First name: Yolanda
Last name: Ridge Williams
Age: 27
Location: Ghana, Calumet 8US)
On websites: Skype account is jenny.williams417
Report: [07.02.2013 12:00:27] jenny williams: Baby Im running a bit outta money [07.02.2013 12:00:45] jenny williams: and was thinking If you can help me cash out a check though [07.02.2013 12:01:03] jenny williams: Kindly let me explain ...I got a payment which im expecting from the UK but due to [07.02.2013 12:01:19] jenny williams: banking policies I cant cash it out here in West Africa [07.02.2013 12:01:38] jenny williams: and was thinking if You can kindly help me cash it out and send me the money though [07.02.2013 12:01:45] jenny williams: That would be a great help darling
First name: Natalia
Age: 20 something
Location: North jersey
Email: Unknown
On websites: Craigslist
Report: Her name is Natalia She tried taking and robbing me for iPad she claimed she was going to pay for it when we meet up She has two numbers she uses to get you to meet up with her and her boyfriend The numbers are 1(732)586-2811 & 1(732)664-6333 She claims to want to buy your iPad or apple product but then then she tried to rob you when you get their and attempts to threaten you with a weapon and has her boyfriend take your iPad from you
First name: Esther Owusu
Last name: Ofori
Age: 36
Location: Accra New Town
Address: 20 Accra street Accra New town Ghana
Phone: 233245064136
On websites: Meetme, yahoo messenger
Report: Same sob story as all the previous men who have reported about her situation. 1st couple of days was no talk about money it was strictly about family expectations and what she was looking for in a long term partner and relationship. First time she asked for money it was for a calling card. 2nd time it was food, 3rd time it was money owed for school. i guess i know what i gotta do now time to end it.
First name: olga
Last name: russu
Age: 32
Location: perm russia
Address: street chkalova 14 apt 32 perm russia 614064
Report: she scammed me out of 6334.00
First name: Svetlana
Last name: Novoselova
Age: 28
Location: Niziny Novogoroo
Email: Svetlana []
On websites: Girls date for Free
Report: Svetlana starts off very innocently, she makes the whole storey very believable from the start. Even though I was extremely cautious. I also told her that if she ever asked me for money in any facet or form I would never give a cent, so dont ask...kept continuing with the emails, booking the flights by the end she said, she would have to go to court if she did not honor the travel agents booking contract. Thats when I pulled the pin, dont ask for money.....stupid anyway.
First name: anna
Last name: balarevna
Age: 30
Location: Russia Kirov
Report: Every message has been long but has not replied to my messages. For one reply I typed you are Anastasia Kovaleva. and received a picture of a passport (702893282) for Anna Balarevna who seems to be a blonde though AK above is not. Each message has had an attachment (video) but I have opened none of them. I expect you have heard of this one before. Regards Jeff
First name: sharon
Last name: cox
Age: 32
Location: nigeria
On websites: Mate1
Report: Sharon cox scammed me for $1200 and tried to get more. Then I giogled swipenicksharon and she came up on Romance scammers.
First name: Rosemary
Last name: Quansah
Age: 33
Location: Ghana,Winneba
Phone: 233246360664
On websites: Mate1
Report: She was trying to get me to send monet for passport,airtime,working on flight money. Would to get married from day one. She is very pushy women. Lives in a missionary she said.Wanted mney wired and mail her things thru fedex. Watch out for her she is good.
First name: Alexandra
Last name: Mike
Age: N/a
Location: UK
On websites: A/N
Report: Good Morning, How are you doing today? Am so sorry for my late response. I have received your resume message. My name is Alexandra Mike, the house is a two bedroom unfurnished apartment. My Financier in the states will be responsible for handling the payment. I will be coming from United Kingdom on 15th Febuary 2013 to relocate at Your location Area. I will like you to know you will be responsible for general cleaning of hallways (dusting, vacuuming and mopping), doors, windows, pick up trash in common areas, sweeping and changing light bulbs etc. I am a consultant currently working with WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (W.H.O), so I want you to know that my client will be sending you the payment in form of business check, which you will get soonest, because i don't want any delay about this cleaning , i want the house to look as clean as possible..I will be paying you $1000 every 2 weeks if you are willing to help in cleaning the house. More so, i will need your reputable trust and favor , i have made arrangements with a painter to paint the rooms for me prior to my arrival So my client will be sending you a check of ($2,850), so you will take out $500 for your first week and send the rest $2,300 to the painter via western union which i will be giving you the painter's information where you will be sending the money to as soon as i get it from her and the tracking # for the check from my client, i will want you to email me your full name and address for the check to be delivered to you by tomorrow, please do email me your full correct address and don't send a P.O box, so that the payment wont get lost .... HERE ARE THE DETAILS I WANT YOU TO EMAIL BACK SO THAT THE CHECK CAN GET YOU: First name................... Last name..................... Door step street address............... City.......................... State......................... Zip/Postal code............... Age............................ Sex......................... Home phone.................... Yahoo Messenger ID or MSN.......................... Cell phone..................... Current position in Occupation........... Hope all this arrangement is Okay with You , if so do email back as soon as possible so that i can make the arrangement for the check asap, don't make any mistake when sending your details because i don't want the payment to get lost. The Keys to the house and the address is already with the painter and she will update you as soon as the funds are sent to her, I will really appreciate your effort and i strongly believe you will enjoy working with me. Best Regards.
First name: angelina
Last name: osi
Aka: unknownfarida inusah
Age: 35
Location: ghana acraa
Report: this ladie and I have ben talking on here for a mounth she said she lived in for 18 years the move to Ghana to be with home to a sick mother . and she has a little food stand where she sell food to make a living and is so In love with me and want to come back to the us I sent her 450 dollars to help her out we were to get married be for she would come here that was going to coat me 2090 dollars for that and 4000 to get here her phone number is 233201811856