First name: Gwendoline
Last name: Cox catlry
Age: 37?
Location: manchester
On websites: plenty of fishwell
Report: well known scammer claiming to be a soldier on tour in jalalabad for the U.S army.....says her mother is an I'll woman who lives in Manchester and also has a daughter who lives there too...also says her ex husband was killed in action so moved here to England....says her mother runs a very successful wood business...even offering me a job...she is very good at what she does...she spoke to me for over 6 weeks and even sent me presents...but as I expected the begging for money began....telling me that if I sent her a thousand pounds she could leave the army early and come home to the UK....but when I finally outed her after playing along with her for fun she did as I'd predicted....vanished completely....I've seen her pop up on a few sites about scampers...fortunately I never sent a penny...but no doubt she'll try it on again until brought to justice
First name: Julia
Last name: Savchenko
Aka: Yulya Savchenkova
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine
On websites: dating sites
Report: She will be very sincere and then scam you out of your money!
First name: Agnes
Last name: Abello
Aka: Aggie, aggie_sing
Age: 32
Location: Mobile, AL
Address: 76131
Phone: 682-258-9218
On websites:, zoosk
Report: I met agnes on filipinocupid. She seemed down to earth and honest at first but she was able to manipulate and gain trust so she could access my bank accounts and make me pay for rent, car payments and other personal expenses. She even made me pay for major surgery upwards of $3,000. Unbeknownst to me she was also receiving money from exes and sleeping with other men. The kicker is she was able to convince me to do all the legwork required to enter university in the states. After she was accepted she dropped me like a hot potato and started sleeping with another man who could do more for her. This woman is dangerous, don't get involved with her. Not only will you lose money, you will have to deal with her infidelity.
First name: Hanna
Age: 38
Location: Belarus (Vitebsk)
Address: Via Don G.Paganessi 11
On websites:
Report: She scammed me 300? and were asking more for financial help for the trip
First name: Karen
Last name: Williams
Aka: Diana Badu
Age: 34
Location: Ghana
On websites: yahoo google
Report: this person has been in touch with me before under name Diana Badu one of many aliases she uses and now operating under name Karen Williams
First name: Mariam
Last name: David
Age: 29
Location: Kutztown, PA, USA
Phone: 720-623-6678
On websites:, mate1
Report: scammer from lagos, nigeria....owes me $1600.00. currently resides somewhere in Kutztown, Pa, Usa
First name: Mara
Last name: Gabby
Age: 23
Location: Cape Town
Report: she come fro romania but she is at home of auntie in capetian
First name: Lilia
Last name: Bikmuxametova
Age: 29
Location: Ufa russia
Phone: +79173539613?
Email: bikmuxametova89@list,
On websites:
Report: I met this lady call Lilia on a dating site call russianbrides
First name: Marina
Last name: Perednenko
Aka: Marina zakutnyaya
Age: 29
Location: Kiev
On websites: Anastasia date , russian brides
Report: Been talking to her for two years , claimed love for me .. lol. I knew there was a problem but believed her excuses as she works as a model in kiev and claimed that I couldn?t visit as it was not safe for her .. bullshit excuse. Sent flowers gifts to her son .. claimed that her husband left her and that she had only one man sexually.. I asked if she could come to me in Australia but says soon every time .. always some excuse why she had to delay ..I kept on asking for a selfie every time we were talking at night she gave some fucking bullshit excuse like I?m too shy or maybe later .. anyway 50,000 dollars later I find her on here from another guy who has been going through the same stuff .. every holiday the same as what the piece of human excrement told me ..
First name: FAUSTINA
Aka: Lovely Girl
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
Report: I was contacted by her on Skype. She was very loving and portrayed a love for me. This went on for days. she kept saying how hard it was to live in Ghana. She sent me pictures that she said were her. I had a feeling that they weren't her at all. We chatted video but she said her mic didn't work. The whole time we were on video she was moving her lips as though she was having a conversation, but I could tell it was just that. She was obviously not talking to me. After a few of these I could tell they where just video files. They were repeated files. when I confronted how she was to come to America to meet me she went on a rant that if I really loved her I would help support her over there. When I said I couldn't till I met her in the flesh she got really mad. Now she isn't talking to me.
First name: Elena
Age: 30
On websites:
Report: We are going to help you find sexy females between the ages of 19 and 25 that want to fuck! This is going to sound crazy, but its the real thing. They are eager to meet new men today. They are sick and tired of dating guys that cannot perform in the bedroom. come check their profiles here 857Krj
First name: Maryna
Last name: Tkachenko
Age: 30
Location: Ukraine kochetok
Address: Ukraine 63513 kharkov region kochetok town living straight 49/7
Phone: +380667183730
On websites: Russian Cupid
Report: A very confident and accomplished scammer
First name: Sarah
Last name: Annie
Age: 32
Location: Plano texas
Email: Unknown
On websites:
Report: This person has ripped me off over a three year period before I could track her and to my surprise she is in Lagos Nigeria Africa living with her husband and still scamming other guys from here in the states.
First name: lady
Last name: pearl
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
On websites: google
Report: I being threatened/blackmailed by a person called lady pearl For many days she/he started demanding (not asking) 4 money (airtime) and wanted me to let her have control of my assets. She's one of MANY from Ghana!
First name: freda e.
Last name: gyamea
Age: 30
Location: ghana
Address: sunai
Phone: west africa
On websites: yahoo
Report: She have added false naked pics
First name: Kate
Last name: Jaackson
Age: 41
Location: Atlanta GA Fulham London
Report: I contacted this woman several months ago on a dating site, since then she has taken approx ?25,000 from me. She was supposed to fly in to Heathrow on the 26th April 2018, but never showed. The next day I was contacted by some woman who said that Kate had been arrested in Istanbul for money laundering. To cut a long story short I contacted the Foreign Office who told me that no one with that name and birthday was on their passport database. As you can imagine I was gobsmacked and to say the least upset and disappointed.
First name: Madeline
Last name: Mcbride
Age: July 27, 1985
Location: Manhattan, NY
Address: 10022
Phone: (718) 255-8891
On websites: eharmony, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Twitter, Yelp
Report: She initiated contact to me in eharmony by sending me a smile first then a message. We corresponded with each other for about 6 weeks from May 18, 2018 to April 27, 2018. At first I didn't notice anything wrong as all her pictures were unique (from her profiles or the ones she sent me via google hangouts) and she had a consistent social presence, we spoke on the phone twice (she said she was not comfortable talking on the phone, said she is kind of shy) and did Skype twice (though she never used a mic as she said she didn't have a working one, so we typed in Skype to each other). Since she wanted to do a video chat, it lowered my guard. However as I continue my research to validate who she is, small things started to pop up. 1. No one ever answered her work number (it was her company) 2. Her company number always just rang and didn't go to any voice mail. 3. Then she asked to buy lingerie for her through her friend's shop as she and I started getting more comfortable with each other. The price was $200US. I was a little suspicious about it, however I asked can I pay online however her friend had no online shop for me to do the transaction and asked for me to buy ITunes gift cards instead or Paypal to do the transaction. Had a strong discussion about this, she made me feel guilty about how to pay as I questioned it. I relented and eventually used Paypal to pay for the transaction. All seemed to continue going well for another 3 weeks or so, she fell in love with me, talked about how she feels we are soulmates, was very loving, wrote me poems, talked about marriage and our future together. Then she said she is coming to visit me after she needs to deal with a large stock transaction in Berlin, Germany and then she will come to my city. Talked about once receiving this large sum of money that she wants to solidify our future together by buying properties for out future. Then the larger scam hits. She asked me for help and support, I asked for what. She said she needs help in paying for the admin fees for this transaction. The stock sale was going to be $13.5M and requires 0.7% paid in admin fees and she needed help for the shortfall for it, which was $8500US. She sent me a photo of the stock certificate. I had trouble finding info on it.
First name: Hailey Rae
Last name: Smith
Age: 36
Location: Nairobi Kenya
On websites: Hangouts, KIK,
Report: scammer says they are from Miami FL area and has gone to Kenya to study authentic African cooking to open a restaurant in the US. Says she studied in NY, and Cosplay pictures as well as concert pics from somewhere in US as well as family. Has moneygram sent to a Etim Peace Ekerendu who supposedly is the house manager of the housing complex she lives in.
First name: Christina
Last name: Abbey
Age: 23
Location: Ghana
On websites: Kitefly
Report: Says she is looking for a long term relationship and the tries to get money for airtime an iTunes card.
First name: Olena
Aka: Lena
Age: 23
Location: Novomoskovsk, Ukraine
On websites: Zorpia
Report: Was contacted by this person that she wanted to be friends and asked that I email her, when I sent her an email she replied with some information about herself and that she was looking for a serious relation. She told me she was a teacher working with 16-20 years old that sounded unusual to teach that age group. I told her that 23 years of age was too young for me and that I was looking for older women. She then preceded to send more emails and told me how she was falling in love with me. After some emailing she told me her father was in trouble and had debt collectors come to their house and beat him up and put him in hospital and that she was scared for her life and was crying all the time. Then she asked me if I could send her $706 to pay the collectors so they wouldn?t come around demanding the money. When I refused to pay, she told me how I was a horrible man for not helping her and didn?t write back to me.
First name: Valentina
Last name: Muzychishyna
Aka: Val
Age: 24
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Address: postal code: 04209 street / block: Bogatyrskaya street house: 6A flat: 56
Phone: +38 095 046 25 91
On websites: J4L, Godatenow, UAbrides meetwife, Romancecompass, and a few others
Report: She is a professional writer for the dating agency. Her job is to get you to write or chat as much as possible. I made her mad enough that she actually bragged about it. Said over 50% of the profiles on there are professional writers. And she never uses a camera. Her email address doesn't work any more.
First name: Galinas
Age: 26
Location: Russia Stalingran
Email: Galinas@iu
On websites: International cupid
Report: She sent heaps of photos and wanted to get married, it didn't make sense, I'm 30 years older.
First name: Comfort
Last name: Martey
Aka: Samantha Anderson
Age: 27
Location: Ghana
Report: Already posted on this site.
First name: Tatjana Vladimirovna
Last name: Chegrinceva
Age: 37
Location: Russland, Artem
Report: der Kontakt ging von Tatiana aus; 2 Monate lang Korrespondenz; dann kam der Wunsch von Tatiana, sich mit mir zu treffen; sie sagte, sie wurde Geld fur die Sicherstellung ihrer Reisekosten brauchen; es waren mehrere Tausend Euro erforderlich gewesen; sie versprach dafur Liebesdienste; ein Treffen kam mangels Zahlung der geforderten Betrage nicht zustande; seitdem kein Kontakt mehr
First name: Aneliya
Last name: Kirilova
Aka: Gyulyumser Sali
Age: 31
Location: Grecce
Phone: 00306971991933
On websites:
Report: This person contacted me on February 16, 2018 presenting herself as Ani and living in Athens Greece, by the end of March she began to insist that she wanted to know me, that she would like to come to Costa Rica but her income from work was not enough to buy an air ticket, so I asked if I could help you buy it and she took care of all the expenses of your stay here in my country, supposedly I ask your boss permission to come in the month of July to spend 15 days of vacation and to know each other, he began to insist that the money should be sent to him by moneygram or western union and thus be able to book the ticket, because there was a promotion of the airline and he did not want to lose this promotion that in total was of 2000 dollars, I mentioned that by regulations in my country Costa Rica I could not send more than 400 dollars a month, so I said I was worried that said promotion could not acquire it, I asked it to try send the money first through his mother named Elmaz Osman, located in Bulgaria street Kavda number 18 and the zip code 66100, then requested that the money be sent to his sister named Krasimir Stanchev located in suyidat Drama street Kadva number 18 zip code 66100 in Greece, and finally quite annoying because it was mid-April and she said that the offer was going to be kept for only a week, so I requested that her grandmother of Gyulyumser Sali, ID AM 0471143, be sent to her name, age 84 years widow nationality phone telefono 00306971991933 address calle verginas street number 4, postal code 66100, finally given that I was asked in Moneygram a document that proves that said person existed, I told him that he should send me a document, so I request I sent it directly to her in her name Analiya Kirilova with the ID AB 2702791, and by this time I knew something was wrong, since I was requesting an ID document I always mentioned that this document was not needed in Greece to withdraw the money, so things verify on Facebook the name of Analiya Kirilova, and to my surprise the photo appeared in the profile of the person she said to be his co-worker, of which I attach the link, said profile has already been deleted, I mentioned this person to explain the relationship I had with that person since days before I sent a photo where he appeared with her, did not respond as is logical, returned to review the profile on facebook and minutes later it had already been deleted, as well as the WhatsApp information with the number +30 697 199 1933 of course the number with which we communicated, in the last conversation I mentioned that I already knew that all this was a scam so I did not answer her calls, she wrote me that she wanted to tell me that everything was just a confusion or a misunderstanding, and that she had not sent the document because she did not know what bad things could be done with her data, the last time she contacted me was on April 20, 2018.
First name: Joyce
Last name: Kyere
Age: 26
Location: Ghana Accra
On websites: Hangout and Skype
Report: Iv been chatting with a girl called Joyce kyere from Ghana Accra I have been talking to her on hangout she claims to have got my email address on a date site that I'm on she has been speaking to me for 4 days and has started to claim that she loves me she started asking for money for her grans shop to be rebuilt it got burnt in a fire she asked me to send 2,000 dollars and she also sent a picture of gold she said she needs my bank account details to put the money from the sale of the gold in this is the second girl with the exactly same story the other girls name is ellen love also from Ghana and moves bk and forward to USA she claims to anyway I caught her out she was sending me indecent picture of a model called jelena jenson which I didn't no at the time I only found out her name because she sent me a pic of her and I looked up a logo which was on a t shirt when I looked the it up it was a porn site and that's when I found out that it was jelena jensonso pictures she was using claiming to be her ellen love is on a lot of date sites going by different names and ages and locations
First name: Gafaru
Last name: Sumaila
Age: 28
Location: Ghana
Report: ask for money , sends pics to entice you into sending
First name: Irina
Last name: Yanchik
Age: 30
Location: Russia, 301240, Koloskova
Address: schyokino street 6-8
Report: Op 20 apr. 2018 om 12:50 heeft Irina het volgende geschreven: > > Hello my dear Eddy. I am very grateful to you for your help and support. Today, when I came to the travel agency, I got good news. Manager gave me 1400 euro from you. Later I went to the bank to put > money on my international bank card. And now it has 1400 euro. I received an extract from my bank account, and went to a travel agency to provide an extract to the consulate. > Beloved, I ask you to read everything carefully, and not be angry with me. I just went to the library. My morning was very full. I feel that I'm tired. I was in a hurry to finish all business today. Please do not > be angry with me. From fatigue, I feel a loss of strength. I remember your messages, and they give me strength. Every word of love will fall right into my heart. In my life, there is only you. There is only love > and passion for you. I dream to look into your eyes and talk about my feelings. I want to connect my life only with you. > Loved Eddy, now I will explain to you now what news I received from the bank employee. Please do not worry. Money is safe on my bank account. I made an extract of my bank account. The information > is written in Russian. This is confirmation that a bank account has been opened in my name. > In my bank statement, you can see two amounts of money. At the moment, my bank card has a sum of 1400 euro. The required amount to activate a bank card is 3500 euro. I wanted to cry when I found > out about this terrible mistake. The fact is that I issued a tourist bank card, through which I can pay in Egypt, and receive cash. And today, as an employee of the bank explained to me. In order for me to > activate and use the bank card, I need to have at least 3500 euro on it. I did not pay attention to this, when registering a bank card. I thought that 1400 euro would be enough for me to use a bank card in > Egypt. You understand? It is because of this oversight that the amount of money on the bank card should be higher. In fact, this is a tragic accident! Because of which I have to put on the bank card account > a little more than the original amount. > I'm awfully ashamed and awkward again to ask for your help. I ask that you show solidarity and forgive my mistake. I feel the deepest humiliation and shame to ask again for your help. The situation that > I encountered is like a dream, a terrible nightmare, and it's hard to believe that all this is happening to me here and now. I do not know how to calm down now. There is a feeling that the world around me > has stopped. A simple mistake causes a lot of pain. Dear Eddy, I have to place an extra 2100 euro on the bank card account. You can see that now the balance of my bank card is 1400 euro. > Dear, it's very difficult for me to ask you again for help. I understand that it was difficult for you to find help for me. When I come to you, I will give you all the money. I believe that together we will do > everything necessary for you. I'll wait for your message with a sinking heart. There are many worries now. Words can not express the feelings that are inside me. I'm waiting for your message. I'll look > at your photos, and dream about our meeting. > Beloved, I hope that you will have the opportunity to help me, for the sake of our next seven, and our personal meeting. I ask you to send me help in the same way, to the bank account of the travel agency. > Beloved, now I will be in the library. I will wait for news from you. Love you. Kisses. Your Irina.
First name: Martine
Last name: Perron
Age: 30
Location: France
Report: Contacted me thru FB, wanting friendship, and suddenly start to PM me that I am an interesting man for her and so. Perron bear all the classic signatures for scammers.
First name: Hanna
Last name: Phillip
Age: 32
Location: Nigeria
Report: she answered my craigs list post abouty seeking a partnernice pic and all very polite she is a medicle nurse with the paho but she doesnt want me to tell anyone that we are talking when i told her i had mention this to a friend a few other flas popped up so i entered her site info and bingo straight to you with the small pic attatched to her e mail that she didn't send me and thats when your site came up for what it was worth there was no money sent but what i'm feeling right now is far more xpensive so just let me know as i think i'v figured it out thanks for this site i'll make sure i spread the word because even though i'm a physiacle powerhouse its my heart that is feeling this