First name: SHEILA
Age: 28
Address: 5282 Quail Hollow Dr
Phone: 2549319387
First name: Serah
Last name: Cater
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
Address: 1215 State Street
Phone: 6185417142
On websites: Scout
Report: She pulled the same thing with me trying to swindle money and tried saying her cameras broken so she doesnt jave to show video
First name: Perry
Last name: Ciole
Aka: Cole Perry
Age: 42
Location: Canada or America
Report: She is sending fake cashiers checks. If she asks for money, DON'T GIVE IT
First name: Lea
Last name: Cruz Martinez
Aka: Kathy Mendez
Age: march 3rd, 1982
Location: Shenzhen China
On websites: Asian dating cupid and filpino dating cupid
Report: The picture that they have on this site of Kathy Mendez and i know her as Lea Martinez. She operates from Asian cupid dating site and Filpino cupid dating site. She is huge scammer is scam me for a lot money, by saying she is a Chinese jail and that she got caught with gold bar. She also pretends to be a nanny in Guangdong province usually pretending work near Shenzhen. She tell you her mother Eva died who had butcher shop and sister Daisey and hat her father probably all lies. I have money 98 Yunnan Road Shenzhen and the man name is Chung Ling and Bo ****.And it is connected to some travel site Shenzhen travel tours.
First name: Vlada
Last name: Malyhina
Aka: Marinulenka
Age: 34
Location: Russia, Novorezj
On websites: unkwown
Report: ****o Charming! Is it possible to become friends? Excuse me in case I bothered you with this email, because maybe you don't want to have real relationships. In the event that you dona ? ? t want to find such a form of relationship, do not respond to this email. But in any case, I hope you are a nice man and youa ? ? ll read this letter at the end and Anwer it. I've seen your contacts on a dating site some time ago, but I hesitated to write to you. I don't write to a strange first. I assume the WEA ? ? got the same goals at the moment. If you are registered on a dating site, are you looking for a person to creat relationship, Aren't you? I love your country, the culture, the life and the mentality of the people. It's the biggest reason why I made a decision to write to you because I made a desire to leave Russia. If you don't mind, we can get to know each other better. Is it a good idea? I am a free woman and I would like to meet a good man in your country to create a new relationship. It may sound naive, but I am sure you have a chance to build serious and long-term relationships on the internet that will be based on these feelimgs and beliefs. Now I would like to introduce myself. I'm MARINA. I come from Russia and I'm 34. My last relationship ended around 6 months ago, so it's a better story to forget. Since then Ia ? ? ma free woman. I'm a dental technician in one of the largest private clinics in my city. I actually deal with dentures and dental prostheses. I spend a lot of time almost all my day in our clinic. Through my work I have visited a number of countries where I have improved my skills. You know, I am a workaholic .. First everything was fine, but now I suffer from it, because I couldn't make a serious relationship and now I want to change this! Time passes and it becomes increasingly difficult to make new acquaintances and tender relationships. So hard to trust others, especially on the internet. I was on some dating but there I only found sick people who only asked for *** and **** photos. That's why I deleted my data from these sites. I realized that there are many bad people on the internet now. I don't want to play games and I am not looking for a sponsor. I have a good job and I can live my life. I hope you understand what I write. If you don't like me and you have my doubts, but don't answer my email. OK? I really hope you read my letter to the Enda ? Do you like my photos? I would like to get to know you better if you don't mind of course. Where do you work? What about your hobby? I would like to know as much as possible about you. Maybe you are my mr. Number one? Interested? Just write my regular e-mail: We look forward to getting an answer from you. Marinulenka! Attachments
First name: Happy
Last name: Valentina
Age: 36
Location: USA, Bakersfield, California
Phone: +1 (972) 454-0491, +1 (920) 541-7640
On websites: WhatsApp, Facebook
Report: She is very beautiful and leads you on and convinces you she really loves you until you provide her the funds for airline tickets and then she is a no show. She swears to God so she has no morals at all.
First name: Grace
Last name: Henry
Age: 30
Location: Lome Togo
On websites: Unknown
Report: Dear winner Your mail has been received. Please read my mail very well. My name is Justice GRACE HENRY. I'm a lawyer in Lome Togo. I want to inform you that your winnings prize are real. your email address was selected as one of the lottery awards winners of 2019 lottery awards. it was selected through computer email voting. Your winning prize was approved by the Treasury Department of Togo. you just have to contact the bank and send them complete information so they can transfer you your winning prize directly to your bank account. Information is needed. Your full name ---------- Your full address --------- Your country ---------- Your phone number ----------- Your personal email address ...... (Passport copy) ....... Your bank name ................ Your bank account ............ Your Age ............... Submit all the information to the email director for payment ( Thank you. ?Yours faithfully GRACE
First name: Maria
Last name: Williams
Age: 27
Location: Republic of Congo
Address: Camp Macharnd de Ruffisque Senegal)
Report: ****o my dear, Thanks so much for your message, Honestly I am very glad to Receive your email response, how are you doing today ? I hope all is well with you ?? Please Kindly accept my apology because I believe you are a highly respected personality to me, I am writing this mail with tears, sadness and pains, I know it will come to you as a surprise since we haven't known or come across each other before considering the fact that I sourced your profile from in search of trusted person who can assist me. I am Miss Maria Williams Sonjicott 27 years old female from the Republic of Congo, i am Daughter of Late Dr. Williams Sonjicott Before my late father's death in my country, was vice president of Congo and was **** by Congo President Joseph Kabila in helicopter crash, i am constrained to contact you because of the maltreatment which I am receiving from my step mother, She planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father,
First name: Begona
Last name: Manso
Age: 54
Location: Spain
On websites: Ourtime
Report: She has robbed me 12.000 ?
First name: Ann
Last name: Christine
Age: 30
Location: New York
Phone: 516-778-6880
Email: Unknown
On websites: Instagram, WhatsApp,
Report: She will contact you using photos of **** star claiming to be the real deal, when confronted she will ask you to video chat but no sound, claims phone is malfunctioning, she will then ask to link your phone to hers. Thereby giving her full access to your account and will order new phones to sell and leave you hanging with the bill since they were ordered using your legitimate number.
First name: Patricia
Last name: Clifford
Aka: Patricia Green
Age: 28
Location: Los Angeles or Ghana
Phone: +1 314-282-6960
Report: 3 years 15,000 dollars and lots of laughs now at what she calls my stupidity, I got that, hence I captured the entire series of some for 5000 conversation on snap it's that I thought showed my idiocy about love lol I told her I am addicted to TRUTH and my God is love, not ****, she got my test cause she really wants to snare via **** lol
First name: Laila
Last name: Umar
Aka: Laila Simon
Age: 31
Location: ghana africa
Phone: 18024558275
Report: ive sent her over 12000.00 $ for passport finance visa traditional wedding ceremony and airfare.... she was to arrive a couple days ago.... but was a no show
First name: Maura
Last name: Tay
Age: 40
Location: Fargo, N.D., USA
On websites: Granny Sex Personals
Report: Claims to be many positive things, loving, generous, etc.
First name: Patricia
Last name: Napper
Age: 28
Location: Houston TX
On websites: Google hangouts, Instagram
Report: Sends pictures of different women, Haley Lale, Danni Daniels and others asks go money in the form of Amazon gift cards
First name: anastasia
Last name: dolgan
Aka: stesy
Age: 27
Location: ljubljana, slovenia
Address: potrceva 10
Report: She started messaging. correspondence lasted one week. I noticed he wasn't reading my messages, he wasn't. So I didn't write to her anymore, but there were still messages saying that she had been stolen in Kaliningrad. She asked me for money. I solved the simple matter by not replying to messages.
First name: Josephine
Last name: Nabrah
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
On websites: Hangouts
Report: Met this person on Ashley Madison. We went on Hangouts to get to know each other. We started trading pictures. When I saw her pics, I had already seen this woman on another site. When I called her out on it, she stopped talking to me.
First name: Viktoriya Koroleva
Last name: Koroleva
Aka: Ekaterina Melash
Age: 30
Location: Melbourne, Australia and St Petersburg, Russia
Report: This person is on your web site as Maria Evgenyevna (Epina). I received an email from her where she introduced herself as Viktoriya Koroleva from Melbourne Australia. I do not know how she got may email. At one time i was signed up on a Ukraine website She says she was born in Riga, Lativa and moved to Australia several years ago with her parents. She says she does contract work and travels throughout Europe. She told me she was going to St Petersburg, Russia for work and then to the United States. She wanted to know if she could stay at my home for a couple weeks while she visted the United States. Her story is that she is staying in Russian with friends. One of which is Ekaterina Melash. Ekaterina Melash is shown to be one of her alias on your website. She claims she was robbed in Russia and her money and passport were stolen and she needs money to get home. She sent a picture of a passport she recived from the Australia embassy. This woman is very clever. Later i received email from another person claiming Viktoriya was in the hospital and needed money to pay for expenses. She gave her name as Sofia and said she worked for the same contract company as Viktoriya. She sent a picture of herself. She is also on your website as Anastasia Dolgan. She used several email addresses. and and lovelife Her reason for the differant email addresses was that she was having a problem with her email. She also used which she said was her working address.
First name: Marie
Last name: Chyna
Age: 38
Location: Salt Lake City USA
On websites: Ok Cupid
Report: Romance scam - says from Perth Australia, travels to Utah for work as a interior designer. Requires money for projects that are in difficulty. Claims to have sick family members. Tracked location. Of scammer to Lagos Nigeria
First name: Olga
Last name: Alexandrovna
Aka: Olya Olenka Nika
Age: 23
Location: Russia Saint Petersburg
On websites: Alone Angels, Love Swans
Report: Sends sexually provocative photos and promises that she is getting visa and coming soon. Requests numerous gifts. Uses different names on different sites. On Love Swans she is Olga 23. On Alone Angels uses Olya 23, along with nickname Only Truth. On an ****** service site, she was listed as Nika from Moscow. Very skilled, very beautiful, treacherous.
First name: Elijah
Age: 30
Location: Alberqurque
Phone: +1 505-545-5987
Email: Unknown
On websites: Instagram life_is_precious_115
Report: She's in Istanbuls allegedly and waiting for an inheritance. Said she's from alberqurque USA and uses a phone number from alberqurque. Though funnily enough has a terrible English and says that she wants to start a new life with a total stranger from Sweden. Magically enough her father is from Sweden and her mother American. And still somehow is cashing in a inheritance in turkey? Have several pictures of her.
First name: Lydia
Last name: Amadu
Age: 32
Location: Accra, Ghana
Phone: 4803306153
On websites: Messenger
Report: This woman/person has used the profile pic of BRIANA LEE, internet **** actress and has scammed me out of $300.00
First name: ESTER
Last name: JANET
Age: 29
Location: TEXAS, USA
First name: Olga
Last name: Mashko
Aka: Volha Mashko
Age: 28
Location: Katowice, Poland
On websites: Instagram
Report: She?s lying about everything and cheating with another man after talking about year almost and never met but I?d popular on Instagram and modeling stuff. She scamming me and bankrupt me trying to get money for everything to come to USA. She lied about her entire life until I found out otherwise by pictures. She used random people accounts to steal money from me and paid my credit cards and payments came back leaving me owing over $65,000 dollars She can?t be trusted with anything she got over $32,000 dollars in gift cards from me for various lies that needed contract paid before she could come home or other lies. She used most of money for various trips for Instagram to Dubai which I bought bitcoin about &18,000 she used Then various other money and I bought iPhones and sent here 5 some to Dubai for contract lies but they all were sold for money. She got over $94,000 dollars and bankrupt me so beware!!!
First name: Olga
Last name: Maksimova
Age: 35
Location: Russia Kolomna
Address: Russia, 140407, Kolomna, shilova 1
Phone: + 79877194258
Report: Olga contacted me by normal e-mail. I answered back stating I try to answer all e-mails good or bad. we corresponded for several weeks. I told her I lived in the US. She stated she looked up the area where I lived and told me I live in a cool area. I never sent her a picture as I did not have one on file. as time went along, she stated she would like to visit. she really liked the way I thought for it was similar to hers. I told her what the final destination would be and that she should do a cost analysis for the trip make sure she had enough money to support this kind of trip. she wrote back told me she had her physical for health insurance and was going to Moscow for an interview for a visa (normal procedures) the next she told me that with the cost of the visa 300+ dollars an a retention of 500 dollars for flight tickets, she need 700 dollars more. then requested me to send money W.U. I told her no the fees were too high. I questioned the money for the visa US visas are only 160 USd. the flight retention she should have asked me first. I the asked for all the accounting the 700 uds would sum up the flight but there was no flight schedule sent (not good) I wrote back stating the accounting was ok she should go to the bank for a loan. she was so sad I would not send money.
First name: karen
Last name: kynell
Age: 37
Location: benin
On websites: fb
Report: claims to be a nurse. she said she is from Syria. Her family was killed in the crisis. She is in a refugee camp in Benin. She deals with a fake lawyer named Cassandra hills
First name: anne
Last name: trayo
Age: 40
Location: UAE
Phone: 971523319554
On websites: gmail
Report: this is the women said that she is intrusted in me and she wants to change her life with me ... but when she said me to submit fees.. i got suspected that she is might be a fraud . so i searched and now i foud that she is a fraud... so be aware of her... i think she is not a women these are some guys from india or some where in asia
First name: Liza Marie
Last name: Garcia
Age: 34
Location: Bronx, New York
Phone: 4195044729
Report: She contacted me through Zoosk. Corresponded for about 2 months. We seemed to click with our goals and outlook. She was going to move here to me. She requested Itune cards and tried to get me to by her 2 iphones, one for her and one for her mother and her uncle would pay me back, did not fall for that. Got irrate when I would not send a valentines gift card to her and parted when I refused.
First name: Nastya
Last name: Ushakova
Age: 34
Location: Russia, Samara
Report: Hullo, I will trying to to write about to me in more. I think that you will not be exhausted of my story and it will be interesting for you. My name is Anastasiya. September 18, 1984 is the date when I was born. As you already understand me 34 and I'm lonely. For me the age difference doesn't matter. I think a man can be younger or older than a woman, but I believe that the man need to be wiser and smarter. I think the most important thing in a man is his mind and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it. My height is 168 cm and weight 54 kg. I have a nickname tender that I am named by friends, it's Nastya. Samara is my city dwelling, it is Russian Federation. Samara was always a huge city, known by all. I like to spend time actively: practice in the sports hall, I lead the active lifestyle wander. I love camping and strolling. I am a person broad views and I want to develop myself in all areas. I know how to speak French and English. I grew up and worked and in this city all the time. I done Medical University with a degree in Dentistry. I dream of open my own office for the creation of prostheses. All my life I put a lot of effort to reach the goal. It is essential to be a good specialist today. During last year, I was practiced in Israel and the United States, passed a few month since training in Finland. Many things have reformed in medicine this year. I have to catch my knowledge and make the decision where I will be trained, in which country. From my letter you already have learned that I work a lot and that I have little rest. Because of that, it's easier for me to try to create relationships via the internet because in reality, it's more hard for me. I find them wonderful. One can open in several letters that during a real meeting. I hope I did not get you tired. Take to take myself seriously. Be honest with me, if I do not like you like a woman. I will always try to be open with you. I would like to know as much as much information as possible about you, Please. You can ask what you want, I'll be happy to answer all you want to know. I do not know what will happen next, but I hope we will become friends. Best Regards, I look forward to hearing from you. Nastya
First name: Sveta
Last name: Svetlana
Age: 34
Location: Divnogorsk
On websites: Unknown
Report: She don't answer to any of the questions I ask about her. You notice that the letters have even noting to do with you as a person. It could be to anyone. She starts to tell about bad life situations and that her house need repairs! She is fishing to se if I'm a wussy man with money. I told her to **** offff!
First name: Angelina
Last name: Petrova
Age: 28
Location: Dnipro
Address: Etzel 31
Phone: 0504037143
On websites: Victoriaclab
Report: Angelina(?) is a worker in victoriaclub. As all workers there she gets 15% of all money that men pay to the site. She demands people to chat with her all the time and asks them to send their pictures that are also costs. She never agree to any other communication. Her number in the site is 51817
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