First name: mihaela
Last name: danila
Age: 30
Location: bucharest romania
Address: vasila parvan
On websites: lavlife
Report: is a dateing contact wants to contact on yahoo messinger and use vidio calles seems to be very honest and soon starts wanting to come to states says has plenty of money to come and is a R N there said got visa for visa and that airline tickets gone up in cost and needs 200 dollers and aletter to give to customs that she wiill have houseing and food here in states then shortly asks for 300 more due to increase in ticket cost and had sold clothes and things to come then said found out needs 3200 in cash to get on a plane ---- i told her no way it appears she very versed in the process and thinks she can keep asking once you are on hook on telling her no she stoped any contact ---
First name: Lina
Age: says she is 34
Location: Azerbaijan
On websites:
Report: email arrives from nowhere, interesting enough to reply out of curiosity, e-mails continue to arrive with pictures of very attractive woman
First name: Rinalyn
Last name: Cabrera
Age: 28
Location: Manila Philipinnes
Address: 25 Kingfisher St Pasay City Philipinnes 01637
On websites: Filipino Cupid
Report: Hi, I want to report this person for soliciting money. I initiated contact with her on the Filipino Cupid website. She replied and immediately wanted to communicate via personal email. I only spoke to her over a period of a few days, however she continued to send me further emails asking for money even though I did not reply to these. The first strange thing I noticed was that she told me she was 28 years old, even though her Filipino Cupid profile says she is 30 ! She then quickly started asking me for a Christmas present, I thought she was joking at first, and replied in kind, but she immediately made it very clear she was serious, and asked for cash and sent me her address so I could send funds through Western Union. I did not send any money and stopped replying to her. She then sent several further emails asking for money and offering to send me naked pictures of herself, none of which I replied to. She then sent a final email saying I could make it up to her by sending a
First name: theresa
Last name: trump
Age: 26
Location: new york
Phone: (646) 481-3157
On websites: yahoo/ facebook
Report: I was contacted by this individual on Dec. 10th 2011 on a singles chat called scout. She asked me to create an account on yahoo so we could chat privately.She claimed she lost both of her parents father of a car accident and her mother of an illness shortly after her father died. She said she lived in an apartment with her aunt in new York. I looked on facebook to see if she was on there and I found the same girl with another pic for her proflie. I friended her and sent a message to see if it was the same person. They replied and said yes it is the same person. I then thought it was a real person so I continued having chats with her. I also asked her for an address and phone #i got a newyork area code phone #. I never called it because she said that i wouldnt be able to hear her voice so i never called. She sent me long emails with attached photos and said we will be together soon, wanting to build a house and get married and have children. She would ask how much I make,if I got my new PC from Christmas fully functioning yet. I thought it was fishy from the beginning and gave her the benefit of the doubt. She never asked for money but I believe that soon she would. I chatted newyears Eve till 3 am with her and that morning I had suspicions so I looked her up and I found the exact profile listed on this site. She really knew how to make me feel good about myself and say all the right things. Thanks to having this site available to the public.
First name: lydia
Last name: amonia
Age: 30
Location: ghana city kumasi
Phone: 011233547013106
Email: lydia amonia @
On websites: verry oftin
Report: sent her money for her passport visa airline ticket n even her other pappers need to come to the usa comes up with trubble on geting on flyt to come in even has trubble when trying to redo her ticket needmore cash n tells you to send westernunion or money gram telles you she cant get it that its not there in when you call to check on the cash it tells you she recived it took close to 4000 from me even her ticket look laget but seam not to be verry good at what she dose has her mother helping her also her uncle n freads i think shes working with evelyn adu on scaming every one her pics shoe her n her dad n mum even her n her frend to gather siting down to .
First name: Irina
Age: 25
Location: Astrachan
On websites: ?
Report: I`ve got funny mails with very sexy pics out of the blue and I guess this chick is a scammer ! Her mails are written in German language and last not least she was writing to come into Germany (my country) to get paid in her new job as dental assistent with very good salary . Last information came from Moskow where she went to get her flight but she was running out of money and asked for small amount to help her otherwise our ideas to be together with very hot sex actions in all variations would end . I`ve tried to pull out of her more information like passport and visa numbers etc. etc. but until today there was no reply any further . . . As far as I remember there were sent to me few weeks ago very similar mails in English language and I think that this other person was the same sender or something like an organisation from Russia . I`ve not sent any amount of money but I`ll write to both a fake Western-Union Number to collect zero money , maybe the authorities could catch those bitches , both I hope ! Regards from Germany Carlo
First name: Sandra
Last name: Smith
Age: 30
Location: England London
On websites:,,,, productobuscado.c, preciobuscado.c
Report: she uses the next user in the pages of 1TPVP62CASH vehicle purchases. Leave the following message: Hello, i just view your advert on is it still for sale? Please reply to me ( Await your response in Ingls. When you respond to mail it asks use PayPal to make the payment but then insists that you give the bank account details, says for you to stay calm gives an address in London. her or the perpetrators of this fraud use private IP on their computers so that they can not be traced
First name: alicia
Last name: graham
Age: 30
Location: North caroline, USA
On websites: TAGGED
Report: THIS SCAMMER STARTED SENDING ME HER E-MAIL ADDRESS. sHE CHATTED WITH ME usuallly after midnight, typicla time of scammers from Africa.
First name: Jenalyn
Last name: Garcia
Age: 31
Location: Shenzhen
On websites:
Report: She had contacted me through Filipino Cupid website and I tried to get her visa and air ticket to Canada. I spend about $5,000 and found out that it was a scam. Her name is Janelyn Garcia with Yuzixy Hual Travels. On this web site I foud out Yuzixy Hual Travel is a scam. I want my money back. I hope someone can give me any information about this agency and Janelyn Garcia.
First name: Elizabeth
Last name: Opare
Aka: Dorothy Mensah
Age: 30 - Dec. 31, 1982 Bd
Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Address: Hno 20012 P.O. Box 18 Kumasi, Ghana, 00233
Phone: +233241118869
Report: For the past week I have exchanging e-mails with Dorothy Mensah, as she claimed to be. she called me in one of her e-mails