First name: CHLOE
Last name: derrick
Age: 24
Location: phoenix
On websites: tagged, facebook
Report: askes for money for hospital
First name: gargmercy
Last name: mercy
Age: 24
Location: dakar senegal
Phone: 00221777342389
On websites: g
Report: ...dis is a serious issue...dis is too much n im sooo scared cos i posted ma pictures as well
First name: alberta
Last name: botchwey
Aka: lauren hodson
Age: 32
Location: ghana
Address: west africa spinx road mallam street
Phone: +233542150573
Email: unknow
On websites: yahoo mate one
Report: she is part of the scam and useis the names lauren hodson and comforet mensah
First name: Amo
Last name: Berke
Age: 28
Location: Suhum
Phone: 00233273613454
On websites: Badoo
Report: Classic story, send me money to ship my families gold out, you'll get a share
First name: DeeAnn
Last name: Lorri
Age: unknown
Location: Vulcan Road, Homewood, Birmingham, AL, USA
On websites:
Report: The scammer first start to talk to me through a date website called She asked for my email and I thought it would be ok. So she started to send me email telling me that she's also christian and that she wants to find a guy for a serious relationship. Since now she didn't ask for money yet. She's only trying to
First name: Favour
Last name: Agurma
Age: 22
Location: Liberia
On websites: facebook
First name: shela
Last name: rea
Aka: Ketty Moore
Age: 25
Location: Libia
Phone: +233267315174
On websites: skype
Report: This girl contacted me trough skype. Told me she was originaly from Australia, went to libia and is now on nigeria.
First name: Carolina
Last name: Jacobs / Perkins
Aka: olumide williams
Age: 41yrs, D.O.B 24/02/1971
Location: Nigeria , Lagos
Address: 20 Olaoye street, Ikorodu
On websites: tagged and possibly else where
Report: I was on this dating site called tagged. First contact was with this woman called CAROLINA JACOBS OR PERKINS DEPENDING ON BIRTH NAME OR HER MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME, on the site she initiated the contact and then our converstaion struck up. She soon dropped of the site tagged and said she was only interested in me. She informed me she was looking for someone to built trust and a life with a woman for a committed relationship. I was looking for a woman to build a life with and she was attractive and we hit it of. Build a relationship on trust, honesty, and she said she could never build anything with her woman based on lies. She really wanted to know how serious i was for this before she would venture further in changing things. Unfortunately yes i was sucked right in and believed her and started to feel for her. Seems i was falling for a woman i had never meet, something i have never done before and certainly not online. I got many photos of her and every picture was the same person, and pics of her daughter. At times she said she only had a certain amount of photos cause of the being away from home and they were in the computer in her emails. She informed me she lived in Kansas but from Oslo Norway, has a B1 visa, is a fashion designer and had gone to Lagos Africa for work. The first request for money was she had not been paid yet and needed food, she asked for 200 USD but i could not do that at the time so i sent 50 USD via Western Union. I dont have much money and told her all the time this but she said see what you can do, i am not rich and struggle in my own life. She said we need to do things together to show the committment, and that she never wanteda rich woman, just one who will love her and care for her. We expressed so much of our dreams and desires, wants and likes etc. She was finishing up in Africa and because she had now found the one she was looking for to have a happy life with, we chatted for hours and conversed much personnell and intimate details, that she would relocate and come to where i resided. First up she only had enough money for part the flight as she had a cheque for her desings and that she had finished work and the cheque was only able to be cashed here, but she was paid so much USD cash,. The second request for money was to obtain the flight ticket and to show how i was committed to the relationship i could assist, fair call i thought and so i helped with the rest and sent the money, $700 USD and had to require a loan to do so as i never had the money and told her this is what i had to do. I was to send the money to this name
First name: elena
Last name: apelsinka
Age: 32
Location: lugansk
On websites: lavaplace, tagged, match com, adult singles, etc.
Report: she asked me if I could send her money: (375 dollars) the cost to pay Passport and meet each other later.
First name: Lisa
Last name: J
Age: 32
Location: London, United Kingdom
On websites:
Report: Darling, I have sent you the luggage today through,Century Express Delivery Services...this is their website: when the site opens,you would see the link,trace luggage.then click trace luggage and when it opens you type in your tracking number and automatically your page would open then you can trace your luggage. Your tracking number:stzulkifli_67098750 You would received the luggage in Three days from today.that is on Monday.The luggage must get to you. tell me when you receive the luggage. THESE ARE THE ITEMS I PUT IN THE LUGGAGE FOR YOU 1. MY FAMILY PICTURES 2. MY CLOTHES AND SHOES 3. ONE LAP TOP 4. ONE DIGITAL CAMERA 5. ONE I-PHONE {APPLE PHONE} 6. ONE GOLD WRIST WATCH AND ONE GOLD NECKLINES 7. AND 25,000 DOLLARS.PLEASE NOTE==I INSERTED THE 25,000 DOLLARS INSIDE THE CARTON THAT CONTAINS THE DIGITAL CAMERA I WRAPPED IT VERY WELL WITH THREE PLASTIC.THIS IS MY ACCUMULATED YEARLY ANNUAL LEAVE MONEY THEY PAID ME THIS TIME.I WANTED TO SEND IT THROUGH WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAM BUT THE COST OF SENDING IT FROM LONDON HERE IS VERY HIGH,SO I DECIDED TO INSERT IT INSIDE THE LUGGAGE.OUT OF THIS 25,000 DOLLARS,RENT A CAR AND BOOK HOTEL AND USE 5,000 DOLLARS FOR YOUR PRIVATE NEEDS.TRY RENT VERY NICE CAR AND BOOK A HOTEL WE GOING TO STAY FOR TWO WEEKS IN INDONESIA.THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU TILL I ARRIVE THERE, YOURS LISA