First name: beatrice
Last name: williams
Aka: Kale Coker
Age: 31
Location: allinton USA
On websites: trip togheter
Report: she contacted me on trip togheter site! she told me that is a model in Nigeria for job. after few letters she became to ask me any money for paying hotel and return back to NY. she seent me her self-shot naked pics (december 2013)
First name: Natalya
Last name: antonova
Age: 31
Location: Mykolaiv, Ukraine
On websites: russian stars, was on fdating, several paid
Report: is currently in relations. takes advantage of unknowing men for gifts.
First name: NATALYA
Age: 29
Location: RUSSIA
Email: graceka@yandex
Report: claims to be lonely,and lives by herself,shows you pictures of her family
First name: oksana
Last name: abrashkina
Age: 29
Location: Kineshma
Email: okasna oksana
On websites:
Report: scam to come to USA. this scammer wrote to me to be with me in the USA. she said that she was told by russian officials that she needed $2800USdollars to visit the USA. on a 1 year tourist visa.
First name: cindy sarah
Last name: moore
Age: 34
Location: ghnaa, nigeria, kalua lempur ,accura
On websites: topface face book and many date sites
Report: I have know this girl for about 3 years, sent her a flight in the beginning. closed the door, she has many names and places, i have many pictures of her under different names. its time to stop this girl, MET ON FACE BOOK THEN YAHOO MESSENGER, TOP FACE AND SKYPE
First name: Shirley
Last name: Williams
Aka: Joycelyn Peterson
Age: 29 -33
Location: Ghana- Kumasi
Address: 234001
On websites: Mate 1
Report: I met this woman online through Mate 1. After that we moved over to Yahoo chat. Well it did not take to long before she was asking for money for food and money for bills. during that year she was asking for money for a new bed and phones for her and her grandmother who she said she lived with. then I received an email from this bank Officer telling me she had an inheritance and as her husband I was suppose to pay $1700.00 so he could give us her money. Well I could not get that kind of money in time so she lost her inheritance. But it never stopped her from asking me for money. I was really getting tired of this routine and one day I got upset with her on the issue of money. I told if I had a box of money I would it to her but then I would leave so I would not have to put up with her again. And I have been happy ever since.
First name: Anastasiya
Age: 30
Location: russia, tomsk
Report: hey there,whats up ? my name is Anastasiya, you could not see it there coz few men asked me to send them nude pics and i am afraid they ask again, i do not go to the site already. i belive you are right man,are you ? i am not for chat,nudes,sex talks,etc.. but for serious relationship only. I am from Russia and i live in city named : Tomsk, i did not put it on the site coz search results depends on location you put there,i have been married here in Russia already and it finished by divorce one year ago. I am 30,5
First name: morin
Last name: zpurple
Age: unknown
Location: ghana
Report: she is asking for money
First name: emilia
Last name: amachem
Age: 26
Location: lisichank
On websites:
Report: contacted me today. profile name on sugardaddyforme
First name: Doreen
Last name: Telish
Age: 24
Location: USA, Covina, CA
On websites: none
Report: Met Doreen at a hostess club in L.A. 2 weeks ago. There was nothing strange about anything, but I woke up bothered that maybe some grifting was going on. So sweet and loving, says she's not a liar but she wears a big wedding ring. Former husband she says died from cancer, but she got remarried last June (used to be in Facebook until she renamed the account and hid all the info). Pics with her new husband appear they are happier than a camel on hump day. Doreen gives a sob story about caring for 2 young kids and 2 parents who are incapacitated. She works at a hostess club for $$, but has to afford exorbitant amounts for sitters-- and the scam begins. Last night she wanted me to go to the nearest ATM and get $$ for her but I put her off until today. She wanted me to transfer some $$ today to her bank account. Got lucky when I needed her last name for a ticket, and then I looked her up on Facebook. It shows all and tells all with lots of pictures, or used to. Her current spouse probably stays at home with the kids while she squeezes her mark for all she can get, usually $200 over whatever the 'date' costs. Needless to say, I am doneANDdone with this scam artist.