First name: Phyllis
Last name: Mensah
Age: 35
Location: Accra.....ghana
On websites: Unknown
Report: She is using photos of Jelena charming and will then send revealing photos...but they are not her...she is a native ghana woman portrayed as a white porn star
First name: Angela
Last name: Briton
Age: 36
Location: Ivory Coast
Phone: +225 44096222
On websites: Sport42
Report: This woman pretends being interested in you and after some time and photo exchanges also in love. She pretends living in Paris or Perpignan or probably whatever place you might relate to. After some time she claims being in financial trouble due to her hospitalised mother in Abidjan. Here starts the asking for money support. When asked to identify herself she avoids the questions only to press the fact that she is in deep trouble due to the hospital bills.
First name: Natalia Yuryevna
Last name: Nikiforova
Age: 29
Location: Orel, Russia
Address: Russia Orel Gurt'eva str. 10-93 zip: 302028
Report: ello my beautiful Gustavo. I am very glad to see your letter. Thank you worry and take care of me! I'm so happy. I feel the happiest woman. The whole world seems to have more rich colors now. It's magic. I got to Moscow very well. I was not able to sleep on the road and for this I feel a little sleepy. My cousin met me at the bus station. We immediately took all my things to her. My dear Gustavo, I love you! Very soon I will hold you and give your sweet kisses! Today I went to the airport to pick up my plane ticket. All Ok! But today I learned the terrible news. I do not know how to tell you this. I was shocked so much that it could not take a step after that. I struggle to find the strength to get to the Internet cafe from the airport. I learned that for travel to you, your country has entered a new rule. I I did not know it before. I should show the money to customs officers. It is necessary that they were sure I have the money to pay the costs in USA ... As you remember, I have a visa for the tourist. I must prove that I have the money as a tourist. I know it stupid, because I'm coming for you my beautiful Gustavo. But Gustavo if it becomes known, that I go to USA I think potential suitors. What do I have serious problems ... Maybe I can't come to you in USA. I do not want it, it happened. I should show the 3600 USD on customs control. It's a lot of money for me !! I do not know that I should do now? You know, all I want is to be with you! The fate threw us another test, and I can not solve it without you. I have to show that money or bank statement for a review on the board. My dear, I do not know where I can get the money. Please send me it sums up my flight if you can, because I have to show the workers of customs. When I arrive to you, I have to return the full amount to you at the airport. I spent a lot of time at the airport to find out all the details. And as it turned out this is a normal procedure. I remembered that when I was doing a visa, that they approved me, I had to show an extract from my bank account that I had money. Then my boss helped me and transferred me 3000 USD under my receipt, that I will not cash this money or transfer it to other accounts. We signed this agreement in the presence of a notary. I was approved of the visa, and I closed the account and I transferred the money back. And now the customs were surprised that I did not have any cash or bank account. It's very suspicious, they said. And if I do not have 3600 USD with me, they do not have the right to let me into the plane. They explained this by the fact that although my visa was issued for 2 years, but a one-time visit to the US for me is maximum 3 months per year. This means that I will either have to leave the country in three months, or marry or change the status of my visa for a working visa. And since my tourist visa, so as not to become an undesirable migrant, I must have on my account or cash at least 40 USD for one day of stay in the USA. I told them that I fly into you and that you will meet me and we're going to get married, but they said that my type of visa is tourist and that does not involve your guardianship. In order to say that you will pay for me in the USA, I would have to have a guest visa. I asked how long it would be to change the status of a visa to say a guest or a bride's visa. I learned that it will take a long time. So far, both people's checks, visits to the consulate and so on will pass. In addition, it will be expensive, and I can not do without the procedure for checking my accounts. And now my boss can not help me anymore. It's all very difficult, and I cried before their eyes. Baby, this money is needed only to show it, and then I will return it to you in full. I do not know how to cope with this stress. When I was at the airport, I asked the girl at the front desk to give me my boarding pass now, but she said that she does not have the right, but she can make a photo for me. She did this and sent it to my email. This is my boarding pass to the transfer point, there I will get another to the next airport. I want you to see this and realize that now only this is between us, and I have to catch my flight. I'll write to you the information of my account at the bottom of my letter. I hope that it will be fast and you will not have to change the flight. This is the only barrier between us, and I do not want this to become a wall between us. This money is needed only for the formalities, I will not even take it off my account. And as soon as I'm with you, we'll transfer it back into your account. I hope it will not be any difficulty for you. And now I need to calm down and I'll go for a walk with my cousin, and then I'll go to bed early. This stress took more of my strength than a bus ride this night. I love you very much! Was the last step. I look forward to your posts! Your Natalia Holder name: Natalia Yuryevna Nikiforova (first name, middle name, last name ) NAME OF BANK: ALFA-BANK BANK ADDRESS: Russia, Moscow, Kalanchevskaya str 27, zip:107078 ACC ?: 40817840810060001212 SWIFT: ALFARUMM This is optional information, but if it is needed, then let it be for you. My address: Russia Orel Gurt'eva str. 10-93 zip: 302028 VO-Code 70 090 INN 532117570004
First name: Doriana
Last name: Mendez
Age: 28
Location: Baton Rouge
On websites: Facebook
Report: I had this girl on Facebook and we talk but she video me and told me if I pay 8000 dollars to her for mother's operation of caner she will not post the video to my friends on Facebook and YouTube. So for I paid here 300 dollars through MoneyGram pay to Graciella Pereira D'ivoie witch is her mother's name. She wants me to email here every morning as well for what ever reason. This has been going on now since late June and she wants me to pay her every two weeks on a Wednesday.
First name: Grace
Last name: Crucha
Aka: Grace Cee, Marly
Age: 24
Location: Cebu City
Address: Talamban
Phone: +639167918593
On websites:
Report: I had a relationship with Grace for a year and a half. I was giving her money and looking after her Daughter Sienna Gray Curacha. I was sending her money for 3 sections of land we were buying. The sections were under her name. But she stopped paying for the sections and was using the money herself. I was also sending her other money to live on as she was not working. She was also getting money of other guys. Total scammer dangerous and been reported her before.
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Rose
Aka: unknownJennifer, Jenny,
Age: 27
Location: Lagos(Nigeria
On websites: KIK
Report: This women is unreal I have tryed to delete her and did on FB, and messagner, but she is on KIK a site they don[t delete, my husband a fool has sent now over one grand and she is asking for over a grand this time, she is saying she lives in Texas in the US Military working for the DOD in the Military, with pics of her in a uniform from the US this needs to stop NOW PLEASE HELP
First name: Francisca
Last name: Ataa
Aka: Kissiwa Jemima
Age: 29
Location: Ghana - Berekum
Address: AH111/ 1 Ahenbronoso street
Phone: +233554967755
On websites:
Report: I make enquiries about the Visa and it's 300 ?Can you help me to apply for visa Name....Kissiwa Jemima Country...Ghana City.........Berekum Address...AH111/1 Ahenbronoso street Tel...+233554967755 Here are my details Any amount you will send me from your heart
First name: Beverly
Last name: Fong
Age: About 35
Location: Portugal
Phone: unknown502 353 0299
Report: I have bowel cancer I saw people on my iPad that had gone through her to get a drug I emamiled her she asked me for 500 pounds and told me my drug would get her in 3 days I didn?t she told me my drug was at customs and I needed another 3 hundred pounds to get it out I paid , she told me I would receive my drug six months now nothing, I keep asking for my money back , she won?t reply
First name: Andrea
Last name: Gutierrez
Age: 33
Location: Pearce, Arizona
Address: LE12 6WN
Phone: 07305698359
On websites: Collarspace.c
Report: Another fake asking for money
First name: ELENA
Last name: Deboard
Age: 32
On websites: Kik, google Hangouts
Report: Her name is Elena Deboard she has been lying and using fake pictures to use on kik for 9 months. She thinks she's chantel jeffries. She is a fake an will try to get money from you an in your bank account.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Jordan
Age: 24
Location: U.S.A
On websites:
Report: she is on that site for commercial purposes (phishing messages) sending a link to externe dating site she a cam girl not really a date to make with her in real life
First name: Aleksandra
Age: 29
Location: Rusland Prem
Report: I have a fake e-mail address that I use for advertising and unimportant matters. I also used this address for a dating site Lexa After a month I wrote out by Lexa, but the mail address spins around since that time on the internet, when I ask how they come to my e-mail address, she says through a marriage agency. I have also seen that I get written letters, where only the name is written, she does not read the letters I send, or they thank me for the pictures if I sent 1 or nothing at all.
First name: Marina
Last name: Zakutnyaya
Aka: Marina Perednenko
Age: 30
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
On websites: AnastasiaDate
Report: I made contact with Marina (ID: 1792744) in August 2017. She is also known as Marina Zakutnyaya and has an Instagram site @marinazakutnyaya. She has had to change her name from Marina Perednenko presumably because of problems that have occurred as a result of people getting upset with her activities. If you have had any problem with being misled by this profile or person then send me the details to I have started to pull together a social media campaign that lists information from people who have had bad experiences with Marina Zakutnyaya. I will not include your personal information. Just send me the facts of what happened. I maintained contact from August 2017 until July 2018. I have done some research into the site where the profile is located. This has indicated that the site employs people to undertake chat with paying clients who think they are talking to the person in the profile. They call them ?translators? but they are simply pretending to be the people on the profiles. It is a way to mislead a client into thinking they are talking to the person and to pay more money for the chat. This would make sense to me as there were times when I was pretty sure I was talking to a man, or the contact 'forgot' previous conversations. The profile also sent daily letters that were never personalised in any way. This meant that they never related to anything we talked about in chat or any information that I sent in letters. Given these warning signs, you are probably asking why I was so stupid to continue to keep in contact? And the answer is blind arrogance and the belief that I was something special to her. Pretty foolish in hindsight but that is something I have to live with. She encouraged me to travel to Ukraine saying on many occasions that she wanted to meet me. I confirmed with her many times before travelling that she definitely wanted to meet with me and she confirmed that we would meet. On doing further research into the background of this person I have identified that she has a history of multiple online dating relationships where she has misled people. I have been able to identify four so far indicating clearly that this person is a serial offender and should be stopped. I made travel arrangements and when I arrived in Ukraine she was very elusive when it came to making any arrangement to meet and she insisted that we maintain contact through chat on the site. Even when I made an arrangement with her she did not show up. She advised me that she had been working on that day even though it was a national public holiday and very unlikely that she would be working. But she had not advised me of this even though we had talked the day before She insisted on only communicating through AnastasiaDate. I was in Kyiv where she lives. I was still getting the daily letters and opened one. It had nothing to do with me or my being in Kiev. Clearly, the letters were just part of the ongoing arrangement for the profile to make money. I now realise that I have been scammed. She obviously feels she is able to do this with impunity. Anyway, I complained to the site and they advised me that nobody else had ever complained about her previously. Now, this surprised me as I have already identified online reports in scam sites from three others who are upset by being misled by this profile. If anybody else has been affected by this woman then they should report it as well. It is crazy that somebody can continue to behave this way for years and keep getting away with it. Obviously, AnastasiaDate does not care if the women on their site are genuine or sincere but if they get multiple reports it might force them to change the arrangements at least with this profile. The site initially just rejected my complaint as the contact had not broken their rules. I said I had organised a meeting and that she had not turned up and wanted my money back. And they said they were looking into it further. Given my research into the business and how they operate I do not believe that I will be successful. It seems from the information I have seen that they are involved in this activity. I have decided to see if I can find others who have had a bad encounter with this profile. I want to make a concerted effort to prevent her from being able to continue having her profile on the site. And to ensure that nobody else gets caught by this misleading and deceptive conduct. Based on the information I have seen the site is not genuinely interested in protecting clients from this conduct and is supporting deceptive conduct. So I hope that somebody reading this will not make the same foolish and arrogant mistake I made and believe that somehow they are special and that all this will not affect them. Accept that this is an area of unscrupulous activity and that it is simply a way to extract your money from you without even giving you the result of a meeting. Maybe by simply organising phone contacts and forcing the meeting early in the relationship, you can find out if they are genuine. And if it is not genuine then you have saved yourself a lot of money and potential heartache.
First name: Elena
Last name: Shustova
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine, Kharkov
On websites: Anastasia
Report: Tracked down her email addresses. This one is a real scammer, gold digger. Still operating every night on Anastasia Date despite providing all the evidence needed they ignore it and let her go and on scamming guys. All the photos that already appear on this site are her without a doubt.
First name: Florence
Age: 32
Location: USA
On websites:
Report: Requested e-mail address, and I didn't tell her, But after we had talked for some time she gave me her e-mail address and I answered it, Then here page disappeared
First name: Betty
Last name: Adams
Age: 34
Location: Gahana
On websites: Unknown
Report: I can?t remember what dating site I met her on but I have sent her money several times. She says she wants to come be my wife, but she has to get her visa fixed. So I sent her money to do that, then it was money for her grandma to get glasses, then money for plane ticket to come out here, but she still hasn?t come. My friends say she isn?t real, that I?m being scammed. One friend has looked online to see what he could find. He showed me posts from other guys that have been scammed. The stories sound like mine. Pretty girl, going to school to be a nurse, lives with grandmother in Ghana but is from somewhere else ( mine is from Canada ) says her parents died when she was young, etc... I don?t want anyone else to get scammed by her. She goes by Betty Adams. And here are the pictures she had sent me.
First name: Jessica A
Last name: Smith
Aka: Jessy
Age: 30
Location: Nigera
Phone: 757-942-5735
On websites: facebook
Report: She has a guy contact you telling you that you will get some of her dad's inheritance. Want you to send her money so she can get to the state's. She want's you to open up a savings account with you and then they try to get money out of the account from western union
First name: Abigail
Last name: Armah
Aka: Susanne
Age: 33
Location: Accra ghana
Address: unknownABeca plasa accra ghana
Phone: 00233550158290/00233557026672
On websites: Waplog/topface
Report: Using another girls photo asking money have good system showing another girl like real or they work twogether I have shoving picture and real picture for scummer I don't no how do I send thise sites
First name: Larisa
Last name: Vergush Gurieva
Age: 41
Location: Ukraina - KIEV
Report: We initially met on dating website, then several times in real, we had good time only thanks to my money and finally she disappeared from one day to another...
First name: HANNAH
Last name: CONRADSON
Age: 35
Location: FLORIDA
First name: Joyce
Last name: McCullough
Age: 25
Location: Wilkes-Barr, Pa USA
Address: Washington, USA
Phone: 717
Report: Joyce McCullough owes me $540.48
First name: Lorreta
Last name: Harris
Aka: Lorreta Harris Markley
Age: 34
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone: 415-484-4112
On websites:
Report: Owes me over $7,500.00!
First name: Anna
Last name: Anderson
Age: 37
Location: San Pablo, Ca
Phone: 510-730-2494
Report: Scammed me for $960.99
First name: Nadezhda
Last name: Ryabinina
Age: 27
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Address: unKavaleriyskaya 9, Apt#1
First name: Grace
Last name: Medawesi
Aka: konan,udoson
Age: 20
Location: cote d'ivoire coast in Abidjan
Address: 44107 Abidjan 01 ville
Phone: 22502105999
Report: she maile me and promised to offer me 40% of the total amount of 5.5 $ it i help help transfer this sum from her mother's acount in her country to my country.she collaborated with some people whom they claimed to be bank operators and indeed they managed to go away with morr than 3500$from me
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Tsaregorodtseva
Age: 27
Location: Saratov, Russia
Address: Mesto: Saratov Drzava: Ruska federacija Ulica: Rdeci tekstilni delavec Hisa: 10 Apartma: 5 410000
On websites: Twoo
Report: Esta persona me contacto por twoo, desde un principio sospeche que era una estafa, pues nadie se enamora en un dia y mucho menos quiere verte, le segui el juego hasta el final, sabia que en un momento me pediria dinero, el dia de ayer lo hizo y supuestamente es para tramites del viaje, me dio risa porque le he hecho perder su tiempo,hasta mande una forma que descargue de internet de una remesa de moneygram, pobre persona creo que ira a perder su tiempo y pasar una afrenta
First name: Emily
Last name: Cooper
Aka: Emlice
Age: 36
Location: UK, I think
Phone: +442030954149
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: This is a Romance Scam. She contacted me on AFF and we chatted for a while, but after a bit, things started to seem fishy. She contradicted herself about where she grew up. For someone who either grew up in Australia or the UK (she claimed both), her English was very broken, saying things that sound bizarre to a native English speaker. She kept making excuses for not meeting up. She responded with exaggerated love and gratitude after I barely said anything. Then she said she had to fly to England to deal with a lawyer about her father's will, for which she would inherit a large fortune, but only on the condition that she has a husband. And, presuming that I would be her husband, she would share the fortune and we would live a rich live together. First I would have to write her mom at the Grace Cooper address I posted to work out the details and costs of the marriage.
First name: Sgthaley
Last name: Vail rogers
Age: 29
Location: Denver colrado
Address: unknow
On websites: Syria
Report: I am 29 year old lady .I am presently in syria usa army .I have more money in syria. I invest this money yours country.
First name: Kelly
Last name: Karimu
Aka: Myers
Age: 34
Location: Ghana, Accra
Address: B1012/13 Densoman
Phone: 2332608625278
Report: Hi, The usual background checks. Also she livers (?) with her mother, Adisa Karimu Claims father deceased, Larry Karimu/Karim/Myers
First name: Serah
Last name: Cater
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
On websites: Sout
Report: She claims she needs help to get a hurricanes from her father of Nigeria then she spends 6 months trying to Swindle as much money out of you as possible claiming that the checks either been ruined or it's been tore up or somebody stole the check up to a point where she eventually takes everything you have