First name: agnes
Last name: achounye
First name: anna
Last name: Ilina
Age: 30
Location: russia,Chrepovets
Report: Asking for money to come to U.S. Will come to visit,in love with and wanting more...
First name: Anna
Last name: Berezikina
Age: 27
Location: Sernur
Address: Komunisticheskaya street 65.425450.
Report: normal scammer, but can wait a lot. Talks a lot about how lonely she is and tells very nice stories. Communicated with her under different names and received the exact same letters, she only changed my name in them.
First name: Bela
Last name: Rjashentseva
Age: 28
Location: Samara, Russia
Address: revolutcionnaya 50 443086 samara
On websites:
Report: she scammed me to send her 550 usd through western union
First name: mary
Last name: azyre
Age: 30
Location: ghana
Phone: 233242778581
Email: mary azure @
On websites: say me hi---we date free
Report: sends pics of LIA 19... needs money for passport and visa to come to you.. very covincing.. has a new trick... puts a vidio of LIA 19 on the web-cam... dont be fooled!!!!!!
First name: Marina
Age: 26
Location: As before
Address: Prospekt Lenins 62-88
On websites: Fun Nation
Report: Well after a gap of a month when I said I would not pay for her to come here, she writes to me again saying she had problems with her email and can we carry on !!! Letters seemed to carry on from where we left off when I sent the original report in, I questioned this, no answer of course. I have managed a partial address this time, a new photo and a letter giving details of the money she wants. She still has not even asked which airport she would need to book to come and see me !!! I think I have taken this one as far as possible without sending money.
First name: lonryn
Last name: harrison
Aka: jean harrison and others
Age: 27
Location: nigeria
On websites: isingles
Report: Found her on isingles in the uk, after nearly two weeks she was in love and wanted to come here to be with me. She claimed she bought and sold gem stones since her father died. she gave me a number to call which was a nigerian mobile. she eventually asked for money for basic travel allowance for the travel agent! She said she booked a flight on klm airlines which checked out but her name wasn't on the passenger list. I checked her out on google and found nothing, but a friend noticed who she was and so i challenged her, she said it was three years ago and had stopped 'modelling' (melissa midwest was where she took the photo's from). great looking girl but alas a scammer!
First name: Precious
Last name: Nathanel
Age: 23
Location: SUDAN
On websites:
Report: She gave me yaho email to start communication, i knew from beggining thats it was scam case .She send me one of these leters about RICH fathers that thy been ripped off etc
First name: mary
Last name: afriyie
Aka: mary rose
Age: 29
Location: accra ghana
Address: 200 New Town Rd Ghana Accra-00233 West Africa
On websites: adult
Report: uses other pictures.ASK FOR MONEY
First name: SEYE
Age: 29
Phone: +2348073681440
On websites: mi gente,,and tagged
Report: this women is now using alais helenharington..she is asking me for money so she can come to me cuz she claims to be in hospital and now is homeless and all she has is me so she needs $500 to come,,,i did not fall for it but she is a scammer and very tricky.