First name: Aleksnadra
Last name: Melnjkova
Aka: sashamelnik9133
Age: 29
Location: Moscow
Report: Aleksandra contacted me out of the blue asking to be friends. After just 2 weeks and maybe 5 emails Aleksandra was in love with me and wanted to come to the United States to be with me. At the very beginning of the emails I made it clear I would not send any money regardless of the reason, I am no fool. So, her last email she had asked for 400 Euros to cover the cost of document for the Visa. Now, I know she is a scammer!
First name: Amanda
Age: 23
Location: Floryda
Email: do not no
On websites: do not no
Report: she contact me several time on Skype despite I told her Im not interested
First name: forbijong
Last name: Menjo
Aka: might not be her real name
Age: 29
Location: Cameroon central region yaounde
Address: melen building 28 suite 360
Phone: 237679946219
On websites: international
Report: I met her ou international I been talking to her for four months. She first started off by sending me pictures of her self with short stories, then she said she was having trouble getting a job. She graduated from the university of yaounde as a lab tec she told me to look her up on Google when her name poped up it displaed her Facebook name and a couple personality assessments say how loyal and trust worthy she was. She proceeded to tell me her insurance had elapsed for her to be insured to work for the hospital. Instantly red flags went up in my head, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I asked her how much she needed she said $450 but she would take what ever I could send. So I asked her how much she had, she said $160 so I sent her $300. We were getting close she sent me half naked pictures almost everyday. After I sent her money she sent me a video of her self naked. Do to communication through email I began to grow suspicious all the time so she said tha she would come to usa to be with me I sent her money for her visa and she would pay for ticket. It would take one month for her to save money. I began to feel increasingly suspicious and accused her of lying because she was always coming up with a drama for more money. By that time I didn't want to be involved anymore. Then she started telling me she loved me, I told her I don't want to talk like that until she got here. My heart began to soften before I knew it I was telling her I loved her we talked over the phone the conversations were not affectionate all the time I had a hard time hearing her so I couldn't understand what she said all the time. She would make up things that I supposedly said regarding sending her money but I know I didn't agree to what she said I said but I sent the money anyway. When time came for to leave she said she needed a security fund to leave the country she would present the money to the immigration police to get an exit stamp on her visa she said it was an emergency fund so if she got into a situation where she had to return she was covered it Cameroonian law she said. So I sent her $900 of it and she still didn't come. So I sent her an email telling her that I was not mad and that man made money money dosent make the man. A week later she contacted me on whatsaap she had used the money I sent to buy a new phone with her share from her friends. She said she didn't come because I scared her with all my suspicion. But she see I wa not what she thought. And her girlfriend talked her out of going and she regret what she did I forgave her and we tried it again and she took the money and ran. Three days later she text me askig for $300. She said her mom needed surgery she use the money to pay for hospital and she needs $300 more I sent $150 she thank me but she would never send pictures or do what she said she never match her actions with her words. By then I should know better by then I was in love and had invested so much it was to late to turn back. She keept finding ways to ask for money and I would send it. This last time, she said she needed money to by a train ticket to sell her mothers hous in a near by city isent her the money then she said she closed the deal her birthday was sunday and money for the house wouldn't be deposited until Monday after her birth day she asked me for the money stating she would pay me back on monday March 30th yesterday. She blocked me on whatsapp and had no contact with her since.
First name: Dorothy
Last name: Johnson
Age: 44
Location: Logas Nigeria
Email: NOt sure
On websites: not sure
Report: has scammed me out of a lot of money saying she needs money for bta to fly home and every time I sent her money she says something eslse is wrong and she needs more money for something else now is trying to get 500 mor out of me
First name: kelly
Last name: reed
Aka: goes by kelly
Age: 30
Location: trenton nj
Address: 409 clevaland av trenton nj
Phone: 609 503 4123
On websites: ok cupidk
Report: Kelly says she went to Poland to her mom then to Greece to grandmother then moved her to aunt in Sofia Bulgaria and did buy ticket home because she wanted to come see me in Florida and when she went to pay for ticket here debit card would not work the atm spat it out and the bank told her it is because of problems with politics in the Ukraine and after going to embassy she is in despair and wants me to send 680.00 to her and when she comes to fl we would go to bank from airport and pay me back I did not send any money due to the fact I do not believe her and would not be able to pay rent if I did and she knows I am on fixed income .
First name: Mavis
Last name: Pentsil
Aka: Basit Masah or Lovia
Age: 30 ish
Location: Ghana, Nsaba, Accra
On websites: Mate 1 and Skype
Report: These ladies use a porn stars pictures and taped videos. All these women will say their microphone on the computer is broken, so you can't hear them. They will also say the camera is bad. Just so everyone knows, they do take credit cards in Ghana. The porn star pics they use are Janessa Brazil.
First name: jessica
Last name: brown
Age: 30
Location: lagos, nigeria
Email: coolbrowngal@gmail and
On websites: google and yahoo
Report: I was scammed by her for I was to help her get her inheritance money that her daddy, Thomas Brown left to her. I was told that she was short the bank cost and helped her. She also got sick and helped her then she needs and extra $4000 to get the 4 digit access code to get the money from the bank. I quit after the sick part. told her I had no money. She stole about $8,790.
First name: MEDENU
Last name: ISREAL
Aka: Georgina Medenuwn
Age: 32
On websites: Christian Mengele
Report: Here I give you my address once again and this address I was sending you now you only need to go MONEY-GRAM to send me this morning tomorrow morning your time but I also want to know if you won't help me anymore with the money you need to tell me the truth
First name: teresa
Last name: chuvashka
Age: 29
Location: Russia novocheboksarsk
Email: chuvashka.t@gmail
Report: she contacted me, i am still corresponding with this individual as i want to see how she is running her scam. she states that she is coming over here on a fulbright scholarship, is not at this time requesting money says she has what she needs just needs a friend here.
First name: zhanna
Last name: zabanova
Age: 31
Location: moscow,russia
On websites:
Report: zhannacat orzhanna zabanova contacted me by e-mail,we emailed each for several weeks then she wanted to come to the usa claiming to be falling in love with me and asked to help with her airline I sent her the money, my gut feeling was that this was a scam but I didn't want to believe it was a scam.she asked for $800. more that I just sent her.I spoke to a friend that told me it was a scam,he went on line to this web suite and there she was listed as a scammer.I was able to cancel western union and get back my $800.The funny thing was she did the same thing to three other men on the same day 3/19/2015 she was a very busy girl!!!!!!!!!