First name: Marina
Last name: krestyaninova
Age: 27
Location: Russia
Report: This scammer made out she is in the police force and has sent me many pictures, which I can upload for you, she has asked for money amongst the many emails professing love to me, and asked me to send it to a western union office for passport/visa/tickets etc
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Zaitzeva
Aka: Natalia Koroleva,Natalia Korolyova,Julia Chernysheva
Age: 31
Location: Russia, Cheboksary
Address: Moscow Prospectus,House 127,Apartment 58 ,428000
On websites: my type
Report: contacted svetlana through my type . she supplied her email address.sshe has emailed me several photographs of herself which are all in yur database, she asked me to send monies for her air travel and visa by way of western union. she also stated that she does not have a computer and must go to an internet cafe to answer my emails
First name: samdra
Last name: collins
Age: 32
Location: harris county,houston
Email: ,sandra
On websites: facebook,,,,
Report: Sandra Collins contacted me on facebook. Long story short I sent her money to Malaysia for her moms medication big mistake ,I typed singlesandra32 on Google which is her email or one of them.I found on Google her picture and she was listed as a scamer
First name: kitty
Age: 25
Location: como
On websites:
Report: too much photos, a text just done before
First name: joyce
Last name: ofori
Age: 17 that what she said
Location: africa
On websites: she just sent me a email on yahoo
Report: she sent me an email saying her father had been killed and she ans her sister needed to be adopted. she said she wanted to sttart a new life and leave there. told me to send her info about me so she could get use to it,,,,lol.and then i sent her a mess back asking her not to contact me , bec i knew it was a scam, this girl is messed up. its most likely not even a girl but a marketing company from another country, i dont know where she got my email from, this is her email i copy and pasted it. Dear Sir, Calvary greetings to you, My name is Miss Joyce Ofori and i am 17 years old girl i am actually contacting you to assist me secure a new life outside Ghana, My father use to work the ministry before the Jerry Lawrence took over the Government of Ghana eventually they killed my father and my mother leaving me and my younger once to leave with our grand mother in the village. I have all my fathers documents both for his properties and funds. I am contacting you to see if you can help me secure a new life i will give you the documents to my fathers fund so that you secure it and adopt me and my younger sister. I will present you as our guardian whom we have decided to adopt us into his family. If you are willing to give us a new life please let me know and also let me have your information so that i can get use to it i really need to get a new life. Remain blessed as i recieve your reply. Your's Sincerely, Miss Joyce Ofori.
First name: Joyce
Last name: Lartey
Aka: Joyce A
Age: unknown (was born on 5th of August)
Location: Pili, Greece Accra,Ghana
On websites:
Report: This person (Joyce Lartey) has been in contact with one of my family members since 2009 january. First I didn`t suspect scamming, but when my family member told me,that he sent money, I was sure it is a fake person. They met on a dating site, I think She said she is greek, teaching in Ghana. She was meant to be coming over to France four times, never did. My father-in-law (person being scammed) just does not believe us about her being a scammer. Firstly she asked money for a webcam, then for food and clothes, finally to come over to France. Then the story changed and she claimed to have 5 kg of gold bars, so money was requested for
First name: Angelina
Last name: Osie
Aka: Joyce Aidoo
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: i have known this person as Portia Kuma
First name: Serena
Last name: Caldwell
Aka: Claudia Schiffer
Age: 30-31
Location: Ikeja lagos, nigeria
Address: 23 airport rd 23401
Phone: 234069353431
On websites: dating site
Report: I got an email from her. I'm not sure how she got my email address. I replied back and we talked for about a week and she said that she was in Nigeria with her mom doing missionary work. She sent me some pictures of her or of someone that she had taken from the internet. We exchanged email just about on a daily bases and she claimed that I was the type of man that she had been looking for all of her life and would love to be with me and that she will be coming back to the USA real soon and she is from Pensacola Florida. She said that she would be coming home the weekend of June 15th. After we talked one night she said that she would be going to the airport to get her ticket and would let me know how it went and that she couln't wait to be with me. The next morning when I checked my email she had left me an email saying that she wasn't able to afford the far because they had raised the fees and asked could I send her 400 dollars to help her out and that she would pay me back when she arrive because she had a check for 7000 dollars and she would cash it when she get to the states.
First name: Lolly
Last name: Coker
Aka: Sophia
Age: 28
Location: Gardner, Massachusets
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo
Report: Dating Scam, she make friendship, supposedly fell in love and then ask for money to pay internet services and telephone service
First name: jessica
Last name: martins
Age: 32
Location: nigeria
On websites: yahoo
Report: i found jessica m on a porn site as this name sara sexton
First name: Yuliya
Last name: kashapova
Age: 30
Location: Bugulma, Russia
On websites: unkound
Report: Scammer posted on this site early
First name: Tina David
Last name: thiara
Age: 23
Location: Sierra Leone,west Africa
On websites:
Report: this woman wanted my bank accounts to send her money through it.
First name: Nicole
Last name: Gesualdo
Age: 33
Location: Brooklyn,NY
On websites: Craigslist and other car selling locations I do not recall.My awareness is from craigslist.
Report: This person has been sending multiple craigslist ads in the ticket section for selling used cars. The person sends a fake New York drivers license indicating the deal will be done using ebay motors for our protection. The vin numbers of the car are legitimate with the scammer using ebay to harvest the number.The payment is western union because ebay insists on it. The payment address is a jacksonville florida address harvested from homes on the market listings.The scammer actually went off on me indicating he/she doing it for money and I was just scam baiting him (true). They advertise all over the country and seem to offer a 2000 Jeep Wrangler Sahara and a Nissan Maxima which is either 2005 or 2006.The Wrangler is always listed for $2900.00. I have been engaged with them for sometime over a month. I initially thought the Jeep might be a local car that I could see. I new when they corresponded with shipping through ebay motors they were a scammer. They refused to offer a telephone number for themself or the purported ebay agent Steven Hall I believe. They have also offered to use yahoo autos as the escrow agent in some correspondence.
First name: Lilian
Last name: Carlos
Aka: Lilan David , lilian ricardo, liian smith, liian real' at the momet Lilian Carlos
Age: 36-38
Location: Malaysia / Brazil --Kuala Lumper -- Malaysia
Address: Damansaara Heights block3 unit 4-14 Kuala Lumper . Malasysia just one she has given me several
Phone: + 60122534165 this is a Email address no nead ring him/her as you will not get a reply
Email: The latest is Lilian carlos but i can not find the address if you do please reply
On websites: Bardoo, -Mate1-R.S.V.P - ect
Report: Do not open this persons Face book page it is Phishing if you do not know what this is Googe it. It is not her/him This cunt took me for thousands of dollers ? She/he is good i will tell you! So far i i have only found out about 10 she/he has stole of off . Do not belaeve the crap about gems or inhertance it is crap been chating to this arse hole for neary one year fucking dog has never worked a day . How also forgot she Gow's by the name Rita Wood says this is the bitches friend. Do not post Money toConnie Wayne you she cames is her tavel agent DO NOT POST ANY MONEY. if you hve Contact Westen Union and repot it as a scamer This Bitch /Cunt is a scamer. Ha this is how it works thay are probable in A scaming Country thay meet tourests thy go home get there E mail address sam me and you thay pick up the money take there % and send the rest on do not have to work just wait for the suckers to come roling in
First name: Maria
Age: unknown
Report: You may ask: How do I know this woman is a scammer? The answer is quite simple: I have NEVER sent a letter to this woman and I have no idea how she figured I was interested in her. Yes, she is attractive but, I prefer a lady instead of a slut. She claims to be going to school and earns money as a stripteaser. From her racy photo I bet she does more than striptease for men. She has no explaination to how she found me on the Internet. I know how she found me at this e-mail and so does someone else know how she found out this e-mail address. I won't mention a website name because they may get embarrassed if i tell the name of the website that gave out my personal e-mail address without my permission to some slutty scammer. Gentlemen please use your head that is attached to your shoulders when dealing with these hot ladies that e-mail you completely out of the dark. They may not be who you may think they are. They could be some scumbag man who is using some woman's photos just to get your money. It's getting very embarrassing to read so many men are getting scammed for thinking with what is in their pants instead of what is attached to their shoulders. Use your common sense gentlemen. No woman in her right mind is going to voyage thousands of miles across the ocean to visit you especially if she never met you face to face. You WILL get scammed if you don't use your brain.
First name: Rose Mary
Age: 23
Location: Senegal
Report: Contact was initiated by the woman by email. We exchanged only one email but it was clear to me that it was a scam because i received similar messages before from women who claimed to live in a refugee camp in Senegal, and who asked me to help to get the money from their killed father.
First name: Dominika
Last name: Kowalski
Age: 24
Location: Warsaw Poland
Report: Hello, Mark. I am sorry for delay. It seems I am having problems now with my trip ( I told you before grandad's friends were helping me financially so I could start my trip without pressure on my pocket. Yesterday they were going to send the funds but could not do it. They do their archaeological work somewhere too far from Western Union location. I was going to book tickets already ( They also tried to send the funds to Warsaw using internet but their bank refused to do an international transfer telling they need to do it personally in a branch as they do it for the first time to Poland. The worst part is that they are going back only after several months and I can't wait. They told me they can send the funds without any delays using a domestic transfer within USA but I do not have a bank account yet. I told them about you and they ask if they can send the funds to you. I feel myself embarassed to ask you about it but at least I trust you and I am sure you will not take the funds ) Let me know please if it is possible. I understand it may seem impudent from my side but I don't know what to do ( I was told it is the fastest way for them at this moment. After you receive the funds you can send them to Warsaw using Western Union or Money Gram system. Waiting for your reply. Dominika --- It's me, Mark! ) How is your day today? Mine is good! ) My head is full of thoughts about going to US. I am going to US!!! ) Yes yesterday was tough day. Well, now I only wait for my grandfather's friend to transfer necessary funds for me. They should be sent tomorrow. So probably in 2 days I am booking a ticket already. They informed us that they would email us when they sent the funds. They have a satellite to be connected with world. For communication they use some equipment. As I told you before they are archeologists. I don't know if I would be so brave to be in jungles with dangerous creatures and animals. Would you ever travel to such place? Wild jungle... like a scary movie ) Will wait for your email. Dominika ----------------- Hello, Mark. Of course I will get a number when I arrive. Today I had a busy day with work and feel myself so tired ( I had 8 yogi classes. I decided not to go to a gym today. It would be tough for a girl like me ) I am going to make a light salad and then I will go to sleep. Sorry for my short email. How have you been? Dominika ---------- Halo, Mark! Sooo hard day for me today with all this paperwork but I am glad in the end ) I feel myself tired, like a squezeed lemon )) Thank you for telling me about your relatives. Tomorrow I need to begin pack my luggage. Because I know it will take a long time for me to think what to take )) I have a lot of different thigs and knickknack ) For example I sleep always with my lion )) You could see him on the picture. He is my best friend now and his name is Leo ))) he is my mascot also which brings only luck! Do you have a mascot, Mark? I have also lots of clothes and underwear. I like to go shopping and I can find even not expensive clothes which fits me and I look wonderful. What type of clothes do you prefer to wear? I think if we meet each other in person we will know each other better, do you agree with me? Do you have a phone number I can reach you with when I arrive? Well, I will inform my grandfather's friend about my readiness. I want a shower right now so much!!! I will write you tomorrow my plans. But I want to see also your reply ;-) Kisses, Dominika --------------- I see your email ) Thank you, Mark. I was out of town with friends on the weekend ) Can you tell me about your family? I would like to know ) How many relatives do you have? Do you gather together often, do you celebrate together important events? I love my mom and dad very much. I don't know whom I love more, dad or mom ) These people I think gave me good upbringing and taught me a lot of things which are important in life. My daddy is rigorous, but fair-minded man. He is 46 old. He lives separate from my mom but we see each other often, he works in a company in an industrial field. Well, my mom is the best mom ) She is 44. She is an ex teacher but now she does not work. But I live on my own and I like it ) Tomorrow I will be busy with arrangements for travel and maybe will go outside Warsaw for some time to prepare some documents required for all this paperwork. Ok, I will wait for your email, Mark! Dominika
First name: Olya
Last name: Norma
Aka: OlyaG
Age: 26
Location: Russia, Novocheboksarsk
On websites:
Report: When I googled the texts of the E-mails I received from this girl, I found them literally on several scamming lists on the net, under other identities, so she must be a scam as well. If you ever recieve these letters, watch out, they have been copy-pasted many times before.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: M
Age: 26
Location: Kozmedemyansk, Russia
On websites:
Report: Hello Xxxxxxx!!! I have received today your letter, and I am happy. I so wish to learn About you it is more. But I do not know from what to begin. I have seen yours profile, and you It was pleasant to me. I hope that to you too is beautiful. I would like at first To answer your questions. Thanks for photos. They very much were pleasant to me. I am very glad that you have sent me the photo. You were pleasant to me, I am glad that has got acquainted with you. I will be glad to see your new photos. I will send you too my photo, I hope then I can receive your new photo! I hope that mine the answer is clear to you. I not so well write on English But I hope that you understand me. I as wish to tell about myself more. My name Tatyana. To me Now 26 years and I live with mum in one apartment. I never was It is married and not to have children. The city in which I live, is called Kozmodemyansk. I work in local hospital. It is small hospital. Therapeutic point. I work there nurse and I help the doctor. My work is pleasant to me, because I can help To people. It are pleasant to me, when I to see their happy persons. Xxxxxxx I have started to use Internet recently. After at us There was cafe Internet in settlement. I at first didn't think of it. But Has decided to try. Xxxxxxx that you would wish to learn about me??? Ask me, and I am obligatory To you to answer. I hope that you will send the photos also. I Would like to receive more them. I send you the photo. I hope that it is pleasant to you. Tell to me, Xxxxxxx. What it is pleasant to you in women? What character? That She should be able? I very much would wish to know. I hope that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and your photo. I will be Very to wait. Xxxxxxx you won't forget to write me the letter? I hope that No. I very much wait...... Your new girlfriend Tatyana!!!
First name: Mariya
Aka: Anastasiya Shiveleva
Age: 30
Location: 427430 Vokinsk, Russia, Kozlovka, Russia
Address: Lenin Street 22,
On websites: weblovefinder
Report: Wrote before using name Anastasiya, different city. Now she is Mariya. Same photos. Real stupid scammer as they wrote me just a few months before! Always beare guys and study the photos!
First name: Eric
Last name: Tawiah
Aka: Maame Parker & Celina Sinnathurai
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
On websites: Mate1 name (Seeker84747) but under fake photo
Report: I received a message from her via dating website. She claimed to be 32 years of age and living with mother in Ghana. Claimed father died in car wreck when she was 23. States she is mixed race (United Arab Emirates & Ghana). The first contact, she wanted my personal email so that she could chat with me. I have only been talking with her for 2-3 days and the 2nd day she asked for money to get her own internet because she wanted to continue chatting with me in private (claimed she was sharing laptop with others which was another red flag for me). Claimed to be in a previous 8-year relationship that went bad and was looking for love on Mate1 dating site because her sister found an American guy and is now married and living in the States and she wanted to find love and marriage as well. she continued to rush into things and did not like that I would not take the bait so easily. She claimed she was patient, but the next time we would chat she would focus again on what she wanted which was money for her internet service. Unknown to her, she was unaware of my profession and extensive investigative background and did not like some of the questions I presented to her. Within 2 days, I was able to locate different photos her on the internet and expose her criminal enterprise to the dating website. She sent me several photos and I searched the internet and found her on under Maame Parker & Celina Sinnathurai. When she contacted me again through chat, I let her know I was aware of her numerous alias names and the 40 something guys she scammed out of money. She disconnected the chat asap. The photos she emailed me are identical in looks to the photos on This lady is extremely attractive/sexy and she is a pro at what she does. This is her full-time job as a professional criminal and she is damn good at it too. Unfortunately, she is scamming many of thousands of dollars from unsuspecting victims.
First name: Irina
Last name: Yakimova
Age: 48
Location: Ukraine,Odessa
Address: 65069
On websites: Anastasiadate
Report: I have been in Odessa and meet this woman. She Scammed of money, passport and plane ticket. She can speak and read in English,but pretending that she don't, so I will pay for her English classes.
First name: sanya
Last name: smith
Aka: jenny wells
Age: 23
Location: nigeria
On websites: facebook
Report: i recieved a facebook msg from jenny wells,during an IM chat i wa asked for 460 dollars,i declined and i havnt heard from her since.i found her on this site under sanya smith.
First name: patricia
Last name: arreola murgado
Age: 36
Location: ciudad juarez chihuahua mexico
Address: solares de gardenias 2440-5
Phone: 6562336260
On websites: freinds reunited eharmony ,others
Report: patricia arreola murgado , aka paty, is a golddigger scammer conartist, she stole through fraud over 100000 dollars , she commited fraud to steal a house from me and a brand new car , she is a money hungry lunatic and goes insane if you dont give her what she wants. she dumped me when she thought i had no more money,and refused to give me back my house and money , SHE IS A SCAMMER BE CAREFULL
First name: Irina
Last name: Bobrova
Aka: Irina
Age: 28
Location: Nizhegorodskaya Oblast Russia
On websites: Yes - Date Sites
Report: Requested money via Western Money Union.
First name: Helena
Aka: Helena Beautiful, Lena, Elena
Age: 30
Location: Ukrain, Kiev
On websites:
Report: translation scam, she have no money to pay for translations, and she refuse to translate herself via google, and this scammer is really patient and sends about 8-10 letters, before he puts in the knife in the back.
First name: Oksana
Age: unknown
Location: Ukrain, Vinnitsia
On websites:
Report: translation scam, and money
First name: Olga
Aka: Olyshka
Age: 28
Location: Ukrain, Lviv
On websites:
Report: translation scam, and money scam
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Andreeva
Aka: katya
Age: 30
Location: Ostrog, near big city Rivne
On websites:
Report: typical translation scam
First name: Benedicta
Last name: Kate
Aka: Ben Kate
Age: 23
Location: Nigeria, Ibadan
On websites: Smartdate, Myspace, Facebook
Report: this person keep asking me to send money by western union over and over on my other email account.