First name: svetlana
Age: 29
Location: russia
Report: Good afternoon Riccardo. =)) as your day? I hope that at you all ok. Let your day begins with a beautiful song. I am very glad to your new letter. I see that you are interested by acquaintance to me. =))) Why I do not search for the man in Russia? Because I already was disappointed in Russian men. Last my relations have ended last year. I search for serious relations. I search for the man for joint life. =))) to live with the man the rest of all life. To be betrayed and the beloved. An age difference for me not a problem. I am ready to visit your country. If between us there will be relations. =)))) Probably much is interesting to you about me. I want to tell to you about my family. In the last letter I said that I live with mum and the brother. name my mum Anna. My mum by a trade the teacher of Russian. You have brothers? Sisters? With whom you live? My father has died one year ago. I had a remarkable father. It has much made for my education and for my study. Riccardo, you have what formation? I have finished medical college. I work as the doctor (therapist). Basically to me patients who have caught a cold come or ail. To me address at: Flu, pneumonia, quinsy, bronchitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer, warm insufficiency, rheumatism, inflammation of kidneys. I work for 40 hours per week. I accept in day about 15 patients. To me come with different illnesses. I make the initial diagnosis and I write out a direction to the necessary doctor. At me high growth of 175 centimetres. (Without heels) =)))). Weight of 59 kg. Was born on May, 10th 1983. Zodiac sign a Taurus. At leisure I go in for sports. I like driving on horses. =)) Riccardo, tell to me more information on. All about you is interesting to me. We can gradually get acquainted more close. ok? I send you a photo of my mum. I on work. My lost father. A photo me with a horse. The younger brother. A photo me on a beach. =))) I wish you fine mood and a sunny day. At me is not present skype. But I will try to make skype. To begin with we can speak through email. You not against? I will wait your following letter. Svetlana.
First name: Ruth
Last name: Sani
Age: 33
Location: Ghana Agona Nsaba
Address: 246 Songo street
Phone: 33249441374
On websites: yahoo
Report: Photos used appear to the same as those used by Rose Saenz & Tambo Nanvemba from
First name: Janet
Last name: Mark
Aka: Abigail Brown
Age: 31
Location: Ghana
Phone: +233541240736
On websites: AdultFriendFinder,
Report: eddieabigail: when me and my parents left for australia my father died when i was in a nursing in australia and things became difficult for me and my mother so we came back to ghana eddieabigail: my father was a lot of company here in ghana so my mother thought that she is coming to manage them so that she cans take care of my=e and my education ejrosaiii: YOUR AIRTIME ACCESS NUMBER FOR GLO Ghana 20 is 101306915324184 Your order to Abigail Brown has been processed and is complete.The airtime code was automatically sent to Abigail Brown. Below is the Airtime Access Number and the order details for your records. ORDER DETAILS-------------------------- Airtime Access Number: 101306915324184 Network: GLO Ghana Amount in Cedis: 20 Amount in USD: 21 Order Number: 82362569LS917035G Date We Purchased: 2013-02-01 02:54:05 ejrosaiii: Ok sweetie there you g eddieabigail: but when we came back to ghana thats couldnt happen so no one was taking care of my and my mother and i decided to complete my nursing too eddieabigail: but there was no money to do that so i joined the model to get money for my nursing course eddieabigail: okay babe i got it eddieabigail: i thank you so much babe
First name: Yuliya
Last name: Borodinonowa
Age: 29
Location: Ukraine, Krasnodon
On websites: Cherry Blossom
Report: Hello my dear friend! Thank you for your reply! I am happy to meet you here! I am interested in you and I am glad that we have an opportunity to know each other better via letters. I am looking for that special someone to create a family and to spend the rest of my life with. Will you be him;)? I like to think of myself as a kind, gentle, easy-going girl and will show you all the love and respect I can. I am seeking a warm, loving and passionate love-relationship with a loyal and romance man .I love to go out and try new adventures and would like to find my second half to go with me and do these things. Also I like to walk. It is so nice feeling when you are walking the streets hand by hand with your beloved in the evening, isn't it? Tell me please what are your main traits of character? My name is Yuliya. I am 29 years old. I live in city Krasnodon. Have you ever heard about this city? My native town situated at the eastern part of Ukraine. My work is a teacher in orphanage. Well, yes i may say i like my job)). To work with children was my dream since childhood. I remember that the whole my life i had a calling to be a teacher. My only opinion is that person should to be born to have such profession like teacher. And what about you??? What job do you have??? Do you like it??? I have a simple outlook on life, just live it. Nobody can change the future or live in the past. Just make the most of what God has given you and live with a smile on your face. Also I have one more outlook - it is better to dare to do something then later to regret that you couldnt dare! Do you agree with me? And tell me please, do you regret about something that you couldn't dare??? I am waiting with an open heart for your reply and hope you would understand what I am saying and that you would still be interested in getting know me and for us to start a wonderful friendship that should lead into a wonderful life together. Take care and please please please stay in touch. Write to me as soon as it is possibleThinking of you,Yuliya!:) When writing a report, please ensure your cover the following items: Q Who initiated contact? A: This person going by this name Yuliya Q: How was the contact initiated and which website did the contact originate from? A: The Cherry Blossom dating site Q: How long did you correspond for? A: For about 3 months!! Q: Did you notice anything strange in the correspondence? A: Just some of the spelling in which she mentioned that she used a translation service! Q: How was the money request done and for how much? A: No money was sent!! Q: In whose name(s) was the money requested? How much was requested, how many times did you receive a request for money? A: No money was sent!! Q: How did your story end? A: I took a break from responding to the long letters that she wrote. And when I did respond to one, I never got a reply back!! Then one day I googled the email address and it showed that the photo used is that of a Ksenia Vladimirovna Sukhinova, a Russian beauty pageant titleholder. I have a few others Ukraine and Ghana scammers email addresses as well! Please, do not include in report field any correspondence you received from the scammer. Otherwise, your report will be deleted. Administrators of may edit the text of reports.
First name: Kelly
Last name: Aguilar
Age: 25
Location: Bloomington ILL
On websites: yahoo messenger
Report: said she loved me i sent her over 1,500 says shes coming to me but never shows up uses all kinds of excuses sad they cant be arrested stop there crap says food poisoning then moved from cali to ill
First name: Comfort
Last name: Owiredu
Aka: Ravan Riley (porn star)
Age: 30
Location: Ghana, Accra
On websites:
Report: Most people use her photos, from her official website many people are using her photos,, please never send money
First name: Euginia
Last name: Nelson
Aka: Franklina Asare
Age: 30
Location: Ghana
On websites: milfberry, and other associated sites, shagaholic
Report: After a few days she had no food and no money, right before Christmas, and you feel sorry for someone in that plight. But she is a scammer, wanted money for food, and then she said taxi driver took all her money, am I ever stupid to believe her in the first place. Conversation, dec. 19, 2012 12:46:46 PM linawillbe_801: Hi my dear how are you I am here are you there my dear ?? 12:47:49 PM speed1quest: hello 12:47:55 PM speed1quest: fine 12:48:13 PM speed1quest: so good to see you my friend Lina honey 12:48:25 PM linawillbe_801: Yes my dear I am fine by the grace of God baby 12:48:56 PM speed1quest: is everything ok Lina , my darling? 12:49:27 PM linawillbe_801: Hm my dear things are very thought as You have already known 12:49:37 PM speed1quest: yes 12:49:45 PM linawillbe_801: havent even eating anything all this morning It is 5.49pm 12:50:23 PM speed1quest: do you have any prospects of eating my love? 12:51:04 PM linawillbe_801: what you mean ? 12:51:38 PM speed1quest: are you going to be able to eat anything today? 12:52:42 PM linawillbe_801: That I have no idear dear because all my foodstuffs is finish and I have no any money to buy food my dear 12:52:49 PM linawillbe_801: That is It my dear 12:52:56 PM speed1quest: your name is Lina Willbe correct? 12:52:58 PM linawillbe_801: I have no way my dear 12:53:16 PM linawillbe_801: No my baby Do you mean my real name? 12:53:27 PM speed1quest: yes my love 12:53:34 PM speed1quest: Franklina 12:53:40 PM linawillbe_801: Franklina Asare 12:54:27 PM speed1quest: ok Franklina Asare, are you able to get to a Western Union? 12:55:30 PM linawillbe_801: Hmm okay 12:55:44 PM linawillbe_801: That is at banks dear 12:56:00 PM linawillbe_801: It is transfer 12:56:03 PM linawillbe_801: Right?? 12:56:36 PM speed1quest: yes, they will give you cash, Lina honey 12:57:17 PM speed1quest: are you able to get to one tonight safely or do you want to wait till tomorrow honey
First name: Gladys
Last name: Woode
Aka: lydia_mart
Age: 29
Location: Ghana
On websites: milfberry, but connected with other websites
Report: 12:46:26 AM lydia_mart: Mmmmmmmmm 12:47:27 AM Lydia, sweetie, i hoped you enjoyed this........ thouroughly my love 12:48:04 AM lydia_mart: Oh yes i really enjoyed it nicely 12:49:01 AM this is nice to hear Lydia, you will dream well tonight honey 12:49:11 AM lydia_mart: Darling can you try and send me some 70$ okay 12:50:13 AM Lydia, honey, it isn't necessary for you to pay me, I did this for your pleasure, honey 12:50:58 AM lydia_mart: Oh yes i no darling..But i will need your help if you cant. 12:52:34 AM Honey, you caught me at the wrong time of the month, I am trying to make it to payday without running out of money, Lydia my love 12:53:17 AM lydia_mart: Okay so cant you help me ? 12:53:46 AM Lydia honey, not at this time, I don't have the money. 12:54:14 AM lydia_mart: Okay 12:55:06 AM Lydia honey, you are very sexy and lovely and I have enjoyed meeting you darling. 12:55:33 AM lydia_mart: Okay darling 12:55:52 AM lydia_mart: can we chat tomorrow
First name: Merisa
Last name: Chris
Age: 28
Location: USA, Texas
Phone: 9722356185
On websites: Match
Report: Says lives in Townsville, but in Texas ATM
First name: michelle
Last name: franco
Age: 30
Location: philippines caloocan city
Address: caloocan city
On websites: adult friend finder citysex
Report: Contacted me on adult friend finder site ,took my mail id,collected al my personsl info ,told that she will make a permanent member of an orgy party,and then asked me to Send A series of payments in USD via western union in philippines caloocan city . Payment never gets stopped as she gives some or other reason every time like First for food and drinks next for party mask next for becoming a vip which ,next hotel accom for party,next some travel expense. She also mentioned party is conducted at shangrila hotel singapore. Sent some photoes of her moderator in singapore whose name she Mentionedbas as Sophie.