First name: Teresa
Last name: Julio
Age: 28
Location: Abeokuta, Nigeria ogun
On websites: All
Report: Scams several men for money, tells you no electricity, and needs money to get her stuff out of storage. And wants you to contact mr James to discuss money then she can have her luggage. Been dealing with this forever reported her now. What a joke.. Found out she's a guy and she loves me so much and she can't live without me she's my wife lol. Watch out guys she'll lead you till you are dry.. Be careful you will get viruses on your computer. She did this for 2 years just gave her money to eat last week what a joke..
First name: Sophia
Last name: Nyarko
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
On websites: senior people meet .com
Report: Shows many sexy pics, and says she's looking for marriage, and love. Claims to be a graduate student, and a Christien. Asks for money for travel and clothes for graduation ceremoney. Pics are obviously modeling shots by non-ametuer.copies and pastes messages on Yahoo messinger that were used in Senior people profile. a real slick fake, and a definate fraud
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Skibina
Aka: Tanusha
Age: 35/36
Location: Glasov, Russia
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Sends photos, says she wants to live in England. She says the relationship is getting stronger and wants to meet. If you agree she will find out how much it costs. 560 Euro will get her Visa and medical docs. I called her bluff and told her I would go to St Petersburg and pay for it. She hasnt written since.
First name: jennifer
Last name: clayton
Aka: jenny
Age: 30
Location: jackson, ms
Email: jenniferclayton21@yahoo.9+.
Report: Woman claimed to be dating conned me out of thousands over a year and a half. She was married and hubby was living off the proceeds.
First name: Adizatu
Last name: Larry
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
Address: 17 Accra
Phone: 233-247604373
On websites:
Report: She said she is 32 years old, single for 5 years. She advised that she worked as waiter at a local resturant and living with her mom and stepdad and a brother. her biological dad had passed away. She her mother is from england. She is going to a vocaional school for catering
First name: Janet
Last name: Rowland
Location: Negria laos
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Dorofeeva
Age: 26
Location: Cheboksary
Email: ekaterinabro
First name: Fariba
Last name: Amiri
Aka: Faye
Age: 40
Location: United States Alexandria Virginia
First name: Anna
Last name: Cheburova
Aka: or Anna
Age: 29
Location: Russia, St Petersberg
On websites: Plenty o fish or Adult friend finder or Christian
Report: I fell in love with the beautiful Russian woman, sent a thousand dollars and hesitated to send more! Thank you for the heads up on this web site!:)
First name: Jamila
Last name: Tahiru
Age: 35
Location: Ghana
Report: is scamming for money already scammed for $1,200 for plane flight
First name: sam
Last name: julian
Location: kosoa ghana
Phone: 233542012481
On websites: zoosk and yahoo
Report: tried to get me to send money by way of another address
First name: Charlen
Last name: Jane
Age: 26?
Location: NIgeria/Chicago
Report: Was claiming that she was in Nigeria for work getting art. said that she wanted to fly to me before going to chicago(home). then a couple days b4 the flight, claimed someone was using her credit card illegally and was $200 short. She asked if i could help her with the remaining funds. I didnt and after i said no, never herd from her again. was claiming she loved me and wanted to spend the rest of her life with me.
First name: kristina
Last name: Sevruk
Age: 32
Location: russia saratov
Address: ST. Sovetskaya 10. Apartamento 5.
Report: Bonsoir mon nouvel ami!Je suis heureuse de vous ecrire, tu m'as plu.J'ai etudie votre structure sur le site meetic.Je voudrais apprendre l'un de l'autre plus et etre les amis et non seulement, etre plus que les amis.M'appellent Kristina.J'attendrai de vous la reponse avec l'impatience.Mon espoir est que vous me repondrez!Je vous promets que je vous parlerai plus sur moi et vous envoyer beaucoup de photosJ'espere recevoir la nouvelle sur vous!Ecrivez me sur ma poste.Kristina.
First name: EKATERINA
Age: 20 AA‘OS
Location: RUSIA
First name: monica
Last name: james
Age: 39
Location: california usa , london
Email: traymonic@yahoo>com
On websites: rsvp
Report: spoke online for about 5 weeks . a week or so in her father who lives in london gets sick . flies over to london and in 2 weeks he dies . while arranging for funeral complains how expensive it is . told by her she is not sure how to pay for it . then told funeral to go ahead on part payment but cant leave the country until fully paid . i told her i was not in any position that i could help . never heard from her again .
First name: Nadia
Last name: Kone
Aka: Kone Nadia
Age: 26
Location: Ivorian living in Ghana
Phone: Unknown
Report: I met this lady on, i asked her for photos , and she sent me photos of a model , i fell seriously in love with the photos, after she started asking me for money , i did all i could to get her any money she asks for. After i wanted her to come over to Paris and live forever with me , i sent her thousands of euros and she never showed up . I am pleading with my fellow Europeans to be very careful about all this internet scams its real and they will always keep asking you for money whiles they haven't even prove themselves. I have alert Interpol on the search of this lady called NADIA KONE an Ivorian living in Ghana .
First name: mambo
Last name: sallian
Age: 26
Location: dakar, senegal
On websites:
Report: I saw other references of Mambo in other site,and her`s photo posted somewhere in this site it`s not the same person of photo she sent me.
First name: Anna
Last name: Trestova
Aka: Anysha
Age: 37
Location: Russia Khabarov
Report: She contacted me and wrote that she seen me on a datingsite and liked my profile,and from there she wrote to me everyday and fell more and more in love.she's good looking and seems to be nice but you never know.I'ts only a matter of time til' she ask for money,but I have seen her name on a scammerslist but I'm not sure if she's a scammer or not.
First name: Mariya, helen, masha, Elena, Natasha
Last name: Belova
Age: 26
Location: Stebnyk,ukraine
On websites: Antheaclub under the name Elena Helen choclate
Report: She uses professional photos, says she is a model, asks after a few letters for money for passport, visa, tickets and insurance, about 1000 euros. then never heard from again
First name: Ellie
Last name: Morgan
Aka: Elle Woods
Age: 36
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Address: zip 23401
Phone: 0112347039619792
On websites:, kokobelow2010
Report: Ellie contacted me through and encouraged me to chat on Yahoo Messenger. We've been chatting for about two weeks. I suspected fraud early on and did google searches on her email address and came up with info that didn't jibe with what she was writing. She finally asked for money for airfare to come to be with me
First name: nadeshda
Last name: fyodorowa
Age: 28
Location: russia, st petersburg
Report: warning thi is a really beutyfull girl and ver persuasive i allmost sent her $990 usd but accidentally fund her in a scammers list
First name: Valeria
Last name: Podoprigora
Aka: Lera
Age: 31
Location: Lugansk
Address: ul. Zhukova, dom 4, kv. 25
On websites: Russianeuro
Report: I wrote with her about 1 month. Her scam was
First name: claire
Last name: sweeting
Age: 36
Location: England, Essex, Leigh on sea
On websites: facebook, myspace
Report: She has scammed many english man
First name: dolores
Last name: nolan
Location: Philippines
On websites: asian dating ; webcams. com
Report: in fact shemale from thailand, know also as Joanie LOTINO and Maylene CORONADO
First name: evgenia
Last name: medvedeva
Age: 27
Location: russia, urzhum
On websites:
Report: i have received only 3 mail without money request, her name now is Valentina and her friend svetlana
First name: Anna
Last name: Ashley
Age: 24
Location: Nevada Las Vegas
Report: Thid girl who is on the Photos is the nude model Alison Angel.Alison was born and grow up in Las Vegas. Her photos are used by so many scammer and fake profiles. Alison is inocent. She is a very nice girl and since 2 years my girlfriend. She is living with me and i beg you all to not care her pix used by scammer.From Alison are a few thousen pix in the internet, and its easy for a scammer to download her pix. I wont motion where we life exactly for the securety of Alison.
First name: Claire
Last name: Sweeting
Age: 36
Location: England, Essex, Leigh on sea
Phone: 01702479706
On websites: facebook
Report: This person claims to be an English I was told that she is from somewhere in the United States (perhaps an illegal immigrant)who tries to get you to transfer money to an address in Benin. I was nearly scammed for $170 but smelt a rat before agreeing to transfer the money.
First name: Diana
Last name: Volkova
Age: 37
Location: Russia, Kazan, Moscow
On websites:
Report: Hello my dearest ?????! How are you? I'm fine and very happy to get reply from you. Your letters like light of sunshine for me. I really want to come to you and not trying get money from you. You could be sure! I can't pay for my trip, because it very very expensive for me. It would be nice if you can send me 600 US dollars it's round-trip tickets around 1700 CAD. I can take my holiday tomorrow. So I wish come to you in closest time. I was in travel agency again today. And asked about best way how to send money. She told me, what you can use Money Gram money transfer system, to send money to me too.. You can find MG in banks,big stores, airports and etc. But more easy find it in bank. You come to MG, fill out the blank and give money. Operator give you money transfer control number to you, you must say it to me. Oh! I forgotten. In blank you must write my full name (Volkova Diana) country,and city. I'm very happy what we can be together soon! I'm very excited. Ok, dear I got to go now! Hope to hear from you soon! Kiss and hugs! Love, Diana! (( This is her exact words copied and pasted from my email to here. Today November 4th 2010.
First name: elena
Last name: phedorchenco
Aka: ID number EK 470509
Age: 29
Location: ukraine kharkiv
Address: 61000 ukraine kharkiv uborevichastr 148/30
Phone: 00380957013173
Report: send money for passport throuth money gram from south africa she will travel by 6/11/2010 from kiev arive in south africa on 7/11/2010
First name: Christabel
Last name: Dobson
Age: 30
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Friend Finder