First name: Christina
Age: 31
Location: Kazan
On websites: Ukrainedate
Report: Many nice letters for authumn 2008. She did suddenly stop writing me in Nov. Then I did see her photos here, so I guess there is no reason to miss her.
First name: maria
Last name: potemkina
Report: Clever woman. I can only corroborate the first four reports. Nothing more to add. She went by Maria Potemkina from Bobrov. I even got the quick cut off phone call like Steve. Be careful out there.
First name: elenachka
Last name: berry
Age: 28
Location: russia and shumerlya, chuvashia
Address: prospect boltova st. 123-45 a
On websites:
Report: i am not for sure if she is a scammer, but i would like to know because we had met online through a dating service. i just want to be for sure about her. thanks.
First name: bernice
Last name: osi
Aka: luccy white
Location: nigeria
Report: is using pics of luccy white a white blonde female to solicite for money and gets very irritable when you dont agree with her
First name: Elena
Last name: Noga
Location: Lugansk, Ukraine
Address: Pavlika Morozova Street, 18
Report: Elena sends photos and then asks for money from the internet cafe manager for translation support to continue contact. The supposed manager is named
First name: Jenny
Last name: Jayon
Age: 23
Location: Philippines, Davao
Address: 76-A bucana Seawall P-5, 8000
Phone: 639-1587-43043
On websites: Date in Asia
Report: I have been told by this person she was a student, and I was building a relationship and helping her through university. She has stated we were in an exclusive relationship, but just this past week she was unavailable even on her mobile as she was in bed with another man in Manila. He was also assisting her in her studies as an exclusive partner. While she has been dating and seeing other men we had been planning to meet this coming February.
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Parhomenko
Age: 36
Location: Kerch, Ukraine
Address: 1 Parkovaya Street apt.7, Kerch, Crimea,Ukraine 98310
Phone: 011380656136464
On websites:,,
Report: Says she cannot write because her computer is broken, needs money for a new computer. needs money for medicine for her daughter and Grandma. She will marry you after she completes repairs to her apartment but of course she will need money first.
First name: Vita Marie
Last name: Gabotero
Aka: Yvette
Age: 31
Location: Cebu City
Address: 153 Insang -Goriong Hills
Phone: 633 261 8362
On websites: / Fillipino
Report: Vita who is RN Nurse in Cebu living with her parents.Is a very sweet girl,I went to Philippines and got engaged to her.After several months of on line romance,so she said yes.So we planned to a Fiancee K-1 Visa together.So i sent her to advance Nursing school review course their.I have been supporting her for months and she has been been playing and using me for her own benefit.I have invested over $7,000. In this relationship and now she has Dumped me out of now where.
First name: Olga
Last name: Dolgopolaya
Age: 24
Location: Ukraine 22031, Schastie,Petrov street, 12/3
Phone: 00380990488852
Report: sheasked for $300 for passport but did not take anything.
First name: Diana
Last name: Kagazejeva
Aka: Diana kagazejeva
Age: 28 to 29
Location: ukraine kiev
Address: ukraine ,kiev, 02082, kirpichnaya vol 49,11
On websites:
Report: She is a talented scammer!! she wasnt able to get any money from me . It didnt get that far. She says she a dentist. Says she divorced 1 year ago and now looking for her soulmate.