First name: Dorrie
Last name: Williams Bell
Aka: dorrie
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria
Email: and
Report: She will befriend you on yahoo chat and start getting to know you quite well, she will fall for you quickly and then start asking for money to get home, eat, by plane tickets, pay hotel bill. She is friends with James Brown who is a hotel manager where she is staying, so she will ask you to send money to him via western union..SO STAY AWAY, IT IS A SCAM!!
First name: Svetlana
Aka: Rusia
Age: 26
Location: Kursk
Report: Cette femme est russe, a 26 ans de plus ou moins. Il a les yeux bleus et cheveux noirs. Il vit avec sa mA?re, et trompA© en disant que l'argent n'a pas de venir A  votre pays, les imbA©ciles avec leurs photos. et avec plus de tout. Il est prA©sentA© par le rA©seau de contacts rA©union.
First name: Joan
Last name: Vincente
Aka: Joan
Age: 20
Location: Katipunan, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines
Address: 09183605150
Phone: 09183605150, 09067609486
Report: She claims to be a student who is trying to finish her nursing degree. But because she has no money she can not register for her last year in school. She wants you to send her money. In exchange she will send you pictures, love letters etc.
First name: Kate
Last name: Robinson
First name: britney
Last name: wayne
Aka: joleen smith
Age: 29
Location: nigeria Victoria texas
On websites:
Report: she saw my profile on initiated a correspondence, getting progressively friendlier, couldn't wait to be in my arms, etc. sent photos, said she was coming back to the states soon and couldn't wait to see me. She seent one of her letters to me twice, and smelling a rat, I googled
First name: Beatrice
Last name: Dzikunu
Age: 32
Location: West Africa Ghana
Address: Kanda street 162
Phone: +233272880312
On websites: Skype, MSN, Email
First name: Akunor
Last name: Ahmed
Aka: Mohamed Tei
Age: 34
Location: Ghana, Accra
Phone: 00233247575817
On websites: match, etc.
First name: Renilda
Last name: Mustapha
Age: 22
Location: Bislig Philippines
On websites: yahoo chat and other dating sites
Report: she is using her lesbain lovers name now ,shelia cebrero,here is a letter sent to my brother,he comitted suiside over her. .................I am not surprise for everything,i just dont know why what happened when things getting better and suddenly you was changed. I was mad and need time to think for everything because two times you make me stupid waiting for nothing. I am not mad because you didnt send money to us even that time i even didnt tell you when we dont have food anymore because i know youre in hard situation and i can always get away not to be hungry. I was mad because even a single word you never left to let us know that you was in hell and working for something..I believe now that even a preacher lie how much more an ordinary person like you can't lie too? I am ready to become your wife willing to spend your whole life with me,but i dont think we can be a husband and wife right now when there such thing that been change in just couple of days. You know me that i won't leave you in bad times and always here to support and understand you,but how can i do that when you are not there...When i didnt know everything,in case you just let me wait for you in the whole dau ,in the next day and in the other day again. I always check my email to know if you even left a word because were worried of you,but what happened, i didnt hear you.. You know what ,im not worried if you can't send money,i can always get back to scam,i even build a store right now because of scam,i even have bank account because of scam and worst is i even achieve to have scooter because of thing i want right now is to scam only to buy a house...Yes i lied and cheat,because i just dont want to sit and depend on you specially when it comes to bad times what would happened if you dont have? You didnt hear me anything like complain and being demanding because i always understand your situation,mom said it was the wife duty is to understand her husband. Before long time ago i was afraid to do such thing in net because im afraid of you,im afraid that you will leave me, but right now i am not anymore ,i know i lost my dignity ,i even lost the respect for myself ,but i just dont want people here put my family down and always stab our back.
First name: Jerry Mar / Jilly Ray / Katie Paulina
Age: 27
Location: Nigeria
On websites:
Report: Says she is stuck in Nigeria and asks for a few hundred dollars to replace her lost/stolen passport. Types in broken English so it is obvious she is not American although she claims to be from Louisiana. After ignoring her, she then says that the person that was helping her is sick and needs money for treatment. Yahoo IM accounts: landyjen Jill Ray Yahoo email account:
First name: Elena
Age: 27
Location: Russia
Report: scammer don't send money!