First name: Anna
Last name: Shul
Aka: Kharchuk, Butko
Age: 32
Location: Chernihiv, Ukraine
Address: country Ukraine, Chernihiv region, city of Chernigov, st. Gogol, house 8, apartment 17.index 14000
Report: I don?t know how she got my email address but she started writing to me saying how she was traveling to my country and wanted a friendship with someone local. Within the space of a week she was sending me explicit photos and videos of herself. I have attached the final letter where she asks for cash to pay an outstanding utilities bill so she can come and meet me.
First name: Linda
Last name: Mezil
Aka: Priscilla, Reese Sabina, Viktoriya, Daria, Yuliya, Tatyana, Anna, Natalya, Marina, Ekateryna, Emily Lloyd, Veronica Jeanne, Chantelle, Margaret Scott, Melissa Fourniet, Ella Nelson, Grace, Priscilla, Stella, Elizabeth Banks
Age: 30
Location: Alabama, USA; Texas, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Chadenac, Poitou-Charentes, France; Florida, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Bisbee, USA; Blountsville, USA
Phone: 14322422634, 22953622942
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Sally
Last name: hills
Age: 36
Location: Boston MASSACHUSETTS
Address: 280 N PEARL ST
Phone: 5859056183
On websites: FB. OMAR HOT_SPOT
Report: Romance Scammer. wants $ for Sick Mom
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Galiaskarova
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Address: 1 Eshel
Phone: +79371183465
Report: She need a money ...
First name: VALERIYA
Last name: SHMIDKO
Age: 26
Phone: +380935823489 +380 93 260 2012
Report: She contacted me by Badoo and she sent me many seductive and **** photos and videos. I sent her money to buy a new phone and to obtain her driver licence. But after that, she refused to meet me in real life in Odesa, in Ukraine
First name: Rose
Last name: Brooklyn
Aka: Janet, Jonas Junior, Christiana Acosta, viktoriya, Daria, Elena, Roza, Yuliya, Olya, Vida Effah, Gina Weyers, Alura Jenson, Sandra Lopez Hudson, Josephine Amber, Grace Willson, Caroline Nelson, Serah Nelson, Catherine Michelont, Elizabeth Banks, Clara, Linda, Anna, Cynthia Fransice, Alice Morgan, Connie, Aisha Muammar Gaddafi, Kayla Dasilva
Age: 28
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada; New York, USA; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Bordeaux, France; Bisbee, USA; Frankfurt, Germany; New Jersey, USA; Texas, USA; Arizona, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Grenoble, France; Blountsville, Alabama, USA; Florenceville-Bristol, Canada; Brentwood, Essex, England; Braunton, Devon, England; Highland, Scotland; London, England; Calvert, Texas, USA; Anaheim, USA
Phone: 18632729421, 5072034873, 2535016052, 447459423908, 2405429617, 6626743531
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Pitrowa
Aka: Pitrova
Age: 32
Location: Uktha Russia
Address: Russia, Ukhta Gogol House: 1 Postal Code: 169300.
Report: Ekaterina sent me an email on as if she knew me. She did not. But soon offered to know me better. Now I have read the surgeon story from other men here. She did all the same words. We only corresponded for about a month when she offered to come to me. She had many excuses why I couldn't come to her. Below is her e-mail to me. My name-Ekaterina. As for me,I?m 32 now.My birthday - on 10-th of September.I was born in 1988.My weight makes 54 kgs at growth of 172 centimeter,i don't smoke.I live in provincial town Ukhta (Russia,Komi republic). I have finished medical university.My formation will consist of 3 levels:school,college,university.I Studied within 18 years.All 18 years I have studied the English language also. I worked as the second surgeon in small clinic within 4 years.I was happy to give health of people,to help them.Many things depend on me during actions.I think in The future I will be capable the surgeon to become independent. you think,what it - good dream?I live one,I have no children and boyfriend.Sometimes I Feel like very lonely in my house.Perhaps,for this reason I have decided to get acquainted with you .To me already 32,also I take a life philosophically.I have the house,work,friends,but I cannot tell,that I'm happy. She or he or whoever sent dozens pictures of a lovely woman. I found those same pictures here on this site. Right away she found me perfect for marriage and everlasting love. She has written to me daily from July 19th 2021 to today (August 24th 2021) I did feel as though it was not always her writing. Sometimes her English was pretty good other times it was awkward at best and hard to follow. One give away for most scammers .... They only can write to you Monday through Friday from their work. I guess Scammers don't work week-ends Also she went to the embassy in Moscow and obtained a visa but lacked $735 for the ticket. I checked here before going further. She also wrote in her last letter: I asked the travel agent about how my beloved men can help me. The tourist agent has told to me, that you could transfer money for the ticket on the bank account travel agency, or I could open the account for the name and you could transfer on my own account. But transfer of money will occupy very for a long time time. The tourist agent has told, that transfer occupies some days. Money can arrive on the account after day of my start. Therefore tourist agent advised me to use remittances such as the Ria Money Transfer or World Remit. If you will take advantage of services of the Ria Money Transfer or World Remit, money will come during fifteen minutes. So I can go and receive it the same day you?ll send it to me. My data: Name: Ekaterina Surname: Petrova This name is different than her email address. She told me her last name Country: Russia was Pitrowa Until she needed money. City: Ukhta Street: Gogol House: 1 Postal Code: 169300
First name: Yulianna
Last name: Kir
Aka: Susan, Irina Vladimirovna, Christiaba Acosta, Sherri Gallagher, Angel Miles, Sherri Gallagher, Teresa Anders, Rita Smith, Ellen, Olga, Anastasiya, Alisa, Alina, Charming Yulia, Olesya, Ekaterina, Anna, Nataliya, Tatyana, Victoriya, Gabriella, Lisa Hawkins, Alexandra Benzz, Naomi James, Mary James, Isabella, Juilet Peace, Sandra, Tabaia Ahmed, Barbara, Sheila, Vivian, Patricia James, Racheal Foxy, Donna Ferguson
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Phone: 18632729421, 447830308837, 22953915538, 22879744569, 6282707577, 3463444405, 4142460658, 259953535
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Mercedita
Last name: Silvano
Aka: Michelle, Michelle Silvano, Mish, Mish Silvano, Mishy, Shelley Silms, Merce.
Age: 24yo - 1996 november 6th
Location: Cebu City , philippines
Phone: +63 926 216 6213 +63 961 618 8635
On websites: Dateinasia, facebook
Report: Meet her on a dating site ( and first met in cebu city, we dated in person for several weeks and before I left she asked me for financial help that I gave her.? Later the relationship becomes kind official and I start sending her money and gifts on a regular basis.? I fly into the Philippines many times to meet her, but there is always something unclear.? I discover that our relationship is known only to family and some friends, I discover that in cebu city she has a Filipino boyfriend with whom she still lives today.
First name: michele
Last name: atilano
Aka: andrea michelle villannueva atilano
Age: 37
Location: philippines,zamboanga,manila
Phone: 00639566283014
On websites: pinalove, facebook,whatsapp
Report: one poor child died fromm covid,they dont enough for funereal.i send 40 k pesos to help,just find out that child died 2014,same crew of Ailha Marrie Arip
First name: Jane
Last name: Barnes
Age: 33
Location: accae Ghana
On websites: hangout, Facebook
Report: she has been texting me for the last six months with pictures of her and she telling me about she needs money for her to get a new phone and that she lives there in Ghana with her aunt and she wants me to send her money to come over and live with me but I'm only sent her 25$ then she got mad at me for not having sent more money and Everytime we text each other all she wants is for me to send her money, so do you think that she is scammer
First name: Rose
Last name: Richard
Age: 33
Location: Dallas
Address: 4734 west 81st So.
Phone: 12083602324
On websites: Face book
Report: Tries to get you to go to hangout rite away .
First name: Jessika
Last name: Singh
Age: 30
Location: Madrid, Spain
Report: My Dearest, I want you to read this letter very carefully and i must apologize for bringing this massage to your email without any formal introduction due to the urgency confidential of this issue. I am happy to know you. But Almighty Lord knows you better and know why he directed me to you at this point. To begin i saw your email and contact details on my search for a good Next of kin online as a result of my urgency to put my last wish into reality before i die any time soon. I am writing this mail to you with heavy tears In my eyes and great sorrow in my heart, My Name is Mrs Jessika Singh, I am contacting you from my country India I want to tell you this because I don't have any other option than to tell you as I was touched to open up to you, I married to Mr. Peter Singh who worked with Indian embassy in Madrid Spain for nine years before he died last year 2020 due to Covid19. We were married for eleven years without a child. He died after a brief illness from the corona Virus that lasted for only Twenty days. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of ?10,850,000.00 ( Ten million eight hundred and fifty thousand euro ) in a bank here in India . Presently this money is still in the bank, he made this money available for exportation of Gold from Madrid Spain mining before his sudden death. Recently My Doctor told me that I would not last for the period of 3 months due to cancer problem again. The one that disturbs me most is my ****** illness. Having known my condition I decided to hand you over this money to take care of the less-privileged people, you will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want you to take 40 Percent of the total money for your personal use and for your effort and dedication towards the charity project work, while 60% of the money will go to the charity project work, people in need from the street and helping the orphanage too, I grew up as an orphan and i don't have anybody as my family member. Also make sure that the house of God is maintained from the funds. Am doing this so that God will forgive my sins and accept my soul because these sicknesses have suffered me so much. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the bank here in India and I will also instruct the Bank Manager to issue you an authority letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of the money in the bank that is if you assure me that you will act accordingly as i Stated herein. Hoping to receive your reply, then i will proceed with you to the bank for the money transfer to your bank account as soon as possible, that is if you are serious enough to handle the project and also dedicate your effort to it because i believe i can trust you honestly. Yours faithfully. From Mrs Jessika Singh
First name: Mariam
Last name: Omar
Aka: Emilly Harrison, Willa Williams, Viktoriya, Anna, Liudmyla, Irina, Yuliya, Emelia Pomroy, Krisi, Natalya, Margaret Burcham, Olesya, Vladislava, Darya, Vera, Candice Rose, Elizabeth James, Sharon Rita, Deniella Kyle, Lorrie Maria, Lilian Smith, Gifty Owens, Diane, Taba, Emily Ethan
Age: 29
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Phone: 4582132130, 4142460658, 6313169079, 14698516765
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: rowena
Last name: salvador
Age: 34
Location: cina
Phone: +8616624711371
Report: ****o I saw that they wrote about this person that from China is looking for a mate to spend his life I also had the same misadventure I sent a sum but they wanted more money and I gave up, I have all the ache exchange and photos if you want I can send them to you by email
First name: Susan
Last name: Chacoff
Aka: Rosemary Rivera, Mary, Adriana Almeida, Daria, Olesya, Tatiana, Evvie Levron, Alina, Julia, Noll Lyndaker, Olga, Anna, Yana, Natalya, Zhanna, Lisa Dennis, Leena James, Lyle Boden, Naty Shaw, Mary Angelina, Vannessa Cook, Sandra Maya, Brenda Mia, Mia Mcdaniel, Sarah, Linda Adams, Carolyn Weiss, Tiffany, Sophia Micheal, Janet Coleman, Mabel Andrew, Hanable, Alycia Starr, Janet Wells, Rita Wilson, Sandy Juliet, Mia Wills, Mariam Boytis, Shelly Isaac, Linda Harrell, Thuma Rini Widodo, Carr Laia, Adonia, Ashly Jane
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Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Kate
Last name: Baron
Age: 48
Location: London, England
Address: 54 Doughty Street, London, WC1N 2LS, UK
Phone: 44-741-844-0827
Report: 54 Doughty Street London, WC1N 2LS DX: 223 Chancery Lane. Tel: +44-741-844-0827. Fax: 44-87-1247-2209 Email: Attn: Sir / Madam, I am the personal attorney to Robert Fitzpatrick, an American who was a consultant with Shell UK LTD here in London, who shall be referred to as my client. Unfortunately my client lost his life on Boeing Egypt Air Flight 990, which crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on October 31st, 1999 and left no clear beneficiary as Next of Kin except some vital documents related to the deposit still with me. All efforts by me to trace his Next of Kin proved abortive because he did not make any will prior to his death. Since then I have made several inquiries to locate any of my late clients extended relatives and this has proved unsuccessful. After my several unsuccessful attempts to locate any member of his family hence I contacted you. I am contacting you to assist in claiming the money left behind by my client before they get confiscated or declared unclaimed by the security company where this huge deposit was deposited. Particularly, the finance company where the deceased had the said fund valued at USD 11 million dollars has issued me a notice to provide the next of kin. Consequent upon this, my idea is that we can have a deal/agreement and I am going to do this legally with your name as the bona fide beneficiary of the amount in question as I have all legal document to back our claim, i seek your consent to present you as the next of kin to the deceased so that the proceeds of this account valued at $11 Million US dollars can be paid to your account abroad, note that 40% of this money will be for you, in respect to the provision of a foreign account and 50% for me, 10% will be used for the reimbursement of any expenditure we may incur in the cause of the transaction. I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, all I need from you is your utmost collaboration and sincerity for us to thrive in this deal. Get back to me via OR if you are ready to assist me. Yours Sincerely Kate Baron.
First name: Zhou
Last name: Yajie
Aka: Jonna
Age: 42
Location: Dallas
Phone: 910 226 6673
On websites: Facebook dating
Report: Contacted by Jonna from Facebook dating, spent a few days posting pleasantries then she sent pictures of a huge closet her office and basically saying she is quite well off...Shew makes her money through Buying and selling Bitcoin futures. She sent me a website called coins, showed me how she does it and told me to set up an account and i made about 300 dollars, a few days later i was up another few hundred, then i put in 5000 and made 30,000 in a week. then got up to 100K Then was going to send the money from Quoine back into my Coinbase account. Got a message that in order to release this funds I had to pay a Chinese tax up front. 12K .. did that and then got a message that says to move such a large sum of money, I had to pay a 3000. docking fee. I was never told about paying the taxes up front or the docking fee. She said it is standard...i didn't know. I have not paid the Docking fee yet, because i got an email from that said i had on week to pay the fee or the money will go to the red cross...way too fishy...
First name: Ludmila
Last name: Koshelapova
Age: 36
Location: Ukraine, Kryvyi Rih
On websites: Goldenbride, Worldwide-Internet-Dating
Report: Of the two different sites that I found her on, her profiles are very different. She told me that she has never been out of her home country, but on another website her profile says that she has been to many different countries. She also lists different interests between the two sites. If her picture wasn't there, you wouldn't think they were about the same person. When communicating with her, she was very vague about telling me anything really personal. I felt her messages to me were simply meant to try to excite me with fantasies, and to keep me communicating with her. I was actually planning on purchasing plane tickets for her and a couple of her friends, in order to visit her in another country. Didn't actually make it to that point. A very good friend of mine met a woman in Ukraine, and lived with her for a while there. He explained to me that she used to work in a dating agency. She informed me that although some of them are real (a very small number), for the most part most of them are just scammers.
First name: Kayla
Last name: Sobonilla
Age: 27
Location: USA
Address: Afghanistan
Report: I'm send it to my three photo and she also send me photo She said she is Sargeant of USA army. And she live in Afghanistan in the war Zone
First name: Anastasiya
Aka: Nastya
Age: 37
Location: Glazov - Russia
Report: Dear Nicu. Finally, I have the opportunity to write you a letter. I am very pleased to read your letters, which cheer me up. We know very little, but I have already become very attached to you. It scares me and makes me happy at the same time. This is a very funny feeling and I still can't figure out what exactly I am feeling? But, one thing I can say for sure. When I receive your letter, my heart begins to beat faster. I am happy as a child when he receives a candy))) Now the days have become more interesting for me. I often think of you, I look forward to your letters. It is very interesting for me to receive your letters, to learn a lot of new things. I am very glad that I found you in this world! You are very close to me spiritually. It is very easy for me to communicate with you. Lately, I've been glowing like the sun. It is from the happiness that I found you. And this, of course, was noticed by my friends and my parents. I did not hide the reason and told my parents about you. They were a little scared that you are a foreigner. But I told them what a wonderful man you are. That you are taking me very seriously. Only then were my parents able to calm down a little. They said hello to you. By the way about the parents. I want to tell you about my family. I was born into a family of teachers. My dad and mom are teachers. They are now retired and do not work. My dad taught physics at the university. And my mother is a history teacher at school. At first I also wanted to be a teacher, but I liked helping people more. That is why I went to study at a medical university and became a nurse. This is not the limit of my achievements. I want to improve my qualifications and become a doctor. Then I can do the surgery myself. The family had two children. I have an older brother. But when I was 7 years old, my brother died. He was 15 years old. Still quite a young man. He crashed on a motorcycle. It was a great tragedy for our family. I loved my brother very much. He always protected and supported me. I was proud that I had such a take. We beat very friendly. It hurt me to lose him. I was silent for a whole month. It was a great psychological trauma. But then it all went away. My family experienced this misfortune. So now I am the only child of my parents. Nicu, tell me about your family. It will be very interesting for me to know about your family. Family is very important. We must value and respect our relatives and take care of our family. Nicu, I have a dream that I want to come true. I want to spend my vacation with you. At my job, they give me leave in the spring. I would very much like to come to you. What do you think? I believe that it is better for us to meet once than to exchange many letters. This way we can understand our feelings to the end. Do you agree with me? Of course, the situation in the whole world is now difficult. Many countries have restricted the entry of tourists due to covid 19. But I think that this will all end soon. Vaccination is in full swing in Russia. I got vaccinated and I have a vaccinated citizen's passport. It is international. Now, I can travel to another country. I won't have to go through quarantine. It is enough to show a certificate stating that I was vaccinated and show a fresh result, a negative test. So I'm not worried about this.
First name: Susannah
Last name: Maxwell
Age: 35
Location: Nigeria
Report: Good day! As a consequence of the harsh financial situation in the world, a lot of our business partners had to close their businesses. Now we are seeking new companions for permanent beneficial cooperation. If you're interested in our proposal, please contact me, and I will provide you with all the details and an business offer. Many thanks for your time! Yours respectfully, Susannah Maxwell, MIDAS BPO
First name: Claudia
Last name: Kapfer
Aka: Natasha, Polya, Elizaveta, Kristina, Lyda, Daria, Marina, Claudia Kapfer, Fatimah Mitchum, Tatiana, Deni Schleicher, Ekaterina, Anna Figoneeva, Yana, Danielle Sandy, Irene Logan, Ernestina Kelly, Asherl Mata, Bemy, Jennifer, Mary Ramon, Daly Apoh, Beam, Gale William, Linda Willam, Karina, Jenny
Age: 30
Location: Frankfurt, Germany; California, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Castledawson, England; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Tomsk, Russia; Warm Springs, Oregon, USA; Austin, TX, USA; New York, USA
Phone: 8125086553, 6822009647, 3092731175
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
Last name: gfdgfdg
Age: 48
Location: Cameroon
Phone: 33 6 75 24 87 32
Report: Dear Sir, Pure Osmosis Water is a project held by our client?s company created in 2006 and incorporated under the Cameroonian legislation. It holds the natural mineral osmosis watermark that intends to strengthen and diversify its business by strengthening its production capacity, expanding its product range, and setting up a largely autonomous and reliable distribution fleet. The company specializes in the sale of equipment for the treatment and purification of water for human and industrial consumption, and in the marketing of bottled water. The company wishes to raise appropriate financing of 20 million euros to construct a plant for the production and bottling of osmosis water. Below are some principal features of the company?s request; Location: The Republic Of Cameroon Amount: 20,000,000 Euros Duration: 13 Years Grace Period: 3 Years Financing Type: Loan/JV With the increasing demand of this Company?s products, the company has not been able to meet up with this demand and thus needs to go more industrialised to be able to meet the demand of its water products which are special and rare in the Market. Should you wish to be part of this giant expanding and innovative project, do not hesitate to present to us your interest and proposal for appreciation. More project details are found in the Business Plan perfectly construed for easy understanding. BEST REGARDS GROUPE SAINT JUST 102,Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris,FRANCE Tél: +33 6 75 24 87 32 skype: lesaint 2842 email: GROUPE SAINT JUST AFRIQUE Rue Ceper (montée face lions club) BP 13024 - Yaoundé,CAMEROUN
First name: WhatsApp Admin
Age: 45
Location: USA
Report: WhatsApp Admin Congratulations Your email has won $1 million United States Dollar ($1,000,000) in the 2021 WhatsApp lottery and you are expected to claim it as quickly as possible or your lottery will be transferred to the second runner up. Its a way to appreciate your commitment to WhatsApp and the impression you have given other people about WhatsApp. For Security reasons your winning number is (WHTZPPX9) please keep this information very confidential to avoid being hunted by hoodlum when you finally claim your winning. Your Name Your Address Age Your country Your winning number Your Telephone numbers Yours Sincerely, WhatsApp Admin
First name: Janet
Last name: Sandy
Age: 44
Location: Mexico
On websites: Dating sites
Report: Serial scammer for money and gift cards
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Tatarchenko
Aka: Maria iamschikova
Age: 35
Location: Russia, Atkarsk
Address: 240 Chestnut Land Rd
Phone: 8607985760
On websites: Zoosk
Report: She initiated contact. Zoosk dating site. 9 months. Immediate love. Request for help to travel. Moneygram 1800. Ghosted
First name: Jenny
Last name: Mattew
Aka: Michelle, Sophia, Olga Zavarzina, Anna Afaneseva, Sabrina, Hailey, Kate Fabio, Kiesha, Celina Sigman, Rania, Sheila, Lisa, Liliya, Juliette, Vlada, Natusia, Margaret Burcham, Dasha, Helen, Galina, Linda Cruz, Cindy White, Nancy Melia, Sandra Akyaa, Lisa Dennis, charlotte, Shaza, Jennifer, Allen Bonnie, Tara Smirth, Susan, Linda Cruze, Shyla, Elizabeth Rose, Victoria Ameh, Camila Alejandro, Mary, Janet Mitchell, Samira, Halimah Asuman, Monica Teresa, Susanna Blake, Ashley Jenkins, Betty Ottinger
Age: 30
Location: Arizona, USA; Cruz Bay, Saint John, Virgin Islands, USA; New York, USA; Ekaterinburg, Russia; Odessa, Ukraine; Dallas, Texas, USA; North Carolina, USA; Alabama, USA; Denver, USA; Austin, USA; Alabama, USA; Los Angeles, USA; Abbeville, USA; Bristol, England; Las Vegas, USA; Colorado, USA; Douglas, Alaska, USA
Phone: 233204995078, 16505176707, 0014695450340, 7249011963, 2602360113, 12512600182, 447743553903, 9105569397, 3074394079
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Liliya
Age: 29
Report: this is the last email Hello bob, I just opened your letter. And I realized that you haven't sent me anything. I'm very angry. My teeth were clenched immediately! How can you do nothing for me I left my Turkmenistan! I fly to you! In spite of everything, I'm flying to a meeting with you! But you didn't appreciate all of that? How can that even be done? Because I do everything for our meeting. And you do nothing for our meeting. I ask you to help me with 100 euros You probably think I'm going to spend your money? No!!! i won't spend your money I ask you to help me to prove migration control that I have cash and can pay a fine. and at the August 11th meeting, I'll give you your money back. Because all I have to do is show cash to pay a fine. That's why I don't spend any money. I need your money to show cash. and all! At the meeting the money back to you. And that means I'll give you your money back on August 11th. Remember that I am a real woman from Turkmenistan! I am not a Russian woman. And I've never been to Russia. This is my first time Now that I have this problem. I can say with confidence that I hate Russians. I hate Russia because it is where idiots make up the law. I am not Russian. I am Turkmenistan woman and I have nothing to do with the Russians. Also, I like that you hate the Russian people. I have problems now because of Russia. Let's tackle this problem together. And as soon as we solve this problem together, then I'll fly to you and we'll be together. I would like to get a permit, but for that I need your help of only 100 euros. Please don't turn your back on me. Take the chance and take the last step towards the meeting. And after you have sent the money 100 euros, I will automatically and guaranteed to get permission. But to get an automatic and guaranteed approval, I need help from you 100 euros. I've already told you, but I'll repeat myself one more time. Suddenly you still don't understand me. Since I have not yet picked up my passport, because my passport is in the passport office (passport office). Other news. From today a good woman flew out of the airport. I had to find a good wife. Thank god i found it. This is the only reason you didn't receive my letter sooner. I was just looking for a good wife. So that we can solve my problem faster. I ask you to send help with money on name and surname to a good woman who agreed to help us get your money. Now please! You take 100 euros in your hand and go to your Ria and WesternUnion office and send help to me to the airport. Because here at the airport there are all offices. And I can easily get your help here without leaving the airport. Please look for one of the offices in your area at the moment and send help with money 100 euros, on name and surname of good woman: EVGENIYA VYACHESLAVOVNA BOCHAROVA This is the address of Western Union, In this office we can get your help: EVGENIYA VYACHESLAVOVNA BOCHAROVA RUSSIAN POST Pulkovskoe Highway 41 Pulko Airport, Saint Petersburg, 196140 Office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Mon-Sun 9 am-8pm 100 euros Please send help with money here to Saint Petersburg Airport. Enter your city on the official website and see where you have a Ria office nearby And please keep that in mind! I am not going to spend your 100 euros here. I just have to show it all here. Immediately upon arrival to you, i will give you your money back! You don't have to lose anything. Because I'm just to prove I have money and can pay a fine. And on arrival August 11th, I will refund you immediately in hand, your money 100 euros. I am waiting for your help with money today I give you my hot kisses Your Liliya
First name: valentina
Age: 32
Location: russia
Phone: +61407533143
Report: here is the last email she sent My dear Bob, on the weekend I went to my friends in Krasnoyarsk to ask them 718 USD, I explained the whole situation, I tell them about you, how we met you, that our communication has grown into something more! I told how we love each other and want to meet, I told that I went to Moscow to the embassy, ??that my visa was approved, that I collected all the necessary documents to travel to you! But tickets to you turned out to be very expensive, and ask them for help. My friends listen carefully to me, but they do not have that amount! Dear Bob, I came home late yesterday, I was depressed and in a very bad mood! I was upset that money is preventing us from meeting you! God, how I hate this money .... Besides the fact that I failed, I decided to write to you, but I arrived late and the Internet cafe was closed ... can you imagine my state ??? I felt lonely, and the fear of loneliness attacked me! I wandered into my empty house ... Bob, as soon as I went home, I roared very loudly .... tears were pouring down from my eyes, why, why did we face this problem, and how do we solve it now ??? I drank some sedative pills and decided to sleep a little, but as soon as I went to bed, in my thoughts was you again ... I hugged the pillow and introduced you next to me! This thought didn?t feel very bitter in my soul that I had to hug the pillow, instead of you .... my eyes again filled with tears. I was able to sleep only when it was dawn outside. Bob, it was the worst Days ... I don't know what to do now! This morning I had to go to the travel agency. I was trying to arrange with my tour operator to reschedule my flight. He said he could do it without any problem! Noem needs an answer when exactly I can pay the entire ticket price! Bob, I'm completely exhausted, I don't know what to do anymore! I'm running out of patience, my nerves are completely worn out, I don't want to live! Valentina.
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