First name: yana
Last name: o
Age: 19
Location: lutsk .ukraina
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Ivanova
Aka: Whitedream
Age: 30
Location: Poltava
On websites:
Report: Her photo caught my eye. I have not corresponded but was planning to. Just sharing the info of another alias.
First name: Ekaterina
Age: 28
Report: I got the exact same letters as Rob and the other guy...
First name: Oksana
Last name: Grigirjeva
Age: 25
Location: Cheboksary, Russia
Address: 424000 Russia, Cheboksary, Pervomaiskaja,46
On websites:
Report: It took about 12 emails before she asked for money, but 2 or 3 before stating she was coming to visit me. Since you wrote to me, it means that I'm interested in you, and I love it. :) I was just looking on the internet a person with whom I have to create a serious relationship in the future could start a family. Maybe it's you and there is the same man, but time will tell. Do you agree with me? I would like to tell you, not so much about myself, and I hope that you will be interested. I am 25 years old and I have a little boy who is 2 years old, who needs a father! and I think it's pretty advanced age for a girl, and that's why I decided that I should start some serious relationship that could lead to the construction of the family. I consider myself a fairly attractive girl, since I've been following her appearance, as well as sports. Not in any particular sport, but just go the gym 3 times a week for sports. Since the summer I love to play beach volleyball. And you're doing a contradiction? If yes, how? I was married but the marriage lasted not much, because my son's father left us and went to another girl, and now I'll look at a loved one through the Internet. Are you married? And if you have children? I live with my mother, her 55 years. She left two years ago and now does not work anywhere, but it still does not remain idle. She loves to do the cleaning, cooking, and everything he taught me from childhood. So what can I do it all better than her:). And with whom they live, you are alone, or with parents? I grew up an only child because I have no brothers or sisters. Of course, I very much wanted me to have a younger sister, but that does not depend on me, but from my parents. And you? Do you have a brother or sister? I live in the cultural capital of Russia, Cheboksary. I do not know, you've heard about it, but it is very large and it is home to about 4 million people. Your city is too big, and how is it called? As for my work, I work a hairdresser in a large salon with my childhood I wanted to make people beautiful and I have reached that goal I wanted to target girls. Oksana I want to tell you that I can not answer your letter immediately, as I have to pass our correspondence with you have a job, but I promise you that I will regularly respond to you twice a day. In his last letter, I did not tell you much about myself, as my letter and it turned out pretty great, you probably noticed this. Now I want to tell you more about themselves and about their hobbies. As you already know I live with her mother and her son, and we do it just a great relationship. We understand each other and we have virtually no when there is no disagreement. It is for this part of my free time I like to spend with his family and of course me and my son is missing his father's warmth and attention. We always go together to the store to shop, cook meals together and put them in the house. We have a relationship with her mother, like best friends and this is very pleased with me, because in most cases after the child becomes an adult, he almost ceases to communicate with their parents, but not for me, because my mom did a lot for me and she did one in my education when I was little. way, and I do with my son Kirill. Also in free time I love to walk around their city, reading, listening to music, going to the movies and meet with her friends but I do not have much time to spend that much time with her friends because as you already know that I have a child. In the summer we often went swimming somewhere out of town and there we have a barbecue and just have a good time. Yesterday I told you about my work, but forgot to tell you about my work schedule. I work from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm every day. As for my salary, then I get about 300-350 euro a month of course we do not have a salary but until we deal with this because my mother helps us. And what a schedule you have and just as I would like to know how much is your salary? In the evenings I usually like to read different books. At home I have a very large number of different books and I reread almost everything. I particularly like detective stories and novels, as well as fiction. Do you like reading? If so, what books do you prefer? Likewise, I would really like to know what food do you like best? I ask you about that because I cook very well, it taught me my mom because she had worked as a cook in the dining room Interior and has left a lot of friends who work in the police. They are often at home during the holidays and they are all just wonderful people. Well, my letter once again turned out great.:) At this point I probably and finish it. I would very much like that in your next letter you just told me about his hobbies and how you love to spend their free time. I'll wait for your answer. Your new girlfriend Oksana First and foremost I want to tell you that probably nothing, I told you about my past failed relationship. You probably were not interested in knowing about it. I just wanted you to understand why I do not want to build serious relationships with men in their country. I am very interested to learn about whether you still hang out with some girls on the internet besides me? This issue is very important to me and I would like you to honestly answer it. I just have no more than a single male friend with whom I could communicate via the Internet and you're the only one. And in real life, I have a number of men. I have not read since I watch a lot of educational programs! Dear Don, I would like to ask you, what do you expect from our communication with you? You want to try to build a serious relationship with me, or are you just looking for friendship? This question is also very important to me because I'm not looking for friendship on the internet and I turned to online dating is to find a suitable man and to be honest, you are my very cute, as you and I pleased to communicate and do I get the feeling that we're familiar with already a very very long time. I think that's good. You do not you think? I am very interested to know whether it is possible to find true love on the Internet? What do you think about this? Do you have any friends who found love on the Internet? Many of my friends my age have already found a suitable women, built with the family and gave birth to children. I certainly have a child but I think it's not a chapel of my dreams I also aspire to this, because I believe that family and children - it is very important in life. Do you agree? How do you imagine a happy family? And anyway, what do you think, can the Internet acquaintance to turn into something more serious, such a marriage? All the questions I asked you in this letter are very important to me and I hope that you will answer them
First name: Eunice
Last name: Nyako
Aka: Helina Brown, Grace Dede, Ciara Jackson
Age: 30
Location: Agnoa Swedru Ghana
On websites: yahoo,msgn,msn,msgn
Report: Read the letters to Willam under Grace Dede
First name: Maria
Last name: Lebedeva
Age: 29
Location: Russia, Sernur
Address: 140 Sovetskay St Sernur Russia, 424000
On websites: mate1
Report: This lady knows what to say to you to suck you in. I googled her name only to find out that she is a scammer, so i joined this site and found her name on here twice already, but no doubt in my mind is the same person. I read letters she had sent to other guys and the only difference was her so called occupation. I decided to have some fun with her promising to wire some money to her some she could come and live with me. i did this for a week and a half, then let her know i knew she was a scammer, and dropped her like a bag of shit that she is. P.S If you guys would like copies of the letters and photos she sent me, please do not hesitate to ask, as they are photos of a different woman than the two you already have.
First name: Jenny
Last name: Davison
Age: 39
Location: NIGERIA
Address: Sun State
Report: Jenny Davison from Nigeria contacted me a long time ago and I got her MSN details. I was very doubtful as already a long time ago, she asked many to be able to pay her internet line and subscription for which she had to bring some family jewellery to be sold...etc.. At that time I did not follow very well and perhaps I was a bit naive. Circumstances are as such that after some time I open up MSN and I find her again. But she sends me a porno web adress with sentences about a quiz I should make on this web site and then she concludes by saying she needs to go and take shower. The strange thing is that by contacting her again and again I get exactly the same replies over and over... She is actually not on line... there seems to be a sort of automated reply to attract the attention of the user to open up that bloody web site which at this point I m more than convinced must bring in some viruses My memories and this recent experience makes me definitely believe Jenny if this name exists is a scammer
First name: ELENA
Last name: POPOVA
Age: 23
Location: SEVASTOPOL;Alchevsk
First name: Beatrice Afua
Last name: Tetteh
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Address: Abeka Street 11
Phone: +233548083546
On websites:
Report: She came all of a sudden to chat with me, but wanted to go chatting outside, so we went over to MSN messenger service. She answered very detailed so that I thought everything is fine. But there were e few discrepancies: 1.) She wanted to go from Abeka to the German Embassy in Accra Ghana. She said it will take her about 2 hours to get there with the bus and/or taxi. I decided to check this and I found out that it is just 10 km from Abeka to the German Embassy which is estimated to be a 20 minute trip by car. 2.) I proposed her to contact the embassy to talk about everything needed for the VISA and she strongly refused by saying that she wants to organize everything like VISA an trip. But for sure I should pay for it using Western Union ;-)3.) It was also strange that I remembered her writing in the first chat that she is half russian half african living in Khimi Russia right now. In a later chat she then was living in Accra, Ghana. 4.) Once here father died about 12 years ago, other time she also got the admittance of her father to come to see me overhere in Germany. 5.) When it came to the theme visiting me in Germany, her text became more frivolously, like:
First name: victoria
Last name: boateng
Age: 33
Location: Accra Ghana Kumasi Ghana
On websites: yahoo
Report: she is on this site as Mary Donyaga she is very good and beleiveable she has nailed dumdass me for close to 5000 dollars her Dad is in on it also his name is supposed to be Frank Mensah please tell me how to send a picture and I will gladly Nick Flick USA
First name: Pennie
Last name: Rodriquez
Aka: Amarilo Texas
Age: 32
Location: United states
Address: 7811 starburst. Lane canyon Texas
Phone: 1-806-420-6244
On websites: Face book my space
Report: Check fruad credit card theft
First name: Laicareil
Last name: Mansida
Aka: Ella
Age: 30
Location: Philippines
Report: this one is not too good at what she does....she sent photo's of the same girl shown on this site and i recognized them immediately. I let her go on about her job, blah blah blah...I told her she could make a lot of money if she wanted to model on webcam. She said she didnt have one and when I told her i would send her one via FedEx she said she lived too far to go ....i said they deliver...she said for me to just send her the money and she would get it herself...then i told her that she isnt a very good scammer and she said bye...
First name: kerry
Last name: willaims
Aka: kerrywillaims777
Age: 32
Location: nigera lagos says she lives in the uk and needs money for flight back
Phone: 002347052580656 or 002348025333883
On websites: DATING UK
Report: uk dating sites kerrywillaims777 she will say she work for usaid and she needs money to retun to the uk an ameriacan girl answerd the phone when i first called i have pictures on rhis link of her also might go by kerrywilliams7777
First name: Sarah
Last name: Amoah
Aka: Carlis Aminu
Age: 30+
Location: Ghana
Phone: 233-273-011-705
On websites: Singlesnet
Report: She claims to be very poor and says that she is a christian who reads the bible during her spare time.
First name: marina
Last name: poteryaeva
Age: 28
Location: tomsk
On websites: badoo
Report: visa and travel scenario, really realistic letters, pictures etc...
First name: Molchanouwa
Last name: Swetlana,
Age: 29
Location: Russia,Asino
Address: unknownSelskaya str 14,apartment 34, Postal code -636840, City - Asino,
Report: she is a bitch and she is too stupid,I am not stupid to fall into the trap of these sluts
First name: Eunice
Last name: Nyako
Aka: Ciara Jackson
Age: 30
Location: Agona Ghana
First name: IRINA
Aka: IRA
Age: 25
First name: swetlana
Last name: Leonteva
Age: 28
Location: Uni
Phone: claims no phone
Report: she contacted me through ploent of fish, said she didnt use the site anymore and gave me her e-mail, i have pictures of her and the letters i have that she send david from jamica almost match word for word. no she is asking for money to pay travel agent so she can come over.
First name: nabal
Last name: salifu
Aka: monica richardson,lydiabee
Age: 30yrs
Location: nigeria,worchester,Ballina (australia)
Email: monicarichardson>,
On websites:
Report: I was talking to a woman pretending to be lydia, really she also I found out a few months back I was chatting with the same woman going by tyhe name of MONICA RICHARDSON for months she has be scamming me out of a lotof money in which I sent her to come to australia to live with me but found out she is not what she seems so watch out guys this one moves on different websites dating she is a good scammer once she chats with you so guys take heed to this
First name: Elvira
Last name: nA?o sei
Aka: elvira_al
Age: 29
Location: novy toryal
On websites: yahoo e gmail
Report: Baixar Baixar Exibir apresentaA§A?o de slides (2) | Baixar tudo como zip Ola! Estou muito feliz que voce me respondeu. Eu gostaria de um melhor conhecimento com voce. Muitos dos meus amigos se encontram e se comunicar na internet, eu tambem achei interessante. Uma vez eu falei com os homens na internet. Mas isso nao levou a nada de bom. Pedi fotos sexy e gostaria de falar comigo no chat. Mas eu nao estou interessado e nao muito agradavel quando as pessoas perguntam-me fotos sexy. Agora eu nao sou uma conversa. Eu espero que voce nao se importa namorando uma menina? Eu gostaria de conversar e fazer amizade com voce. Espero que voce vai encontrar uma linguagem comum e podem ter interesses comuns. Eu nao tenho nenhuma experiencia de trabalho no e-mail, mas espero que nos dois esse prazer. Me diga, voce gosta de viajar? Que paises voce ja visitou? Eu nunca tinha viajado ao exterior, mas tem viajado extensivamente em seu pais. Amigos me disseram que os homens internet muitos tesao. Eu nao estou satisfeito. Eu sou apenas avisar que eu nao estou a procura de sexo virtual ou algo parecido. Eu so quero comunicar. Geralmente eu estou procurando um relacionamento serio. Mas se voce nao estiver interessado, podemos ser apenas amigos com voce. Me desculpe se minha carta vai parecer chato. Eu nao tenho muita experiencia de comunicacao atraves de mensagens. Mas eu realmente gostaria de conhece-lo melhor. Por favor nao envie-me muito sobre mim mesmo. Por exemplo: quantos anos voce tem, quais sao seus interesses? Eu lhe enviar minha foto. Tambem peco que voce me enviar algumas de suas fotografias. Se voce estaria interessado em saber algo sobre mim, por favor, pergunte. Nesse ponto, eu vou terminar a minha carta. Espero que em breve recebera a sua resposta com suas fotos. By the way, meu verdadeiro nome e Elvira. Tchau
First name: cynthia
Last name: twum
Age: 36
Location: Accra ,Ghana
Phone: 223273217934
Report: Ask's money for foodstuff,no money for final nursing exam,mom named Hanna has a medical condition ,all within 3 days.check out her name on google.
First name: rita
Last name: osei
Aka: rita sweet, rita trust
Location: benin nigeria
On websites: match
Report: she just popped up on my yahoo messenger with no warning telling me that is eager to come to see me she told me that she is a hairdresser,she is living with her mother in benin. she told me that her ex boyfriend started beating her because he was drunk so she left him she also told me that she want to come to live with in my house then she dropped a bombshell she hasn't enough to get her ticket she wanted me to pay for her ticket just like that! then next morning she wrote me a email saying that she was sorry for saying that to me and wanted my forgiveness I never contacted her anymore so watch out guys she is not much of a scammer but she is good.
First name: Yana
Last name: Pachkina
Age: 26
Location: baku Azerbaijan wiyh a ruusian Passport
Report: I have met Yana at russianeuro site I have sent money to for her travel to Australia she never turned up after recieving the money I was new to the site she has used travel agent at Baku for all the money transactions western Union I reliazed I been scammed I have sent money to This person first as agent maneger SERVET KOLANCH 4630usd than to YUNUS DEMIR 2000usd for Yana Pachkina,s travel as she instructed she has used for all her travel.Other person from the travel agent was SABINA ROLIKOVA YANA PACHKINA SERVET KOLANCH AND YUNUS DEMIR all probaly worked together I do have alot of photos of Yana and copy of her passport and also this is theemail address of the ticket agent / if you like me to send photos and the copy of her passport please reply thank you
First name: Sandra
Aka: Sandrine
Age: 32
Location: Abidjan, Lagunes, Cote d'Ivoire
On websites:
Report: I found this woman on Of course the site is filled with Nigerian and Ghanan scammers who send you picture of blondes, etc. but I thought that this one might be real until too many things weren't adding up. Anyway, you can do what you like, but I've heard similar things about this women from other men. Be careful.. Something seems fishy.
First name: anny
Last name: dominik
Age: 23
Location: daker , senegal
Report: she is a emotional scamer and play with jentlemen feelings
First name: svetlana
Last name: sokolova
Aka: olga pibaewa
Age: 34
Location: nizhni novgorod
Address: 50 baumana street
Phone: 0079177011165
On websites: date me free meetic
Report: this girl asked me for money to go to moscow and get her visa she said she needed bus and hotel money while she goes for visa interview she e mailed me a photocopy of new passport and plane ticket which im sure are false she has gone to a lot of effort here we was e mailing letters to each other everyday for four months she even rang me twice
First name: Olga Bogdanovich
Last name: Nikolaevna
Location: Moscu
On websites: Myspace as Olga B
Report: This girl been emailing me for the last 3 weeks every day and afther that start asking me for money for fligth tickets. Then i cheek out in google and find out she is a scammer. This is a part of one of her mail where she give me her details and the address of a Western Union bank in moscu: Sera muy bueno, si me mandaras del dinero a traves de Western Union. Esto ayudara recibir lavo el visado sin problemas.Te doy la informacion, que te sera necesaria. La direccion del banco en que la oficina Western Union: BIN BANK LENINSKII PROSPEKT 20 Moscow, 113105 Mi nombre - Olga Mi apellido - Bogdanovich El nombre patronimico - Nikolaevna Tambien me han dicho que debere tener el numero MTCN de control de ti para recibir dinero. Asi como me son necesario tu nombre completo, el apellido, el nombre patronimico y el nombre de la ciudad de que ti me mandas dinero.
First name: Natalya
Last name: Pavlovich
Age: 28
Location: Kazan, Russa
Address: National street 60-26 St.-Petersburg 193079 Russia
On websites:
Report: She E-mailed me first out of no where. Said she was looking for a great guy off the net. As the
First name: shefiu
Last name: yubuku
Aka: Megan
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 233-546052290
Report: real friendly at first, then has brother? call you and welcomes you claims to be busy businessman. she calls you on phone weird sounding voice like man disguising as her?? high pitched then ask for money and brother promise pay back?when her returns to out