First name: Aleena
Last name: Mohamed
Aka: Aleena
Age: 26
Location: Siria
Address: Izumi, Kagoshima, Japan
Phone: +17097042622
On websites:
Report: Aleena Mohamed says that she is 27 years old and that she will divorce in a few days. She has entered the site to start a new life and sends you her phone number +17097042622 in the first message as well as her email So far so good. But when writing to her, she begins to tell how bad her marriage is and that her husband is a very rich man in Syria who mistreats her and watches over her so he discovers her writing on her cell phone and supposedly he breaks and destroys her cell phone. From here she requests only email communication to this mentioned gmail account... This is my story whit her.. It all started on March 30, 2020. I send her a short message on the site since she seemed like a nice woman on her profile (her profile says she lives in Izumi, Kagoshima, Japan). She responded to me the next day giving me her contact details, her telephone and email. For a few days we wrote to each other and each time she talked about his impending divorce. Aleena is supposed to inherit a vast gold fortune since her recently deceased father left her $ 6 million in gold, but now she had no money because everything was controlled by her powerful Muslim husband, who according to her law all what a wife has belongs to her husband. This is where I began to suspect that it was not true. I thought,
First name: Katerina
Last name: Ivanenko
Aka: Kate
Age: 27
Location: Ukraine, Lviv
Address: 79007
Phone: +380684479426
Report: Now I will try explain you all quietly and detail, hope that we together can find decision. The problem is that I have a debt for the apartment, I had to pay utilities on time. In Ukraine, a law was recently adopted that if a citizen has money debts in the Government Ukraine he can not leave the country, he will simply be arrested at customs. This law was adopted due to the fact that people take loans from banks and then do not pay , do not pay for housing, so that people can not hide from debt in another country. Before my trip to your country, I had to buy some things that I will take with me, a suitcase in which I will carry my things, I had to freshen up before our meeting, get a manicure and pedicure, buy cosmetics. Generally I have not remained money, to pay for utilities and now my debt accounts for 295 EUR. I have with me not a lot of cash around 100 EUR, but I need another 195 EUR. Can you help me with 195 EUR? Now I can not continue my journey because of the debt, first you need to pay the debt, I will have an official document confirming that I can easily leave the country. I tried to find money, but in Kiev I have no acquaintances or friends, I also tried to get money from the program on which I travel to you. But I was told they would pay all my travel expenses but not my debt. You're the only person who can help me if you refuse me. Then my future will be broken, and most importantly, I won't be able to meet you. I really hope for your help, but I will refund your money as soon as I arrive in your country and get 10,000 EUR at the Embassy, but first I have to arrive in your country. I really hope for your help! I need only 195 EUR, and the problem will be solved and soon we will be together and do everything we dreamed of. You are in my heart and I want to make love to you and do what we dreamed! You are important in my life and surely you understand how valuable it is to have something so important in life to have a person for whom you are so dear and valuable! I very much appreciate you and do not want to lose you, I want you to understand everything correctly and think about me only the most beautiful thoughts, think about me sincerely, for me now it is important your understanding and support. Very soon we will be next to each other, have the most tender feelings for each other, I want it so much, and I hope you do too. Write to me, I will wait, I hope that we will find a solution and will soon be together! Kisses
First name: Dana
Last name: Kushnir
Age: 30
Location: Votkinsk
Report: This is the new name scammer is using previously was Daria Shumelyova.
First name: Anita
Last name: Chandler
Aka: Anastasiya, Helena Dan, Vivian Kamara, Darya Kochneva, Aleksandra Hodyreva, Natalya Suntsova, Alisa Ryabchikova, Ekaterina Kunaeva, Shasha, Helen, Anita Mark, Irina, Olga, Aleksandra, Anastasia, Kristine, Katherine Cullen, Carina, Ambrose Ruth, Stephanie Walker, isabella, Annabel, Melessa Frya, Laura Webb, Julie Miller, Trinity, Jenny Alexender, Mary, Linda Spencer, Doris Amoo, Sandra, Alima, Angelina Kendra, Karen Kathy, Clara, Daniella, Jessica, Irene Roseberg, Lisa Khan, Angla, Tracy Wayne, Morgan Renee, Gloria Ashley, Jessica Jones, Emma Veronica, Rose Berg, Cynthia Will, Diane Wilson
Age: 30
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First name: Racheal
Last name: Anderson
Aka: Joy
Age: 33
Location: New York, USA
Phone: 323 352-9801
Report: I was scam of $700. She blackmail me
First name: Janet
Last name: Benson
Aka: Janet Appiah, Michelle Jones, Giffty Afe, Diamond Emperess, Mercy Osei, Juliet Joy Nelson, Mariama Salifu, Angelina Patterson, BLESSED AYISHA, Tessy Johnson, Rose Willson, Love Baby, Debby Anderson, Mary Owusu, Jennifer Kumson, Sarah Jones, Marissa Blunt, Kayshia Smith, Rose Mankattah, Sigrid Lovely ADWOA, SARAH SELASI, Martin Patty, Jessica Ludwed, Britany Smith, Sharon Catherine, Jennifer Obeng, Racheal Lionel, JANE CARSON, Francisca Amenyo, Jane Brant Smith, Susan Nelson, Laura Anderson, Caroline Christiana, Sandra Loveer, Lilian Micheal, Alison Simth, Mary Janet, Mariah Hogan, Sheddi Dedzo, Princela John, Amira Mimi, Pchelka Kate, Katya Urturman, Katenka Slim, Becky J, Melissa Downey, Bushera Ayuba, Josephine, Belinda Andrey, Abigail, Susan Mark, Khadija
Age: 30
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Yenagoa, Nigeria; Ogu, Nigeria; Alali, Senegal
Phone: 221768689227
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First name: Beatrice
Last name: Anaba
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Age: 29
Location: Florida, USA; Lagos, Nigeria; Nantes, France; Netersel, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Phone: 447977838930
Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, keronpeter78@gmail. com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, stella_morga, thrennaomi83@yahoo. com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Charity Animah,,,,,
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First name: Janie
Last name: Smith
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Age: 28
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First name: Caroline
Last name: Tyler
Aka: Tatyana, Alla, Nataliia, Venera, Anitka, Anita, Alla, Alena, Angelina, Diana, Anastasia Nikolaeva, Polinochka, Michelle Larrieux, Linda Ward, Layla White, Mercy Ayola, Emily Williams, Svetlana aricheva, Darya, Olga, Daniella Ron, Gina Perez, Jane Guzman, Toma Goncharova, Evelyn Barnes, Seun Williams, Joyce Anamsi, Jessica Lormax, Ramatu Adams, Elisabeth Opare, Francisca Dzokoto, Mavis Smith, Matilda Nyarko, Sandy, Mary Nelson, Helen, Rosemary, Paulina Bawa, Jean Harrison, Abigail Smith Agyei, Jenny Robert, Jenny Ter Beek, Mercy Boakye, Brandy Hennessy, Jessica Smith, Jessica Brown, Jessica White, Jane Kraut, Janie Wilson
Age: 27
Location: Slobodskoy, Russia; Balakan, Georgia; Mesa, Arizona, USA; Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Phone: 447977838930
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First name: Lorraine
Last name: .Lailn
Aka: Jess Hernandez
Age: 30
Report: I'm reporting this lasted scammers forward to you receive email from Lorraine aka Jess Hernandez today may 1st 2020 time 02:08 am uk time
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Fedotova
Aka: Mariya, Svetlana, Olga, Irina, Vladislava, Anastasiya, Tatyana, Cary Mary, Joy Desmond, Karen, Linda Morgan, Ann Karume, Nana Kuru John, Jenny, Anastasiya Evgenevna Purtova, Christiana Lazarus, Olenka, Tatyanulenka, daria, Aleksandra, Brenda Jefferson, Alice Patricia, Morgan Barley, Kiara Philip, Leduc Patricia, Agnes Simpson, Susan Mark, Susan Tracy, Chloe, Julie Miller, Emily Melissa, Diama, Josephine, Alima AbdulRahman
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Address: Russia, 692511, Ussuriysk, Vatutina str, 23
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First name: Felicia
Last name: Edmonds
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Age: 31
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First name: Oksana
Last name: Noskova
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Age: 29
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Address: Ukraine, Lugansk, Mirniy kvartal, 2-7
Phone: 380501379617, 233204797454, 221781934402, 12048193897, 221773606806, 221338202684,
On websites: Tagged, Wonder Dating, Eskimi
First name: Elizabeth
Last name: Fleming
Age: 49
Location: Lake in the Hills
Address: 2531 Waterford Lane
Phone: 224-600-3020
On websites: Mylife
Report: Fill file fraud disputes to steal merchandise after she obtains the products. Rips anyone off that she does business with. Will purposely lie to her own credit card company to steal items after she obtains them. Sellers beware of this con artist.
First name: Tesera
Last name: Chuvashka
Aka: Tatyana Osetrova
Age: 25
Location: Chebchugi
Phone: 79053051061
On websites:
Report: This scammer operates with the nickname Tata2503loove at nowadays. The scammer says that its name is Tatyana Osetrova. This name was the keyword which forwarded me to this website. The scammer claims to be 25 years old and lives in Chepchugi, Russia (with mother). The approach of the scammer is simple. After match the scammer is trying to take the victim out of the LOVOO dating app. The scammer writes his e-mail and never replies anymore at LOVOO. But the scammer replies always by e-mail with lots of text. But only once a day (afternoon). In the evening is the scammer online on LOVOO app. You see the green ONLINE bar. But like I have said, the scammer doesn't reply on LOVOO app anymore. The scammer gives you a mobile phone number for WhatsApp (+79053051061) by e-mail. The profile photo from WhatsApp is the same like on LOVOO. But the mobile phone number never works. Not for calls and not for WhatsApp. The scammer has registered the E-Mail with another mobile number which ends with ********88. That means that the scammer uses minimum two numbers at the moment. I know this because the password recovery from showed me the last 2 digits of the mobile phone number of this e-mail. The scammer sends a lot of pictures of the same girl by e-mail. And the scammer was successful to verify his LOVOO profile. The interesting part is that all filenames of the photos (above 30 pieces) started in March. The filename has the format
First name: Sonia
Last name: Gareth
Age: 41
Location: France, Toulon
On websites:
Report: Contacts in c-date as local woman, then she is a french woman in Toulon. Says, she own a beauty shop and has a great heritage from her father, but can not get it in the moment. After a few weeks flirting and promising visit and marriage, she wants money to pay bills or paying the fees to get her heritage. The times of her activity seem to show a time difference to Europe of + 7 Hours.
First name: Anastasiia
Last name: Nikolaeva
Aka: Nastya
Age: 29
Location: Santiago/Moscow
Address: 7500000
Phone: +7 916 879-17-98
Report: She is a scammer. Gold digger married me just to use me and green card. Stay away from her
First name: Jennifer
Last name: Schneider
Aka: Svetlana, Anita, Daria, Anastasia, Svetlana Laricheva, Stacy Bless, Felicia, Mary Stone, Gladys, Auvenny Steuben, Laura Webb, Annie Taylor, Jena, Safiya Qadhafi
Age: 30
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Phone: 22542371147, 7408377198, 991221663
On websites: Eskimi, Galactic Love, Tagged
First name: Diana
Last name: Medem
Aka: Dana
Age: 30
Location: Kazahstan
Report: The women who i want to report initiated contact. Contact was by email. She send e mail to me! Correspondence was about two month! That was nothing doubtful in conversation She ask for money that she can come to me! I did not send money! After my decision not to send the money, she did not answer again
First name: Laura
Last name: Williams
Aka: Grace Donald, Jackline, Precious, Irina, Daria, Svetlana Laricheva, Monica Moore, Hannah Paul, Lori Robinson, Hannah Diana, Steva Washington, Sandra, Debra, Alima, Katie, Bella Lusy, Hilton Sherry, Linda Reed, Gifty Ray, Becky Williams, Mary Lugard, Jessica Weaver, Amina Donald, Stacy, Ruth Brown
Age: 33
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First name: Julia
Last name: Kolossovskaja
Aka: Julik377
Age: 29
Location: Russia
Report: Be carful , scammer what you to pay for visa, ticket , i was so stupid du that after we talk in 3 mounth .. She is a prof Scammer, i found many thinks about her now on the internet ... If feel like a idiot
First name: Mariya
Last name: Vepreva
Age: 37
Location: Russiaan Federation - Novosibirsk
Report: Her contact was made from a hacked account, which I set up for redirection. At the age of 73, I am literally overrun with a request. What the hell, I have time, my ex-job had to do with investigations and work through the scammers who come via this detour and lie in the first mail because of agency and so on. If I can help young and inexperienced boys with it, then I'm happy.
First name: Crystal
Last name: Brian
Aka: Anastasiya, Tatyana, Rosine Mbroh, Nancy Hussein, Jessica Tamera, Priscilla Elaine Brick, Princess Boateng, Vivian Doe, Bernice Asare, Gina Awuni, Kezia Amoah, Jessica Williams, Linda Osei, Margaret Long, Jessica Quaye, Sanya Johnson, Ekene Lgbokwe, Sabina Mensah, Annabella Angel, Charity Smith, Linda Nyarko, Stella Morgan, Joyclyn, Annie Addo, Janet Benson, Janet Appiah, Michelle Jones, Giffty Afe, Diamond Emperess, Mercy Osei, Juliet Joy Nelson, Mariama Salifu, Angelina Patterson, Blessed Ayisha, Tessy Johnson, Rose Willson, Love Baby, Debby Anderson, Bennita, Lizzy, Ariana Marie, Teanna Trump, Celina Smith, Anabell Shania
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Email:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, stella_morga, thrennaomi83@yahoo. com,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Charity Animah,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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First name: Nancy
Last name: Hussein
Aka: Kseniya, Natali, Ekaterina, Svetlana, Olga, Tatyana, Natalya, Vladislava, Anastasiya Senna, Freda Opoku, Olivia Watson, Amelia, Jennifer Winter, Charlotte Blevins, Sara Ceeelier, Anny Berry, Annette Anderson, Selma Hanson, Selina Gomez, Sarah Howell, Edwina Mbroh, Marian Celiaeaer, Celia Alfred, Linda Joseph, Karen, Jane, Juliet Brown, Veronica
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First name: Anja
Last name: Porter
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First name: Kristine
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First name: Janet
Last name: Quayson
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