First name: aurora
Last name: asombrado
Aka: aurora asumbrado
Age: 46
Location: bahrain manama
Address: villa 80 al jasre avenue
Phone: +97336451311
On websites:
Report: First she enter like a thyphoon, send text messages all the time, than talk on webcame from diferent places in Bahrain after a month she dissepeares for a few day, after this she only have contact by email. Always complaining about her financial situation and then asking to support her by sending money to her children in the Philippines. once done she break up and dont have contact anymore.
First name: Ludmila
Last name: Ludmila Andreevna Zaliznyak
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine ,Slavyanoserbsk
Address: Street:Lenina 54\,Postal code:93700 .as you ask my love. Work:woman's centre ,street Kolchaka 52.
Phone: +380500527007
On websites: Cherry Blossoms, Date Me Free, Foreign Brides, Inter Brides, Inter Duet, Live Date Search, Love Happ
Report: Ladies and gentlemen, I got to know this woman through the messages. And after three messages have become talk of love and real life and become a talk about money. Wanted to come visit me at home and asked to be sent her money and help. You're serious and have already thought well to send her money. This is my first experience in messaging girls over the Internet. Caught my eye pictures porn obscene on the grounds that it works as a nurse in the so-called, and the apparel center. According to her claim. And also the chance led me to watch pictures and messages in one of the websites. Where the publication of her name and pictures in the list of fraudsters. Where defrauded one of the men the amount of $ 2200 . and I looked it up also in other sites. and I found her name in the lists of many fraud and it specializes in theft and fraud over the Internet. I stopped sending her money. And I thought that lured her until I know everything about this woman. And even serve all men and women to take heed of this rogue. I want to ask the so-called management and Womens Center in Silvjnosrbisk and in Ukraine. Is this woman, already a nurse and working in this center???? And whether the nurse how the administration to allow this woman to show fraudulent pornographic images in these egregious and how to allow this woman to write and receive messages during working hours and may take to write these messages and receive messages from me with translation only about three hours a day . how much time remains to serve patients. I want an answer from the administration's and Womens Center, thanks to them. This woman, an expert on crimes of fraud and duplicate and I trust everyone who reads this report of men and women in Ukraine or from any country knows any information about this woman to write to me at this address that we can gather more information about it and delivered to police in Ukraine. Is used several names including And use pictures of other women and I also ask the owners of these pictures email me at my address. And is also used images false passport. And I ask the officials for passports in Ukraine. You will continue this woman in the forgery of passport photos and fraud people and without her arrest and imprisonment of deposit, and we know that fraud a major crime severely punishable by law. These women have a partner named Indigo. And there in the pictures and document bank as claimed by this woman. And requests to send money to these partners. This means it is these women have a gang specialized in fraud and forgery. I would again Anyone who knows any information about this woman to write me on my address above with thanks. Name and photos of this woman and her letters published in the list of scammers date 07/18/2010 under the name of Ludmila Cherniavskaya. These letters and forms: Good morning,Good afternoon,Good evening dear Amjad!!!! I don't know what time is it in your country but I hope you are glad to receive my letter in any time! To begin with I would like to introduce myself ,my name is Ludmila,I am 28 years.I am from Ukraine, my native town is Slavjanoserbsk.This is my first experience in communication through the Internet but I hope to enjoy myself in communicating with you and I will try to do my best to amuse you.So what can I tell you about myself,I like to read Russian and English classical books,listen to the all kinds of music,watch films,the most important is the sense and melody everything else depends on my mood. I adore to spend my free time with friends,to prepare surprises for them,I like to prepare some programs for their birthday party.I am very active and creative person and I didn't used to sit on one place,like to travel.I like children,animals,nature,different figurine,I have a collection of different figurines from different countries that my friends brought to me.As I have never been in other countries this in my first dream to visit some of beautiful countries with my friends or with my future love.I like sweet-smelling rose,all that make our life beautiful.I am realistic in one hand and romantic in other .I am quite assured person and I prefer to live with pleasure and happy,I am cheerful and I used to strive for all my dreams and desires.My life is not a drama, it is a holiday.I cant imagine my life without love,emotions.I need the stoutness of feelings and combination inclination for mind,soul and body.I like to increase spirits of encirclement. For the person in whose life emotions,feelings play the main role is typical the most wild,mad,hot love and relations.I am kind person,sometimes too kind,sensible,educated,sensitive.I am dreaming about great,real love.I hate lie,vanity,selfish people,I can't forgive treachery.I respect wise,kind,sincere people,who are ready to support and help in any situation.If you have such qualities and you are serious I'll be very happy to communicate with such man!!!! I am interested in you and I will be very happy if you tell me about yourself,about your likes and dislikes,about your country,what special in your country,what are you seeking for in the Internet,friendship or love?As I have already told you that this is my first experience in communicating in the Internet but I know a lot of people who already find out their love,friends.I think it is a great opportunity to find out your destiny and enjoy your life.I think that all people are equal and have the same rights we just have a great distance between each other and communicating in net it is one way to cut this distance and to share with your own experience with each other,to make somebody happier.And what do you think about it,it will be very interesting for me to know your opportunity!!!Have a nice day and remember that in this huge world someone is waiting your letter and thinking about you!!! Yours truly Ludmila!!! Hi darling Amjad!!!!! Glad to receive your letter,it is very nice and I think that we have a lot in common and happy future together:-) Thanks for your worm words and I am glad that you like me as I am very interested in you too. What can I tell you about myself to impress you,I think nothing jet,just tell you about my life,job,parents as this is my real life ,and I can't live without them. I like to help people,and I do it every day,this is my job.I am a nurse at the hospital and I like my job very much.I was dreaming about this job from my first steps,I was playing in my childhood in doctors,treat all my dolls and bears.i think it is great to hear every day that someone thanks you for your help,job,if someone feel pain you make him better,you take care about people and it is great.And what is your job? About my is the most important and closer people to me,I respect them and love very much.I am very happy to have such family,I will never change it to other.I have a big family,My mommy,daddy,three brothers and me.My father a bit strict person but he grew up a great kids.He thought us to respect each other, understand,help and support in any situation.I have one elder brother(Timur) and two youngest(Nikolay and Boris), they are studying in the university,and the eldest is in the army now.We miss him very much and wait.My brothers are very talented little mans,they play guitars,piano,bass and singing great,I am just playing piano and singing a little,just on the caraoke Also we like to gather and play pool,bowling,they are very funny and we like to spend time together. Tell me about your family,hobby,job.What plans do you have for the future,do you want to create family,or you want to be a business man?Wish you all the best and waiting your next letter!!!! yours truly Ludmila!!! Hi my sweetheart Amjad!!!! How are you dear Amjad,I like your name Amjad,it is very soft and kind i think and the ???My name means Ludmila-who loves people.Yes I have great family,my mom is a housewife and dad is steel work.I am only girl in my family.I rent a flat as my family live in the village near the town and it is far from my job. I work in the woman's centre ,nurse. My celery is 200 dollars per month,I pay for the rent of my flat 100 dollars per month.I am Christian also.Want to write you also what is important for me and why I am here. you must know this for me,the most important thing is is a strongest relation between two persons.and most beautiful feelings in this world. a family can be happy and stay happy only with power of love.without love,I don't want to create a family.this will be a big mistake.what are you thinking about this subject? but before love two persons must talk everything with fearless,they waste time to understand each others this is very important,they must share everything,they listen carefully each others with full respect.finally their hearts will beat together,and they can say everything without words only with looking in to eyes of each others.this is way to this way there is no you or me,there is only
First name: Alberta Morrien
Last name: Marlon
Age: 38
Location: Malaysia
Address: x1-04-03 Goodyear court 10 Subang Jaya Selanger
Phone: +60104279145
On websites:
Report: she contacted me on saying she liked my profile and we started communicating November 2010 and last email25 april 2011 when I would not send her any more money all up I sent her $4500 It started out as she needed air fare to come here then money to travell then change flights and the stories went on.
First name: Jacqueline
Last name: Guest
Aka: Dreamjacquluv
Age: 32
Location: UAE
On websites: girlsweb and yahoo messenger
Report: Contacted me on free site, girlsweb - a lesbian dating site, asked me to contact her on Yahoo messenger, which I did. Told me she was coming to UK to set up business out of funds that her late father left her and was arranging for the fixed fund to be transferred to her. She very quickly told me that the fund was $450,000, which made me wary, sure enough the next evening she told me that money was through but had spent all her money on getting the money released and could I help her out. I told her I couldnt as I am unemployed (true) - (perhaps a good ploy to use with these scammers) - she went offline. A minute later, she came back online and said the network was playing up. The IMs were almost as if we had never had the previous conversation.When the subject of money was raised again, I told her to use her credit card, she said all she needed was $605. She had no credit available she told me - then reiterated that she had just had $450,000 check, she then said her visa ran out tomorrow. I told her that she should go to embassy and they would help - she said that
First name: Darya
Last name: Suldina
Aka: Zaya- nickname
Age: 29
Location: Tomsk, Russia
Address: apt.-7, Birykova street 15,Tomsk, 634062, Russia
On websites: Lavalife
Report: Darya SULINA, From Tomsk, Russia, seems to send SAME letters as another person i FOUND SOMEONE REPORTING ON THE WEB AS A SCAMMER BUT WITH DIFFERENT PICTURES To date I have not seen here here, under the name and pictures she used with me, -She contacted me from Lavalife and asked me to contact her at her Yahoo mail. - We corresponded for a month - about 10 times every 3 days - Noticed problems when She asked for $240 US for Visa to comme to Canada and the money to be sent to Western Union and she knew the process and address on what needs to be done but her visa information was incorrect in many ways. Even the fee - Received the request several times with urgency - When answering her last letter where she sent a sign with my name and saying she is real, the email was bounced back- as if I was blocked or maybe she deleted her email address- tried from other email and same so it seems she deleted it. -I do have images and passport if need. They are very good, their english is perfect, but I was being cautious and do not send money to foreigners no matter,
First name: delali
Last name: asante
Aka: abass
Age: 32
Location: ghana
On websites: asian for date
Report: Have just recieved a letter asking for me to find a good gold buyer he in australia as i was nealy conned big time,.she is going under the name of Abass
First name: Juvita
Last name: Oyem
Aka: Juvita Miracle jones, juvita Richards
Age: 32
Location: Ghana, London England Borough of Lambeth
Address: I dont have it
Phone: I dont have it
On websites: Unknown
Report: Juvita has always insisted I send her money so she can fly to Ancaster Ontario where I live to be with me.Juvita would actually land at Pearson International Airport.Juvita maintainsshe loves me and just wants to be with me.I always suspicious of her being a scammer because when i didnt send money she would stop talking to me.I received an email from her asking me if i would cash cheques through my bank account because she said they would process in Canada faster than london I refused.I would then get request after request for more money for diabetic medication, hydro she claimed she was cut off, food she lost her job had no food, hydro or water,at this point a friend hacked into the computer and told me Juvita was a scammer married to ben Richards, living in ghana, and lobndon.
First name: Mary
Last name: Nielsen
Age: 39
Location: Malaysia / Australia
Address: 8 River Road, Gympie, Australia
On websites:
Report: I was asked to help with customs hold up shipping gems to Australia. I sent money through Western Union, then she went on to tell me about in inheritance fund that she needed a beneficiary and I had to contact a lawyer over there in Malaysia. I researched some of the details of the shipment of gems and it didn't add up. I became suspect with the inheritance scam with pressure to act fast from her due to the Malaysian government wanting to sieze the unclaimed funds belonging to her father. It's my guess that a different person took over the scam because it wasn't the same energy in the writing. The first really touched my soul. The second was more abrupt and pushy.
First name: Thelma
Last name: Fayovs
Age: 33
Location: Accra, Ghana
On websites: Facebook, Yahoo, Yahoo Chat, other alias' on several dating sites
Report: IP posted as from Lameesh, WV, Bronx, New York, Texas and Pretoria, South Africa but IP traces back to Accra, Ghana
First name: ludmila
Last name: chernyaskaya
Age: various
Location: ukraine, rovenki
Address: sadovaya st. 4/17 94700zip code
Phone: 3805077444482
On websites: aivelina
Report: travel scam.............................
First name: Noreem
Last name: Asem
Aka: Lonely Noreem
Age: 29 dob 23/06/81
Location: Ghana, Nyakrom
Address: box 102 NK.Central Region Ghana, West Afrcia
Phone: 233 548 393221
On websites:
Report: First met her on mate 1, she contacted me to chat ,on or around march 18 or 19. Told me she was an orphan and how she was all alone,so within a day or two she needed $200.00 to keep her internet on. On 03/29/2011 i sent her the money by western union MTCN:424-797-5092. Then we started to talk about her coming to Canada & then she tells me ,she needs $500.00cad. for medical & vias,on 04/05/2011 i sent her the money by western union MTCN:846-460-8066. She sent me a copy of her pastport & medical. After she claims to have these,she tells me all she needs now is the ticket,but when i want to arrange it Canada,she says no, its better for her to go with an agent over there,so after arguring about it for a week or so, i agreed,Then introduce her agent to me & he sent me an ID badge Delta Airline Ghana,#5499387....His name is George Kwranteng,the price of the ticket was 2100.00us,which i paid[like the dumbie i am].Then she informs me she needs 7to 10 thousand in traveler cheques to be able to travel. Then we argued for a couple of days about this & her emails to me ,slowed & then stop alltogether
First name: tatiana
Last name: tanechka
Age: 27
Location: ruisa village Varaksino
On websites: mingles
Report: she alla ready send me 4 emails and five pictures . is teh ticalscamer introdcution, also i find this place to report just copy an paste in google
First name: JANET
Last name: MARK
Age: 31
Phone: 225-4481747
On websites: DATING SITES
First name: valeriya
Last name: shipighuzowa
Age: 30
Location: federation russia
Address: 21-35 lemonov[s street
Phone: 79027843154
Email: mail; and
On websites: email and yahoo
Report: im fed up of her contacting my fella we have nothink but arguements please make it stop
First name: Favour
Last name: Lakarme
Age: 20s
Location: Dakar Senegal
Phone: 00221776951119
Email: Favour Lakarme
On websites: email
Report: IP address As a refugee here i don't have any right or privilledge to any thing be it money or whatever because it is against the law of this country. I want to go back to my studies because i only attended my first year before the traggic incident that lead to the death of my parents took place. Please listen to this,i have my late father's statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will send to you latter,because when he was alive he deposited some amount of money in a leading bank in Europe which he used my name as the next of kin,the amount in question is $6.5M(six Million five Hundred Thousand Dollars). So i will like you to help me transfer this money to your account and from it you can send some money for me to get my travelling documents and air ticket to come over to meet with you. I kept this secret to people in the camp here the only person that knows about it is the Reverend because he is like a father to me. So in the light of above i will like you to keep it to yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life and the money if people gets to know about it. Remember i am giving you all this information due to the trust i deposed on you. I like honest and understanding people,truthful and a man of vision,truth and hardworking. My favourite language is english. Meanwhile i will like you to call me like i said i have alot to tell you. Call around 1pm GMT today
First name: Dania
Last name: Bill
Age: 30
Location: Africa,Nigeria
On websites: threw emails
Report: This girl will send emails saying shes from miami,florida an he dad passed an she went to nigeria to invest in oil an this guy wanted her money so she put in a security box an will as u to send 600 dollars to get it back to the us an she will give u 30% of her money all the info she gives is false its the ppl she is working with do not fall for this there is a web site telling all about her look up her email address it tells more
First name: mariya
Age: unknown
Location: russia
On websites: ???????
First name: georgette
Last name: anderson
Aka: sandra sloggett
Age: date of birth differ 21july 1972 and 02april 1979
Location: koforidua and new york usa
Email: un known
On websites: face book twice date me free , be naughty . woome
Report: she is on several sites i first met her on date me free . she asked for money to top up her phone and her friends to. i did top it up .but then asked if i could pay her internet bills . just blocked her after that . she then chatted to me a farther 5 times under different names . she is on date me free scam list more than once she then came on to be naughty claiming to be german but i knew her photo and reported her . now on face book and woome. face book she uses the above names . had that many i dont recall them all/
First name: rose marie
Last name: edwards
Aka: none known
Age: 29
Location: ikeja,lagos,nigeria
Email: rose_m2815,,
On websites: yahoo messenger,amature match
Report: this person 29 yo female has scammed me out of over 900dollars and another guy in georgia for over 1000,with promises to come stay with me,claims she is in USA,in north carolina ,georgia,or arkansas,..uses the name rosemarie edwards,.i know her name to be maha hansden other peole involved with collecting the money from western union are Faith Davies,Olimude Obisesan,
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Rusinova
Age: 36
Location: Kugesi, Chuvash Republic
Report: After not responding for some weeks, received the following e-mail from this already known scammer: hello my dear how are you? I'm fine, here only there is no your letter. I worry about you why you have ceased to write to me? Answer me please. With you everything is all right? Why you do not write? If you do not wish to write to me write at once, that you do not want. I will wait for your answer. Ekaterina.
First name: Lola
Last name: Martins
Age: 26
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 011234802146595
On websites:
Report: 1) She initate the contact telling me she love my profile what I said i'm looking for serious long term relationship that leads to marriage,. 2)She initiate contact on by winking first, I requested her to upload her pic she ignore it then left me her email address to chat on yahoo messenger. So I added her there. I ask again what she look like then she send me her pics at very small size 6kb size. Then I requested her again the photos cannot see well even with my big screen monitors. She tell me excuses that she doesn't have any bigger pics. 3) started on april 7,2011 till april 19,2011 ended the conversation at yahoo chat 4) The pic I don't think it is her 'cos I receive another email (different address) but the pics is the same person with different identity. So this caught my attention that she is not real person whom I corresponding to. 5) She ask for $850 transfer via Western Union to clear the balance of hotel she staying at. Her money were stolen while she she stay at Nigeria to claim for her late father's compensation fund. She told me in very dramtic story that Hotel manager hotel holding her passports and airplane ticket and won't release to her until all the balance paid off. She added even more dramtic by telling her flight date is on april 21 if she doesn't clear out the mess there the airticket expire. 6) the chat end when I said i don't have money at the moment, then she show impatience and persisting pushing when 'cos her dateline is april 22. I said i'll get it when paid. At very end I finally said I don't have it, the very last chat message she sent to me was that
First name: Cynthia
Last name: Forster
Age: 28
Location: lagos, nigeria 23401
Address: 23, Williams Ave.
Phone: 0112348123478810
On websites:
Report: 1)She intiates the contact. 2) She first wink me at then I receive her message telling me she love my profile and left her email to add her on yahoo messenger for chat. 3)start correspondance on april 5,2011 till as of today's april 22,2011 4)Yes! First she introduce to me that she had inheriatance from her decease father. After several messages she throwing me sad story about her mother diying from lung cancer and need money for her treatement. 5)First,She ask for $230 then I said
First name: Marina
Last name: Pilyuk
Age: 26
Location: Russia, Cheboksary. Street: Lomonosova 22
Address: 428000
Report: 1. the contact was started by her 3. 1 Month 4. same message found in others scam report 5. 250 euro for airplane ticket 7. I have not hooked to the scam and I sent them to hell
First name: beliie
Last name: joseph
Age: 32
Location: syas shes form beamont ,tx usa, but now in nigreria
On websites: facebook and dating web sites
Report: I met Bellie Joseph on an on line dating site called datehookup .com , she said it was her first time on a dateing site & when she started e-mailing me directly i noticed she deleeted her self from it ,she said she only wants we chated for a few day then for two days i didnt hear from her and when i did she said
First name: Anna
Last name: Nazarowa
Age: 27
Location: nizhny tagil city russia
Report: she is a fake and fraud and want moneys from me she was cool at first then money came up between us everything about her is a fake her job her name nothing real about her why she doing this and what she getting from this life is too short to do things like this this not right and not fair to a good person
First name: Vera
Last name: Robinson
Aka: vera101
Age: 26
Location: michigan
On websites:
Report: she want me to send money to buy her airfare to come see me. My first suggestion was I go visit her there. I even told her she charge on her credit card first when we meet money will return her. She insisted strongly that I send her money to buy airfare. No brainer she is scamming me.
First name: CYNTHIA
Last name: FORSTER
Age: 26
Phone: 011 2348123478810
Report: How are you doing?I'm good.. I was surprised to get your messages. That is so awesome.Guess why,because I never thought any man would be interested in a lady who is just trying to find love on Online dating.I have tried so many ways to get men to notice me, i know it sounds crazy but i guess I'm not just lucky with men, and when i get to meet a man i fall in the hands of terrible men who were not ready for any relationship...and that just hurts me so bad, tell me will you break my heart too, I have been hurt so so much and wont want to go through that again, it took me so long to get over my last heart break and i know how it feels to be hurt,I'm Cynthia,single lady,never been married,no kids,I was born and raise in CA los Angeles.I am very communicative,easy going,outspoken,I am also a very Romantic type,love to cuddle,hold hands while walking,I'm trustworthy so far as people tell me maybe I'm just laid back,lol...I also tend to have a good heart with so much of love to give and to receive... I'm the only Daughter of my parents,My dad died last 4 years in Auto-accident,and my Mum move back to Nigeria,I move to my uncle place But he treated me so bad and even tried to rape me several time when he is drunk so i then ran away from him to Visit my sick Mother in Nigeria right now.,I'll be coming back to the states real soon,My dream now is that ill relocate with the right man,Now I guess a question will come to your mind(Why is she Single)isn't it...ok ok,I used to have a boyfriend but I broke up with him,I caught him on bed with my best close friend,you know how that is,it's a SHOCK, this led me to break up with him,was I right by that decision???I seek for a complete honest man,who will come home to me,love me,adore me,a strong man with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate man,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol...Hmmmm.My goal in life is to be married and have a happy family in a home filled with love.I need a man to spend the rest of my life with and who knows if it might be you.I agree bout true love that a couple is bout caring and trusting each other. As well as helping both through everything in life esp our faith in God.I really loved how you see how a couple should loved and that just what i would loved to have in a Man.I totally believed we could be a good fit if it up to God almighty and our hearts too.I can't wait to hear from u soon and hope to get to know more about u too.well I pray u like what u see and let God do the rest.Tell me more about yourself...if you have some picture to send it to me...The first sight of love is the last of wisdom.
First name: CLAR LAREN
Last name: MOORE
Age: 30
Location: Silver Spring, Maryland
First name: Sabrina
Last name: Lyns
Age: 27
Location: lagos, nigeria
On websites:
Report: how are you doing?I am sabrina from amateurmatch....i would like to know what really brought you to amateurmatch and what is your marital status???you can check my profile on username on amateurmatch is sabrina1983...I would like you to know that i have get rid of my account on that useless site just because i could not find someone honest on that useless...i Guess that site is fake and Many guys on that site are not real...
First name: Anita
Last name: Jose
Age: 28
Location: lagos, nigeria
On websites:
Report: Hello, How are you doing and how is everything with you there, i am Anita by name, i saw your email address on Amateur match and i will like to say Hi to you, i am using this opportunity to send you some picture's of mine, i will be so happy if you can reply me back and send me yours too and email me back as soon you receive this message to know maybe you are the right person to receive this message. This is all what i have to tell you now and i will tell you more about myself when i receive your responds. Best regard, Anita