First name: Alisa
Last name: Kuznetsova
Age: 30
Location: RUSSIA , Engels, Saratov Oblast
Report: Email : email : 1) Hello. My full name is Alisa. I wrote to you on a dating site and a few days later you received it? Let's start because a good chance for a common future. I am looking for a man who I would like to respectful a relationship. I will be waiting for your letter. See you. 2) Good morning,, Did you wake up? What did you do first? I personally made coffee with milk this morning and went to work. Now at work and you can see this in person when you look at my photos I will send you my detailed photos that I will take for you in my work. Now you can see where I work. I hope that when you look at my photos you will get a pleasant impression of me. I want to give you another video where you can see me alive. I think that after watching the video with me. You will represent me better in real life. You will understand how I look alive if you now watch my video with me. I couldn't send the video in a letter. And I had to attach my video to a special site. You can see or download my video clip. Open and look here: Now you know that I attend exhibitions and go to the theater. Yes. I visit theater and an exhibition in loneliness. Could you make me a little video of you where I can hear your voice. That would be great. I also made a little video for you as a surprise. I hope you like it. I have thoughts about you and before I continue to work With these thoughts I want to share with you so that you can imagine my life and imagine me as best as possible. I think it will be right in relation to you. Please open my attached photos. I have a rare eye color. Because my eyes are dark blue. You already know that I'm 29 years old. I live in Russia, in the city of ENGELS. I was born in this city. I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, I have a sober lifestyle. I work a lot and I don't have time to drink alcohol. And I don't have time to smoke! I am alone, I have never had a family and I am looking for a serious relationship to live together. I have no kids. I was not divorced. I do not know what it is. My job is that I work as an accountant in a garden tool store. Where I work is called
First name: Linda
Last name: McBrown
Age: 35
Location: Belfast/ Ghana
Phone: 07451273212
On websites: Uk Contacts
Report: This girl contacted me through a dating site. Seemed very believable as a Red Cross Nurse based on an internship in Belfast, but originally from South Africa and of course then there were the obligatory couple of very lovely photos to get me
First name: Annabell
Last name: Alex
Aka: Munoz
Age: unknown
Location: USA
On websites: Sweetlocalcherrys
Report: Hi forward this email to you too be serious investigation I'm report fake dateing site from received email from annabell aka Alex.manoz
First name: Justine
Last name: Banner
Aka: Marine Morris
Age: 37
Location: Liverpool
Address: 13090
Phone: 3153838899
Report: My name is Justine,I'm 37 years old Single with no kids. I work with a Modelling company and Marketing/Advertising. My Team deals with beauty products and skin care services. I came on Wonder last week after long periods of loneliness since I lost my Ex last 2 years to Cancer. It has been really edgy going on dating site because the world right now is crazy, not everyone seems to be what they really are. After coming across your profile I determined to give it a try and see if my thinking are right. I hope you will like me afterwards. Those are my pictures, I know you must have come across other beautiful women prettier than i am. Please do send me your photos also . Thanks Justine.
First name: Erica
Last name: Granly
Age: 36
Location: Says she is stuck in Turkey
On websites: friendfinder, POF and other sites
Report: Starts with a story that her parents were killed in a crash. She then says she has given all her money to her old boyfriend 'richard'. She is stranded in Turkey as she has bought a container load of antiques and the authorities want money from her to release the goods. She lives in Melbourne. She has friends who will collect money through Western Union and who have National Australian Bank accounts.
First name: Oksana
Last name: Kalmykova
Age: 33
Location: Russia Rybinsk
Address: Rapova 2 152903
Phone: 78635896324
On websites: zoosk
Report: online romance scammer
First name: Lyudmila
Last name: Gudzenko
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine Melitopol
Address: Yaroslav Mudryi street 5 72301
On websites: Russian cupid
Report: She initiated contact on Russian cupid.I corresponded for 4 month.the letters looked like prewritten and she only complaind of her low salary and much job. She didn`t afford translate no more,so she wanted me to help. the reciver was. Alexander Leonov Ukraine,Makarovo town, Prievetnaia 1 I sent 100Euro first time. 2 time the account on transferwise was blocked.then i started to check it up,and the translations company did not have any office in ukraine
First name: Kelly
Last name: Roberts
Aka: Svetlana, Nataliya, Estrella, Nataliia, Alla, Viktoriya, Svitlana, Elena Mirzoeva, Yulia, Elizabeth, Cassandra Holli, Rebecca, Valentina, Valechka, Olusya, Olunya, Alice Spook
Age: 30
Location: Kotovsk, Russia; Buzuluk, Russia; Texas City, Texas, USA; Barra de Santo Antonio, Brazil
On websites: Tatamatch, Oasis, Ruby Dating