First name: debbie
Last name: Shaji
Age: 63
Location: abidjan, Cote d'Ivore
Report: On September 3, 2013, I received an email from someone named Mary Hazard, she claimed to be from Ireland. She uses email She said he was dying in the hospital, and she wanted to donate her husband's money to help the poor and humanitarian and charity services. She said she wanted her legacy is not taken by the brother of her husband and that she wanted to pass it to me if I want to to channel this fund accordingly. She ask me to give my data to issue the Affidavit of OATH. I was hesitant but I answered his letter and provide my full name, my work, my address and short information about myself. Then she wrote again on 6 of Sept and also attach a letter document affidavit of Oath and certificat de Depot. In her email he told me to contact the bank in Abidjan Cote D 'Ivore to ask immediately transfer money into my account. I hesitated and did not reply to her email for 3 days, because I was a little doubt of how can possible that people we have not met before, suddenly want to bequeath money of U.S. $ 2,500,000.00 to me. Then on 9 September, she sent another email to ask me immediately contacted the bank because I didn't reply her email yet. Then I started looking for information about Mrs. Maryam email address because she asked me contact email address: Or I checked on Google and I get this email address in the
First name: kelly
Last name: smith
Age: 30
Location: Ghana accra
Address: 00233
Email: know
On websites: know
Report: She trick me to send her money
First name: Becky
Last name: Catino
Age: 52
Location: MS
On websites: facebook
Report: She said she owned her own business and that she wanted to come to where I live and take care of me.
First name: Cui
Age: 24
Location: Changsha,China
Email: gave false one
On websites:
Report: This lady and I believe the entire site is a scam, we started communications, then she asked me to place a call, I agreed, the site works on credits, so in order for them to place a call to me I had to but 160 credits, the cost of this is $96, it is 10 credits to read and send emails. The calls are scheduled 24 hours in advance and my call was scheduled from 11:00PM to 11:30PM my time, I received the call we chatted for about 10 to 15 minutes
First name: Irina
Aka: Kelly Weekers
Age: 31
Location: Ukraine
On websites: RBrides
Report: The scammer send me a mail on the web page Rbrides. I responded by sending a mail to the given email address. Then I received a letter with 3 photos attached (Photos of Kelly Weekers - exposed by changes by Photoshop)
First name: Eliz
Last name: Bempong
Aka: Comfort Owiredu
Age: Today approx 32 y
Email: various
Report: this girl on the photo have many pictures and at least since 2006 theese have circulated I have strong suspistion she did not do any of this scam herself thx for listening ex. from the scammer list Name: Comfort Owiredu Aka: Ravan Riley (porn star) Age: 30 Location: Ghana, Accra Address: unknown Phone: unknown Email: unknown On web sites: Report: Most people use her photos, from her official website many people are using her photos,, please never send money
First name: Kristin
Last name: Callahan
Aka: maebysomeday
Age: 24
Location: Grover, NC, USA
Address: 115-c Carothers Ln, Grover, NC 28072
Phone: 704-472-1168
On websites: MyFreeCams
Report: I met Kris in November, 2012. She misled me from the start into believing she was raising her daughter alone. The father did not provide any support, and they were not together for 6 months at that time. She said the father did not make money to support her. Truth is she lives with James Larro, the father of their daughter. He had a good job providing for them. Kris lied to me for 8 1/2 months until July, 2013, when I found out the truth from her relatives and finding information online. She was constantly having emergencies and needing money for food, diapers, bills etc., and told me she was unable to find a job. James worked for Kristin's father, and made more than enough money to meet their needs. Kris said she loved me, but I had very much trouble having her come to visit me. In total, I spent $30,000 in cash, and merchandise from Amazon that I had shipped to her. Kris is working at MyFreeCams right now as model MaebySomeday. In the past she was Lil_Red_Fox there.
First name: grace
Last name: dede
Aka: veronica morisson
Age: 33
Location: accra,ghana
Phone: 011-233-242458520
On websites: yahoo messanger
Report: vornica contacted me on yahoo messenger. we chatt a few months than she made her move. As i travel to toronto afew times a week . She said she was coming there for ccnvection ,, 2 days before she was to come she called andask if i could help her as she wasshort on momey ok i sent 200$next day she call introuble with landlord he going to police and stop her from comiing so another 200$.. next day missed fight another 200$ so in all got mefor little over 800 $ and never came over
First name: Elena
Last name: Domracheva
Age: 31
Location: Kazan Russia
Address: Street Popov 28-143
On websites: zoosk
Report: I'm not sure if she is real or fake but she sounded sincere and really interested in me. It was up until she ask money for visa and medical examination expense that made me question if she is fake.
First name: Elena
Last name: Gavrilova
Age: 35
Location: Arkhangelsk, Russia
Address: 163012 Street Kutuzova 30, Apartment l8
On websites: AOL
Report: Elena contacted me. We corresponded for l0 days. No money has been asked for yet.