First name: Alisa
Last name: Kuznetsova
Age: 30
Location: RUSSIA , Engels, Saratov Oblast
Report: Email : email : 1) Hello. My full name is Alisa. I wrote to you on a dating site and a few days later you received it? Let's start because a good chance for a common future. I am looking for a man who I would like to respectful a relationship. I will be waiting for your letter. See you. 2) Good morning,, Did you wake up? What did you do first? I personally made coffee with milk this morning and went to work. Now at work and you can see this in person when you look at my photos I will send you my detailed photos that I will take for you in my work. Now you can see where I work. I hope that when you look at my photos you will get a pleasant impression of me. I want to give you another video where you can see me alive. I think that after watching the video with me. You will represent me better in real life. You will understand how I look alive if you now watch my video with me. I couldn't send the video in a letter. And I had to attach my video to a special site. You can see or download my video clip. Open and look here: Now you know that I attend exhibitions and go to the theater. Yes. I visit theater and an exhibition in loneliness. Could you make me a little video of you where I can hear your voice. That would be great. I also made a little video for you as a surprise. I hope you like it. I have thoughts about you and before I continue to work With these thoughts I want to share with you so that you can imagine my life and imagine me as best as possible. I think it will be right in relation to you. Please open my attached photos. I have a rare eye color. Because my eyes are dark blue. You already know that I'm 29 years old. I live in Russia, in the city of ENGELS. I was born in this city. I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle. I work a lot and I don't have time to drink alcohol. And I don't have time to smoke! I am alone, I have never had a family and I am looking for a serious relationship to live together. I have no kids. I was not divorced. I do not know what it is. My job is that I work as an accountant in a garden tool store. Where I work is called
First name: Linda
Last name: McBrown
Age: 35
Location: Belfast/ Ghana
Phone: 07451273212
On websites: Uk Contacts
Report: This girl contacted me through a dating site. Seemed very believable as a Red Cross Nurse based on an internship in Belfast, but originally from South Africa and of course then there were the obligatory couple of very lovely photos to get me