First name: Elena
Last name: Kanf
Age: 29
Location: St. Petersburg,Russia
Address: Privokzalnaya 25, Apt 115, St.Petersburg, Russia
Report: this woman(?)got me into a conversation by email-- after a while she said she wanted to leave Russia. A few days later, she told me she needed $500 US for her 'visa & docs'. I told her-NO WAY was I sending her any money. After thinking about it for a few hours, I said I would send it and I did so. She said thank you and said she would now get her 'visa & docs'. After some more emails she said she had booked a flight and would be landing at 9:25 PM Fri 27 March on LOT Polish Airlines 45. A few days later (March 22) my wife 'found out' as she was snooping around and for the next couple of days, I was in 'deep sh--'., I 'cut it off' as soon as my wife had her tantrum, but Elena is still messaging me claiming it was not a scam. Well, if it was not a scam, where is my $500 US? I have told her I want that money back---she says
First name: rita
Last name: prah
Age: 32?
Location: Ghana,Nyankrom
On websites:,
Report: she sent me just enough info . not too much. She is always asking for money ad fell in love with me two days after we started talking.
First name: Marygold
Last name: Virtudazo
Aka: goldie
Age: 26
Location: USA Appleton
Address: 216 clairmont ct. #2 Neenah wi 54956
Phone: 9202054741
On websites: cherry blossom
Report: She tells story about former spouse or soon to be ex that he sexually assault her and physically abuse her. She needs money for protection from him. She will do whatever you want in cam. But first you must Xoom her funds she is afraid for son as well. She even express that she could meet in special place for meeting and more. She will use six year old son to make you feel like you need to help. She will prey on the guy that is lonely and gentle. Be careful of Marygold she is a master at making you trust her. She got me for very much and I can usually see this coming. She has a way of getting you to trust her, especially with the little son he is so cute and she will cam with him as well. Even if I initiated contact via cherry it was many contacts from later that the scam went into action. She will spend the time with you to make you trust her.
First name: STEPHANIE Val
Last name: Cooks
Aka: Fishmeetsfish
Age: 30
Location: Florida. Jacksonville South Africa
On websites: Fishmeetfish
Report: I have been an idiot and trusted her promises to repay. Was fool to trust, now out of pocket large sum. From stories of being robbed in her ?Hotel room , the whole hotel robbed. Cash laptop passport. Says us embassy would not help with cash to get flight home? Hmm letnt money on promise to repay on landing? You guessed still waiting repayment.
First name: Kimberly
Last name: Kline
Aka: Raven Riley
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria/ Lagos
On websites: Yahoo/ Tweeter
Report: #1 She did. Facebook she asked for friendship request.#3 8 or 9 months.#4 She was real bossy/controlling.#5 Wanted money for passport/Visa/blood work up, food, Medicine, you name it. She's got many names but she's using Kimberly Kline now AKA Raven Riley. She is still hanging on I don't talk to her, but she tries to contact me.
First name: Sandra
Last name: Biney
Age: 32
Location: Ghana, Accra
On websites: justhookup
Report: Claims to be in school in Accra almost to graduate and looking to relocate with her new found man in the states lives with mom and has been to Wyoming where her father was but has died there.Will chat with you for a week or so then wants money by western union (as they all do) wants money for airtime first but I broke it off before I sent anything. I actually confronted her and she or he actually confessed to being a scammer. I was scammed before and everything she did fit the profile of a scammer I really almost think that this was the same scammer as before trying to get me to fall for it again she used photos of a different woman this time but the way she typed and talked was almost exactly the same as the first it so it's the infamous Elizabeth Opare or the model/porn star lia19 I'm glad I found this site I will like to always bring any info I can here if it will help anyone out there from being broken hearted like I was that first time before I found this site, thanks stop scammers you've done a great thing here I promise to always be willing to give you any info that I can
First name: NADEZHDA
Last name: SHABALINA
Age: 29
Location: ASTANA
On websites: yahoo
Report: Hello, my passionate lion, xxx! Regardless of your decision, I am pleased to see your new letter. You always are in my heart and mind. You occupy the first place in my life. I can not just finish our relationship, so I found the strength to tell you what happened to me. I was in an unpleasant situation from which, I hope you can help me find a way out. You're the only road for me a man who can understand and listen to me. Now, I will try to explain in more detail what is my problem. In fact, everything is not so difficult, but without solving the problem, I just do not release from Kazakhstan. We live in different countries, we are separated by different languages, different laws, different traditions. I hope I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. Need to address this issue urgently, because before my departure is little time left. With your permission, I will begin. As many people in our country - Kazakhstan, the mind does not understand why, as always warn about everything at the last minute. The whole problem is that I have a public debt for an apartment - unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity and so on. Citizens who fail to pay off debts to public services, have no right to travel outside of Kazakhstan before the time, until the debt is paid off in full. The amount of my debt is 570 US Dollars. In my purse was 120 US Dollars, which I left out of pocket expenses. I had to give my last money for the payment of my debt. But now, I'm still obliged to pay 450 US Dollars, or I simply will not be released from Kazakhstan. This law was passed in our country recently due to the fact that many people go abroad and left huge unpaid bills. Therefore, utilities had to wait a long time until the citizens do not come back. That's why I got into this situation. I just did not know that for non-payment of municipal debts will not release me from Kazakhstan. My trip abroad will be long, that's why I need to pay my debts urgently before my departure. I tried to find money in Astana, but I've got no friends and even acquaintances here. I tried to ask for money from the internship program, but authorized agents told me that, to their great regret, they do not engage in personal benefit for the citizens. They are involved in the payment of only those conditions that were included in the contract. Therefore, the problem I am obliged to decide. I'm extremely upset, I do not know what to do. I have no way out of this terrible situation. My prince, you're my only hope for help! Now only depends on you, our joint future. I will definitely return you this amount of money, as soon as I get the first salary in your country, but first I need to take off from Kazakhstan. As I told you before, my first salary payment within 2-3 days after I arrive in your country. I hope for your understanding, trust and support. I am sure that we will not be a barrier, this small amount of $ 450 US Dollars, and you can help me. I want to implement all of our sexual dreams. Need to hurry, my angel Karim. The faster you can help me, the sooner I can fly to your country. It is very difficult to find the right words. I am very afraid of losing you. I hope you can help me, I'm sure of it. My passionate lion, I learned that you can send money via Western Union. This system is the most reliable, easiest and fastest way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need now. At the end of this letter, I will give you all the information necessary for the transfer of money. Find your nearest Western Union location in your town, on the official website - and visit them personally. Then, you will not have any problems when sending money. Please following the transfer of money, do not forget to tell me your personal data (your full name, city of dispatch), code of money transfer and money. Will be better and easier if you send me a copy of the form to send money. I'm really very sorry to have to ask for your help, but I have no other choice. You're the only relatives and close people to me who can help me now. Please do not forget that I'll give you 450 US Dollars from my salary I received in your country. I'm sure you do not leave me in this difficult situation - you are kind, gentle and caring man. We are made for each other and the money is just paper, for which you can not buy true love and feelings. Much more important is the spiritual wealth of man. I want to feel your dick in me resilient. I want you to come into my ass. I have never had anal experience. You're the first one who will be able to visit there. I am sure that we both enjoy. Now, my pussy wet at the thought that soon I will be in your arms and I can embrace your dick my lips. Do you love deep blowjob? I can swallow your whole dick, mmmmmmm, my lion, I'm looking forward to this moment. But without your help our sexual dreams will never come true. Please do not look at me selfish purposes. I'm not the kind of girl who pursues only personal gain. I'm trying for our common future, and you are very much needed me. The most important thing that you have had a desire to help me. We will be able to jump over the barriers together. Come on, we will be next to each other and make the most beautiful things in this world, holding hands. I am waiting with great hope your new letter to me as soon as possible. I send you the most passionate and sweet kisses! Your passionate lioness, Nadezhda! P.S. As I promised you, I tell you my personal data that would be required to transfer the money via Western Union: Country - Kazakhstan; City - Astana; Full data - NADEZHDA SHABALINA. So, I attach a copy of my ID card. Perhaps a copy of my ID card is required when sending money.
First name: Aleksnadra
Last name: Melnjkova
Aka: sashamelnik9133
Age: 29
Location: Moscow
Report: Aleksandra contacted me out of the blue asking to be friends. After just 2 weeks and maybe 5 emails Aleksandra was in love with me and wanted to come to the United States to be with me. At the very beginning of the emails I made it clear I would not send any money regardless of the reason, I am no fool. So, her last email she had asked for 400 Euros to cover the cost of document for the Visa. Now, I know she is a scammer!
First name: Amanda
Age: 23
Location: Floryda
Email: do not no
On websites: do not no
Report: she contact me several time on Skype despite I told her Im not interested
First name: forbijong
Last name: Menjo
Aka: might not be her real name
Age: 29
Location: Cameroon central region yaounde
Address: melen building 28 suite 360
Phone: 237679946219
On websites: international
Report: I met her ou international I been talking to her for four months. She first started off by sending me pictures of her self with short stories, then she said she was having trouble getting a job. She graduated from the university of yaounde as a lab tec she told me to look her up on Google when her name poped up it displaed her Facebook name and a couple personality assessments say how loyal and trust worthy she was. She proceeded to tell me her insurance had elapsed for her to be insured to work for the hospital. Instantly red flags went up in my head, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I asked her how much she needed she said $450 but she would take what ever I could send. So I asked her how much she had, she said $160 so I sent her $300. We were getting close she sent me half naked pictures almost everyday. After I sent her money she sent me a video of her self naked. Do to communication through email I began to grow suspicious all the time so she said tha she would come to usa to be with me I sent her money for her visa and she would pay for ticket. It would take one month for her to save money. I began to feel increasingly suspicious and accused her of lying because she was always coming up with a drama for more money. By that time I didn't want to be involved anymore. Then she started telling me she loved me, I told her I don't want to talk like that until she got here. My heart began to soften before I knew it I was telling her I loved her we talked over the phone the conversations were not affectionate all the time I had a hard time hearing her so I couldn't understand what she said all the time. She would make up things that I supposedly said regarding sending her money but I know I didn't agree to what she said I said but I sent the money anyway. When time came for to leave she said she needed a security fund to leave the country she would present the money to the immigration police to get an exit stamp on her visa she said it was an emergency fund so if she got into a situation where she had to return she was covered it Cameroonian law she said. So I sent her $900 of it and she still didn't come. So I sent her an email telling her that I was not mad and that man made money money dosent make the man. A week later she contacted me on whatsaap she had used the money I sent to buy a new phone with her share from her friends. She said she didn't come because I scared her with all my suspicion. But she see I wa not what she thought. And her girlfriend talked her out of going and she regret what she did I forgave her and we tried it again and she took the money and ran. Three days later she text me askig for $300. She said her mom needed surgery she use the money to pay for hospital and she needs $300 more I sent $150 she thank me but she would never send pictures or do what she said she never match her actions with her words. By then I should know better by then I was in love and had invested so much it was to late to turn back. She keept finding ways to ask for money and I would send it. This last time, she said she needed money to by a train ticket to sell her mothers hous in a near by city isent her the money then she said she closed the deal her birthday was sunday and money for the house wouldn't be deposited until Monday after her birth day she asked me for the money stating she would pay me back on monday March 30th yesterday. She blocked me on whatsapp and had no contact with her since.