First name: Lyudmila
Last name: Alekseeva
Age: 28
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
On websites: Craigslist
Report: I received a response from this person to an online romance post I did. She sent continual emails expressing her meet me...what she wanted to do with me (sexually) even to meet at the airport. I fell for her, him, them, whatever. She asked for $140 for a visa by western union money transfer. I sent it. I knew right away it was bogus because she never responded to mails as immediately as this one. Asking for my last name and if I sent it. She always said before in previous emails that she had to go to the internet cafe and only had 15 minutes a day to use it. I sent her an email back after I sent the money, asking how she responded so quickly. I thought she always had to go to this internet cafe? I sent a slew of angry vulgar profanity. Put it this way...why are all these women so model material beauties??? I should have saw the red flag at first site! I told her
First name: Olga
Last name: Rodova
Age: 28
Location: Saints-Petersburg
Report: I know there are alot of scammers out there, especially when you get unsolicited e-mails (She initiated) where they quickly try to become personal and the woman claims she needs you and your e-mails to keep her happy and relaxed. Most e-mails I sent were not really read, questions just not answered and an e-card was ignored. There were a dozen or so e-mails between These women always eventually ask for money (travel or Visa document costs). NO money was sent.
First name: Jeanine
Age: 28
Location: France
Address: Poisat, Region Rhone-Alpes
On websites: top face
Report: another tipical scammer
First name: Gloria
Last name: Cole
Age: 23
Location: Durham, North Carolina
On websites: Craiglist
Report: Hello, Thanks for getting back to me, am interested in using the room for a year. My name is Gloria Cole, was born and raised in Durham, North Carolina . I speak English and a little French, am single, clean and respectful of others, don't have any pet but no problem if you have got pets. My Dad is from Seaford, Delaware and Mom is from Shanghai, China. I'm 23 year old female, I attended Duke University, North Carolina and graduated last year. I would be there for my Master Degree in Environmental Science. I'm presently on Bald Head Island, North Carolina on a research program but would be coming down soon. I would have love to call you, but here is a remote area calls hardly go through but i receive text messages, please send me some picture of the room because i will not be able to come over and check on it before moving in. I would love to know more about yourself. If you are a student?,worker?,married or single? if there is a garage or parking space because i will be coming with my own car. Let me know the total amount for the deposit and first month rent, I will be paying upfront so that you can be rest assured that i really do want to secure the room. I will be paying you via a Bank certified check, so kindly get back to me with the below details so that i can ensure you are ready to rent the room to me. I would be signing necessary documents/Lease at the point of my arrival because i have got no printer and scanner here with me. HERE ARE THE DETAILS NEEDED FOR THE PAYMENT ***Full Name: ***Street Address,City,State,Zip Code: ***Cell & Home #: ***Total amount for move in: Kindly get back to me with the details requested so that i can get it across to my father to issue out the check for the deposit and month rent upfront asap, with that you can hold on the place prior my arrival. Thanks for your co-operation. Gloria Cole 424-262-0471 Sent from my ZTE Overture(tm), an Cricket 4G LTE smartphone
First name: Vera
Last name: Kazakova
Age: 32
Location: Russia, Cheboksary
Address: Egerskiy bulvar 46
On websites: Russiancupid, Unknown
Report: Thanks for all the comments! Have been in contact with her sins oktober 2014.She wanted me to come and see her in about two weeks but now I now better! Scared the shit of her when I told her that I already was in her country and city. Got almost the same letter as you all have had!
First name: Naomi
Last name: Amponsah
Age: 32
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233577014620
On websites: Thaicupid
Report: As previously reported. Very cute, convincing. Says just graduated as nurse, wants marriage with good man and a good life. Wants money for passport, ticket, medical, visa etc. She didn't get money from me. She is all over the internet as a scammer.
First name: Mariya
Last name: Panferova
Age: 32
Location: Russia
Report: She seemed real but now I find her picture here after she scammed me of money
First name: Yanna
Age: 27
Location: Russian Federation, Urenburg
On websites:
Report: Hello, i recently give my email address to a woman- which was removed after few minutes from this site, but im was give hew my email alreaddy. She start to send to me emails- which i give it to you... I want to register that email for a scummer- because when i type it down i google i see is not register like a scummer- so i hope that will help to someone else. Im just currious in which email they ask for help or support and send to them money??? And other i have few picture on that woman but dont know where and how to attach. emails which i receive 1- email I'm glad that we are starting to communicate! I'm in anticipation of a pleasant talking. And I'm sure that we will become good friends Or even something more in the future. You are very glad my letter? Tell me, honestly) I'd never meet on the Internet. I do it for the first time. Here I ask you any questions Mariyan. And I will not be so scared to do it, as, for example, on the first date. I think it would be better to know you first Mariyan, and then have a meeting. So I'll ask you a lot of questions that I have many interests. I live in Russia, near the city of Orenburg... It is very beautiful nature, clean air and cheerful people. This is my homeland. Why its very difficult to register on the site for Russian girls. I don't know the reason, but I'm glad that we were able to meet with you. In spite of all the difficulties. And what is your homeland? Tell me more about the place where you live Mariyan? Another thing I would like to ask what I interest you? You feel something nice when looking at my pic? You like my pic? I want to tell you more about myself. You can also ask questions to me Mariyan. And I will answer them... Write me, I'll wait for your reply soon. Yana. 2- email Now I do not have time. I'm sorry Mariyan. Today, a lot of work. And I need to have time to do everything before the end of the working day. I write to you as soon as possible... I beg you not to be offended... Yana... 3. Usually after work, I to go home. Mariyan but, today I have decided to be late on work some time. Because now I have you. To like me this change. Mariyan I wanted for a long time, to change something in my life. And you have helped me with It. Why did you not tell about you? Mariyan I thught that today, you will write me a long letter, and to describe you. But you did not do it. Why? I hope you can tell about you more. For me, it is important to know you. I did not understand a bit of what you say at the beginning of his letter. You suspect me of something. Unfortunately, I can not use at work sites that need to communicate... How do you spend your free time? What do you do for fun Mariyan? And with whom? What do you like? May have a hobby? Mariyan, or wanted to try somethng new? What are you doing after work? Meet with friends? Or stay at home? Mariyan I am almost always home. But, meeting with friends on weekends. Mariyan we do a lot of funny things. Sometimes we go to movies and dances. It is a pity that need to go to a nearby town. And like to spend time in the park and just walkng in the countryside. In winter, go skiing and go to the rink. In the summer we like camping. Mariyan have a small lake nearby. It is beautiful and good beach. Sometimes watching TV and listning to the radio after work. I like the program of travelers on Discovery. It's very interesting. Mariyan I have always wanted to be in the mountains. Probably, it is difficult to describe the feeling when you see the world in front of him. And you were in the mountains Mariyan? I never. I have never travled to other countries. But, I was at sea. One time. They gave me a voucher from the work. I was in Sochi. It is a city resort on the Black Sea. I will not forget it. And you want to be somewhere togther? Where Mariyan? And what would we do? Tell me. I'm grateful that you came into my life. You are like a breath of freedom. Do not forget about me and answer soon. Yana. 4- email After work, I walk through the park and thought about you. I was hoping that you answered me. Mariyan and I am happy that you did it. I'm glad you are spend your time well. And maybe one day we'll do it togther Mariyan? You do not mind? Do you think we would have had a good time? By the way, how you think, who does pics of me? Maybe you own guess Mariyan? Mariyan want to talk about friends? I do not have much. Real friends only a few people. Yes, I have familiar, colleagues and neighbors. And we communicate with them. But rarely. Basically, we spend time with two bestfriends. Do you have bestfriends? Tell me about them? Mariyan that you enjoy doing together? Where to go? How common? Mariyan and other people besides bestfriends? Alot of familiar? Colleagues? Perhaps you have many different friends and loved ones. And the family? Do you support a relationship? Mariyan you have many relaitves? Neighbors said that I changed. Iwas told that I have a gleam in his eyes and enigmatic smile. Mariyan I feel it. But, I do not think that this notice others. Mariyan do you? You have introduced me to your friends? Do you want to meet my bestfriends? You would have loved my friends quickly.I wish to send you a photo where we had fun with my friend Darya. I want, that you also see my friends. I guess I'm tired you? ButI like to talk to you. And I hope that you will have the strength to answer my questons. Answer me soon. Mariyan I can not wait for your next emails... Yana...
First name: eva ester
Last name: tabarelli
Aka: estertaby
Age: 40
Location: Argentina Misiones Posadas
Phone: 005493764902422
On websites: nirvam
Report: chiede di mandarle soldi tramite western union per il passaporto e per i vestiti per venire in Italia
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Wilson
Age: 39
Location: Evansville, Indaian
Address: 1631 E Franklin Street
On websites:
Report: This scammer made contact through and almost imediately asked we text through yahoo messenger. After corresponding for about a week, I made plans to visit her, which she helped arrange. Two days before I was supposed to leave, she told me a sob story about being behind in her rent, and said she needed 650. I sent it to her, but was suspicious when she tole me to send it in her roommates name, Julie Hollander. I was able to obtain her address through a law enforcement source. When she told me she couldn't call because her daughter dropped her cell phone in the toilet, i sent her an extra phone to the address I had. She said she got it and sent me a picture of it as proof she got it, but she has not used it to call me, which leads me to believe she is in a different location.