time ask for money through western union (Tamicha Bells Richmond) as her internet is cut off and she is at he fiends house using her internet to talk. She claims to have just finished her Nursing Course through UCLA Oct 11 (UCLA had no record of her). When asked she claimed her testing was done at UCLA and the course was run through CPR. From USA she targeted Australian men as she already has a ETA (entry visa) which she will supply the passport number 200167309 and ETA number 16907883 as she was coming to Australia to visit a friend in Perth but her friends husband got sick and could not travel. She then wants to come to Australia to visit the man and will offer to pay some of the fare which is unusual as she is broke. Once the money for the fare is sent to Bells a booking is made and the email is sent to the man with the itinerary and all looks goods. She is very quick to book the flight even claiming she borrowed the money from a friend to make the booking and urgently needed your money to pay the friend back. This booking is made with a local friend starting a business called Dembal Travels. Earnest Smith. Her next move is to request money to get into the country as it is expected that you bring enough money into the country to support your time i.e, 3 months looking at $5000 AUD. Bells will not take calls from her cell phone 12623738146 which turns out to be a land line from Wisconsin. She claims to not have international dialing but the calls go to message bank and she will acknowledge your call when talking to here on the internet. She claims to live at 214, 1207 Melville Sq Richmond. She claims to have an old web cam that only works on occasions but when talking to her on Yahoo Messenger the video connection disconnects. For a Christian the first few seconds of bad web cam she was lying on a bed in black underwear. Bells has no trace on the internet and when asked for passport, nursing verification, she is very defensive. She advised that she lives in a one bedroom apt but the search on her unit number advises it is 2 bedroom unit. Bells did supply a passport after questioning which looked valid. She is very defensive when asked for some confirmation on her life. The travel arrangements are booked with a credit card but the booking is never ticketed or paid for. When asked for a refund Bells claims she does not care about the money and you take it up with the airline knowing that the booking is never paid for.
First name: Jakeline
Last name: Nibourg
Aka: Ayodele abiodun
Age: 30
Location: NIGERIA
Address: NIGERIA
On websites:
First name: mary
Last name: thompson
Age: 29
Location: bawjiase GHANA
Phone: 00233243677727
On websites:
Report: Please this a facke mail for some one called she is from ghana her number is 00233243677727 contact detail MARY THOMPSON.... GHANA WEST AFRICA .bawjiase city ..CENTRAL REGION...CODE 00233
First name: Sarah
Last name: Mills
Age: 36
Location: U K London
On websites: yahoo
Report: she apparently has some boxes that need to be shipped and needed help in doing so ? I guess she needed an address in the states to deliver these boxes to ? they were through this BOND LIABILITY INSURANCE CO. which no long exists !! I have much more info on this one
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Shevtsova
Age: 24
Location: Lugansk , Ukraine
On websites: Single Russian Women
Report: Here is my address where your Nastya always waits for you: Anastasia Shevtsova Kotsiubinskogo street 28/498 Lugansk, 91000 Ukraine. Unfortunately we don't have Money Gram here, in Lugansk. You can transfer money for our correspondence to my address via Western Union. Three months unlimited correspondence costs 100 USD ......
First name: Elizaweta
Aka: Lisa
Age: 29
Location: Moscow
Report: Hello! I'm glad to see your answer! My name Elizaweta. You can just call Lisa. I would like to become better acquainted with you. I understand that you are interested in where I took the address of your email. My girlfriend works in a marriage agency, which is called
First name: Linda
Last name: Myers
Age: DOB ? 9-28-1979
Location: Ghana Accra
Phone: unknown 011-233-802686
Email: sweet
On websites: Yahoo
Report: Well yes i was scammed, we had even booked a flight for her to come over to the states and live she had booked it, but never paid for it with my money !! bought her cell phones so to keep in touch with her father back home. there was also a traditional marrige thing that i was to pay for and did partially.. I checked on the flight and the airline had no record of it !! the air line ticket was $4744.31 the tratitional marrige stuff added up to $4680 but only paid $2000 of it new lap top $600 cell phones $600 and police reports and medical report and VISA was $850 i think the total was about $9000. give or take all through the western union I do have all of the transactions in my computer today was the day I checked on the flight !
First name: Ruth
Last name: Annor
Aka: Parloma
Age: Claims to be 26, but found different ages elsewher
Location: Claims to be half USA & half African
On websites: UK Dating
Report: Typical scammer, tries to gain your trust but in reality is untrustworthy. I Found her age and location were wrong, as she had the UK on her dating profile, yet says she is from Africa & is american. She has a Facebook profile under the name of Ruth Annor, but below says her name is Janet???! WTF! Also keeps on sending e-mails and won't leave you alone. Beware! Her profile on UK Dating reads: A short tagline about myself.. My name is Janet,i am 30 years Old,I am Single , blond hair, Gray eyes, My height is 5 feet,8 inches.i weight 58kg.,Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am self-sufficient, Beautiful, happy, secure, self-confident, psychologically aware, emotionally and financially secure. And i am Half United States of America and Half African ,my Father is from Africa and my mother is From America..but mom and dad pass away when i was 15 years of age at united states i really miss her but Gods gives and takeoff so i need not to worry............ now am also a student of accounting in the bachelor degree i am a Hard working lady and very friendly.i have no Kids and Never Married.. The last book I read was.. The snake girl The last film I saw was.. Titanic My favourite TV show is.. Show biz My current favourite tune is.. Treble My ideal partner would be.. Good remarkable What friends would say about me.. Good behavior Music I like and bands I've seen.. Gospel shomcom My average weekend.. So good palatable I would also like to say.. Faithful and loyalty
First name: Indira
Last name: Nawrotskaya
Age: 25
Location: Russia moscow
On websites: Unknown
Report: She emailed me says she wants money to travel here to Australia and says she loves me too quick for that I think but she wants more money just to get past customs but I know she doesn't need that
First name: TIFFANY
Last name: MCJOHN
Age: 26
On websites: yahoo--zoosks----facebook
Report: i have been talking 2 tiffany 4 about 10 months i have all together sent her 6,000.00 to get home tells one lie after another these people need stoped its not really about the money 2 me its the lies the hurt the ruthless of it to use love and god 2 still money the best lie yeat lol and there is a bunch of them was she was comeing home i whent 2 airport 2 pick her up no tiff she got stuck in amsterdam they wouldnt leat her come here she needed more documents lol i was very upset delta klm said she never paid 4 her ticket never got on that flight she swears she did and if she cant come up with the document in 24 hours they are going 2 send her back no such thing i have all the prove u need messages e-mails western union were i sent her money i paid 4 well was supose to haaaa her passport 350.00 witch here is only 140.00 for 10 years haaa medicals btm,s i think thats it baught her cell phone,s not phones she been robbed 3 times lol she needs put away were can not hurt people like this my daughter was really upset ill make it but i will say i did care but the head games the lies and the ruthless of it much less being stupid but i beleaved her oh was she god i guess been doing this a long time look at the pics sandra willams tiffany mcjohn there is more 2 john mcman linda lola marry and mike wow did i get my self in a mess please help me stop these people
First name: gladsy
Last name: say
Age: 31
Location: GHANA
Address: ACCRA
First name: Lucy
Last name: Mireku
Aka: patrick mireku , Lucy Loven
Age: 34, 35
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233266109593
On websites: Tagged, HI5, MyYearBook, Slide
Report: Using photos of Yuliana, also known as Julie WebGirl . or .. Photos also from Yuliana Model Agency..................... Cell phone 233266109593 ................. Tagged profile:.. Member Since: October 12, 2011...Gender: Female... Location: Milton, VT....Age: 35....Relationship Status: Single..... Languages: English, Spanish, French..... Ethnicity: Black/African, Native American....... Religion: Christian.............. Email is linked to the websites......... Hi5... .... Age 34.... Location Ghana........ Birthday January 1 ................... user name Lucy Love ........................ Slide... .... User name Cute Lady................. says from Ghana....has a son, brother and mom ............... Wants me to send $2000 so she can get visa to fly here to the states, has a passport and wants $65 send now for getting visa........... now has a brother and wants me to send money to him cuz she doesn't have photo ID...................
First name: EUNICE
Last name: MENSAH
Aka: GOD TIME IS THE BEST Sweetheart
Age: 33
Location: GHANA
On websites: eunicebaby675 on
Report: Hello my dear how are you and how is everything going on there in your country?I have been home all alone thinking about you and what mum told me concerning the death of my dad and the testament will which he left.I was informed by my mum that father worked in the minning company here in Ghana and as a result of that he died in the site when there was something she called underground rock blasting.My mum told me that father left and amount of funds in the Stanbic Bank Vault which i am entitled to inherit when am old and off age to choose the right man which am going to spend the rest of my life with.Thinking about you and the wonderful way we met on this internet makes me know that there are sever always which The Almighty God brings two different hearts together... I joined this internet dating as a result of me listening to my friend who is now living with her fiancee to see if am also lucky as her and i now got you.I always feel happy and glad i agreed to your proposal and i am now into this dating relationship with you.My dear i am now being asked by my mum to let you know if you are will and ready to help me get this funds transferred to you there in your country so that we can use it to better our life and the life of our future kid s when i am there with you.My love please let me know if you are going to do that for me so that i can go to the family lawyer to take his address for us to contact him through the internet.Hope to hear from you my love and i hope you are going to do this for me ----------- sweetheart I want my kids to grow up loving their parents and grandparents. But to find their own destiny and what God has in store for them. I dont want to dictate their lives but i do want to mould them and direct them in the ways of the Lord. ----------- sweetheart Sex is important. Love is outside and inside the bedroom. New things in bed help strengthen and renew the relationship. You make me feel your sexual desire with your eyes, and it usually takes only a few seconds. I love when you look at me in the right way, when you gently put your hand in my hair. I like those kisses with closed mouth, like in the movies. They are like a preliminary, and make me thirsty for what is going to follow ----------- OKAY WEETHEART TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF for me okay ---------- p.s.: she is working on Y!Messenger with someone named elizaberth mongya teng
First name: ROSE
Last name: LAMPTEY
Age: 32
Location: lagos nigeria
On websites:
Report: all the previous letters are identicle to the ones she sent me.She sent me a bunch of pics of her,and the last one she sent in july was her laying naked on the sofa it is really a hot hot hot pic.LETS JUST SAY SHE'S SHAVED.i have been sending money to her for a little over a year.I am paying on a new laptop i rented and sent to her.when i asked if she got the laptop she said yes but the screen was broke in shipping.she has took me for about 10,000 dollars.i never knew about this sight until last i feel like the biggest fool in the universe. She said her parents were killed in hurricane katrina,and said she is an only child. She said at first she was living in florida,then she moved to idaho to take care of her grandfather.She and her grandpa chatted with me and asked if they could trust me with something big.i said yes and they told me that her dad had left her an inheritance in lagos nigeria.she supposedly went there to get it ( 350,000 dollars) on the first day she was coming home to me she didn't make it cos she was in a cab on the way to the airport and got in an accident.she was in a coma for 5 days.The other reasons she missed flights were becouse of taxi accidents,getting robbed and beaten severely in a taxi.the plane cant leave cos it is raining so bad.She got in a fight with another woman and the woman hit her in the head with her shoe and put her in the hospital in a coma again.Airport security said her papers and passport were she says authorities were holding her for being a scammer but then let her go. now the last time i heard from her was sunday. She is always having internet problems,and there must be no webcams in africa,or laptops with built in webcams. PLSE DONT LET HER FOOL YOU LIKE SHE FOOLED ME.SHE DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU EVEN IF YOU DIE OR GO TO JAIL FOR HER. BOB.
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Bondarenko
Age: 33
Location: russia
On websites:
Report: This girl tried to defraud me. Said male looking to get married and told me the future. I did a research about him and I found this site report. Description of this report to him and told him that I did not want to make a statement. An old friend, spoke on behalf of their users to open an account with fake information, he said. I have not trusted him, and said he wanted to leave a day later. Because I found this report and did not trust himself to read and knew that we do not pay him. Do not believe this girl a liar. is trying to take money from people.
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