First name: Darya
Last name: Osipova
Age: 43
Location: Petropavlosk-Kamchatskiy, Russia
On websites: Gmail
Report: Had been sending emails and pictures. No talk of money
First name: Naemi
Last name: Schneider
Age: 32
Location: Dortmund Germany
Address: Rubbert Weg 2
Phone: +49152151765518
Report: met this person on a dating site friends at first,it then got to a stage where she said she wanted to join me as she was a midwife soi asked for proof she showed me a full passport with a photograph hich i assumed was her , we arranged to meet a few weeks later as she had to get leave as she was a midwife she got leave then told me she was moving all her accounts to the uk i said sounds feasible ,she then turned round and said she had transferred all her funds to the uk could i send her ?300 by western union i did it cost me 324.90 to send it . the person who collected it was a person called PORTIA ABENA ESSEL so i waited on word of her flight details and never came 2hrs later recieved photos she was involved ina hit run by a drunk driver and was in need of some ?300 for her treatment so i sent it again it cost me 324.90 she said thanks and she was getting discharged from hospital nd flying that day no show then she kept bombarding me with obscene messages demanding more money ,this person is impersonating a very famous Swedish Person in Sweden Elin Hankinson and she must be stopped i have all the photo she has been using and they are of ELIN HANKINSON
First name: karen
Last name: kynell
Aka: tamboor
Age: 37
Location: london england
On websites: arab matchmaking
Report: This Karen, claims to be a Syrian refugee. She said her dad was shot dead, and she settled in a refugee camp in Benin. I tried to sponsor her to move to Canada. She claims to be a nurse. She flew to London, paid by me, and then disappeared. She keeps asking me to send money. I refused. She claimed she wants to marry me, and take care of me. Everything out of her mouth is a lie.
First name: Betty
Last name: Adams
Aka: Evelyn Nuamah
Age: 33
Location: Ghana
On websites: Unknown at this moment
Report: I am being scammed by this woman. She said her name is Betty Adams. She lives with her grandmother in Ghana. She says she?s from Canada, and is going to school to be a nurse. She says she wants to come to the US and be my wife, but her visa was expired. So my I sent her 200.00 to pay for her visa. I have also sent her money for her Grandma because she needed glasses, then she tells me grandma has to move and needs money for that, Again I sent her more money. I have gotten pictures of her but I don?t think they are all of the same girl, and she sent me pictures of her passport and visa, but they have different birth dates on them. See photos I provided. Then her picture was found but with a different name under it, I don?t know where this was found, a friend found it on line. My friends all keep telling me she is a scammer, I guess I?m starting to see this is so. I met her on a dating site, my sister has all that written down, same with her email address and stuff, but I have the pictures and just her passport and visa say it all.
First name: Elena
Last name: Kravtsova
Aka: Lena
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine kiriniptskiy
On websites: Mingle2
Report: Scam girl parasite. Needs money for internet, passport (300) boss seen her emailing at work so can't email anymore without money. Her phone is broken. The internet cafe has no camera. Sends lots of photos. Parents died in car crash. Brought up by her grandmother.
First name: Hannah Mary
Last name: Lopez
Aka: Hanna
Age: 47
Location: Luhansk, Kiev, Ukraine. 91000
Address: Luhansk, Kiev
On websites: dating websites
Report: Hanna Lopez contacted me through a dating site. Said she owned a business in Australia buying and importing Shea Butter. She was in the Ukraine buying Shea Butter to import to Australia. She will tell you she needs money to pay for accommodation, Customs, paid a fine for overstaying in the Ukraine and will tell you she was in a car accident and is in hospital. You will get a call from a male stating he is her doctor. She will also ask you to send money to a Samson Mobolaji Ayedogbon in Passau, Germany 94032 as he is the husband of her friend in Luhanak where she is staying. She likes to use Money Gram to have the money transferred. She will send you a copy of her Australian Passport which according to the Australian Passport Office is a fake, along with a British Airways boarding pass which is also fake. She will also try to get you to take delivery of a box from Kayro Express and ask you to contact the express company on her behalf and arrange delivery. She will state she will arrange a person to pick up the box and pay you $100.000.00 Australian by Bank Cheque or cash. You are to send her $10,000 from this money so she can get back to Australia. I did inform the AFP police here in Australia and they are aware of the express company and suggested I do nothing with regard to the box.
First name: Regina (Gina)
Last name: Wilson
Age: 30's
Location: Accra Uganda
Report: Met a in January 2017 on dating web site and she told me she wasn't a member and could we continue talking on Google. I was pleased to find out she was going to school in Houston taking some kind of upgrade lessons for some kind of government agency. We talked for a couple of weeks and I told her I was coming to Houston and would she like to meet. She said she had passed her tests and was going home to Uganda. We talked for months and I sent her presents and money total of about $4000 USD and she said she was ready to come to America and get married. Then she told me about the gold her father had left her and she was bringing it to America with her and we would be able to live comfortably for the rest of out lives. Then I get a phone call from her do called attorney who says she has been arrested for carrying the gold and needs $5000 bail. That is when I start really checking her and found out she was using pictures and videos of Ann Angel porn star. She tried to tell me that she was Ann Angel and was trying to get a new life but I contacted the real Ann Angel and found out I was being catfished.
First name: Melissa
Last name: Furlan
Age: 36
Location: Kenya. Lewiston, NY USA
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Claims she is in Kenya to visit her mother for her birthday and to arrange for the transfer of funds from her late father in the amt of 3,500,000 into her act in the US, BUT she wants a $100 I tunes card desperately. NO is not acceptable.
First name: Sara
Last name: Lonan
Age: 23
Location: Turkey
Phone: +90 531 233 4969,+905379984637,+919953484594,+918588974940
Email: Mohamedo Koroma India Airpotauthority Standard Chartered Online Banking India
On websites: Mohamedo Koroma India A
Report: 1.7 Million us dollars same story, and I send 42 lakh Indian rupees,in 26 Indian bank accounts numbers.
First name: Irina
Last name: Kovbasiuk
Age: 31
Location: Ukraine
Address: Energetikov street 30a/4. Severodonyetsk 93400 Ukraine
Phone: 00380(94)7120355
On websites: Unknown
Report: Scammer initiated contact after 2 days of me joining website of Ukrainian origin. I was in daily contact with scammer except weekends when she said the translation company was closed, contact was initially made October 2017 until beginning of June 2018. I did notice on looking back she had fallen in love with me very quickly.. money was transferred using western union as she claimed she was unemployed teacher and required money for food, rent. The name of the person money was sent to was Irina Kovbasiuk which happened at least 10-12 times around ?3,000 was sent. Final outcome was after I sent money for aeroplane return fare scammer ceased corresponding.
First name: Marina
Age: 30
Location: Russia
Email: varios
Report: She has sent me some e mails saying she has a good daughter and even sent me various photos of her and child. Various addresses and different version of letters.
First name: Jenna
Last name: Haze
Age: 37
Location: Los angeles usa
On websites: Twitter
Report: She messaged me on a fake twitter account then gave me a phone to txt her. Asked for money wont meet or skype.
First name: FREDA E
Last name: GYAMEA
Age: 38
On websites: YAHOO MESSENGER 2010-14
First name: Catherine
Last name: Duchels
Age: 28
Location: Bouy-Luxembourg, France
On websites: Twitter
Report: Subject initiated contact on Twitter messenger, then asked to go to Google Hangouts. After 2-3 days of texting on Hangouts, she claims she broke her smartphone, and asks me to send money to buy her a new phone. The amount she asked for was $500.00. She asked me to send MoneyGram or Western Union. The information she provided to send money was, Nom: Varley, Prenom: Martine, Pays: France. After I agreed to send money, I blocked her on both Twitter and Hangouts, and sent nothing. I saved screenshots of all activity on both Twitter and Hangouts.
First name: Faith Michelle
Last name: Larsen
Age: 40
Location: US Portland
Phone: +13213552458
On websites: unknnown
Report: Har blivit lurad pa $ 60000 dollars, skulle valdigt garna prata med henne!!!!
First name: Maria
Age: 36
Location: UK
On websites:
Report: My name is Maria, I ve got blond hair and gray eyes, I?m 5'7 tall, i was burn in the year 1982. I live in UK England. I m a professional make up artist, i do make up for fashion shows and special occasions world wide. Correspondence ---- Now the management of the hotel where i stay over here already stop my feeding in the hotel because of the bills i am owing them in the hotel which my promoter is to pay when she returns back from the trip. if not for my Father that told the security company before he died in the motor accident that i most get married or introduce someone to them as my future partner before the company should release the inheritance money to me that s why am struggling and working harder to get my needs for now. Please hon, am really hungry right now and ive got nothing to eat since yesterday. please, am really feeling so down and Sad at the moment, tears are gushing down from my eyes as am writing you this letter cus i feel am disturbing you over my issue and i ll want you to please find a place in your heart to forgive me. Honey, have exhausted all the cash ive got on me over here while waiting for my promoter to be back from her trip. Please, ill be very happy if your able to help me out of this mess. Right now i can assure you that i don't want to be here again. i am sick and tired of here and already plan to be back home tomorrow or next tomorrow, but the management of the hotel want me to sort their hotel bill before they can allow me to go. that's why i need you to help me and i promise to pay you back your money immediately am back home.
First name: Renata
Age: 34
Location: Ukraine-Kiev
On websites: Viktoria Hearts
Report: I did pay for contact info to Rent in mars this year. After some communication on Skype we decide to have the first date in Mallorca. When I find time to take the trip, she send me a message on Skype that I have to transfare money to her so she could go to a buty shop before travling. And that I also have to pay for her trip and privat hotelrom. I did not send her any money. But I call on Skype and told her that she should write in her profile that she only like to have contact with men who sent her money before they ever see her face to face. She dont have any answer, or respond on what I say.
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Karpunina
Aka: Anastasia Levchenko
Age: 19
Location: Russia, Kurgansaya Oblast Shadrinsk
Address: Fevralskaya Ulitsa 54
Phone: 4803263696
Report: she has supplied fake documents, photoshopped photos from what appears to be Anastasia Levchenko and Instagram pages. Anastasia Levchenko may be real however her content has be hijacked by the scammer or she is working with scammer
First name: vlada
Last name: ivanova
Age: 29
Location: russia tambov city
Report: Said got my name off date site.(I wasn't on any)said she liked me is manager of beauty saloon less then a month she say she loves me.Her mom was saving money for furniture but will give it up so she can come be with me then she said she is ready but found extra cost said send money and we will be together
First name: Miriam
Last name: Owosu
Aka: Aria giovanni
Age: 40
Location: Ghana
Address: 1818 marine st, 7
Phone: +233 56 014 7658
On websites: Skype whatapp
Report: It's Miriam owosu Aria Giovanni but she's using this name now
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Yermakova
Aka: Nastya, Anastasiya
Age: 22
Location: Cherkasy, Ukraine
On websites:,,
Report: She communicated with all men. She will dance and strip on camera. After a few communications, she will send sexy photos.
First name: Susan
Last name: Olson
Age: 32
Location: Montana
Phone: 419-930-0188
Report: wanted money to visit me, I said no and I seen the latest report with the pics and she was in it.
First name: Alice
Last name: Elui
Age: 46
Location: burkina faso agoudou
Phone: 22540294699
On websites: skype live;elui.alice55
Report: she met me , dont remenber the site send money for paper and passeport tiket airplaine natural expense ofthen the embassade and aiport holding the bagage and trip money ?? and medecament to ..transport ...still not shure it a scam ..thats wy your help is needed thank and hope for the best ..mike
First name: Yana
Last name: Solovena
Age: 30
Location: Russia
On websites: Gmail
Report: I was first contacted by this woman claiming to be yana soloveva the 7th April telling me she got my contact information from a dating site in Russia. Again I've never registered with any site. She informed me that she is 30 years old and from Novokuybyshevsk apparently works with a construction company laying pipe for communication . I have numerous photos as well as a small video of her talking. I noticed that she is already registered on here.
First name: Marina
Age: 36
Location: Orlov Russia
On websites: Outlook
Report: I was contacted by this woman named marina , claiming she got my contact information from a dating site in Russia.ive never been on a Russian dating site. She claims to live in a town called Orlov been divorced for 8 years and has a nine year old daughter named Natalia, and Works as a massage therapist. I've just noticed that she is on your list by the name of marina. So far I've received 9 photograph from her one that I've seen here.
First name: Sarah
Last name: Morton
Aka: runahee cleven
Age: 35
Location: London England
Address: 2/25 Bridge road
Phone: 0411788063
On websites: Okcupid
Report: first met on Okcupid, she advertised that she is from Sydney Australia, which she is not, and then she use to live with her father in australia until her dad died and she moved to england with mom, all her photos was someone else, and that was a lie, pretend that her mobile phone was to be repaired, and sold at a pornshope, she keep saying that she live at Birmingham as a suburb of London England, she does not know Birmingham is a city 160 miles from London, she pretend she has fallen in love with me in avery short time, first she put a different photo of one of her friend or sister which she looks alot younger than 35 years, then she sent me her real photos. her ex boyfriend want to her to be prostitute with Chinese, she ran away and met another man which he died in a car accident she has a daughter from him one year old her name is Sandra, now she lives with her mother, her daughter got sick from food poison she need $865.00 for the hospital treatment,but her daughter still home with her, but she can raise $300.00 from her sisters in Georgia Alabama USA, now she need only $56500. to help, I declined for the reason was where not couple as yet, then she sold her mobile phone and she want me to send her, i pretend that I will if she give me her home address she declined the things got stolen from her home, and is better if I send her $500.00 instead so she can buy her phone, that some the stuff she did with me , she is dangerous female, I believe she lives in USA Birmingham Alabama, hope some one can stop her before she can do some damage to vulnerable men out there.
First name: Anya
Last name: Anytka
Aka: Anna
Age: 30
Location: Kazan, Russia
Address: Prospekt Fatykha Amirkhana, 79, Kazan, Russia
On websites: Zoosk
Report: Messaged me on Zoosk to tell me she wants to chat with me and her zoosk subscription is ending the same day. Gives me her email address to chat. Tells me that she is from Kazan Russia and since Zoosk doesn't allow people from outside US to register she picked some random east cost location (This is completely untrue. Zoosk does allow ppl from outside US). Starts with a sob story that she is alone and al her friends are married and have family. Russian men are not gentlemen and they treat their women badly etc etc. As soon as I read her first email I knew she is a scammer. I kept writing to her emails for almost a month. In almost all her emails at the beginning she kept including her random photos (always numbered like 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc.). After a month she said she is desperate to meet me. Tries to setup a phone call with me. I made up a story that I need to take permission from my company to take calls from Russia and she bought it and moved on to her travel logistics :D Said she is working with some travel agency
First name: Vogiuel
Last name: Grelievre
Aka: Grelop
Age: 43
Location: Ivory coast west africa
Email: Unlnown
On websites: Hangout ,facebook, instagram
Report: She's phishing using emotional feelings makes people believe she's a good woman and that she will come to that person classic tactics last I heard on facebook she was in France operating as a bussiness woman in lille .
First name: Lana
Last name: Geston
Age: 28
Location: San Francisco, CA USA
Address: 290 N Hudson Ave
Phone: 7075907979
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Pictures were of other people
First name: Kseniya
Last name: Semina
Age: 30
Location: Novosibirsk Russia
Phone: +79833123311
On websites: facebook
Report: This person is scamming Men for money support.. My story was that we suppose to married. I would never seat and write about this here because i thought that was one relationship that finally didn't work. But.. From luck i find out that there is other Men also with the same story.. It is scary how same is my story with this Men.. We also talking all together and also meet each other.. This person always needed money, of course as a future wife all men supported and any gift like jewellers also proposal ring was sold from this person for money.. We know that she lives in Novosibirsk City and she works in Royal Thai in centrum of the City.. The reason i write to your site is to prevent that this person do the same to other Men. I have a lot of documents to prove all this what i write. Any Men who have questions and want to know about? I can give all my contacts Thank you in advance