Name: Cecilia Gozales
Age: 29
Name: Almer Cosme
Age: 27
Name: Elena Lopez
Age: 32
Name: Jessis Jackson
Age: 23
Name: Esther Osei Dzilavu
Age: 31
Name: Tina Russell
Age: 33
Name: Oksana Grabar
Age: 28
Name: Alena Ostapyuk
Age: 28
Name: Monica Agymong
Age: 35
Name: Debo Thomas
Age: 44
Name: Olga Afanasyeva
Age: 27
Name: Irina Safronova
Age: 36
Name: Angela
Age: 38
Name: Morgana Richard
Age: 35
Name: Jenny Thomas
Age: 29


First name: Christine
Last name: Bennell
Aka: Chrisy Ashmore
Age: 58
Location: London Farnham
Phone: 07871391140
On websites: Facebook
Report: I believe Christine Bennell etc is trying to hack my Social Media sites
First name: Alina
Last name: Kireeva
Aka: Vadimovna
Age: 27
Location: Russia, Volsk, st. Volodarsky 45-12
Report: I received a message at the beginning of September via gmail in my spam folder claiming he/she got my info from a dating website (even though I deleted my info, but it could be something was left on the Internet). The messages seemed real and original, although I suspected someone could be catfishing (I even mentioned this to the person in e-mail, but they pretended to hate it). I looked at the letters on your site and they seemed similar in context. I knew it was a scam when after a few e-mails the person wanted me to deposit money so they could travel to me. I did a reverse image search of the pictures I was sent, a website came up from one of the images, contacted the person who knew the real girl from the photos and it turned out the pictures were stolen from an Instagram account.
First name: JOY GEORGINA
Last name: CHIKAMPA
Aka: joyousjoy
Age: 31
Phone: 968822225
First name: Alina
Age: 36
Location: Bishkek Kyrgyzstan
Email: internetcafe@payments.
Report: I was asked by another female? For 300 USD. For help with travel and accommodation
First name: Tatyana
Age: 31
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: Been asked for $360 US several times for visa and help with airfare
First name: Nikitina Karina Iurevna
Age: 35
Location: Kazakhstan
On websites: eHarmony
Report: Who initiated contact? -She did. How was contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? Message on How long did you correspond with scammer? - a month and a half Did you notice anything strange during your correspondence? -Often she would not answer questions How was the money request initiated and for what? - she wanted money to visit me What was the name of the person who received/requested the money transfer? Nikitina Karina Iurevna How much was sent or requested? $2500 US How many times did this occur? - Never sent but she keeps asking What was the final of the story? - I will not even email her (however it is) again
First name: Mariia
Last name: Ostafiichuk
Aka: Mariia
Age: 33
Location: Ukraina
Report: My dear Kris I couldn't find $470, unfortunately my neighbor doesn't have that much money and she can't lend me that money. I am an orphan and I have no relatives here, even if there is someone, I can't find out about it in any way. I have a chance to change my life for the better and get away from the war, I don't want to lose it so easily. I'm sorry for this request, but I don't have anyone else. You're the only person who can help me. I really hope for your help, I promise that I will refund you $470 as soon as I arrive and receive $12,000 at the embassy. But first I need to come to the capital of your country. Kris, I really hope for your help! Every day I am on the verge of death from explosions, and now there is a chance to leave and fight for my life. I really need help! Please tell me, can you help me? There are fast money transfer offices and terminals in Kyiv - Western Union and Moneygram. As far as I understand, this is now one of the only ways of international transfers within Ukraine. I called these offices and there are several working branches in Kyiv. I looked on the Internet what information is needed for a money transfer. You need to provide my full name Mariia Ostafiichuk, which you can see in my passport and the country and the city in which I will receive money - Ukraine, Kyiv. I will attach my passport to this letter. If you can still help me, then please indicate the amount of receipt in dollars, because my national currency is worth little in wartime. Border guards take money only in foreign currency. I only need $600 and then I will be able to leave this war. I understand that this is a large sum, but I promise you that I will give you this money by any means. Please try to help me, I have no one else to turn to. I'll be waiting for your answer. Your Mariia
First name: Laura
Last name: Laura Garraud Desnard
Age: 1975 07 22
Location: France
Address: Prunet Overne
Phone: +33644663278
On websites: .
Report: This woman creates unpecedenten stories. Then comes up with a dis aster and asks for money. They asked for 1200?,but i realized in time!!!
First name: Emily
Last name: Jennifer Linus
Aka: Emily
Age: 36
Location: United States of America
Phone: +1 661-422-5245
On websites: Google chat
Report: She is claimed to be army women in United State of America on special duty like Sudan before Afghanistan . She asked me to send calling gift card for 100 bucks. When i try to talk to her face to face she make duty rule excuse. I talk to her for almost 4 years. She sent msg once a month hardly. We meet on Hangout.
First name: Arina
Last name: Mosina
Aka: Veronika Mosina
Age: 18
Location: Bern
On websites: Tinder
Report: Pretends to be a ukrainian war refugee in switzerland then her grand father is ill and money is needed to fly to Poland... i tried to get as much information as i could
First name: Annes
Last name: Dery
Age: 39
Location: France - Toulouse
Report: He/She uses stolen pictures, giving him-/herself out as Annes Dery. Even sent me a picture of a French ID card, apparantly false, because the photo on that ID is clearly cropped from a well known profile picture of Elena.
First name: Olga
Last name: ZAVARZINA
Aka: Irina Symakova
Age: 33
Location: Ekaterinbourg
Address: Russia
On websites: fdating
Report: Meet on fdating with a fake Name IRINA SYMAKOVA. She says she is a widow and lives alone with her son at Stakhanov in Lugansk. Well established method of obtaining money.
First name: Anna
Age: 34
Location: Russia, hamlet Bogana
Report: She initiated contact
First name: Abby
Last name: Shivner
Age: 22
Location: Hamilton OH Butler County
Address: 504 S 4th St
Report: She is using social media to trick people into helping her and child (child could be fake as well). I have already reported her to CPS. She has a boyfriend who uses *****. She also uses *****. Her boyfriend abuses her and she give her **** (boyfriend) her cash. Essentially she is a crackhoe with a cracked out ****. I thought she had genuinely need help with her child. Now I'm out of cash!!!!!!!!!!!
First name: Hillary
Last name: Colling
Aka: Stephania Jones. Linda Tommy, Grace Millan, Naya, Julie, Jessica Telvia
Age: 33
Location: UK
On websites: Skype, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, SextFun, Twitter
Report: Going by Stephanie Jones on Skype live:.cid.3e53d16b2732951d Grace Millan LinkedIn Linda Tommy Twitter Claims birthday is 9/2/1989 Requests a bank account to receive money from overseas Requests gift cards.
First name: Michelle
Last name: Pinky
Age: 35
Location: Texas
Phone: +1 (469) 747-1464
On websites: ThaiCupid
Report: She contacted me on ThaiCupid, calling herself Winnie. She comes across as a very sincere and honest person. After getting to know me a little better on Skype, using the phone number I reported, she goes not to tell you about her financial issues, like the fact that her internet will be cut off and that she will not be able to speak to me, etc. and asks for a few hundred dollars, it however does not stop there. I do not have the time or energy to give more details, I just simply wanted to get it out there. She uses PayPal and payments were made to This happened on the 26-29 August 2022
First name: Eugenia
Last name: Stepanova
Age: 28
Location: Belgorod RU, Chernihiv Ukraine
Address: Nekrasova Street, House 4 Apt 11 Postal code: 308007
Report: This woman contacted me by email. She said she purchased the email addresses of 10 men from a dating agency; 10 men who were looking for wives. She shared many photos with me of herself.
First name: Annie
Last name: Sherry
Age: 28
Location: Ghana
On websites: Bigo live and Telegram and Google
Report: I don't have any pictures of this scammer but one of the pictures is posted here by someone else but she been asking for personal information and wanted to get money from me by threats lies and spam calls and texts I blocked her and reported her so many times I just want her to leave me alone anything to get rid of this scammer for good will make me happy thanks in advance!
First name: Annie
Last name: Sherry
Age: 28
Location: Germany
On websites: Telegram,WhatsApp and Google Hangouts
Report: I been scammed by this person who kept messing with me asking for money and personal information not to mention harrassing me and sending threats I want this person this scammer gone for good
First name: EKATERINA
Last name: LOBANOVA
Age: 34
Location: TRIOKGHORNY (russia)
Address: 2 place de la liberation
Phone: +7 9288881236
Report: MAIL GENERIQUE DEJA VU PAR D AUTRES UTILISATEUR DU SITE.demandes de l argent pour nous rejoindre via l agence bon voyage,qui est elle aussi fausse. (meme numero de contrat pour tous les clients,et sommes identiques a verses.). le patron serait un certain nikita sobolev.
First name: Victoria
Last name: Hudson
Age: 32
Location: Germany
On websites: Facebook
Report: Many text on Facebook messenger. Lots of **** photos. Never gave me phone number, or video chat. Wanted to come to visit me overseas. Asked for money for fare.. When challenged was quick to block me. Claiming to be dual national German-American
First name: Sunisa
Last name: yenchoho
Age: 32
Location: thailand , Sa Kaeo , Koh Chang
Address: 064-5415048 Srakaew Province 146 Moo. 5 Thap Rat ta Phraya Sa Kaeo TH 27180 Tambon Ta Phraya District, Sa Kaeo Province
On websites: facebook
Report: Fake girlfriend scam , asks for money for various reasons. She is in fact married with two children her thai ID 1251100085501 number 146 Moo. 5 Thap Rat ta Phraya Sa Kaeo TH 27180 Tambon Ta Phraya District, Sa Kaeo 064-5415048 Srakaew Province
First name: Annalisa
Last name: Wilson
Aka: Tasha Ruiz, Helena Steward, Natalia, Kseniya A.Leonteva, Nazira, Kulzipa, Alika, Aigul, Alena, Alexandra Vanscoyk, Christiana Acosta, Jessica, Fatou, Victoria Mamata, Lucy Odoi, Freeman Roben, Jennifer Harlan, Adelina, Riley Summer, Nancy Mcpike, Rose Amelia, Wendy Angel, Tanya Wylde, Manuela Anthony
Age: 34
Location: Portland, USA; Calgary, Canada; Boston, USA; Tallinn, Estonia; California, USA; Seoul, South Korea; Accra, Ghana; New York, USA; Berlin, Germany; Dijon, France; Conroe, Texas, USA; Kachia, Nigeria
Phone: 0756883937, 6468831175, 6506951932
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Elohor
Last name: Emomejere
Aka: Kachi
Age: 36
Location: Ughele, Dele State, Nigeria
Address: 23453
Phone: +2347063525813
On websites:
Report: This girl seemed to be the real catch. She said she was well educated in Germany and was back in Nigeraia and got stuck as a result of Corona. Needed to get back to Berlin to start her new job. She is using photos of a famous Nigerian Actress She was asking for money to get her working Visa papers so that she could travel to Berling and start her new life there, and where we could meet.
First name: Monique
Last name: Glotain
Age: 34
Location: Strasbourg, France
Report: I received an e=mail from Monique on July 29, 2022 Good evening Liam How are you? I hope you are doing well, I would like to hear from you, if you agree to give me some news, I will be very happy. I am sorry to write to you at this hour. Kisses I had received an e-mail from her 20 months previous. After a week of correspondence, came the request Would you buy a nice dress if I asked you Liam? [2:28 p.m., 2022-08-06] Monique Glotain: I just wanted to know if you will be willing to give me presents that means a lot of attention [2:29 p.m., 2022-08-06] Monique Glotain: I like to buy my lingerie in a shop here in Strasbourg The dress in question was 350 Euros. I declined, and she ended. Or did I?
First name: Sandra
Last name: Lawrence
Aka: Diana, Olena, Anastasiya, Natasha, Elena, Rebecca, Emerald Johansson, Roselyn, Tracey Mathes, Sarah Gardner, Juliette, Peace Travis, Linda Rebecca Morris, Rose Evans, Mandy Johnston, Emily Rooney, Prisc Perkins, Brandy Presley, Briana, Michelle Hopkins, Kiral Andrew, Rose Rossario, Laura Ralph, Andrea Bauwens, Mary Lewis, Racheal Kelly, Martins Carthy, Pauline Douglas, Taneshia Carr, Katya Ivanova
Age: 30
Location: Dakar Senegal; California, USA; San Jose, USA; Davao, Philippines; Espoo, Finland; las Vegas; Wisconsin, USA; Hamburg, Germany; Coldwater, USA; Nice, France; Nicey, Lorraine, France; Tamale, Ghana; Arizona, USA; Los Angeles, USA
Phone: 221774185740, 221705185995, 14683969497, 447848817333, 4572537547, 13189954764, 447405169082, 2348022075350
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Sukhoruchko
Aka: Anastasia Konovalenko, Elena German, Jasmine
Age: 29
Location: Kiev, Moscow, Miami
On websites: Charmdate, UA Brides, Dream Singles, Allure Date, VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Report: I was dating this individual for about three years off and on on Charmdate. She didn't ask me for money directly but kept wanting me to go to on line chat, (which is very expensive) even after I obtained her Email address. She would ring me everyday while I was at work and it was always a terrible connection and again very expensive. In online chat you could tell that it was a looped video. She would give me false infomation about how to find her on social media. She said she couldn't find me on social media even with screen shots of my profile's. She gave me a false phone number that was one digit short. I found her again on UA Brides and it was the same person. She kept asking me to talk to her on the more expensive Charmdate site. When I said I had to leave the site because it was financially draining me she made me feel like the bad guy and said she didn't want to talk to me again because I have trust issue's. However she once supplied me with a photo of her holding a sign up with my name on it and it doesn't appear doctored. I believe that what the scam is is to keep you using the dating site's chat line and telephone options. I also believe that the dating sites are in on it. I have also noticed through the many hundreds of letters I recieve are written by only a hand full of staff. You can see the patterns in the letter writing. I did reverse photo searches and that was how I found her on social media. I know I found the real Anastasia because I also identified her friends from the photo's. When I asked her if it was the same Anastasia from the site, she told me NO THEY ARE ALL FAKE. With more investagation I discovered that the real Anastasia has a shady background. She is known as JasmineDevil on a webcame site called JasminLive. She also performs *** on Real Live Cams and has done so for about eight years. As she is a model I believe she suppliments her income by doing anything for money. As a leopard can't change it's spots I now believe that it is actually the real Anastasia on the Dating sites and she's only in it for the money. I can't prove it, but I notice that when she is not on VKontake I switch to UA brides and there she is and visa versa. I'm convinced that it is the Dating Sites that are the scam and I estimate that about 90% of all profiles on these site's are fake. If you want my advice stay away from all these dating sites, Think about it, in what world would women half your age be interested in you. If it was that common you wouldn't need to find some one from overseas, they'd be in your home town. They are only after your money. If you feel that you must continue using the sites, make sure you do reverse photo and reverse email searches. Try and find the real person on social media and confirm that it really is them on the dating site.
First name: Natalia
Last name: Trog
Age: 30
Location: Kazakhstan
Report: Received several emails from her, so many red flags appeared by the third email
First name: Lanielyn
Last name: Veloria
Aka: Lanie
Age: 24
Location: San Francisco, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines
Address: P2 Alegria
Phone: 63 951 264 3762
On websites: Okcupid, whatsapp, facebook
Report: A charming young gal, who has nothing to do besides ask for money. Starts with $40 here and there but eventually works around to her ?debt?. She asked me to visit, but when a week went by without paying her, she stopped talking. She has a nice sob story about her parents not giving her food and charging her, but she was gaining a little weight before I met her. Seems like she?ll do anything for a green card too. Heart just gets heavy talking to this girl. Wasted thousands of dollars.
First name: Jessica
Last name: Jones
Aka: Ellie Dempress, Isabella Ryan, Alice Kipkalya Kones, Svetlana, Angela Ohms, Anna, Marie Jane, Dayana, Lydia Patterson, Eva Goldie, Halley Diana, Rose Toto, Kate Reymond, Clinton Diamond
Age: 30
Location: New York, USA; Florida, USA; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Chicago, USA; Akashi, Hyogo, Japan; Bremen , Germany; Paris, France; Berlin, Germany
Phone: 22607000599, 8613082536481, 12136508931, 61416153635
Report: Information collected in this report was used by scammers in their fraudulent activities. Be careful!