First name: melissa harrington
Aka: jessica williams
Age: 33
Location: atlatis georgia
Phone: 1 530 512 8592
Email: ooo
On websites: mate1
Report: said she needs monet for food and stuff,and money to come down here and marry me and have family..and said waiting for late fathers house to sell in france,then will have money......this is the 5th woman in one week i carefull they stop at nothing very convincing..
First name: tatiana
Aka: gentle
Age: 22-35
Location: moscow
On websites: russian mates russian brides
Report: She will tell you she loves you. Then she will tell yu she wants to see you then after you agree she wants your help with the tri. She then takes your visa card number an you never hear from her again. The pictures lol a bit suspicious as well.
First name: Roseline
Last name: Nyarko
Age: 33
Location: ghana accra koforidua ma
Address: unknown?
On websites: hookupcloud
Report: i have been scaammed out of money i know illnever get it back so all im saying is dont trust this person
First name: hannah
Last name: menash
Age: 33
Location: ghnan
Phone: 1 646 494 7659...233241484827
On websites: mate1
Report: asking for visa money,,,sending many pics of herself
First name: Maryia Masha Vetrova
Last name: Korkina Ekaterina
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Address: Cheboksary
Email: Boulevard Lenin 19-45
On websites: yes
First name: Johanna
Last name: Gilbart
Age: 29
Location: australia
On websites: cdff
Report: She try and scam with below email Hello johanna from cdff, Jesus is lord Johanna Gilbart to?me 1 day ago Details Hi, Thanks for your message from CDFF and you seem to be a kind person ... you're very special man. I would be delighted to meet you. Something about me... my real name is johanna, but mother name is Theresa. I am 29 years old, 1,71cm tall, have long blonde hair, blue Eyes and i am slender nature. So much for appearance ... I even describe myself as to spontaneous, humorous and for each joke who, ambitious, honest and faithful (says probably everyone of itself, but really!). Clear gibts there also negative aspects that I do not want to conceal! Impatient, sometimes a bit moody. Something else to me ... i come from Perth but living in sydney since both parents died in a gas explosion, bu i suppose to write you a message since 4days ago but from the site that i was hungry, while sitting at the restaurant, i got an email from the missionary Pentecostal ministries that there was emergency meeting in Tirol, Austria, i had to catch up with late flight going to Austria to attend the meeting but i suppose to leave this country today not knowing that there was money to give the Urphan and motherless baby by missionary now the bank draft of $AUD250,000 was found in my hand bag by the Austrian port Authority and they ask me where i get the bank draft from and i tell the airport security that this bank draft was paid to me by the ministry who promise to share the 50 percent of the money in secure company to motherless baby while the remaining 50 percent goes to my bank account after, i really need your help now because the date on the bank draft was given to me as method of payment to my late mother estate sold in Turkey, it almost five days, but i need your help because they had seized my air ticket with my traveling documents, i can not leave the airport than to go back to the hotel where i lodge to tell you about what happened to me today i go to the airport to take a flight home, but i believe jesus said love your neighbor as you love yourself, i really need your help, below you see the scan copy of the bankdraft paid to my name by the Missionery before they closed the event. But before I get bored now I stop better. Ask me Just what do you know. I see ... What I'm looking for? Hmm ... so really I'm seeking a friend to finally my single since be to quit, but I've also nothing against good friendships objection Looking forward to read from you again, remember below is the attached image of my image i need your love,affection and companionship.
First name: Daniela
Age: 36
Location: Sydney and Prague
Phone: +612 80912957, +420 792 353 453
On websites: Foreign Love Finder
Report: this person starts off by creating an interest and then following on with requests to know more and even if you do send a reply with virtually no information long comes back a huge response about their life and their wanting is unlike some requesting another e-mail answering the questions and a swag of pictures. says is that she is from Czechoslovakia and has only been in Australia a short time with the help of her uncle This continues for some period of time and then miraculously after firstly saying that they would be happy holidays and spending a week with you to get to know you all of a sudden they have had to go home to Europe. Gives a phone number and call me be back very soon to meet up and see. Then there are family problems that are holding her up and she might have to delay a return. The family problems are that the house mother has agreed to buy is being sold out from under her because there was no written contract and they need to find money quickly. They have searched all the relatives and everyone they know and they are having no luck. Then is the request we can come up with some of it but could you please help by sending us firstly $15,000 and then as the desperate please continue the last request was for $3000. As soon as it is finalised and you send the money Darling I will be home to be with you. As soon as I refuse to send the money saying that I would not be able to arrange anything until she was back in Australia and I met her the communication searched immediately. None of the phones answer any more and no e-mails.
First name: Sofya
Last name: Kulinova
Age: 27
Location: Samara ,Russia
On websites: TG?
Report: Started correspondence 29 may 2015. Got 250? for visa for Spain ,when asked to send pics of passport n visa did not deliver n wanted 432? for ticket Moscou-palma de mallorca ,spain . Of course I did not send the extra money.
First name: Tatyana
Age: 34
Location: Russia
On websites:
Report: New Russian Scammer. Fall in love after 5 mail and want to come to visit you ASAP
First name: helena
Last name: mensah
Age: 35
Location: accra ghana
On websites: girlsdateforfree
Report: helena_prettyone: I Really love you with all my Heart Stephen.. helena_prettyone: helena_prettyone: stevieb2116: I know babe i feel the same.xxxx helena_prettyone: Yes...Honey...Sorry to tell you honey....Tommorow is my Brithday honey....Then i will be turning to 36 yrs honey... stevieb2116: Why be sorry babe you are still young an beautiful.xxxx helena_prettyone: Awww....Thanks for your Compliments... helena_prettyone: I Love you more and more honey.. stevieb2116: Be back in ten minute's babe got to go see someone my mate.xxxxx helena_prettyone: Okay honey... helena_prettyone: Love you helena_prettyone: Tak care helena_prettyone: helena_prettyone: helena_prettyone: Hello Honey...Are you back then honey? stevieb2116: just back babexxxx helena_prettyone: Okay honey.. stevieb2116: Whhat you doin now babe?xxxxx helena_prettyone: Well...Nothing much only thinking about you honey. stevieb2116: You are all i can think about babexxxx. helena_prettyone: Awww...Same here too honey....I Really like you soo much honey...Love you more and more honey.. helena_prettyone: stevieb2116: Awww that's sweet babexxxx Love you more by the helena_prettyone: Awww...Same here honey...You putting lovely smiles on my face honey.... helena_prettyone: I Love you Stephen : stevieb2116: Really wish i could see your smiling face babexxxx helena_prettyone: Awww....Honey...Same here too honey...My Sick Grand mum is calling me...I Think she needs me then honey... helena_prettyone: I will be going soon and am going to miss you honey.. helena_prettyone: stevieb2116: You be back on later babe so we can say night night love you helena.xxxxthis is some of the message's posted today.