First name: Alvina
Last name: Akhmetshina
Aka: Yuliya, Alina, Anastasiya, Alla, Venera, Anitka, Anita, Ekaterina, Lucy, Anna Grakhova, Katerina, Katia, Tatyana, Polina, Helna, Lizonka, Elena, Anna, Linda, Evgeniya, Mariya, Nadezhda, Valentina, Rose Johnson, Kristen Sanders, Alice Willian, Akiva Ericson, Juliet Donald, Amanda Florence, Mary Brown, Vida Wilson, Andrea Young Rodrigo, Ashley Anderson, Starnes Melissa, Jennnie Harman, Bernadine Roover, Karen Brain, Florence Simone, Sarah, Anabel Doris, Cathy, Christy, Jann, Karin Maria Gasserr, Chrisette, Monica Collins, Rosaline Mcdonnell, Kayal Sobonilla, Katherine Freya, Ann Hester, Felicia, Doris Anabel, Joyce Mandy
Age: 30
Location: Syzran, Russia; Aladji Omar, Senegal; Miastko, Poland; Moscow, Russia; Yoshkar-Ola, Russia; Pervopavlovsk, Kazakhstan; Kazan, Russia; Cheboksary, Russia; Anapa, Russia; Texas City, Texas, USA; Toronto, Canada; London, United Kingdom; Berlin, Germany; Maryland, USA; Buffalo, NY, USA; Tamale, Ghana; Indonesia; Catcliffe, United Kingdom; Cudahy, Wisconsin, USA; Sherfield, England; Boki Lotchi, Senegal; Ogun, Nigeria; Cherif Lo, Senegal; Grand Dakar, Senegal; Dakan, Tambacounda, Senegal; Trigue, Senegal; Miami, Florida, USA; Marysville, Washington, USA
Phone: 02076000133, 4148008534, 4148008534, 6283893702936, 3602187304, 7549003996
On websites: Tagged, Interpals, Cupidhit, Twitter
First name: Lisa
Age: 30
Location: USA
On websites:
Report: Hi scotty my name is lisa:)
First name: Katerine
Last name: Demure
Age: 31
Location: Donetsk, Ukraine
Report: Hello Bill how are you? I have much wish to write you this letter because only today i found that here in my mail i have last letter to you just in my saved folder and i never send it. I remember you and i was sad when i see no reply from you so it seams because of me paying bad attention on sending letter we had this break. Tell me do you have there someone in your life? We met with you when i lived in Crimea and now i already moved to mother so i even not sure what to tell right now. Bill please tell me do you want to communicate ? It would be great to build good contact because i am still single here and have wish to find good man for my life somehow with busy work and days i didn't have much luck with it so who knows maybe you was that one man with whom i just lost chance...So now i want to renew this chance ;) Hope to get your reply soon and i am waiting for your answer. With best regards and best wishes , Katerina :) one of her letters I wrote to this girl for 6 months, sent her money regularly to support her in her ?unfortunate situation?. She never came to meet me, just took all the money I sent her.
First name: cristina
Last name: noroc
Age: 26
Location: moldova chisnau
On websites:
Report: unfortunately I sent her a lot of money
First name: Lilian
Last name: Serwaa
Aka: Love Hood
Age: 31
Location: Ghana Kumasi
Report: Initially claimed to be Canadian, living in Canada, but with Ghanaen grandma. Needed to return to Ghana. Claimed to have inherited considerable amount of gold, held by security company in Accra. But needed to pay outstanding holding charges of $3750, but only has $1000. Asked for help with the balance.
First name: Michelle
Age: 29
Location: USA
Report: Hi Here my email address
First name: Liliya
Last name: Gafiyatullina
Aka: Lily, Natalya
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Kazan
Address: Vosstaniya 81 - 9, 420095 Kazan
Phone: 79652357706
Report: This lady contacted me in the beginning of February from this mail:, asking me only to answer on the following mail: . She talked for while about calling me on skype, but then apparently dropped this idea, and continued to send me small letters talking about general everyday things, sometimes answering or commenting upon my letters, sometimes not. After many letters and my question whether the person writing the letters really was identical with the model on the photos she decided to contact me on skype, and we had a short audio conversation, of course without video mode (4 march). Gradually she developed feelings for me, and in the end in rather poetical language described how life without me had lost its sense, and I was the person she had been looking for all her life etc. She began to talk about our meeting, about getting a visa to be able to visit me in my country. She discovered then that the costs of obtaining a visa largely exceeded her financial capacities, and gave me the exact sum, as well as information about money transfer. She was unwilling to send me any proof of her identity
First name: Anna
Last name: Ischenko
Aka: Ulyana, Alina, Svetlana, Ekaterina, Anastasiya, Alla, Jane Sandre, Tetiana, Marry Mevannisa, Timmly, Anabel Doris, Florine Melgar, Lyion
Age: 30
Location: Volgograd, Russia; Chicago, USA; Nigeria; Alpirsbach, Germany; Marshall, Texas, USA; Dakar, Senegal; California City, California, USA
Phone: 9034713643