First name: Naomi
Aka: Evie
Age: 30
Location: UY
On websites: Sweetlocalcherrys
Report: To I'm writing to you invergate this email seriously received from yesterday also from noami aka Evie p other email including and from fake dateing site from mailing list every other day
First name: shirley
Last name: bellmore
Age: 33
Location: louisania
Email: shirley
On websites: oasis
Report: started to ask for money after a few days of talking
First name: Olga
Last name: Srigina
Aka: Olya, Olga, Hola
Age: 34
Location: Lugansk, 91000, Ukraine
On websites:,,
Report: From her second letter she wrote about loving me and planning our future meet. Letters was full of love and passion. I always got answers on my questions, and we had a pretty nice conversation. After two weeks, i proposed to visit her, but she refused. Said it's very difficult situation in her country, so it would be better if she will come to my place. Also i've found the woman looks like Olya, in social, the name was the same, so i thought this is my princess. But next I get her letter with money request for making passport, and information that she never been abroad. I checked her instagram photos and recognized some places not from Ukraine. When i've asked her about this and send her some photos, her letters stop. Later she delete her account from site.
First name: Angelina
Last name: Kabanova
Aka: Alla, Diana Sunhi, Grace Helen, Kamili Larrisa Caryana, Evelyn Dangu, Lata, Jasmine Williamson Derby, Joy Desmond, Zita Awudu, Galina Grigoreva, Anastasiya, Nataliia, Josephine Cummings, Berry Anna, Sabina, Jenny, Rose Perez, Amanda Smith, Connie Ghan, Roxane, Dolly, Jaqueline Palma, Wendy Jacklin, Daghest Marie Jean, Joyce Mandy, Eucheria Johnson, Mandy Joseph, Alisa Pena, Alima Abdul Rahman, Hannah Robert, Janet, Betty Wilson
Age: 33
Location: Kharkov, Ukraine; Lingsugur, India; Kuwait City, Kuwait; Tambacounda, Senegal; San Carlos, California, USA; Albury, Australia; Dakar, Senegal; Bandia Sessene, Senegal; Tennessee, USA; Colorado, USA; Illinois, USA; Missouri, USA; La Peana, Ecuador; London, England; Accra, Ghana; Paris, France; Alabama, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Arcadia, Indiana, USA; Orkadiére, Senegal; Finland; Alexander City, Alabama, USA; Auxier, Kentucky, USA; Saginaw, Michigan, USA; Barstow, Texas, USA; New York City, NY, USA
Phone: 2207486213, 13478577058, 6094381184, 4062781783, 6094381184, 9292778453, 9894986179, 4148008534, 2182858007
On websites: Tagged, Wonder Dating, Facebook, Match, Tourbar, Mylove, Loveplanet, Google Hangouts