First name: liliya
Aka: liliyaliyl
Age: don't recall
Location: don't remember
Report: She is still trying to scam me I believe but hasn't requested for money. I was looking at the ip addresses and they are all over the place. You guys might not want to email these address and catch this group.
First name: Nadiyatu
Last name: Lddrisu
Report: asking me to send 2.450 Euros for a passport, medical report, visa, and plane ticket, to Ghana accra zip code 00233, cliams to be african american, and lost pasport, and that she wants to be with me.
First name: Canty
Age: 28
Location: LIverpool , England
Phone: 447-02408097
On websites:
Report: She wrote 4-5 leters. She asked for me to use a cam to prove who I was. I also asked her to do the same. She said it was broken. Then she said her mom would buy her one. Her story was that she was working on a degree in economics and worked as a model. I asked for various pics t prove who she was and she never could do it. I confronted her about scamming when I find three different profiles of her all with different photos. However, I had these photos fromones she sent me. After catching her hand in the cookie jar she denied it. Then she said someone is posting it for her. Then she excused herself from messenger and proceeded to delete these profiles. I also saw her on another site but don't know which one. I have many photos and lettes to to send her too. I never heard from her again. I am glad never to send her money.
First name: carmen
Last name: zait
Age: 29
Location: valcea romania
Phone: 40763964222
Email: carmen zait@yahoo
On websites: plentyoffish
Report: scams for money to come to meet you an then her family gets sick an she need more money sent 2000 us dollars an never heard from her again
First name: Nataya
Age: 28
Report: Typical scammer, after one letter she is in love, and preparing to come to me. I'm sure the next letter she will need some money to buy a ticket.
First name: Franceska
Last name: Garcia
Age: 20
Location: philipines
Email: babadimri_mefener@hotmail. com
On websites: Tagged
Report: francheska Garcia Says...
First name: ksenia
Last name: sofronova
Aka: ksenia kolbocova
Age: 29
Location: zelenodolsk russia
Report: she has two profiles on internet, she ask for pasport and visa money, she is very good in grooming the victim she gave the address.21/56 Lenina street, Zelenodolsk russia. she always sends pre-written lettersd and never answer questions.
First name: Elena
Last name: Hopina
Aka: Katya
Age: 26
Location: Svatovo,Ukraine
On websites: Club10
Report: I found this woman on Club10 under the name of Katya.We exchanged quite a few emails between us. Her letters were not typical scam letters. She would always answer all my questions and would even respond to things I told her about myself.Then came the letter about how she missed me,wanted to be with me and how much I meant to her. The letter wasn't your typical letter of passion.Next letter was the money request letter for translation fees. It was more than most agencies charge. The money request came from her though and not the agency. I wrote back saying I would not send any money,that we would work out something else,but I stopped writing her.Then I found out about scammers. I googled her email address and found this site and what you know? There she is! It broke my heart.I really liked this girl-intelligent,beautiful,seemed genuine,caring and attentive. Anyhow, I decided to email her and made up a story about my long abscence. I told her about how I discovered all these dating site scammers but didn't accuse her. This was only last week.I haven't heard from her yet and her profile on Club10 has been removed when only a few days before it was still there. Such a shame! She seemed so real. She's very smart and cunning. Watch out!
First name: Anastasia
Last name: Mosunova
Age: 29
Location: Tver
Address: st. parhomenko, 24 app 28
First name: Helen
Last name: George
Aka: hg55
Age: 30
Location: Lake Mills, Wisconsin, USA
Address: S Main St apt 1 Lake Mills,WI
On websites:
Report: She wrote: How are you doing? i think you have to know more about me before we proceed with this,i was born January 5,1978.I am an adopted child,my adoptive parents made home for us in Liverpool and i had my degree in Kilmamock College(Holehouse Road, Kilmarnock,East Ayrshire),United Kingdom.But I have lost my adoptive parents(mother when i was so young and my father some months ago).At about time ,my father and i became aware of the social injustice around us,the poor majority eked out a living,while the rich minority lived in luxury,so my adoptive father and i decided to sell two of his houses and we moved to Minneapolis,MN,United State.After his death,i moved to S Main St apt 1 Lake Mills,WI .I decided in setting myself up by establishing a business in which i was to distribute goods(Computers and accessories)in another part of the world,Western Part of Africa,Nigeria to be precise.I have been here for long,this is my Sixth month here in Africa and would be back soon. I came over here just to strive in order to become someone in life and to make ends meet,if you know what i mean,lets just keep contacting ourselves till i get back to the states and we finally meet each other..i really love to make people laugh ,i love the outdoors very much and i enjoy going to exciting places like the beach,going to theater to watch movies and enjoy meeting exciting people.I have no children but had been in relationships with women.. I'm looking for a woman of substance who will make me happy and take good care of me(i mean spoil me a little) ... Values, morals, honesty, respect, integrity, character, trust,all of these mean something to me, and it should mean everything as well to my partner. No games, looking for that one that is matured and her life is all set, except for missing a companion to share it with. I do have a lot to share in this life, being alone is okay at times, but it would mean more to spend my life with that special woman.I am alone and have no one to spend that good time with,cos the only friend i have had died when she traveled to Australia(..she died of cancer) ....if you care to talk to me then you can email me back...and we can get to chat on yahoo messenger also Will be looking forward to your reply soonest. Helen