First name: jessie
Last name: rodriguez
Aka: .General hospital
Age: 28
Location: ede,langos, oshogbo nigeria
On websites: yahoo
Report: this person scammed me out of 1400 dallors. she clams that she lived here in lehigh acres FL.
First name: Alice
Last name: king
Age: unknown
Location: nigerea
On websites:
Report: she is in lagos, nigeria zip cod 23401, and next this lady is Synthia stan email, seen on datehookup, next Ashana steven email is, there working out of datehookup they had photo as they met me they took there photo off. there all at nigeria. lagos. there is onther email this one is there all working there. one lives here in arvada. the others i dont know. i have photos of them. and there profiles. they all want money from me. thank you for reading this.
First name: Yevgenia
Last name: Mityuryova
Aka: Jenya
Age: 30
Location: Gorodets
Address: Same as listed in letter to Jonathon
Phone: Same as listed to Jonathon
Report: She contacted me thru Yahoo! personals, as well. We have been communicating for about 9 days now. She hasn't asked for money, yet, but she probably was getting to that. Her letters to me, are almost word for word, what she wrote to Jonathon.
First name: KAYLA
Last name: BRYAN
Age: 26
First name: Sena
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Diana
Location: Ghana,Accra
Phone: 00233241145212
On websites:
Report: I sent her money for a phone,well the only good things that came out of that was that we for now have a phonenumber
First name: Lauren
Last name: Shrek
Aka: Jennifer Thomas
Age: appx 29
Location: Nigeria,Lagos
Phone: 002348068404844
On websites:
Report: I just would like to say thank you that I looked here before I sent some money to her,she would like to get married after a very short while etc.etc
First name: Maame
Last name: Paker
Aka: Baffour Awuah
Age: appx 30
Location: Nigeria/chantan/lagos
Address: 92/cs chantan/accra postcode 00233
Phone: 00233248966260
On websites:
Report: i found her at the gelipo site I know her but she didnt remember me when I was mailing her I have reported her here once before and she tried to do the old tricks again
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Mirgarodskaj
Age: 26
Location: Alatyr
Address: Leninastr 4-3 - 429820
Report: 7 weeks writing with her. Pay for document and ticket. Ask for more because there were troubles at the ambassy. Check out. Unknown person they said- no visa! Very good writings, unbelievable. She got me really good, even a friend believes it. It is true she said. Honest girl. But very good cheater. Deceived many others I see.
First name: Joram
Last name: Khalifa
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Report: Hello How are you doing in life, I Want to introduce my self to you before i could go further, i am lady joram by name i came accross your contact at which really sound so interesting of you so i decided to drop a note to let you know that i am intrested in you for friendship that may lead to serious relationship,Please if you are interested i will like you to e-mail me back with my e-mail address so that i can send you my photos and tell you more about myself. is my email i am waiting to get a reply from you, Yours New Friend Miss joram Thanks
First name: Maame
Last name: Paker
Aka: Comfort Nyarkoa,veronica Edwards,Jasmine Smine,etc...
Age: 33 yrs (might be wrong)
Location: Ghana,Accra.
Address: 31 Kokolemle street,Accra,Ghana,00233
Phone: 233-240-262-583
On websites:
Report: I met her on the site She then gave me her Email address and asked to write to her which I did.Then after chatting for a day,she told me that her birthday would be on the Wednesday 24th september,then asked me to send her a digital camera.I checked out the camera's price plus shipping and handling,but it was too expensive,so I sent her $150 dollars to for her birthday,then she kept asking for more claiming that her brother was arrested and needed money to bail him out,so I told her that I didn't believs her. The next day she insisted for me to send more another $200 dollars so she can buy the camera in Ghana,I told her that I will bring the camera with me when I am coming to Ghana to visit her.As a result,she refused to chat with me online calling me a liar and fraud because i did not send her the money. What she did not know is that I work for the FBI(the US Government).She is currently under investigation and would soon be arrested and charged by her government.