First name: Philomena
Last name: Fred
Age: 25
Location: senegal
Report: My Dear Love How are you today?I hope you are in good health condition.I thank you so much for your honesty and straighforwardness which have shown me that you are honest.Am sorry for replying late due to the fever which attack me last three days ago.But i am back on my feet again.Please i am beging you right from my heart,you have to help me dear,I have no body to go to for this help.My Dearest Love,i appreciate all you love and compliments to me.You have showed me a lot of love and kindness and i promised to make it up for you when i come to your country.I have no Parents and no brothers and Sisters,now,you are the only one i see in representing them.please my dear,help me.I need to start a new life and continue my education in your country.I love you and want to be with you soon and that is why i want all my late fathers money which is now my inheritance to be transfered into your own Bank account for investment purpose.My situation here in the refugee camp is not comfortable at all.I promise to obey you in every way as long as you love me and care for me and will not cheat on me and ran away with all my fathers money. Please You have to contact the bank in Senegal where my father desposited this money now as my Foreign Partner and make request for the transfer of the whole money into your own bank account in your country where you are living so that i can come over and join you there to start a new life with you and you will invest the rest of the money in a good business of your choice and put me back to school to complete my education.the bank have assure me they will make the transfer into your own bank account.I have write letter of recomendation and nomination as my foreign partner to the Bank so that the Bank will recognise you as my foreign partner who will recieve my inheritance money into his own Bank account.below is the contact of the bank in Senegal where my father deposited the money. My dearest Love,Please as i said earlier,I am fighting to regain my inheritance which will help me achieve my goal of becoming a great personality,Please my dear,you have to help me to achive this dream,dont attempt to put my effort in vain as i am a lonely heart who has face alot of pains in the past.You have to confirm from the bank in Senegal about the existance of my late father account and the possible ways of transfering the fund into your own account in your country.Remember your effort matters alot to regain this transfer wish as the Bank Director has assured me that the transfer will be made into your account in your country.Below is the contact information of the bank in Senegal.Please contact them now for the transfer of all my inheritance into your Bank Account. Societe Generale De Banques Au Senegal SGBS Email Manager's Office, Tel :(+221 763490481) Contact Person: Mr Chiekh Diop BELOW IS THE DETAILS OF MY FATHER BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION Dr Tompsey Garuka Philips Nationality, Liberian Next of Kin and Beneficiary, Albertin Tompsey Garuka philips Bank Name Societe Generale De Banques Au Senegal.SGBS Amount deposited, $2.5 million Usa dollars Please all you have to do now is Try and contact with the bank immediately you received this mail,so that by monday,they will start work towards transfering the money to your bank account.You are to inform the bank that you are my foreign partner,That you seek for their advice on how best the transfer of my late father money which is in their bank custody deposited under my name by my late father can be transfered into your Bank Account in your country for investment purpose.The above transfer is a 100% free risk and confidential,You will have nothing to regret,Please make sure you keep all matter regarding this transfer closed to your self as that is the only way we can avoid distractions and safe guide the money.I patiently wait for the news of the transfer.Please email me soon as you contact the bank. I love you so much my dear yours FOREVER in Love Albertin
First name: Adeyato alias Adeyemi
Last name: Johnson alias Bolade
Location: Nigeria Ibadan
Phone: +2348067018123 +2347084848428
Email: /;
Report: him be the helper from she the first him told me he be a lawyer the next him be a policeofficer
First name: Opeyemi
Last name: Babatunde
Age: 28
Location: Nigeria
Phone: +2348050307652
On websites: adult friendfinder
Report: she be a lovscammer and she use pics from a pornactresse Lexi Martinez
First name: zuwieratu
Last name: abubakari
Aka: larisa dove
Age: 27
Location: nigeria
On websites: singles. net
Report: gave me a sob story about dead parents,fiance cheated. she's studying finance in Nigeria. on holiday can i come and see you, send money to my travel agent. Told her 3 times name of my airport. She kept forgetting.... get her in an online chat, she can't think that fast. she was requesting 900.00 to come and see me
First name: Rose B
Aka: Millicent
Location: Ghana
Address: Antioch illinois, USA
On websites: Tagged
Report: She just e-mail me on tagged today, yo introduce self, no picture, but say she from mix family born, Canberra, Australia, now living in Ghana, her profile say she in Antioch, Ill,USA, she join sept 9 an only people on her comment say she scammer, I check sure enough under Rose B, I think this girl could also be Patricia Paderson, who cant put up pictue, or Rose Lamptey all one a same
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Patrusheva
Age: 30
Location: samara
Report: estafa
First name: Kaitlyn
Last name: Taylor
Aka: mary waston
Age: 27
Location: kansas city, ks others in US
Report: Dating scam she writes you from facebook speeddating and gives you her email and falls inlove with you and wants to meeet you. she will as you to send her money to Nigara. she saying she is from finland and writes a big story of bullshit watch out people for this one
First name: Tammy
Last name: Pittman
Aka: Cindy Williams
Age: 24
Location: Ropheka Hospital Lagos, Nigeria
Address: zip code 23401
Phone: 0112348074373220
Email: and
On websites:
Report: Started off sending me a message on I replied and she replied right back and asked to exchange email addresses and communicate through that. She said her name was Tammy Pittman. We exchanged a couple of emails through that. Then all of the sudden her myspace was gone. She said she deleted it, and that it was actually her friends page and she was using it and then said her name was actually Cindy Williams. The whole time she had given a story about her parents being deceased, her brother had been on drugs and dissapeared, and just being depressed herself. Then all of the sudden again, her story changes and she says that she is actually in a hospital in West Africa. She said that her and her friend Anita were in an accident that Anita died in. She says that she has no money to get back to Aurora, Colorado, which is pretty close to where I live. She had asked for $1000 initially. Then she would start asking for like $50, to hold her over until maybe her friend in the Bahamas could send her money, for personal hygiene needs. I never gave her any money. But she was pretty persistant about the $50. She also said that there was no Western Union where her friend was at in the Bahamas and that her friend would need to send me the money through the mail and then she would have me go to a Western Union and send her the money that way. Today is September 17th and she said that the check would be here within the next 2 days. I've had my suspicions the whole time but today I decided to do my research and found that several guys had gotten several emails very similar the one's that I had received and here I am. I still have our IMs archived as well as our emails if they're needed.
First name: juliana teena
Last name: osman
Aka: larisa dove
Age: 30
On websites:
Report: This person tried to get me to send her 900.00 to come to my city. she had some sob story about dead parents and being alone and fiance cheated on her. She's studying finance in, guess where? Nigeria. The lies were fast and furious from there. She told so many, she got confused. I really caught her by chatting with her on line. She couldn't think that fast.
First name: Michelle
Last name: Williams
Aka: already listed
Age: 31 ?
Address: LISTED
On websites: questionable - say related to Lava Life
Report: As with the other reports, but I would say now not necessarily on Lavalife and working with someone else. That or possibly engaged in other things as well. I say that due to the way she got in touch with me via a request on yahoo almost immediately after contact with the other from lava life posing as living in Britain, up to the same thing and definately not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Either that or in a way working like a tag team because one person couldn't that stupid. Currently I haven't been bilked by either and just had to check it out before going any further but the basic MO is the same. With the addition possibly unrelated and the other whom I haven't found yet having me download I'm programs laced with critical level tracking cookies as identified by an anti-virus program.
First name: susania
Last name: kofia
Age: 24
Location: dakar senegal
Report: She told me to help her transfer her inherited money amounting to $950 000 from the Coperative Bank in UK.
First name: Vivian
Last name: Karume
Age: 24
Location: Refugee Camp, Dakar, Senegal
Phone: +00221768703710
On websites:
Report: A scammer I'm sure she is. I know this after comparing notes with all these reports and have found that there are NO refugee camps anywhere in Senegal let alone Dakar. If one Google's the map of Senegal to the place of her origin which in this case is the Ivory Coast, one will find that they will have to cross another nation (Mali, I think) to reach Dakar in Senegal which is at the western most coast of the nation.
First name: Tatyana
Last name: Smirnova
Age: 28
Location: Zelenogorsk
First name: katty
Last name: Smith
Age: 30
Location: lagos, nigera
Report: i just got a funny feeling something isnt adding up say she loves me n after a week ask for money saying her mother got hurt
First name: Chris
Last name: Douglas
Age: 22
Location: Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria
Address: 35 Unity Rd Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria 23401
On websites:
Report: Very good at first .. very believeable.. but then when its time to come home from her business trip in Africa of selling antiques she all of the sudden doesnt have the funds to get here and she needs $600 dollars to fly home to Michigan. when told you would call the consulate for her to see if they can help she then just asks for cab fare so she can go and do it her herself .. she is will talk to you for a about a week about she asks for money but when she does it doesnt add up!! dont fall for this one at all.. i almost did !!
First name: Christiana monica
Last name: KENT
Age: 30
On websites: myspace
First name: Latika (Liudmila)
Last name: Egoshina
Age: 42
Location: St Petersburg, Russia
Address: nab. Reki Fontanki, 136-42 190005 St. Petersburg RUSSIAN FEDERATION
Phone: 011-7-812-713 0366
Email: Lati Egoshina
On websites:
Report: I met this woman in person in Spain, and paid all the expenses of her travel, plus gifts for her friends, family, and work associates. After that we applied for a fiance visa and began the long wait. She had a large mysterious debt which she claimed would prevent her from leaving the country (not true), so I sent her many thousands of dollars for this debt, for her dentist, etc, assuming that she was sincere about marriage. When her visa finally came through she went silent, and refused communication, obviously understanding that her Western Union money pipeline was at an end, and now she would have to follow through with her commitment. She refused to take responsibility for all her lies and refused to pay back $6500 of her debt to me. Hard to believe, yes?
First name: mariya
Aka: Ekaterina
Age: 30
Location: kanash,russia
On websites: tangowire
Report: Contacted me about two weeks ago,has not asked for anything so far,came across picture on this web site and its almost the same as the first picture she sent me.
First name: unkown
Age: around 20
Location: unkown
Report: Here is her email...I found that someone else posted it on another website. He was 71 and I am 18 Hi! Found your pic somewhere on the web I don't know why but I felt something special about it!!! And I would like to get to know you better. I don't have any experience in communicating over the internet and I'm not sure how it works! I hope you like my photos, please let me know! I'm going to visit your beautiful country soon and I would be happy to have someone over there who can show me around. I'm a foreign girl but I can speak English very well so we will have no problems in communicating. So please email me back soon. Can't wait to hear back from you. Waiting for your response. hope you like my picture
First name: ksenia
Location: russie
Report: she contact me ,send me lot of Photos.She say working in a school with childs and making sports.She say her name is Kseniya but she is Ksenia on yours Photos.I have received a photo with heir parents .Her father look have the same age as her.She never answer any question i will can write anything she continue to be in love and want to marry me and have children,it's funny.
First name: ivy
Last name: brown
Aka: freshbone abeka
Age: 30
Location: accra abeka lapaz, jaybees boy
Address: kaldolf down
Phone: 0233249738914
On websites: dating direct, yahoo personal
Report: this is a boy who claims to be a woman, he is a liar and a cheat, most of all he is a total illiterate and has never stepped in school before, but wants to even scam, he uses innocent children to succeed in his dubious act and using womens pics but he is a man, i true man his name is ibrahim aka fresh bone....or fresher than a bone
First name: comfort
Last name: artur
Location: ghana
Phone: 00233272759100
Report: she use porno aktris prinsess blooayes fotos . and after a while sha ask for monny . she get in love with you in only same times writing 10 minit ore so
First name: Tatiana
Last name: Homchenko
Aka: Timohovich
Age: 26
Location: Norilsk, Siberia, Russia
Address: 647000, Russia, Norilsk, Dudinka, Gagariva street 6/12
Phone: 007- 911 933 4435
On websites:
Report: I have been communicating with this girl since 30.June 20008. She kept insisting with every email that she would like to meet up personally as soon as possible. I finally agreed we do so in August and meet her in Kiev as this would be convenient for both of us and avoid the visa issues. She claimed she had no money and that would only be possible if I sent her the airfare of Euros 640. I asked her for her full name and address to make a hotel booking and I received the following: My full name: Tatiana Timohovich My address: 647000, Russia, Norilsk, Dudinka, Gagariva street 6/12. As up to that point all seemed really honest and truthful even though she now had a different last name, but she even gave me her phone number and I talked to her regularly. As the day of our meeting in Kiev arrived, I even phoned her the night before her travel to Kiev and was assured she would meet me at the airport at the baggage claims area as both our flights to Kiev arrived within 15 minutes apart. The day arrived; I was in Kiev waiting for her for up to 1 hour after her flight SU183 arrived but no sign of her. All SMS messages and phone calls to her went unanswered. After returning back I wrote her an email demanding an explanation and even that went unanswered. I am convinced that this girl is a fraud and possibly a scammer.
First name: Anastasiya
Last name: Makarova
Age: 31
Location: Vologda, Russia index 160009
Address: street: Lebedeva 63 Apartment 41
On websites:
Report: I corresponded with this girl for 3 weeks. The time came to meet, she said she was $800 short of travel money to come to the states. Before I sent through western union, I searched her name on the internet and found the same letters she had sent to me, but to a different guy with different photos. I have 17 pictures she currently uses and all the emails.
First name: yuliya
Last name: Balandina
Age: 31
Location: cheboksary, 428000 Russia
Address: 5089, proxorova
On websites: tagged
Report: using a pretext of fast-meeting, she asked me to send her 300euros for her visa,afterwards,but she was told by the agency that she cannot travel, she has to pay her debt at bank firs,i have to send 700 more euros to cancel her debt, again she cannot travel, because her mother is an adept of slot-machine and did not pay the rent,so to help i have to send 800 euros, and next 2OO euros more,Now, she is in difficulty ,she has no money to phone or write, she asked me to send 200 euros which i refused and she told that i am waisting her time, not to talk of all money i have sent to her, because its the past, she has spent all and she will look for another man.
First name: Patricia
Last name: SEILER
Age: 26 ans
Location: COTE D' IVOIRE - Abidjan / FRANCE - Dax
On websites:
Report: J'ai dialoguer par mail et par MSN ou j'imprimais les conversations.Je l'ai connu le 14/08/08 jusqu'a maintenant.Cette fille m'aimais que pour mon argent.Il aurait fallu que je lui fasse parvenir le 13/08,400€ pour ces depenses et le 24/08 600€ pour bagage supplementaire.Total 1000€
First name: Deborah
Last name: Cole
Age: 36
Location: Newark, NJ West Africa
Address: 49 Homestead Park
On websites: singlesnet
Report: I receive letter like the one shown and also pictures.
First name: Olga
Last name: Epifanova
Aka: Olya / Malyshka_ya
Age: 29
Location: Russia / Chekbosary
Address: street M. pavlova / house 12 / sq. 53
Phone: + 79613739896 / +79600949704
On websites: Russiam Ladies / Club10 / EastWestMat
Report: This is the most cunning scammer I have ever encounter. She is an engineer working in an office firm. She is able to demonstrate all documents as legal but they are not. She is able to show all travels paper or documentation that are right, but at the end of the story, she did not buy the airline ticket, she did not put a foot on the airplane and her name was not in the passenger list on the day she should arrive to the designated country and never the less not even a week before or a week after she can tell the she will arrive. This person is so cunning the she is able to tell that she has change the days of travel and arrival to the designated country. But the trust is the she will leave you waiting at the airport for ever.
First name: Crystal
Last name: Ballistreri
Aka: crystalnfire
Age: 37
Location: USA, Oconto, Wisconsin
Address: 315 Brazeau Ave
Phone: 920-604-2944
Email: crystalnfire on yahoo messenger
On websites: Pokerstars
Report: This person attempts to lure you in with a very attractive picture
First name: Alexina
Last name: Ibrahim
Age: 23
Location: Dakar, Senegal
Report: I have additional emails and another picture.
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