First name: Beatrice
Last name: Dogbey
Age: 34
Location: accra ghana
Address: po box kt 46
Email: or sweet love
On websites: yahoo and singles net
Report: this person is very good at what she does.from airports to hospitals to jails and all making you feel sorry for her.she is very patient and when the right times come she ask for money.she got 3000 of mine...she claims her girl friend got killed in a car accident funny she never went to the funeral.her mother speaks highly of me and said she has gold and wants to seel and send the money here and ask for my account numbers ( no way) these people or girl is very good at this,pictures will be posted as well for this individual..
First name: Jane
Last name: Diana
Aka: janesexy
Age: 26
Location: Salt Lake City
On websites: myspace
Report: Hello Handsom scam, talked over myspace and upon second email it talked about true love and other deep stuff like that and I never even mentioned it. It had bad spelling and grammar and it sounded very strange and scripted, the letters were in bold and the email did not answer any of my questions like it didn't even get my email. They wanted to use a private email address as well.
First name: Diana
Last name: Danial
Aka: lilkim
Age: 29
Location: lagos, nigeria
Report: dating she is 'stuck' in Nigeria with no access to her inheritance tied up in the States. Asks for money for food, cloths, airfare, etc. Proposes marriage.
First name: Anastasia, Nastya
Age: 30
Location: , Kropiv`yanka, Ukraine
Email: :
On websites:
Report: I`m recognize photos which her send in this site.
First name: Maria, Natasha
Last name: Volkowa
Age: 32?
Location: Pavlovka, Ukraine
On websites: site2date,
Report: Natasha (site2date ID: 87045) Write few letters, and She asked help and send 480usd money, because her apartmet visit burglars, and broke everyting.
First name: Aleksandra
Last name: Vasilieva
Age: 28
Location: Kiev,Ukraine
On websites: Tagged
Report: She has wriiten for a short time,Possing total love for me.aked for $400.00 for passport any other documents.Since I said no she will get money from friends and get a 2nd and 3rd jobs.
First name: Julia
Age: 29
Location: Kudymkar
Report: She wrote with a story she was a Dentist and was looking for her soulmate, how her husband abused her and she didn't want another Russian man. Naturally she fell in love after only a few letters, and just today she wrote that she wanted to spend the holiday with me, said she had her own money but I'm sure she will ask for more from me. I have heard these words many times from Russian women
First name: Lily or Julie
Last name: Picasa
Aka: Lily Osei,
Age: 32
Location: Accra Ghana
Address: 14 Kanya hwy
Phone: 233 242 864484
Email: lily_osei2005
On websites:
Report: found on christian site. says she love you very fast and wants visa and passport money to come to you.. 800.00. she has been doing this a long time.. she is a professional model and porn star. she gave me her website.
First name: Joy
Last name: Musa
Aka: several names
Age: 23
Location: Dakar Senegal
Report: I receive 2 email messages from this woman via a web site for Irish Roots. For the love of God I'm glad I decided to do a bit of research before responding. Thank you all!!
First name: Agnes
Last name: Osei
Aka: Agi
Age: 31
Location: Accra
Report: she scammed me