First name: veronica
Last name: Edwards
Aka: Nana Addy,Maame Parker,Jasmine Smine,Amira.etc.etc
Age: 33 yrs (might be wrong)
Location: Accra,Ghana
Address: 31 Homowo street,Accra,Ghana,00233.
Phone: 233-240-262-583
On websites:
Report: She scammed $200 USD from me then she stop writing,then change her Email adddress and Cell number.This woman is the ultimate
First name: Helen
Last name: Richard
Age: 28
On websites: TRUE
First name: Ayodeji
Last name: Olatunji
Aka: Olamide
Age: 30
Location: nigeria
Phone: +2348088328645 +2348083710359
On websites: Myspace & yahoo messenger
Report: may also be using this name Ishola Tosin isholagay4real just be very careful dont send any money or anything i did not so thank god be careful
First name: Allissa
Last name: Garrison
Aka: hotrockr12792l
Age: 26
Location: Phoenix, AZ
On websites: and
Report: This person advertises on as a single female looking for NSA sex. She sends email saying she'll get together with you and you should call her. The scam is that she doesn't give you her number, she tells you to go to the and buy a membership, then view her profile that contains her phone number. I didn't go any further than that.
First name: Rose
Last name: Kate
Location: Cameroon, Africa
Report: rose kate has contacted many people trying to sell them monkeys, she is concerned about getting her money and getting it fast. She dosnt care that she is scamming you.Every logical question you ask her, example. sending her pictures with some sort of evidence she physically has it, her phone number ex. she runs away from it and just keeps talking about when she will get the money. She has stolen hunderds of dollers from americans across the country. I have contacted yahoo to have her email shut down. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING SHE HAS SHE IS A FULL ON SCAMMER! .. but i do advise playing with her if she deserves it! :-p
First name: Sandra
Last name: Gregory
Aka: Rihana Boehlert
Age: 28
Location: London
On websites: Tagged
Report: Has been sending loveletters. No monneytalk, at least not to me.
First name: Susan
Last name: Bau or Benson or Bay
Location: Cameroon Duoala
Report: She scammed me for $1800.00 for a Capuchin monkey, that i never got ,then she wanted me to send $480.00 for Insurance, then $150.00 for a Delivery card.....I didnt send this money....
First name: prisca
Last name: poumale
Report: Il est bien regretable que la personne qui a rA©digA© le premier rapport sur cette fille, l'ai calomniA© par vengeance et se garde bien de dire la vA©ritA© A  son sujet.
First name:
Aka: synthia morton
Age: 29
Location: plano texas
On websites: dating ground
Report: i received an email say she has 2.5 million she want's to send me from africa in secure cases with a diplomat so she can get out of africa
First name: Debbie
Last name: Frank
Aka: Debbie Frank Mitchelle; Debbie Mitchelle Frank
Age: 29
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Report: In mid-September I added to my Yahoo Messenger list a girl claiming to be named Debbie Frank. During the first couple of times we chatted, she did a lot of cut-and-pasting of her life story. She claimed her ex-boyfriend stole $70,000 from her that her father wanted her to invest overseas. Soon after that, the father changed her will so she would have to wait til she was 30 yrs old to inherit it, or get married. This was four years ago. Debbie Frank claimed to have been born in Orlando, Florida to a Caucasian father and Nigerian mother. She said she had one brother, and that she lived in Lagos, Nigeria with her mother who operates an orphanage. In another chat session, Debbie Frank claimed to need money to buy medicine for her mother and asked for $150. She also said she needed money to buy a webcam. Before breaking contact with her, she claimed to be living without food. A friend of mine contacted her, and she began to play the marriage game with him. Debbie Frank claimed to love him, even though she never found out his full name or anything else about him. She hit him up for money, and he promised to deliver her $100. He then claimed to have been in a car accident. Instead of asking about his condition or showing any concern, she asked him about the money. I have nine pictures of Debbie Frank that I will send to the admin.