First name: Fidelia
Last name: Bedzrah
Age: 31
Location: Accra,Ghana
On websites: American Singles
Report: This person is a very cunning scammer. She sends you pictures and claims to be heart broken and looking to get away from a bad situation. Her family advised her to go on line to meet a man from the U.S. She is very patient and will chat with you for hours on Yahoo. Her Yahoo address she used with me is She also uses This person is very persistant and very believable. She got me for a lot of money & gifts. Eventually she will ask for the big one. Money to bring her to the US and she will re-pay you for everything you sent, when she gets here to be your lover. Please don't be fooled . She will break your heart and bank account.
First name: Ekaterina
Last name: Nazhviddinova
Age: 25
Location: Kobra, Russian
Email: lonelyheart@wp.pz
Report: e una ragazza russa, che chiede soldi per visto, passaporto, biglietto aereo per venire nel paese del mal capitato. Lei ha detto a me che ha 25 anni ma forse ne ha di meno, il paese di origine e giusto.
First name: NATALIYA
Last name: VOLKOVA
Age: 28
Location: Russia Chuvashiya Cheboksary
Address: 22-89 PROSPECT LENINE
Report: She pretending work at the police milice of cheboksary town and use a falk passeport, as for 1500 euros for help to paid travel agency
First name: Vita
Last name: Savchuk
Age: 44
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Address: str.Dobrokhotova 15, ap.145
On websites: elenas,com
Report: Ask me for more info, dont get sucked in like I did, and lose thousands!!!
First name: Irina
Last name: Yolkina
Location: Yoshkar-Ola
Address: 424000
On websites: meetic
Report: She asked me 900 € for visa as follows: Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2008 5:50:45 PM Reply-to: To: ...... Hello my love!I am glad to receive the letter from you and to see and read it, thatyou do not forget me. I very much wish to be near to you and very muchI wish to meet! But now I would not have all money for road what toarrive to you! I wrote to you about it! I already went to agency! Ifyou can help me with 900 $ that it it will be healthy and then I canbegin registration of the visa and in two weeks I shall take off toyou, I do not wish to wait more! Write to me if you can help me withremained which sum I have no? I to you now shall leave data on whichyou can send me of money, but it just in case if you cannot help thatI I do not know as we can meet you! Here my data! To send betterthrough the Western Union!name: IrinaSurname: Yolkina the country: Russiacity: Yoshkar-Ola the postal index: 424000. I constantly think of you my love, I so long wished to meet such fineperson, as you. I badly sleep at night because I experience for us andfor that that we not as we shall not meet you, for that that you notbeside with me. I so wish to meet you, my love to see you beside andto feel your affinity put also night, to cook to your tasty food andto have a supper with you, to walk together under a moonlight and yourhands on my waist. I probably have fallen into a reverie my love? Butthese dreams heat my heart and give me good mood these autumn coldrainy days. I understand, I understand that I would not have money forthat what to arrive to you, and it me very strongly is afflicted, Iwish to be near to you, to love you and to be favourite by you! Pleasewrite to me more often. Love and a kiss. Yours Irina!
First name: Natalya
Last name: Shumaeva
Location: Cheboksary
Address: 428000
On websites: meetic
Report: She asked me money as follows: Sent: Wednesday, October 08, 2008 11:34:28 AM Reply-to: To: ...... My dear I wish to tell to you that I have learnt how many travel to you 1509 euros will cost. My dear you can help me? If can I to you I send my data on which you can send me money! My dear I love you! To me have told that you can take advantage of service Western union this service of fast and safe remittance! This service is available in each country both in mine and in italia. For this purpose you need to descend in bank and to fill the form with my data and in to bear cash. Given to you now I give! Country: Russia Republic: Chuvashiya City: Cheboksary The postal index: 428000 Natalia Shumaeva The darling as to me have told in bank that I could receive this money to me it is necessary to know your full data which you will specify in the form. From which you will send a city and your postal index also which you will specify in the form and as it is necessary to know to me the sum which you have brought in bank and necessarily I need to know 10-place code. The darling have come better to me a x-copy of this form. So on it will be much more convenient. I hope you my dear prince I I hope for your help favourite my prince I hope for that that we soon will together! You only one is necessary to me. I love you yours Natal
First name: Elena
Age: 30
Location: Sosnovka
On websites: meetic
Report: She asked me money for visa and travel.
First name: Marina
Age: 26
Location: Ilyinka Russia
On websites: meetic
Report: She asked me money for travel.
First name: Floor
Last name: David
Location: Ile Ife (Nigeria)
Address: 234036
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Report: She asked me money to travel. She's student
First name: Elena
Age: 27
Location: Yfa (Russia)
On websites: meetic
Report: She asked for money to travel.