First name: Stanislava
Age: 35
Location: Russia
Report: Alan, it says you mother your girls Stanislava. She was admitted to the hospital. Yesterday she took some pills. They found a note in her pocket and handed her to me today. She is currently in intensive care. Her condition is stable! My name is Natalia. The note says she did it because of you! Due to the fact that you are playing with her heart and senses and dumped her like a hot rock! She's going through surgery. 3350 dollars. We do not have that kind of money. All we could find was 1150 dollars. We need 2200 dollars now. Alan, it's your fault for what happened to her. If you do not help us, we'll have to go to the police. The more our police are cooperating with the police in the country. I found all your coordinates. I've opened all your correspondence with Stanislava. You need to help us. I do not want to lose my daughter.
First name: mavis
Last name: hookson
Age: 33
Location: accr ghana
On websites: skype google google hangout
Report: wend are you going to send me money for my up keep
First name: Veronica
Last name: Bastrakova
Aka: Yana
Age: 30
Location: Russia
On websites: Unknown
Report: I was contacted out of the blue twice on the 5th is April and then again on the7th of April from someone calling herself Yana. After veiwing your site I can say that it looks like the same woman who goes by veronica bastrakova.
First name: Gelena
Last name: Artemenko
Age: 46
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Phone: 380 504 230 193
On websites: yes, dating sites
Report: Location of subject in US or Europe. Not 100% sure. On some alerts in Europe.
First name: Galina sharipovna
Last name: Nelyubing
Age: 28
Location: Moscow
Address: Khabarovsk
On websites: Not sure
Report: This lady wrote to me saying that she was dental Technician was coming to work over here After finishing training to work in my local area ( she did not know we're ) Then said she had been doing a stripper to get money for expensive work training Asked whether I was bothered by this I didn't even answer but she said she was happy to see I agreed.sent me really really open leg photos Then came money letters and then the nasty ones because I was saying that not been paid yet I have said going to be sending letters to the police so no more
First name: Olga
Age: 26
Location: Roshca ola Russia
On websites: Not sure
Report: Sent me email in 2 weeks in different described looking different Though she was a scammer so I sold her soul to me she promised that she was coming to see Me too learn how we live and work would I help with air fare would be giving me back when she was here her uncle owed her money
First name: Tatiana Vladimirovna
Last name: Chegrintseva
Aka: Tatiana
Age: 38
Location: Orsk
Address: 462401 Russland
Phone: +79379343674
On websites:
Report: Her mother needed a operation,so she took a bank loan to pay the operation. She could not leave the country before she payed off.
First name: Adebayo
Last name: Adedoyin
Age: 31
Location: Nigeria Osun State
Phone: +234-706-053-2621
Email: Unknown
On websites: Facebook
Report: I have been talking with this supposedly woman by the name adedabayo so I asked her to have a video chat with me because when I talked to her on the phone the voice sounded like impersonating a woman so I asked for a video chat but he/she refused so I told her/him I wasn't going to send them an iTunes card so I deleted our conversations but I have pictures of a woman that I was supposed to be taking too
First name: Salome
Last name: Chikvaidze
Age: 29 she told me.
Location: Kutaisi, Georgia.
Address: Tsereteli street, 21 18 kutaisi, Georgia,4600
Email: Salome On websites:
Report: She initiated contact with me, said my email was on a love and relationships letter she received through the post, we have been messaging about 2 and half weeks, but was getting a little suspicious, and was starting to think this isn?t genuine, she does seem intelligent, and well documented with her English, and as a dating romantic way of writing. When she would not give her mobile cellphone number, to me , saying she can?t contact worldwide, only ring in her city, then I felt something was not right, and finally she wants to visit me in england, and that she loves me, and meet my parents, also I noted in one of her scripts, she said she had a mum and dad her excuse is she as not got enough money for the trip, and wants me to send her by money gram 580 dollars, for her passport, and tourist visa, which is why I?ve come to your site stop scammers dot com, to check up if she is a dating scammer. I think she is proven she is.i had quite a few profile pictures she sent, as you said the pictures she sent have come from another source, and not the person in question.shes still messaging, but fortunately I won?t be sending no money.
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Korotneva
Age: 24
Location: Kazakhstan
On websites: Unknown
Report: I knew oN line . She sent me e email and photo. She never ask money except now she ask me to send money for flight ticket to come to Italy .
First name: mia
Age: 34
Location: Army! Is all she said!
On websites:
Report: She clam's she is in the Army! On a dating site
First name: tatiana
Age: 24
Location: Kursk
Phone: + 79020210840
On websites: Unknown
Report: We start on email. it?s about 2 months we write and for the moment she did not ask any money.
First name: morgan
Last name: martha
Age: 38
Location: united states
Address: 410 ash street fort morgan colorda 80701
Email: morganmartha29@gmail,com
On websites:
Report: this being report today cause she lie about the plane ticket she has buy on SUNDAY night and was to leave from fort morgan colorado that is in Denver at 8;30 p.m and be on plane at 9;30 p,m and be in texarkana ark. at 3 hours from point to point and never show up and that is just a plan scam there .
First name: sandine
Last name: beron
Aka: lorrtta achiaa
Age: 33
Location: kumasi ghana
On websites: nknown
Report: she sent me another friends request on fb
First name: Lynda
Last name: Nichols Hetherington
Age: 38
Location: USA
On websites: pof
Report: A person of this name is operating as a scammer along with the names Alexander Gavin Donald, and Sandra Kay Morris (California). I can confirm I was scammed several times.
First name: Anastasiya Albertovna
Last name: Afansyeva
Age: 32
Location: Russia Sarov
Address: Prospekt Lenina 17 607188 Sarovunknown
Phone: +789397211822
On websites:
Report: She contacted me on and gave me her email address to send me some photos. We corresponded 2 weeks. Strange was, that she told me Sarov where she lives is a closed City and it is quiet impossible to call her. I tried it, it was ringing bur nobody picked up the phone. She asked to give her 425,00 Euros for the visa, organized ba a travel agency. When I received this request, I made a research of her photos in the Internet and found her, named Yulia. I asked her, if she has a twin sister named Yulia but I got no answer. The contact was finished.
First name: Anita
Last name: Afful
Aka: Beatrice
Age: unknown
Report: Just checked my email massages for today and discovered the above mentioned email sender who claimed to be
First name: Kristina
Last name: Bobova
Aka: Kristi
Age: 28
Location: Ukraine, Kiev
On websites:
Report: Kristina Bobova from Kiev, Ukraine, comes to you as a sales person in a fashion store. She will not waste time chatting with you and ask you for a meeting making you feel that she is interested in you, also will do couple of video calls. She is comfortable to meet you in your country for which she would want you to book tickets and once tickets booked she will wait for the day just before departure and ask you to remit USD 500/- to her as at the airport the emigration officer won?t let her through thinking that she is traveling for prostitution as she won?t have any foreign currency on her for personal expense. When told that she needs to manage that small amount she would come to you saying that why should she arrange for that money as it?s the mans duty to arrange that money and will threaten you to not travel to meet you. So forcing you in a situation where either you cancel the ticket and lose the ticket money or remit monies.
First name: Rosemary
Last name: Detamore
Aka: Dona Detamore ( middle name)
Age: 29
Location: Norfolk Virginia , USA
On websites: Facebook Messenger. Yahoo Messenger
Report: Contacted me on Messenger, checked her Facebook. Only name and photo and occupation and location. ( Norfolk Virginia, Fashion Designer) Usual compliments and how she is looking for someone older after a bad relationship. Would love to come to Australia for a new start. I checked photos supplied and identified as an Italian Porn Star. As usual phone problems, could not Audio or video. Kept her chatting to see what sting was. She went to a Fashion Seminar and Lo and behold she needed more money than what she had to register for a course with them. The moment she mentioned Western Union, Facebook Messenger closed her account. (This must be a keyword security they have) she claimed her account hacked. Went over to Yahoo Messenger. Where she continued with compliments and money request. As I am on my IPad I can only screenshoot my screen for evidence.
First name: Hanna
Age: 38
Location: Belarus
Address: Vitebsk - Lenin Street Building 14n
On websites: single-russian-woman
Report: She scammed me 300 ?, after that, asked other 1200 ?
First name: Iamze
Age: 42
Location: Georgia, Telavi
Email: no email adress known (chat only)
On websites: and
Report: This lady uses pictures of a russian model
First name: Deborah
Last name: Mckinnis
Aka: Debi
Age: 37
Location: contontou
Phone: 4086220630
On websites: sailers club + bikers club + single to mingle + googlehangouts
Report: If a scammer named Deborah Mckinnis contactes you DO NOT TRUST her she a professional scammer will use her son or any other excuse to steal you're money, so far she will send nude pictures playing with her vibratersor exposing her vagina sitting on the edge of the tub.says she's stuck in a fake hospital in cotonou Benin,has a fake SSN card, says the name of the medical facility is Contconto hospital
First name: christabel
Last name: hills
Aka: free bird
Age: 29
Location: denver co
On websites: Ashley Madison
Report: Let's chat on Hangouts! Hi Christabel Good morning, hope you had a great night yesterday? I did and you Sure, my went well. So how is the day going for you today? going okay. So tell me a little about yourself Well, am Christabel Hilton as you already know. Am from Para, Brazil originally but am currently living with an uncle here in Colombus furthing my studies in nursing. I happen to have a son from my previous relationship who would be five hopefully nextweek. That's the little i can say for now but you're allowed to ask any questions if you want. does your son live with you No he's in Para with one of my aunt. so how long r u in colombus Well am in my third year now and in my finallyear at school. Final typo . . . . No am not the phone am using is kind of slow. ok your using your phone? Yes. I connected the wifi here so I can use it. call me I can only call from here if that's okay. You were in a call with Christabel Mar 31, 4:02 PM You were in a call with Christabel Mar 31, 4:04 PM Why did you say my voice sound weird In which sense. You You were in a call with Christabel Mar 31, 4:05 PM It sounded like a mans voice trying to sound like a woman dont waste my time here if you are fooling me That's my voice if you have problem with it so be it. lets do a video on here.. I want 2 c u Do you know something you can't be ordering a lady just like you so want that's not how you treat a lady. sorry honey, that was an order I was asking u You don't demand like you're a God. You've been ordering me left to right from day one I was been patience but it's now gone over board when I asked you for a photo what did you give me not those one you took some years ago. Don't come control things here to right like you're a God am not begging for love. You can go your way if you think am s slave or something. not sure why your so upset over me asking u to go on video? The photo with me in the black shirt is two weeks old. Can we go on video now? I can't. Please let chat some other time. You can't video? Why not...because your not who u say u r?
First name: doris
Age: 25
Location: ghana
On websites: Ashley Madison
Report: doris? Nice to meet you here Hi. Can you do video caht with me? chat Can we get to know each other better.....What brings you here if I may ask I've run into a lot of scammers on that website. Video is one way to eliminate that problem. OK.... Where are you from and what are you online seeking for if I may ask live in Norton.Looking for a GF or LTR and u? Same here seeking for my soulmate someone to spend the rest of my life with can u share a pic? I didnt see one of u on the website What do you look like pics are in my profile But you did not send me a pictures look in my Ashley profile I don't want to go there anymore I cant give out my personal info without verifying who u r. Can we go on video now? I don't have a Webcam but I will try and borrow a Webcam so that we can see each other live on the Webcam What are your experience online do you have a phone Send me a pictures of you do u have a phone? I am from mixed race family where my father is from USA and mother also from Ghana but as at now I am in Ghana living with my mother from since I loosed my father from USA and will be back to USA soon cos it is my dreams to spend rest of my life over there with the right man of my dreams dear,Will you like to have a more chat to know more and better of each other and see where our chat will lead us to..? if u answer my u have a phone Yeah But I have a problem with my phone You have a problem with anything that can show your a fake..godd bye What if u cant do video then I am not interested
First name: Tatyana
Age: 29
Location: Russia
On websites: nil
Report: Hello my love Sam uickly learned everything for me. Made me photos for the visa. Filled out an application for a foreign passport. Filled my application for a visa. Very good staff. They said that tickets for the plane will be booked after receiving the documents. I gave extra money to make the documents faster. Thus, my documents for the trip will be ready within five working days. To obtain a visa, I need to go to the visa-service center in St. Petersburg next week. The travel agent said that to enter your country I will need to confirm my financial solvency. In connection with the law on immigration, your country has made certain rules for the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation. And one of these rules is the availability of money in the bank account of a person who enters the Canada territory. The authorities of your country do not take this money. I need to show in the visa-service center an extract from my bank account. In order for your country to let me in, I need to have on my bank account 71800 rubles. For the term of my visa - 1 month. To get a visa, I need to show them this money. This money is needed so that they are confident in my financial situation. This proves to them that I will not go to the streets or engage in criminal activities to earn money. So I paid at the travel agency for services, documents and tickets - 46,400 rubles. I still have 17600 rubles in cash. On my bank account now there is 8000 rubles. I will transfer the cash to my bank account and so I will have 25600 rubles in my account in the total. I do not have enough 46200 rubles. I do not know where to get this money. I spent almost all the money I saved. I did not cancel anything, because I still have 25600 rubles left. And I thought that you could lend me 46200 rubles. Can you help me with this money? When I make an extract and confirm to the authorities of your country my solvency, I immediately will transfer this money back to you. Realize that it is essential that your government let me into the territory of your country. This is the law. The presence of this money in my name should be just shown to them. Understand that I will send this money back to you after I receive the visa. That is, I will refund your money before my flight to you. I also found out in my bank that an international transfer to a bank account from your country to mine is from 3 to 5 days. Therefore, if you can and want to help me, then we should not waste time! I'm burning with love for you. A violent passion has settled in my body and I want you to taste it. Probably, I took a desperate step, but I believe that this is my destiny and we must be together! I bought a lot of sweets in Arkhangelsk, because I really want sex .. I read that the sweet helps cope with the lack of sex for a short time. I kiss you passionately a thousand times! Waiting for your letter! Your Tatyana.
First name: Ramatu
Last name: Issah
Aka: Paulina Torko
Age: 35
Location: Ghana/Accra
Phone: 233-24 494 6234
On websites: whatsapp
Report: been sending money for quite some time , I was a big fool as i believed her when she said she had stopped with the scamming that is why i continued to send her money .
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Udalova
Age: 30
Location: Ukhta
On websites: Badoo
Report: She ask for money to visit me.
First name: Maryna
Last name: yakunina
Age: 32
Location: Kiev, country: Ukraine,
Address: street: Instytutska 2a. city: Kiev, country: Ukraine, 1034
Phone: unknown .always hiding her number
Email: Maryna Black [ :Maryna [
On websites:
Report: Maryna contacted me on 25/02/2018 with a different e/mail address that changed the moment I received her second letter??? Usual love story , needed money to come and start a new life with me. I played along asking for a selfie many many times eventually I got one showing her most intimate body part but her face was hidden ( I wonder why???). She will go to any length to have your money. I knew even before that she is a scammer and believe me gents she is a very clever one. after I exposed as a scammer she claims that someone is using her photos . LOL!!! I heard that one before.
First name: Stephanie
Aka: vaxdsd323,
Age: unknown
Location: Stated she was from Boise, ID
Address: 4573 South Cole Road
Phone: 5415388597
On websites: Adult Friend Finder
Report: She tried to hit me up and start a conversation on the above site. Moved it to email and I provided her my throwaway.
First name: Rudy
Last name: Ronald
Age: 40-50
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Address: 7451 Pinehurst rd., 7451 Pinehurst rd.
Phone: 2392701851
On websites: Facebook
Report: I ran across her on a dating site.It was really odd how it happened so fast but she ended up texting me everday until the day that she said that she needed a phone card.She uses an email server so that you can't track her down.She sent me a friend request on Facebook today in which case,I gladly accepted but unfortunately she must of finally recognized who I was so she blocked me from accessing her picture.I used 3 different phones with different numbers to figure out.her deceitfulness.