First name: jade
Last name: williams
Report: jade williams claims to be a god faring model and in nigeria the email address i've put on is the one she contacted me on 2 das ago
First name: Cherry
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Latesha S Smith
Age: 35
Location: Lagos
On websites:
Report: Pretending to be a Antiques dealer (LOL) but needs money for food. calimed to be a Houston native but her grammer is really bad... wanted money for food for her and her son. Her last email where she used the name of Cherry Anderson (was able to google that name): Name:Cherry Anderson Address:12 airport Road City:Ikeja State:Lagos Country:Nigeria Zipcode:23401 You can use whatever you like for the question and answer she is my flight agent okay . just look for a western union branch you can get that in a Bank and you would know what to do Okay . Have Only done it once when I sent money to Aunt Sophie Okay I expect the Informations and other things Have a Nice day and you wont Regret Helping me I want you to know that I really Appreciate what you are about to do Hope to hear from you tommorrow Latesha
First name: Crystal
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Kelly Yonlanda
Age: 34
Location: Ikeja, Nigeria
Address: 132 new isheri road, airport ojodu
Phone: 08023505277
On websites: Ulust
Report: She contacted me on Ulust and immediately I knew she had to be a scammer. Not only was she beautiful but in her profile she listed her height as 5’11” but then contradicted that in her email to me by saying that she was 5’8”. In our first YM chat she said that she was 5’9”. She said she was in Nigeria buying antiques for her business in Santa Monica and would be returning to the States in a week. After 3 days she wanted to marry me and have children with me. I wanted to push some buttons and see how she would react. I asked for her flight info since flights from Africa to California pass through one of the NYC airports. Since I was in NJ I could meet and see her. She said she hadn’t booked her flight yet. So I asked her how as a business person she would fly one way on a 2 week trip. Her answer was flying round trip was too stressful. I told her she must be doing very well in business to afford to pay double. She got back to me with a flight booking and suggested that we spend a few days together. She would spend 5 days with me and wanted to make sure I would pick her up at JFK. Within hours of when her flight would take off she contacted me via YM that she had a problem. They wouldn’t take her check for TBA and taxes, so she couldn’t fly. She never would explain what these were but desperately needed my help. I asked why she didn’t use a credit card and she said she’d forgotten them in the states. So I agreed to help her and she forwarded the info. I figured since she had a crisis, so could I. So I ignored her YMs asking if I had done the Western Union yet. A few hours later I got back to her via email and told her I was using my blackberry (don’t have one) and that I was at the doctors. I told her right after we had finished our YM I had an emergency and had to rush my dad to the doctors and I was there then. In our early correspondence I had told her my dad had died when I was a child and she didn’t pick up on this. I said I wouldn’t do the transfer over wireless and my dad took precedent over her needs. She emailed me the next day saying she thought I cared for her and why wasn’t I helping her. I said I did but she hadn’t been honest with me. I thought about telling her my dog ate my wallet or something really lame like that. I got another email the next day stating that she was home and its tone was thanks for nothing. The time didn’t add up though. She was online in YM and 18 hours later was home in California. The flight time is 25.5 hours. I found her on the site and she’s still using the material that’s listed here. She’s had a few profiles on Ulust and uses Santa Monica in some and Seaside Heights, NJ in others. She gives so many opportunities to bust her. If you run across her I suggest playing with her a bit. Might as well waste her time. I have emails, profiles, IMs, pictures, etc.
First name: Diennis
Last name: Aku
Age: 33
Location: Cotonou, Benin
Report: She 1st emailed me on on 11/20/08 and has responded 2 more times. However, she is just getting started compared to the report on your site.. I suspected her to be a scammer by her 'broken English' diction that I've seen too often by other scammers - usually Russian guys. I thought since the country [Benin] is next to Nigeria. . . it could be fishy. Also, she does not answer any questions I had in my emails back to her. An obvious sign. So I made a search on her distinctive name and found your report. - By the way, Thank You! I think it's great that you're hosting an exposure site. From the photos on Amigos, it looks like she has added collogen to her lips since the previous report.
First name: Elena
Last name: Samms
Location: Moscow, Russia
First name: Joy Mary
Last name: Larry
Aka: Joy
Age: 22
Location: Abidjan
On websites:
Report: She has asked for money. Money sent. She is asking for more now to pay her plane ticket. Request denied.
First name:
Last name: Datson
Aka: as Angelina Kuka
Age: 34
Location: Accra Ghana
On websites: she is always on the internet cafe
Report: Pamela Datson imposing the name of Angelina Kuka, Angelique Kuka and Angelina are the same person as Pamela. She is impersonating Angelique Kuka of ivory Coast infact she is from ghana. She scam the woman in Australia for almost $500,000 imposing she has $5.3 Million and also fund in belgolaise bank infact she dont have. She produce fake document given to the woman in Australia as benificiary of her fund. Infast she dont have one.. The belong to the late king Gopal Kuka of ivory coast. I wonder how did she secure all the fake document. This is one million question
First name: Seun
Last name: Gabriel
Age: 30
Location: Ibadan, Nigeria
Address: 234 Challange, Ibadan, Oko Nigeria
On websites: was on
Report: Has written me every day for the last 2 weeks, very long intelligent writings. Looking for soul mate... Is a school teacher for an orphanage... wants to make arrangements to come to USA to marry me. Said she use to live in the UK and graduated from University in Liverpool.. trying to find out if she is for real??
First name: Jasmine
Last name: Love
Aka: Sheyan Wilson
Age: 30
Location: Ghanna , Africa
On websites:
Report: She is a total fraud. She used to work in an airport in Washington state, she fucked half the guys there including three black guys at once, she has the clap. she also has her own web site ashleyxxx
First name: jennifer
Last name: sasha
Age: 30
Location: accra ghana
On websites: adult friend finder
Report: know as jennifer sasha to me on here as elezibeth oparesvetlanaother names ive found eva willemcareingheart231 jenifer hammer svetiana currently has two active profiles both cities are in the uk